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Her legacy episode 9 & 10

Author~ Remio Viola
I arrived at Keith’s house and she was already waiting at the gate.
“Exactly 10 minutes” she giggled as she glanced at her wrist watch
“you owe me for keeping to time”
“what’s your pay?”
I opened my mouth to talk when her father drove out.
Memories of 18 years ago came flashing back and I felt like pulling the trigger at him
“what’s wrong Regan? ” Keith asked
“Nothing let’s go” I replied and helped her enter my car and I drove off
“so where are we headed? ” she asked
during the drive
“No where in particular just want us to drive around”
She smiled “let’s go to your house”
“nah– am actually running from there”
“Nothing” I replied with a shrug
There was a brief silence then I decided to bring up the talk of KLS
“How will the re-opening look like?” I asked pretending not to be aware that I heard the news
“My dad is a scumbag” she sighed
“what happened?”
“I don’t wanna talk about that” she stated and looked out through window.
I followed the direction of her eyes and I lost control of the wheel.
“Regan!” Keith called frightfully and I quickly stepped on the brake
“What happened?” she asked but I just stared out through her side of the window
Jennifer was talking with my enemy– Lucas
What’s she doing outside?
“What… ” Keith tried to turn but I held her back to face me
“what are you looking at?”
“you” I said with a smile
I didn’t want her to see Jennifer
“Regan don’t lie to me” she tried turning again but I cupped her cheeks in my palm
“You’re beautiful”
She smiled “I know that already but… ”
She whirled around and I quickly kissed her. The last thing I thought I would do.
Jennifer is so gonna be dead.
Keith shut her eyes tight and ate into my lips while I watched Jennifer from above her head. She was sitting with Lucas on a bench and they were laughing there lungs out.
Jennifer suddenly looked at our direction and gasped.
I moved my hand behind Keith’s back and wind up the window then I broke from the kiss.
“Why did you stop?” she asked shyly
I heaved a deep sigh and just watched Jennifer and Lucas. Guess she saw me cause her eyes were on my car.
“let’s go” I ignited the car engine and drove off
I drove into the penthouse and parked my car in the garage. I sat in my car for a while thinking of the best punishment for Jennifer before I alighted and walked inside.
Jennifer was sitting in the living room with her legs crossed on a foot stool. She was watching a movie and laughing outrageously. I walked up to her and stood in front of the television.
“Hey! You’re obstructing my view” she yelled waving her hand
“Why did you leave?”
“Do I owe you an explanation for that?”
I scoffed “really? You went to see your lieutenant boyfriend and you ask me that?”
“Hellloooo am not a kid okay”
“You’re so stubborn I wish I just left you to die in Nigeria” I seethed and proceeded to leave
“I didn’t want to something came up” she prompted
“what came up?” I asked as I turned to face her
“Nanny Celia got sick so I went to get her drugs when…. ” she trailed off
“you decided to go see him” I completed
“no I saw him at the pharmacy so he gave me a drive…. ”
“he brought you back here?”
“No he dropped at a distance then I trekked back”
“You’re so silly to think he wouldn’t trace you”
“He didn’t” she said curtly
“How sure are you?”
“I… I… went back and he was still there at the spot he dropped me”
“waiting for you” I guessed
She rolled her eyes in frustration “Am sorry okay I just wanted to see around”
I sighed and turned to go to my room
“you girlfriend is pretty” she added mockingly in a whisper and faced the TV
I stopped and turned to face her
“What girlfriend?”
“I saw you both okay and it was cute” she winked
It’s a good thing she didn’t recognize Keith
You too your boyfriend is handsome” I winked
I swear she blushed
“I wish”
“you wish?” I asked in disgust
“yeah he’s nice and cute” she winked
I hate Nigerians
I sighed and headed to my room
Jeez… She’s so so so so… I don’t know how to describe her
I peeled off my clothes and walked into the bathroom.
Work today was stressful but I had so much fun during my break today with Jennifer. She’s amazing, the very first girl I’ve ever felt free talking with. She’s so infections and I still don’t understand her relationship with Regan. She wouldn’t tell me.
I smiled to nothing in particular as I tapped unconsciously on my desk.
“Hellloooo! Earth to detective” Drake chuckled waving his palm across my face
“sorry I spaced out”
“yeah you were soooooooo deep in thoughts and your smile was…” he trailed off and thought briefly
“did you meet an angel?”
I cackled “more than an angel”
“I’ve never seen you smile
you’re always the seriousness faced detective” he mimicked a face and I laughed
“some people are just infectious”
“Tell me cause I know it’s a girl”
“well… ”
“Lieutenant” Sergeant Hugo barged into my office panting
“what’s wrong sergeant?” I asked
“Mark Thrump is dead” Sergeant Hugo stated
“Mark Thrump as in Mark Thrump?” Drake asked doubtfully
“Mark Thrump was found dead in his hotel room” Sergeant Hugo explained
“TY? ”
“we suspect but we haven’t confirmed” Sergeant Hugo replied
I raked my fingers through my hair and sighed in frustration.
Just as I thought today would be my best day ever someone had to die
“When did you hear of it?” I asked Hugo
“just now
the hotel security called for your crew”
I grabbed my car keys
“let’s go”
Mark Thrump was lying down dead on his bed and my finger print boys were already at work.
Mark was found dead by room service waiter who came to serve him dinner thirty minutes ago. He didn’t have any company we knew of but it was certain someone as smart as TY did this work.
Mark was stabbed in the heart and the murder weapon wasn’t found. There was no trace left behind by the murderer.
I turned to see Sergeant Hugo approaching me
“We found something”
“what’s that?”
“Mark Thrump when he was alive was a wanted criminal in New Zealand and he ran over to Canada as a fugitive
according to the hotel, he was registered as a John Smith under the name Richard Haskell” Sergeant Hugo explained
“Interesting” I said with a nod and gestured him to go on
“we suspect that whoever might have killed him must had been someone who knows he was here”
“Any idea on that?”
“we called New Zealand’s state security and they said they were sending agents over”
“I want to know who had the idea that he was lodging here as a John Smith
Who knew he came to Canada?”
“We’re still investigating”
“nice work Hugo” I commented “get me more information while I go check the cameras and appointment book”
I smiled in fulfilment as I read the news of Mark Thrump’s death.
Sweet victory
Lugard is next
I got a call from Joanna and I answered it.
“He… ”
“Tyson we’re in trouble” she cut in worriedly
“what’s wrong?”
“we didn’t cut out the camera’s I was captured in the CCTV”
“am so scared Tyson, Lucas just called he told me to come over to the hotel so I’ll help him sort out the videos”
“Where are you now?”
“at the mansion with the guys we’re…”
“am coming over”
Author~ Remio Viola
Putting on my mask, I crept down the roof and into the hallway.
The security was tight
I snuck into the computer room and Lucas was already there with Joanna as his police photographer.
She sighed me as part of the plan and I signalled her as I slid into a dark corner.
She took in a deep breathe and pulled Lucas into a kiss.
Our plan to cause him distraction
I used the opportunity to slot a disk into the system and crept out.
I entered my car and took off my mask then I called James on the phone.
Am done, corrupt the videos
Joanna glanced at Tyson and he was gone.
Smooth criminal– she thought
“What was that for?” Lucas asked Joanna suspiciously
“Am… so sorry I had a little to drink before coming here and…”
“We have other things to do there’s no time” Lucas interrupted and went back to the system
I got the videos of the hotel through the disk Tyson slotted in then I corrupted the one that captured Joanna and deleted every related videos that might give Lucas clues.
“done!” I exclaimed throwing my hands up in the air
“For real?” that was Alex
“for a minute I thought we were doomed” Alex breathed out
I smiled curtly as my attention caught a past video of Tyson from Nigeria. I paused the scene and zoomed in.
Tyson was carrying a girl bridal style into the airport.
I played the video and studied her, she was no girl I knew and her face was covered with a jacket.
“what’s wrong James?” Alex asked
“did Tyson mention a girl in his mission in Nigeria?” I asked not removing his eyes from the screen
“Like…” I thought for a while “never mind”
I closed my laptop then excused myself to my room to call Tyson’s manager Michael.
📲 This is Michael speaking how may I help you?
📱I wanted to know if Regan had a company when he was in Nigeria?
📲 Who am I speaking with?
📱 uhm… It’s Hunter his… friend… I mean cousin
📲 I don’t know who you’re talking about sir maybe you should ask Regan
📱am preparing a family speech and am currently writing on his day in Nigeria so he told me to call his manager if I needed any info
📲 okay, he had no company apart from a call girl
📱 what about his flight? was he alone?
📲 no he was with a girl
📱 who’s she?
📲 he wouldn’t let me see her but that isn’t necessary for your speech
📱 lastly, did he return to Canada with her?
📲 yes
📱 thanks
I hung up
Tyson came back with a girl and he has been hiding her from us.
Who is she?
I ran to the door when I heard the front door creep open.
I haven’t slept a wink since Tyson left the penthouse and am not sure I will sleep if I don’t see he’s okay.
He ran up the stairs and bumped into me who was standing in the corridor.
“am so sorry” I apologized
“you’re still awake?” Regan asked in disbelief
“yes… I mean no I… just came… to… to check on something that’s it” I stuttered nervously
“something like?” he asked with raised brows not convinced
“I came to check on nanny Celia if she was fine”
Am really bad at everything
I can’t even tell a simple lie
“nanny Celia’s room is over there” he pointed behind me
“I know I…” I trailed off not knowing what to say again
“Am good at placing two and two” Regan began then used his index finger to raise my chin up “from the look in your face you haven’t slept a WINK…”
He just stressed the ‘wink’ as if it’s the reason why am here.
I hate foreigners
“… and judging from the way you ran out you actually came to check if I was the one who came in cause you were restless” he completed and I burst into laughter
My laughter sef I did not understand it.
I don’t know if I was laughing at myself at the way he caught me or I was laughing to pretend he didn’t get it.
“you wish” I blurted out
“go to bed now am back” he replied waving his hand mockingly
“I don’t even care if you’re here or there or in or out it’s not my business” I yelled and hurried to my room
Who am I deceiving?
I know he went to see that his girlfriend but at least he came back.
Like I even care
“Bye nanny” Regan pecked nanny Celia on her cheek then proceeded to leave
“what about Jennifer?” Nanny Celia prompted
“She’s a wolf” he replied with a wink and left
He’s winking at me
Let that his eyes blind
“Jennifer what’s up with you and Regan?” nanny Celia asked then took a dainty sip from her cup of coffee
“He’s him and am me” I replied curtly and faced the TV
Spongebob is too important to me to leave it and start talking about Regan
“There’s no footage just as I thought” I sighed in frustration and whirled around to face Joanna “guess it was useless keeping you awake all night”
“it’s okay it’s my job anyway” she said then yawned sleepily
“you need to rest it’s….” I glanced at my wrist watch “past midnight already I’ll drop you off”
she nodded and we headed out to the parking lot.
I held the passengers seat door open for her and she climbed in
“thanks” she mouthed then I got into the drivers seat and drove off
I arrived at a street where she directed and stopped in front of a shop
“you live here?”
“no” she smiled “I live close I don’t want to stress you thanks for the ride”
I watched her get down from the car then walked down the street before I drove off.
I have to be more watchful this time.
There’s more to the happenings and I have a strong feeling that all the recent crimes are related.
But how do I relate them?
I arrived at the penthouse at exactly 11:23 am. Tyson would be out by now so I’ll get the chance to speak with nanny Celia and search things out for myself.
I alighted from my car and strolled into the penthouse, observing every single thing if there was anything suspicious.
I rang the doorbell and nanny Celia yelled from within
“Jennifer go check the door Regan is back”
The door flung open and a young not too young beautiful girl was standing before me.
Swears– I fell in love at first sight
“who are you?” she asked calmly
“Is nanny Celia in? ” I asked back with a smile
“Jennie are you fighting with him again?” nanny Celia yelled from within
Do they fight?
I can’t believe Tyson kept this secret from us
who’s she to him?
“There’s someone here” she yelled then nanny Celia walked out
“James” Nanny Celia exclaimed in shock
If she’s surprised to see me then that means she planned this with Tyson.
Why would they do that?
“do pretty girls like you make us stand outside
my knees hurt” I said jocularly
“Come in” she stepped aside and I stepped in fully
“is Ty…” I paused when nanny Celia gave me the brows then I recalled she referred Tyson as Regan that means the miss here doesn’t know who she’s staying with.
She knows him as Regan Cruse
“Is Regan in?” I asked instead
“No” nanny Celia replied as we sat down
“And you are?” I turned to the girl
“Jennifer” she introduced
“Regan’s sister I guess?”
“she’s a family friend of mine” nanny Celia replied and I gave her the ‘don’t–play–with–me’ look
“I’ll be in my room” Jennifer said then got up to leave but I held her back
“you should be keeping me company till Regan returns”
Jennifer glanced at nanny Celia and she nodded in approval
“I’ll leave you both” nanny Celia said then whispered to Jennifer “don’t talk much” before leaving
seems like our little miss isn’t only beautiful but also a talkative.
Interesting, I’ll make something good of her before Tyson gets back.
“Let’s watch a movie” I told her and she grinned
“what’s your favourite?” she asked
“I don’t really have what about you?”
“Spongebob” she squealed childishly with her hands raised above her head
“for real? Are you 3?”
“shhh? ” she hushed then picked up the remote control as she sang
🎶 who lives in a pineapple under the sea?
🎶Spongebob Squarepants
This is crazy but interesting cause I’ve something in her, either a mistress or a girlfriend or even a wife
Am gonna make her one, thank God Tyson isn’t into woman
“Hey! Squarepants” she called and I chuckled
she’s really crazy but am trying to figure out if she’s crazy in a cute way or cute in a crazy way
“Squarepants” she called again and this time I knew she wasn’t referring to me but someone behind me
I whirled around and like I thought


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