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August 1, 2021


Mind blowing palace

He’s a korean sex god Episode 11 & 12

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He’s a Korean S*x god 😋

Hide your Wives!


Episode 11

18+ rated




💕 Ji-a’s POV 💕

Did that big head just call me cripple??? Did he just implied that my legs are the wheelchair???? 😠

I’m so mad right now! I feel like strangling that pervert throat. I feel like plunking those big eyes of his out

He should thank his stars I’m not able to walk unless I would have hit that wheelchair he called my leg on his ugly face

“ Pervert!… Ugly chicken… Come back here and face me coward… Stop running away, you can run but you can’t hide cuz I will catch you and when I do I will so break all your teeth… ”

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I kept cursing and yelling at him but he didn’t turn back he just walked away…

“ I am sorry Madam but can I assist you to your legs ”

His male servant who looks like my age mate said still referring to the wheelchair as my leg and I felt like punching him right in his sacks

“ Stop calling that thing my legs! ”

I yelled and I almost cried

Why will he be calling a wheelchair my legs. Don’t they know how hurt that is making me feel

“ I am sorry Madam, it was a mistake ”

He quickly apologized and I forgave him

I really don’t get mad easily, and if I do I quickly forgive because I love making friends and since he apologized I forgave him BUT I will never forgive that big head jerk Lee Chun. Never!…

Assisting me to the wheelchair

“ Madam are you sitting down comfortably? ”

The male servant asked

“ Yes, what’s your name? ”

I asked

“ Kyung-gu ”

He replied smiling

“ Kyung-gu, nice name. My name is Ji-a, don’t call me Madam again, please call me Ji-a and I will call you by your name Kyung-gu

No one calls me madam and it feels so strange, I don’t like it. Please call me Ji-a. Okay ”

I said and he nodded

“ Ji-a ”

He said smiling then started wheeling me away

While I admire the beautiful building and surroundings

“ Oshhhh… So beautiful. How can a jerk live in this kind of beautiful house. Life isn’t really fair ”

I said loud enough for Kyung-gu to hear he chuckled

“ This isn’t Master Lee Chun’s house, the house belongs to his father Master Lee Hung. Lee Chun lives here with his parents and siblings, two sisters. Lee Chun’s father is very wealthy and powerful the wealthiest man in South Korea ”

He says

“ Ohhh… His parents are very rich I see, no wonder he is just a annoying spoilt brat ”

I said

Suddenly a feeling started creeping into my mind. I won’t just be living with Lee Chun alone but his entire family… What if all of them behave exactly like Lee Chun huh? What will I do?

I’m starting to get scared again

“ Kyung-gu ”

I called out his name

“ Yes madam_ sorry Ji-a ”

He quickly corrected himself

I smiled “ How are Lee Chun’s parents and sisters?.. Are they nice? Are they good people? ”

I asked and his facial expressions wasn’t that so reassuring

“ Well they pay my bills on time, I don’t expect them to be nice to me, I’m just a servant boy and they are very rich and powerful people

But you are their guest so they should be nice to you ”

He said then smiled afterwards

More like an unwanted guest…

He wheeled me into the building and inside was really beautiful even though I had already seen some parts of the inside while outside since the building was made of transparent glass..

My eyes rover around admiring the whole place when I heard a female voice

“ Who is she? ”

I shift my focus to where the voice came, that’s when I saw a beautiful lady seated on one of the couch

I didn’t even notice her at first as I entered I was carried away by the beauty of the place

She stood up from where she sat and walked to my direction “ Who is she? ”

She asked her male servant Kyung-gu while staring at me

“ Madam Kia, she is Ji-a. Master Lee Chun instructed me to take her to one of the guest room ”

Kyung-gu replied and she stared at me intensely, her eyes running all over me making me very nervous

Kia? She most be Lee Chun’s sister, she looks really pretty

“ I never knew my brother had any crippled friends ”

She said

What’s wrong with this people! Why do they keep referring to me as cripple

I have officially hate that word cripple

“ I am not a cripple, neither am I friends with your brother ”

I spoke out

“ Really? Then who and what are you? ” She asked and I really didn’t know how to answer that question at first

What does she mean by what I am? Ain’t I a person??

“ I.. I am the girl your brother ran over with his vehicle, my name is Ji-a ”

I said and she looked confused

“ Lee Chun ran you over? ” She then raised her head to face Kyung-gu

“ Is she telling the truth? When did this happen? ”

“ She most be saying the truth, because Master Lee Chun drove her here himself. Sorry I don’t know when the incident took place ”

“ I see ” she said then drifted her eyes down to me

“ But I don’t get it, what are you doing here? I get my brother ran you over but why did you follow him all the way to our house since you ain’t his friend? Are you here to demand for money? Tell me ”

She said and it was more like an interrogation than a chit chat

I wasn’t really comfortable with her questions. What does she take me for?

Does she think I intentionally got injured so I can come live with them in their big house or beg money from them?

I don’t think I like this girl

I wanted to blast her straight away, I might be poor but I am no thief but then I started hearing a strange, loud female screams

“ Ahhhhh…. Ohhhhh…. Ouchhhhhh….. Oh yeahhhhh.. Oh yeahhhhh… Oh pleasessss… Pleasesssss ”

“ What’s that?… I think someone is crying for help ”

I said really concerned but then Kia chuckled

“ That’s no cry for help, that’s my brother doing what he does best ”

She replied with a proud face

“ Huh… Your brother is beating up a girl? I always know that your brother is a good for nothing… Ohhh I will so deal with him ”

I said already thinking how to punish Lee Chun for beating up a girl

“ Where did Lee Chun pick her up from again? She is really silly and daft ”

Kia said talking to Kyung-gu

“ Huh?… Silly? Daft? ”

I know what silly means but I don’t really know what daft means but I know it’s not something good

This Lee Chun sister really has a sharp mouth

“ Your pervert brother is busy beating probably killing an innocent girl and you calling me silly and Da..ft? Huh

Won’t you go stop him? ”

“ No one is killing anyone. Lee Chun is busy f**king the girl good. Can’t you hear her screams of pleasure? Or can’t you differentiate between a cry or help and that of pleasure? ”

She said staring at me like I am one strange thing

“ Huh??? ”

What did I just heard, ‘ F**king’ ‘ ‘Pleasure’

He is having… s*x with a girl

“ Ahhhhhhhhhhh ”

I screamed out really irritated inserting one finger each in my ear holes to block the irritating sounds I was hearing

“ What’s wrong with you? Why are you screaming? ”

Kia asked looking confused

“ Gross!

Gross!… Gross! ….Gross!… ”

I just kept reciting but I was still hearing that disgusting screams

That guy is a real pervert!

Gosh I hate him!!!



Episode 12

18+ rated contents


An hour in the past

😋 Lee Chun’s POV 😋

“ Ahh ”

I groaned in pleasure as Mia’s friend sucked on my d**k rapidly

It feels so good, but I was still feeling angry about what that stupid and annoying poor girl did to me

She had ruin my day and it would take more than my d**k being sucked to make me forget what a horrible day today had been

“ Stop ”

I said pushing her head away slightly

“ Was I doing it wrong? ”

She asked with an innocent face

“ No.. you did nothing wrong

I want you to undress ”

I said and she smiled silly

“ Alright

I’m on it ”

She said then stood up from her crouched position

She was wearing a short red gown

Unzipping the gown from the back she removed the dress from one shoulder then the other revealing her big pointy breasts

I have seen it before so I wasn’t that much impressed

Soon after the gown fell off her body and she was standing stark naked

Her pink V shape p*ssy all creamy and dripping already. I licked my lips at the sight of it

Now this is a wonderful sight!

“ Play with yourself ”

I instructed

“ Huh? ”

She acted naive

“ I said play with yourself. Touch yourself I want to watch ”

I clarified myself even though I knew she understood what I meant at first

She stared at me for some seconds before she started slowly and gently romancing her two big br**sts

She was squeezing and and rolling her ni**les with her fingers…

“ Ahh ”

She moaned slightly to her own touch

“ The p**sy

I want you to play with your p**sy ”

“ You want me to fing*r myself? ”

She asked eyes wide open

“ Yes, do it ”

I ordered and she stared at me like I had asked of something terrible but her eyes was full of lust

Slowly she moved her left hand down from her br**sts to her tummy… Before she gets to her p**sy

Rubbing the entrance of her her honey pot. I watched as she used one of her fingers to move round her clit*ris, she was playing with that part more while her other hand wss still busy squeezing both of her b**bs

“ Ahh.. Ahh… Ahhh…. ”

She was moaning biting her lower lips down

I relaxed myself properly on the bed, arms spread out wind while my back resting slightly on the matrass with my head position high enough to see the beautiful life film going on

I was truly enjoying what I was watching, my d**k getting all excited as it started growing bigger and bigger …

One of her fingers were now inserted deep into her tight creamy p**sy, going in and out in a slow pace

“ Ah.. Ah.. Ah.. ”

She kept moaning

“ Faster!.. Faster! ”

I ordered and she did as I asked fingering herself even more faster

And as her moaning increased I was f**kíñg turned on like crazy

I jumped up from the bed and rushed her.

Pinning her to the glass wall I quickly lifted her left leg up and directed my already hard d**k into her honey pot

And started banging her hard, I really didn’t care if anyone can see us from where we were. I just wanted to f**k her as hard and roughly as I could so as to make up for the bad day

“ Ahhhhhh ”

She moaned out loudly as I started thrusting in and out with much vigor while squeezing one of her b**bs roughly…

_______________ ⏲️

Present time

💕 Ji-a’s POV 💕

Kyung-gu wheeled me into a door… And my mouth went wide open at the sight of the room

It is big and beautiful, the whole interior is made out of white fabrics and a little mixture of black.

The wall is completely painted white, not all part of the building is made up of glass apparently because the wall looks like a solid brick wall

I could see three other doors inside the room I don’t know were they lead to..

Oh my!

Look at the size of that bed… It’s so huge and big.. it can easily contain six people..

“ So this will be your room from now on, if you ever need anything. A meal or a clean sheet just pick up the phone close to the bed and make your request, anything you want you will be brought up to you….I will be taking my leave now_ ”

“ This place is only for me? ”

I asked with my eyes wide open

He smiled “ Yes the room belongs to only and you alone

Have a good day ”

He said then turned to leave

“ Kyung-gu ”

I called his name and he stood and turned around

“ Is there anything else? ”

He asked and I felt shy to say what I want. The thing is that I needed to use the toilet

I want to pee so bad but I don’t know which door leads to the bathroom as it all looked really confusing

“ What else do you need Ji-a? ”

He asked again very politely

“ Where is the bathroom… I need to pee ”

I said squeezing my face, feeling really shy,

He chuckled a little

“ The door over there ”

He said pointing to the door at the extreme end of the right wall

“ Okay… Thanks ”

“ This other door leads to the wardrobe while the other door leads to the fitness room. If you are into fitness and exercise ”

He said flashing me a smile and I just nodded silly

I really need to go… like right now!

I wheeled myself as fast as I could to the door leading to the bathroom

“ Do you need my assistance? ”

He asked

“ Noooo ” I yelled… “ sorry No. Thank you I will manage by myself ”

“ Alright, take care ”

He said leaving the room and I quickly opened the door….

The bathroom is also very large and beautiful but I didn’t have time to admire it that much before I wet myself

I just helped myself to the toilet seat and let it all out. I didn’t even close the door behind me

“ Ahhh ”

I heaved a sigh of relief as it flowed out…

Now I have time to admire the whole place

” Wow ”

The word flew out of my mouth

The bathroom looks like a work of art, golden bathtub, a beautiful complex shower stand, stationed some distance apart from the bathtub

I never knew a bathroom could be this big and beautiful. I always thought toilet and bathroom are places where someone will just hurriedly in and out but one can stay here the whole day one can even eat in here

It’s so beautiful and spacious

This whole place looks like a whole new world, totally different from mine…

But all this while, for the pass hour or so I was still hearing that irritating screams and cry that I had almost gotten use to the sound

It’s even when the noise started fading away I remembered how irritated I was about it… Then it finally stopped

“ D*ckhead ”

But I couldn’t help but wonder

did the girl really enjoying what he is didto her?… Like did she really enjoyed the s*x?

Because I really can’t understand why she will be screaming like someone who is being stabbed

Is that what s*x is all about?

It’s really frightening. And why is it I’m only hearing the girl screams why isn’t that big head boy also screaming?

If really she is screaming like a pregnant donkey because she is enjoying it so much why isn’t Lee Chun screaming too out of enjoyment? Isn’t he enjoying it also???

To be honest her cry and screams were sounding like she was dying to me. Like someone being filled

I don’t think I will ever have s*x… I don’t want to be screaming like someone who has a hot iron stuck into their a** hole




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