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August 1, 2021


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Her secret Episode 11 & 12

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😍 Her Secret ❤❤❤

© By Summer Gold. W

Episode 11 💙💚



🌹 Tae Yung 🌹

How can he,, I mean how can she do that!! She’s just a fucking liar!!!

” Hey Tae Yung where are you going looking so angry?? ” Kang Min asked

I ignored them and walked out of the house,,,

” Tae Yung!!!! ” I heard Her calling my name

I entered the car and start the engine,,,,, she came in front of the car and I stopped

” Get the fuck out of my way you liar!!! ” I yelled

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” Please,, let me in. Am going to explain,,, please ” She said in tears

I allowed her to come in,,,,,

” Just drive to somewhere safe ”

” Don’t tell me what to do!!! ” I yelled at her

She flinched in fear,,,,

I continue driving and stopped at one of our favorite spot,,,, I came out of the car and she followed me.

🌹 Soo Bin 🌹

Gosh,, why is he suddenly scary?? How do I explain right now??

I followed him out of the car,,,,,, walking just behind him.

” Speak ” He said and turned to me

” Actually,,,, I did that…,,,, to protect myself,,,,, ” I said

” How???? ”

I told him everything,,,

” So what??? You keep on fooling everyone,,, I just thought we are friends but I made a great mistake. Why did you come into my life as Kim Sae Ron???? Why do i keep on thinking about you?? When you are right beside me,,, do you know how much am suffering because of you??!! I hate you!!! ” He said and roughed his hair

” am,,, am so sorry “”” I managed to say

” Sorry???? So,,, you want me to forget about you right??? Am just so stupid to fall in love with you!!! Don’t you ever appear in front of me again ” He said and walked away

” Tae Yung wait!! Wait,,, please,,,, Tae Yung ” He ignored me and drove off

I bend down and cried my eyes out,,, I should have told him,,, I never knew he loved me. And I love him too,, but how do I tell him right now when he’s so mad at me???

” Why are you here alone?? ” A voice said and I looked up

” Lee Min ” I called still tearing out

” Why are you crying?? ” He asked

” It’s nothing ” I said and wipe off my tears

” Really?? You still lied ” he said

I stood up and face him,,,,,

” I know you are a girl Soo Bin ” He said and I became shocked

” What are you talking about??? ” I asked

” Am not lying right??? You are a girl,,,, ” he said and I looked down

” You are not mad at me?? ” I asked

” Why should I?? ”

” But,,, Tae Yung,, ” I said and burst into tears again

” Do you like him?? ”

” What????? Of,, of course not ” I lied

” Am sorry ” I said

” For what?? ”

” For lying to you guys,,, really sorry ” I said wiping off my tears

He pulled me closer and hugged me,,,,,

” You don’t know how long I’ve waited for this,,,, ” Lee Min said

” Why?? ”

” Because,,,,,,, because,,,, never mind ”

” Tell me ”

” Am sure you won’t wanna listen ” he said and smiled

” Let’s go home ” He said dragging me along

Why is he nice anyway,,,, gosh how do you face Tae Yung right now???

Right now he thought I want him to forget about me,,,, but I really do love him a lot.

” You guys are acting weird ” Kang Min said facing Lee Min and I

Lee Min turned to me and I shook my head negatively,, I can’t tell them now.

I don’t want Tae Yung to get even more mad at me,,,, I went upstairs immediately.

I wanted to knock on Tae Yung’s room but I was scared,,,,, what if,,, oh God.

I went into my room and collapse on the bed,,, I can’t even sleep right now.

I stood up and walked out of the room,, I knocked on his room but got no reply.

I went in and close the door behind me

” What the fuck are you looking for ” he asked coldly

” Am,, am sorry. ” I said

” Sorry for what?? ”

” You know what am talking about right??? ”

” Lee Min,,, he know about this right??? ” He asked and I was surprised to hear that

” Yes ” I answered

” You can leave ” he said and focus back on whatever he’s writing

” Are you still mad at me?? ”

” No ”

” Thanks ” I said and blink out tears

I went out and breath out,,,, I guess am cool now

” You are not!!! You are still lying to your fans!! ” my inner mind said

No,, they don’t have to know…. But still,,, I can’t continue like this,, what do I do???


Episode 12


🌹 Tae Yung 🌹


I walked out of the room,, I can’t even sleep right now. She’s the one all over my mind,, just forget about her Yung, she’s a boy…

” Idiot, she’s a grown up woman ” my mind told me

Damn,,,, the memory of her br***t crushed through my mind. Why did I even have to see that!!
Am really going crazy right now,, I went downstairs and sat down beside the pool.
Everyone is asleep right now, I open the bottle of water in my hand and gulp down almost half of it.

I really need to do something about this? Will she continue to act??
I heard some foot steps behind me and I look back,, she walk toward me and sat down
” Why are you here?? ” I asked
” Never knew you will be here,, I should be asking you that ” she replied facing the pool.

I watched as she pulled in her legs and started playing with water,, I was just a fool. I should have noticed her skin,, they are so soft and clean.
” Yung?? ” She called and faced me
” Huh?? ”
” Do you hate me now?? ” She asked looking away
” Hate?? ”

” Yes ”
” Why should I hate you?? ”
” Am glad you don’t hate me,,, am just so sober right now. I feel so sad,, am lying to almost everyone around me,, am just,,, ” I interrupted her by pulling her into a hug
” You did that for a reason,,, they will understand ” I said

She pulled from the hug and smiled softly,,
” Idiot,,, you almost gave me a heart attack. I thought you are going to avoid me forever ” she said and smirk
” So,, what if I do?? ”
” Please don’t ”
” Okay I won’t,, I won’t let you cry.”
” Boys don’t cry remember?? ”

” Soo Bin,, no matter how much you try,, you are still a lady ” I said and she nodded
” Thanks oopa ”
” Don’t you think we should go now?? ” she asked
” No,, let me stay like this for a while ” I said and laid my head on her shoulder

🌹 Soo Bin 🌹

I smiled as he laid his head softly on my shoulder,, he’s just so cute. His lips are beautifully pouted,,, I wish I can kiss him.

” You want a kiss?? ” he asked still closing his eyes
Did he caught me starring
” What?? ”
” You were starring at my lips ” he said and opened his eyes
” But,, how did you see that?? ”
” You won’t believe it if I tell you ” he said and raised his head up

” So,,,, ,, ” I said and raised my brow
” What?? You want the kiss?? ” he asked and I nodded
He hold my face and pulled closer to me,,, he softly placed his lips on mine.
He bite my bottom lips causing me to gasp and then he slide his tongue into mine.

I moan softly and sweetly,,, he left me and look straight into my eyes
Are you crazy Sae Ron?? You are falling too much,, okay not like I don’t want to.
I love him,,, and I know that

” Now let’s go ” He said and pulled me up
He held my hand and we walk upstairs,,
” Goodnight ” I said with my head bow
He smiled and and went in,,,,,

He kissed me again!!! I said in my mind and started jumping round my room,,,
This is weird huh??? But am in love,,
A message came on my phone,, I checked immediately
💌 Ready for tomorrow’s rehearsal??
Oh,, it’s Yung
💌 Yeah sure I am
I replied and fell back to sleep,, I couldn’t even put off my clothes. Am so fucking tired

🌹 Lisa’s pov 🌹

I groan out of bed,, gosh I can’t believe it’s morning again. When did I sleep anyway,, I scoff and walked into the bathroom.

Why do I keep on thinking about what Rose said?? But it’s true, Soo bin is weird. He’s too handsome,, he’s beautiful. That’s the reason why I love him alot,, but it’s a pity he doesn’t want any relationship.

His reasons are known alone by him,, but still. I love him,
I walked out of the bathroom and used the cream,, suddenly someone banged in,,
” Rose?? What happened?? Why are you panting?? ” I asked and scoff
She’s annoying sometimes

” Check this out ” she handed me her phone
” Omg!!!! ” I screamed out
” We really need to celebrate this,,, and with this. I’ve got some great ideas. I need to get dressed immediately ” she said rushing her words and ran out immediately

I can’t believe we ( Black Pearls) just won for the best dancer , gosh am so happy!!
i have to inform Soo bin about this,,,,

🌹 Rose’s pov 🌹

Wow,, this is really amazing. And am sure that right now,, the MS will really need my help for their coming music.
They need a dancer right??? Then I will have to make use of that opportunity to get what I want.

” Tae Yung?? You are mine,, and mine alone ” I said with a smirk




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