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Her legacy episode 7 & 8

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Author~ Remio Viola





I ran as fast as my legs could carry me. I was scared that he was following me. I ran a long distance then got tired and stopped. I went into a street and hid beside a truck of garbage. I threw my head back and shut my eyes when I heard voices of two women.

“Let’s go in” one said

“am still trying to get back my memory I have this strong feeling that staying here will help” the other said

“we’ve been here for hours and it’s late already you still can’t remember anything”

“all I keep hearing is a voice calling K
I don’t know what K means if it’s a person I just don’t know”

“you’ll remember it all someday”

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“someday? It has been years already”

“let’s just go it’s dangerous in this part at night”

And with that they were gone.

I cuddled myself up and dozed off.
I woke up to the sound of voices again and I listened quietly. This time it was the voices of some men and they were discussing about TY.

“We have to get him this time he acts like a spirit but we’ll bring him down”

I lost balance and fell alerting the men to my direction.

“what was that? ”

“I think it’s a person or an animal”

“search and kill whatever it is”

I got alarmed




This is bad can’t believe I’ll die in another man’s land and my family won’t know.

I got up and took to my heels. I could hear the footsteps of some men chasing me and it was obvious I was gonna get caught soon. They were almost close to me when a hand pulled me into a corner.
I tried to run but he gripped me and hurled me over his shoulder. I tried struggling out of his grip but he held me tight on his shoulder and forced a piece of fabric into my mouth so I wouldn’t shout.
I could still hear the footsteps of the men.

I hate Canada.

He got to a car and dumped me in the passenger seat and kept it on child lock.

“please let me go” I pleaded as he got into the drivers seat

“you’re too noisy” he bellowed

“I don’t want to die”

“And who’s killing you? It’s me silly” he yelled a bit pissed then turned to face me

“Mr… Mr Cruse”

“why did you run away? ”

“How did you find me?”

“Is that the way you say thank you in Nigeria?”

I was mute

“do you want to get down?” he asked staring into my eyes

“you can go” he added and opened the car door

I was about to run out when I heard someone say “she went that way”

“so what do you say?” he asked

“you win” I replied sadly then he let out a smirk and drove off.

We got to his house and I got down in a hurry and walked inside.

I tried going upstairs when he held me back.
“what do you want?” I yanked

“why did you run away?”

“why did you bring me to Canada?”

I tilted his head backwards and huffed

“do you really want to know that?”


“Then why did you run away”

“cause I want to go home

“you can’t go home and am sorry about that”

“What are you? A kidnapper?”

“maybe” he replied with a shrug

“what do you want from me? you have to let me go” I yelled and he hurled me over his shoulder again

“hey! put me down” I struggled till we got to my room and he dropped me on the bed

“now nanny Celia won’t hear your blabs” he said and sat beside me on the bed. I shifted and he chuckled

“It’s not like I want anything from you so don’t think far cause you ain’t my kind of girl

“like you’re my kind of guy” I scoffed proudly

Do I even have class?

“What’s your kind of guy”

“That’s not your business” I snapped and he chuckled again

“work on your class cause you don’t have any” he said and I swallowed hard


“Now over to why I brought you here” he began “do you know Keith? ”

“Like Keith Stein?”

“yeah Keith Stein she wants you dead”

“what? how did you find out?”

“is that necessary? she wants you dead and I saved your fucking ass”

“why did you save me? ”

he sighed and ran his fingers through his hair “is that how to say thank you in Nigeria?”

“Am just confused
why does she want me dead and how did you find out?”

“question for another day” he got up and walked to the door “Goodnight”

I breathed in when he was gone.
Keith Stein what does she want from a poor girl like me?”

I sat in my study nursing a glass of wine.

Keith Stein

The news is out. KLS won’t be re-opened again. Guess Joanna was right.

I really need that company, what’s keeping her from re-opening it?

I just want her dad dead but I have to get him sign the documents first.

And keeping Jennifer here might get risky if the others find out.
They’ll want her dead.

Many things are going through my head now.
I have a strong feeling that nanny Celia is hiding something from me but I can’t place my finger on it.

I sighed and walked out of my study with the glass of wine. I walked to Jennifer’s room and pushed the door lightly and it opened.
She was fast asleep.

I moved in fully and squatted beside her bed. I moved the strings of hair covering her face behind her ear.


She moved and I hid.
She’s too big mouthed she’ll say anything if she sees me here.

I hid behind the two sitter sofa in the room then she got up and walked into the bathroom. I tried sneaking out when she walked out of the bathroom and locked her room door.

Am doomed.

She laid on her bed and shut her eyes. I came out of my hiding place and headed for the door.

“Halt!” Jennifer bellowed and I stopped on my track

“what are you doing in my room? ” she asked and I turned around to face her

“I heard noises so I came to check on you” I lied and she raised her brows not convinced

“Why were you hiding?”

“Because of this
I hate interrogations” I said and left her room


“Tyson” someone called in a whisper and I fluttered my eyes open to see nanny Celia sitting beside my bed


“Greet” she smacked my head

She always treats me like a kid. she forgets am 27

“Good morning ”

“Am going out for shopping with Jennifer”

“what?” I jerked up

“she doesn’t have any clothes and… ”

“Nanny you can’t leave here I don’t want to lose you and Jennifer can’t leave either Keith might recognize her”

“you have to keep Keith busy while the shopping lasts”

“Nanny” I drawled

“Just for today”

“you can’t leave here nanny I’ll go with her instead”

“Then get out of bed already” she snapped and smacked my head

“am a man now nanny”

“I always forget that but you are still my boy”

“I’ll go make babies then so I won’t be a boy again”

“I’ll be glad” she said and left my room.

Shopping with Jennifer– I shuddered at the thought.

I had my bathe then breakfast in my room. I walked down the flight of stairs when my phone rang– Joanna


“Come over to the mansion”

“what…. ”

“Now! ” she hung up

I slid my phone into my pocket that was when I saw Jennifer watching me.

“Are you ready?”

she nodded

“I have something to attend to now so…. ”

“fine” she interrupted and turned to leave

“where are your manners?” I pulled her back

“I left them in Nigeria” she snarled

“You have to go get them else….”

“else?” she dared

“You’re an animal” she cussed as I finished tying her to a chair

“Maybe I should also shut your mouth”

I took out a scotch tape and taped her mouth

“You have few hours to go get your manners so before I get back tame yourself or I’ll do it for you” I said and walked out of the room and locked the door.

I ran down the stairs and nanny Celia was waiting for me

“where’s Jennifer?”

“In her room
she said she needs some alone time
she’s praying… I meant meditating”


“later nanny” I pecked her cheek and ran out.

“Lucas is coming up with something” Alex repeated

“you’ve been saying that, we know already” I sighed

“Tyson you haven’t stayed in the mansion since you returned from Nigeria and it’s giving Lucas chance to dig on you cause we’re not working together again” Joanna said

“That’s true Tyson” James supported

“Look guys I need time for myself it’s not only assassination I do okay”

“Lucas already has a picture of you check this out” Joanna pressed a remote and a picture of me in mask appeared on the screen

“How did he get that?” I asked baffled

“Cause he’s smart Lucas is smart and we have to act fast

“Everyone knows TY is a masked man but it’s not gonna give him any lead cause no one knows anything about TY” I said

“You’re been tracked”

“And it’s still not gonna help them cause no one knows when am gonna attack” I said

“you’re so confident in yourself Tyson I hope you don’t regret this” Alex said

“Joanna you’re a police photographer you should have been aware I was captured”

“Lucas doesn’t trust anyone he has his own secrets and he works alone” Joanna replied

“Maybe I should kill him”

“Innocent people ain’t going down Tyson” James objected

“Lucas isn’t innocent”

“Let’s just be smart Lucas can’t be ahead of us” James said

“I have a feeling we have an enemy” Alex suddenly said

“How? ”

“another group fighting us”

“Did you have a nightmare?” I asked jocularly to change the topic.

The guys didn’t know about Spidax and I didn’t want them to find out we really had an enemy. They can be crazy at times and I have my own plans

“Am serious” Alex said

“Lucas is our only enemy” I stated

“And Keith” Joanna added

“Keith isn’t an enemy to us but to you alone” James blurted out

“Heard the re-opening was cancelled” Alex said

“That’s what I heard and I just don’t understand why”

“Maybe you should ask her she’s your girlfriend right?” That was jealous Joanna

“I’ll go see her at night”

Joanna scoffed “Good for you”

“Am off” I said getting up

“where to this time?”

“I have an appointment”

“What’s with the appointment we don’t know about?” Alex asked with raised brows

“I have my own private life”

“okay” Alex shrugged “we’ll be coming to the penthouse house to spend the night”

“No way” I snapped

“why? what’s wrong with that?”

“Who’s gonna take care of the mansion?”

“Nothing is gonna happen to the mansion we miss nanny Celia”

“You guys ain’t spending the night there and that’s final” I concluded and walked out to avoid their protests

I don’t want them to find out about Jennifer. Especially Joanna.

I drove to the penthouse to take Jennifer for the shopping. I got down and walked in

“Where’s Jennifer?” nanny Celia fired immediately I stepped inside

“She went to Nigeria to get her manners” I replied and ran up the stairs

“Am so gonna kill you” nanny Celia said following me behind

“cause of her? ”


“you can’t” I said and opened Jennifer’s room door. she looked up at us in teary eyes and nanny Celia smacked me from behind

“seriously nanny am a man”

“you act like a kid
now untie her”

I walked up to Jennifer with a smirk and untied the ropes then I removed the tape from her mouth

“you’re a bastard” she cussed

“you still didn’t get back your manners”

“I hate you” she said in tears

“I love you too” I said and walked out of the room

“are you alright?” nanny Celia asked her


Nanny Celia helped her up and led her downstairs.
“Ty… Regan you have to apologize”

“To who?”


“I left my manners in Nigeria” I said and walked out

“I want to go home” Jennifer whined

She’s such a teenager

“you can’t Regan is nice I don’t understand why you both aren’t getting along again”

“He’s an animal”

“you offended him by running away maybe you should apologize to him”


“None of you wants to apologize” Nanny Celia sighed

“I didn’t do anything to him”


They came out of the penthouse and joined me in the parking lot.

“you both have to stop fighting” Nanny Celia lectured

“yes mum” I rolled my eyes skyward and got into the drivers seat then Jennifer got into the passenger seat.

I fastened my seatbelt and sped off while she screamed.

“Mr Cruse”

“Miss Clifford”

“slow down”

“am I speeding much? ” I asked and increased the speed


“Then get down”

“Fine stop the car”

I stopped the car and to my surprise she got down. I wasn’t expecting that but am not gonna apologize to her or ask her to get in. she jammed the door and I drove off.

I drove a little distance then remembered that Keith might see her and she doesn’t know anywhere in Canada.
I reversed the car and drove back to where I dropped her. A guy just helped her enter his own car. He walked over to the drivers seat and I recognized him.




Author~ Remio Viola



I got down from my car and walked up to them

“Hey Lieutenant!”

“Regan” Lucas called and stretched out his hand for a handshake

“For security reasons I don’t shake hands with people” I said rudely and he withdrew his hand

“It’s okay”

I hate him so much that I felt like killing him there.
I walked over to the passengers seat and dragged Jennifer out

“What are you doing Regan?” Lucas asked

“It’s none of your business” I seethed and the devil in Jennifer possessed her

“Hey! Let me go this is kidnap”

“what’s going on Regan?” Lucas asked holding me back

“Do I owe you any explanation?”

“You don’t just drag her out like

“I dropped her here so I have the right to take her back”

“Do you know him? ” Lucas asked Jennifer


“Jeez… You’re denying me now?”

“let me go you….”

I hurled her over my shoulder

“Mr Cruse!” she cried out


“Stay out of this Lucas” I warned

“You’re an animal” she cussed as her dropped her in my car

“Thank you Lieutenant” I saluted then got into my car and drove off

“Why did you come back? He was gonna take me out” Jennifer said during the drive

“Are you that cheap? You just met him”

“I don’t care he’s handsome” she sighed and crossed her arms around her chest

I increased the speed of the car and she screamed

“Stop yelling” I yelled over the loud music as I sped

“I don’t wanna die” she cried

“You had the guts to deny me out there”

“But I really don’t know you”

I smirked then reduced the speed
“Better” she breathed out and I stepped on the brake making the car to jerk to an abrupt stop

“What’s wrong?” she asked

“we arrived” I replied then got down and she did the same
I gave her a cap to wear so no one would recognize her then we went into the mall

“Pick whatever you like”

“Am bad at making choices”

“you’re bad at everything” I spat out and she rolled her eyes

“Why not you help me pick”

“Huh? Am not a girl”

“But you have a girlfriend”

“do I?”

“Yes I heard you talking to her on the phone”

“Have you been spying on me?”

“Yeah I plan on using you for money ritual in Nigeria”

“What’s that?”

“Quick money”

I stared at her in confusion then she smiled with a shrug

“Are we still going to shop?”

“let’s go” she dragged me to the shoe rack

“I haven’t done this before” she suddenly said

“What? Shopping?”


“you don’t shop?”

“we go to okrika bender select 50 naira if we have the money”

I didn’t even understand what she said

“I know you won’t understand” she grinned

She’s so childish

“How old are you?”


“oh” I mouthed

I knew she was young

“help me and select a shoe”


“How do I look?” she giggled coming out of the dressing room in a short gown

She looked pretty

“beautiful” I admitted

“we’ll buy this one”

“I’ll buy you the dress if you promise to let me take it off” I said and took her chin in between my fingers making her look at me

I just felt like kissing her but two things were holding me back.
One, I didn’t want to take advantage of her. She looked young and innocent
Two, I won’t be able to see her again. I’ll have to send her out

“Let me go try another one on” she said nervously and scurried into the dressing room

We finished with our shopping and I paid for everything and carried the bags into the car.

“Thanks” she said when we were in the car

“You welcome”
I started the engine and drove off

“Do you know that lieutenant guy?” I found myself asking during the drive


“Then why were you in his car? Why did you enter?”

“cause you left me and I don’t know anywhere around so he came along and offered to give me a lift”

“Did you tell him your name?”


“Okay but I don’t want to see you talking with him again”


“Never mind you won’t be going out anyway”

I turned into the street then recalled that the guys would be visiting the mansion “Let’s go somewhere” I said and turned the car


“Anywhere” I shrugged

I drove to a waterfall and we got down.

“wow! Lovely” she admired

This is just till the guys leaves the penthouse

“you like it?”

“like is an understatement I love it”

I smiled and we stared at the fall in silence when my phone rang. James

“what’s it?” I asked answering the call

“we got a mission”

I sighed “where are you guys?”

“the penthouse”

I hung up and turned to Jennifer “we have to go”

“why? But we just got here”

“we’ll come some other time let’s go”

She mumbled and followed me to the car

“we’re going to a hotel first”

“what?” she yelled and hugged herself

“hey! I have taste okay and you’re classless” I said and her smile dropped

Was that rude?

“Am only going to lodge you there then I’ll go nothing much”

“why? Did your house get burnt?”

she asked and I smiled

“My girlfriend is coming over” I stated and drove off.

We arrived at hotel Royals and I pulled over in the driveway. We got down and carried the things we bought earlier from the mall. I own an apartment here at Royals. The apartment can be described as LR, DR, 2C, B, K, MR, P- Living room, dining room, two chambers, boudoir, kitchenette, maid’s room, pantry. We walked into the apartment and I led her to the maid’s room.

“I’ll come check on you” I said when I was about leaving

“When will I return to your house?”

“As soon as my girlfriend leaves”

She didn’t look too happy but I had to go. The guys were waiting.
I walked out to my car and drove off.


“What took you so long?”

“do I owe you any explanation Joanna?” I asked back and she rolled her eyes in a scoff

“What’s the mission?”

“Assassination but it’s not an easy mission” James replied

“who’s the unlucky person?”

“Mark Thrump
We researched on him and he had a connection with Lugard Stein pertaining your parents murder” James explained

“Go on… ”

“He left Canada after the murder but returned three days ago to track down nanny Celia and he got lead”

“What lead?”

“He knows she’s still in Canada and she’s with you but we have no idea how he knows about that”

“he knows too much I have to kill him
give me his details” I said

“he’s a tough man you can’t easily assassinate him so we came up with the idea of Joanna doing the job instead” James said


“Mark is a woman addict and a sex maniac it’s gonna be less suspicious and easier if she disguises as a call girl and go in to him” James explained

“Won’t he suspect anything?”

“women are his weak point and Joanna is hard to resist” James said the last part glances at Joanna and she blushed

“where is he living now?” I wanted to know

“He’s currently lodging at Royals with the girls trooping in and out” James replied

“Let’s do this now before he finds out more” I said

“I’ll drive Joanna to the hotel then get his contact from a call girl I know there” James offered

“won’t Joanna get caught? I mean she’s a police photographer”

“That’s why we got this” Alex stated raising a face mask “she’s gonna be Luciana”

“Nice plan” I commented

I trailed behind James as he drove Joanna to the hotel. Alex already left for the mansion and I needed to return Jennifer to the penthouse before the news of Mark would spread and the hotel will be filled with security.

They drove into hotel Royals while I parked my car at a distance. I didn’t want them to see me.
I snuck into my apartment and careless Jennifer left the front door open.

I barged in and she wasn’t even in the living room. I entered the maid’s room and she was fast asleep.
I woke her up and she mumbled endlessly.

“Get up sleepy head”

She got up sleepily “Has your girlfriend left?”

I chuckled “yes but I’ll be going over to her house”

a frown crept to her face

We carried the bags and left the hotel then drove to the penthouse.
When we arrived, she walked straight to her room leaving the bags behind and I had to carry them alone.

“Nanny Celia” I called coming out of Jennifer’s room after dropping the bags

“Tyson” she called back in a whisper

“she might hear you” I said pointing to Jennifer’s door “just call me Regan for now”


“I won’t be coming back today”

“Are you staying over at the mansion?”

“yes so the guys won’t come over” I replied then left

While in my car, I placed a call to James and he said Joanna had gone in for the mission then I called Keith.

“Hi love” she giggled from the other end

“are you busy? ”

“uhm… not really”

“I want to take you out”

“Am not busy” she snapped and I smiled

“I’ll be at your house in ten minutes”



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