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April 19, 2021


Mind blowing palace

Her secret Episode 7 & 8

8 min read
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👑 Episode 7 👑

By: Summer Gold



💋 Lee Min 💋

Anger filled my heart when I saw the picture,, Tae Yung kissing Soo Bin?

” But he doesn’t know it’s Soo Bin, ” my mind told me and keep on calmed down a little

But why can’t it be me instead,, gosh am just over reacting right now. But the truth is I really love Soo Bin,,

Talking about her, she came in. Changed into his male self again,,, can’t believe a pretty girl like her is doing this

” Where you coming from,? ” Kang Min asked

” From a Cinema ” She said,, she must be bad at lying. She said exactly where she’s coming from

” Were you with Tae Yung,? ” Yeon Jun asked

Now I wonder what she’s gonna say

” Not really,, ” she said and went upstairs not noticing my presence

” What’s with him? ” Yeon Jun asked no one in particular

I sigh and went upstairs

💋 Soo Bin 💋

Gosh,,,, I keep on thinking about Tae Yung. Especially the kiss!! My first kiss,, gosh what do I do right now? He doesn’t even know that he was doing all that with Soo Bin,.

I was thinking about all these with my eyes closed,, Tae Yung what have you done to me?

You want to see me again,,,

should I go? Or not

Maybe I will go,, and I will tell him that he’s never gonna see me again. That’s better, I smiled.

I heard a knock on my door

” Who is it? ‘ I asked

” Kang Min ” the voice said

What is Kang doing here? I stood up and opened the door, he came in with a smile

” What are you doing here? ” I asked

” Is it bad to wanna spend the night in your friend’s room? ” He asked

What!!!!!!! Spend the night??!! Where!!!!

” What do you mean? ” I asked hoping am thinking wrongly

” Am sleeping here tonight ” he said and climb the bed

” No you can’t!! ” I yelled out unknowingly

” Why? What’s wrong with it? ” he asked and I kept quiet

Really,, there is nothing wrong with two boys sleeping in a room right? But am not a boy,,,, jeez am really in a mess right now.

” Uhm,,, I mean,,,, my room is,, always cold at midnight ” I said

” What? I thought you said you have cold. So how are you coping? ” he asked

Gosh,, another problem. Too many lies to cover the previous ones,, why is my life like this?

” See ” I showed him the blanket ” I always use it ” I said

” Then we can use it together ” He said

What!!!! Why can’t he just listen to me!!!

” Hey Kang,, let’s sleep together ” Lee came in and smiled at me which I returned happily

” Why? I am staying

here ” Kang Min said

” I really miss sleeping with you ” Lee said and grin

” Tomorrow ” Kang said

” Then I have to force you ” Lee Min carried him

” What!!! Put me down jerk!! ” Kang screamed

Lee winked at me and they left

I locked the door immediately,,,, gosh Lee just saved me. Thanks to him,,,,


” Hey Tae Yung,, what are you grinning at? ” Yeon Jun asked while we eat breakfast

” It’s nothing ” He replied

” Give me that ” Yeon Jun said and grab his phone ” What? You are starring at your girlfriend’s picture? ” He said and I choked on my food

” Are you okay? ” Lee Min asked giving me a glass of water

I took it and gulp down everything,,,

” Thanks ” I said and sigh out loud

” Are you okay? ” Kang Min asked and I nodded

” Show me the picture ” Kang Min said

” Wow,, she’s so pretty. Where did you meet her? ” he asked

” Guys give me back my phone,, she’s not even my girlfriend yet ” He said and took back his phone

” What?? So the kiss? ” Yeon Jun asked

” Shut up ” He snapped

” Gosh I wish I can see her,, I will make her mine first ” Yeon Jun said

” Me too ” Kang said and winked, I started coughing

” need water? ” Lee asked

” No,, I will just go to the bathroom ” I said and got up and rushed upstairs

Now,,, I think am in trouble already. Why did I even dress like a girl in the first place??

I shouldn’t have done that,, I shouldn’t

A call came on my phone,,, it’s Shin Hye. I smiled before taking it

” Hey Shin Hye, what’s up ” I said

📲 I have a good news for you ”

📲 What is it?

📲 You Won’t believe it,,, Park Lee ( The man who killed my parents) has been arrested. He was caught during one of his operation

📲 That’s a great news!!!

📲 Yeah baby,, I guess you are free after all

📲 How? Right now,, am stuck in here. I can’t leave

📲 Am sorry Sae Ron,,, I shouldn’t have bring that idea in the first place

📲 It’s not your fault Shin,,,, I will just continue this. I will make sure no one finds out

I said and dropped the call. I hope everything will be okay right now,, I remember my meeting with Tae Yung,,gosh am such an unlucky bitch.


❤❤ Episode 8 ❤❤


🌹 Tae Yung 🌹

Why am I falling so easily for someone I only met once? She’s just so different from other girls.

I wish to see you again,, I hope you come over tomorrow.

” Hey Tae Yung,, have been searching for you ” Rose said walking to me

” I’m not lost ” I said and scoff

” why are you always hard on me? You know I really love you alot ” she said

” I don’t love you Rose,, just let me be okay? ” I said and stood up

” Tae Yung,, please don’t leave ” She said and hugged me from the back

I pulled her away hardly and she flinched

” Tae Yung,, you are hurting me ”

” Stay away from me ” I said and walked towards the door

” Think what ever you want ” I snapped

” You are mine!!! I won’t let any bitch take you from me!! ” she burst into tears

” Are you that dumb? Why are you insisting on something that is not possible? ”

” Let’s see to that ”

I storm out of the room angrily and bump into Soo Bin always making him fall,, I caught him and stare straight into his eyes

Why does he look so familiar right now?

” Idiot,, he looks familiar because you know him “: my inner mind said

He look so beautiful,,,, no handsome. What am I Even thinking?

” Am sorry ” he said and I release him

” You should be careful,, I may not be here next time ” I said and laughed

” It’s like oopa is happy today ” He said

He always call me that,,,,

” Yeah ” I said with a smile

” Why? ”

” I will tell you later ” I said

💘 Soo Bin 💘

I packed some clothes into a bag and went downstairs,, today is Saturday and I have to meet Tae Yung, I have to tell him I can’t see him again after this.

I don’t know what will happen if someone find out about me,,,,

” You are going somewhere? ” Kang Min asked arching a brow

” Yeah, I will be back ” I said and rushed out of the mansion

I took the car and drove out,,,,
You’re reading @summer’slibrary

” I thought you are not gonna come ” He said and smiled

” Now am here,,, why? ” I asked

” Come on,, you have to be patient ” he said

” No I can’t,, just do whatever you want. Today is the last day you will ever see me again ” I said

” Why? You don’t like me? ” He asked looking into my eyes

” I love you,, but you will hate me if you find out am not someone you expected it to be ” I imagine myself

” Sae Ron,, say something ” he said

” I like you,,,, but I can’t see you again. Am sorry ” I said

” You can’t tell me the reason? ” He asked and I shook my head

” Okay,,,,,, bye ” He said and hugged me

I stood still and watch him as he entered his car and took off,, Soo Bin did you do the right thing?

I wipe the tears from my eyes and went to the park where my car is

💖 Lee Min 💖

Did she just rejected Him? Does that mean she likes someone else? Then who?

I watched as she drove off and I came out of my hiding place,,, I wish I can just tell her and tell her how am feeling right now.

But I can’t,,,,

I entered the car and drove off immediately, I love you so much Soo Bin. I wish you know this

💋 Rose 💋

” What the heck?? Tae Yung kissing a girl?!! ” I yelled as I checked the latest news on my phone

” You don’t know about it? I guess he finally got a girlfriend ” Lisa said

” No!! That’s not possible,,, he can’t do that to me!! ” I screamed almost in tears

” But,, you guys are not even dating ” She said

” I know,, but I really love him a lot and he know that. Am really hurt right now ” I said and stood up

” Where are you going? ”

” Am going to see him ” I said and took my bag

” But Rose ”

” Am going to confess to him today ” I said and walked out of the house

I got to the mansion, I breath out and walked in

Tae Yung, you are mine. I wish you know how much I love you.

” Hey Rose ” Kang Min said with a smile

” Hi ” I said

” Why are you,,, ”

” Am here for Tae Yung, where is he? ” I asked

“Upstairs ” he said

” Thanks ” I said and went up

I met Soo Bin on my way,,, I shot him a glare

I don’t know why,, but I just hate him a lot. How can a guy be beautiful? I don’t know what to call him

He past me without saying a word

I knocked on Tae Yung door

” Who is it? ” He asked in his cute voice

” It’s Rose ” I said and entered before he reply

” What do you want? ” He asked

” I saw the news,, do you have a girlfriend now? ” I asked

” What if I do? ” he asked and focus on the laptop

” I love you a lot Tae Yung,,, you should know this by now. Please don’t leave me,,, I will loose it if you do ” I said and hug him from the back

” Hey Tae,,,,,, ” Soo Bin stopped immediately he saw us as he entered ” So,, rry ” he said and left the room

” Let go of me ” Tae Yung said and pulled me away

” Tae Yung,, please ” I begged in tears

” Rose,,,, you are beautiful and everyone want you. But why do you choose me? I don’t love you one bit,, stop the flirting please ” He said

” I will wait till you change your mind ” I said and sniff in my tears

” Rose stop this ”

” I don’t care!! Am not gonna give up,, that’s how much I love you ” I said and walked out of the room




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