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August 1, 2021


Mind blowing palace

Her scent Episode 9 & 10

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Her Secret 🤐 😍

Written ✍ by summer gold

Episode 9 🎻🎻



❤ Soo Bin ❤

I watched as Tae Yung came downstairs,,, he’s so cute. I focus back on my meal immediately.

” Guys,,, we have to get to the practice room right now ” Our manager said

” Why can’t we just finish our breakfast?? ” Kang min asked and scoff

” We don’t even have enough Time again,, ” He said

” Am going to finish this ” Yeon Jun said

” Foodie!! ” Lee Min and I chorused

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” Don’t you dare call me that!! ” Kang min shouted and we laughed.

” Okay guys,,, let’s go” Tae Yung said and we all stood up

I think he’s been acting weird lately,,, maybe because of what I told him.

I wish I can tell him about me,,, but am too scared to do that. He will be mad at me no doubt.

But what do I do right now??? Am madly in love with him,,, but I have to keep this so it won’t look obvious.

” We’ve made up our mind,,, Soo Bin will be singing the solo this time ” The manager said and we all gasped

” But,, what about Tae Yung?? ” They all asked

I turned to Tae Yung,,, he only focus on something else

” Why will you think I choose Soo Bin? Tae Yung was the one who brought the idea ” The manager said

” What?? ” I shouted

” I’ve never done that,,, how will I?? ” I asked

” Don’t worry,, Tae Yung will help you. So from now,, you will have to practice privately with Tae Yung,,,, but you are choosing your song ”

” I can’t believe this ” I said and roughed my hair

” Why?? Are you scared? ” Tae Yung asked without looking up

” Am not ” I snapped

” Good,, you can do it yourself ” he said

” What?? You can’t do that,,, she’s not even,,,, ”

” She?? ” Tae Yung asked and we all turned to Lee Min

” Oh,,, I mean he ” He said and I breath out a sigh of relief

But why do I have a feeling that my secret will be out soon?? Gosh,, am just too scared for that to happen.

❤ Lee Min ❤

What the fuck am I thinking? I almost let out her secret,,, am not careful at all.

But what do I do when I always think about her??? Gosh am so lost,,,,,,,,

I sigh out

After the rehearsal, I went straight into my room and laid down on the bed. I really need to take her off my mind.

The first day I saw her in that lady’s dress,,, I fell deeply in love with her,,,

But I can’t even tell her,,, she will be scared that am gonna expose her.

❤ Soo Bin ❤

” Where are you going? ” Tae Yung asked me when I was about going out of the house

” You can come along if you want ” i smirk

” Am bored,, let’s go ” he said and took his scarf.

He tied it around his neck since the cold is too much,,,,

We both continue walking around the city,, it’s so cool walking around like this.

We’ve always used car every time,,, I looked up at him and smiled,, he’s just so adorable.

” Wow,,, I can’t believe am walking like this ” Tae Yung said and I smiled

” Are you tired? ” I asked

” Am not,, let’s just continue. I don’t wanna go back ” he said

” Hey Tae Yung,, see that. Let’s go get some ice cream ” I said pointing at a shop

” But,,,,, ” I drag him along before he could finish his statement

” How do you want it? ” The man asked

” Chocolate cream ” I said

” Just a minute ” he said

” I never said I wanted chocolate ” Tae Yung whispered in my ear

” I will take the two ” I winked

” You dare not do that ” he said

” I thought you don’t want it ” I said and raised my brow a little

” Even if I don’t want it ” He smirk

” Here it is ” The man handed the ice cream to me

” Is he your boyfriend?? ” He asked me and pointed at Tae Yung

” What???. We are guys ” I said

” Really??? But you look like a girl,, you are,,,, short ” he said and Tae Yung scoff

” Bye man ” I said and we both left the place.

I keep on thinking about what the man said,, does that mean. No matter how I try to keep this,,, it’s going to be obvious??

” What are you thinking about??? The girl’s stuff? ” Tae Yung asked and I came back to reality

” Of course not,,, it’s nothing ” I said

” Let’s sit here for a while ” He said and we both sat down on a bench

” Wow I love this place,, the moon is really bright ” I said

” What about the stars? So beautiful,,, and the brightest star over there,,,, is me ” he said pointing at the biggest and brightest star up there

” Why do you think it’s you?? What about me?? ” I asked

” Who cares?? Maybe you are the moon ” He said with a smirk

” No,, I don’t wanna be the moon ”

” Why? ” he asked

” You can see the moon is far from the brightest star,,, so am the star beside the brightest star. Because,,,,,,,, ”

” Because what??? ”

” I,,,,,,,,,, never mind ” I said

” Don’t you think we should go home now? ” He asked

The truth is,, I don’t want us to go back home. I just wanna stay here with you,, even of you only think of me as a boy. I still want to spend more time with you

” Yeah,, sure ” I said and we both stood up

” Wait ” he said and I stopped

He untie the scarf from his neck and tie it around mine

” You must be freezing ” he said and continue walking

” Thanks ” I smiled and ran to him

I hold his hand and smirk at him when he turned to face me,,,,,


Episode 10 ♥♥


🌹 Rose 🌹

” Mam,,, we can’t find anything about the strange girl. I don’t think she’s here in Korea ” My bodyguard said

” what??? Okay you can leave ” I dismissed him

She’s nowhere around here?? But why will Tae Yung date someone who is not here??

Is he trying to hide her from public? Is she a commoner??

What are you doing Tae Yung,,,,, what!!

I pace round my room trying to get what to do,,, am just so lost.

” Hey Rose,, why are you so restless?? ” Lisa asked coming into the room

” I want to know who the fuck that girl is,,, but nothing is happening. Imagine my guard telling me she’s not around here? ”

” Maybe she’s not here for real ” She replied

” But why will he date someone like that? ”

” I can’t answer that,,, but don’t you think you have to calm down?? Tae Yung said it to your face,, he doesn’t even love you. ”

” No Lisa,, he must love me back ” I snapped

” Okay,, do what you want. Just count me out ”

” Whatever,,,,, but don’t you think Soo Bin is somehow weird?? ” I asked

” Why? How?? ”

” He’s too handsome for a guy ”

” I thought you hate him,, now you find him attractive?? ” She asked and scoff

” No,,, I just think it’s weird. Anyway,, never mind ” I said and sigh

🌹 Lee Min 🌹

I watched as Tae Yung and Soo Bin chat and laugh,,, are they friends right now??

I shook my head and sigh,,, my feelings are really killing me right now.

I keep on thinking about her every little bit,,, I walked out of my room.

I saw Tae Yung going into Soo Bin’s room,,, why is he going there??

What if her secret link out??

Oh no,,,, what do I do???

🌹 Tae Yung 🌹

What is happening to me?? Am not a gay right?? But why is my heart always beating fast whenever am with Soo Bin??

I hold my chest and closed my eyes,,, I remember Sae Ron. Where are you right now??

I wish I can see you again,, this is punishment. I walked into Soo Bin’s room.

” Hey Soo Bin!! Where are you?? ” I asked

” Bathroom,,,, what do you want?? ” He asked

” Never mind,,, I will just go back ” I said and walked toward the door.

Something turned me back and my eyes met with the phones on the bed,,,, I scoff.

How many phones will he use?? Suddenly my eyes caught with one,,, it look so familiar

I decided to check,, I took the phone and my eyes eyes widen.

This is mine,,,, but how did Soo Bin get it??

I gave it to,,, Kim Sae Ron.

Wait,,, what is happening right now???

I checked the contact list and I was shocked,,,,,, its my number alone.

What is the phone doing with Him??? . I looked round the room and I saw something which shock me again.

It’s the dress he was starring at,, the day we went to the shopping mall.

Am I going crazy right now ,,,, is he????? What???

He came out of the bathroom,, I turned to face him. I saw fear and shock all over his face

” Tae Yung,,,,, what,, ”

” What,, is there anything wrong to come to my friends room?? ” I asked boiling in anger already

” No,,, ”

” Stop ” I said and walked to him

. 🌹 Soo Bin 🌹

I moved backward as he walked to me,,, what is happening right now??

He went back and locked the door before coming to me,,,

Did he find out about me already??

My back touched the wall and I gulped down into nothing,,,,, I watched as his eyes roam through my body.

Gosh,,, am only on towel right now.

He moved his hand to the tip of my towel,,, I gasped in fear.

He pulled down the towel and my pointed br***t faced him,,, I saw his face widen at the sight.

I couldn’t do anything right now,, I just continue starring at his face

He’s damn angry with me,,,, he turned his back at me and I raised my towel up.

” You,,,, you are Sae Ron right?? ” He asked turning back at me

I nodded and blink out tears,,,,

He hit his fist hardly on the wall,,,,

I was really scared right now,,,, he said nothing and walked out of the room.

Am dead right now,,,,, will he tell everyone??

Will he expose me???

Tears rushed down my eyes,, am sure he doesn’t even want to see me right now. What do you want do??




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