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Her legacy episode 32 & 33

Author~ Remio Viola

◌⑅⃝●♡⋆♡📝AUTHOR VIOLA WRITES📝♡⋆♡●⑅◌
“You can make a change cause I know that no matter how hard you try to hide it, you love Jennifer” James said
“To hell with love! You…”
“You’re an animal Tyson” Alex cursed entering the sitting room in rage
“What’s wrong Alex?” James asked
“Jennifer was here and I bet she heard everything you said” Alex replied angrily
Tyson quickly got up like he was stung by a bee “Where’s Jennifer?” he asked
“She left in tears cause she was fucking hurt” Alex yelled and punched Tyson on his face causing him to fall back
“You shouldn’t had hurt her you idiot!” Alex punched him again
“It’s enough Alex” James said holding Alex back from punching Tyson again
“She doesn’t deserve it” Alex yelled and stormed out
Tyson touched his jaw where Alex had punched him and spat out blood
“Get me my car key” he said to James
“What do you care about now? That she knows and is hurt or that your quest for revenge is ruined?” James asked
“Get me the car key and don’t ask me questions” Tyson seethed
“Go get it yourself” James spat out and walked off
Tyson angrily punched the table causing it to shatter. He ran to his room and took his car key. When he ran outside, Alex was standing beside the swimming pool. He didn’t bother saying anything to Alex cause Alex was still furious.
He entered his car and went after Jennifer.
When he got to Lugard’s mansion, Jennifer was just alighting from a cab. He got down from his car and ran after Jennifer.
“Jennifer!” he called as he grabbed her arm
“Let me go” she yanked in tears. She tried being strong but her tears failed her, her eyes were puffy from crying.
“Jennifer let me explain” he pleaded
“Save your explanations” she snapped and swallowed hard trying to suppress her tears “Thanks for everything”
“Jennifer please”
“I don’t want to ever see you again. Stay out of my life. Don’t ever show your face to me again, don’t call me and don’t text me” she stated and walked out on him.
◌⑅⃝●♡⋆♡💖JENNIFER 💖♡⋆♡●⑅◌
I got to my room and locked the door. I dropped on my bed and cried my eyes out. My phone kept ringing but I ignored it cause it was from Regan.
“Jennifer! Jennifer!” Mum called worriedly knocking on my room door
I fluttered my eyes open and tried getting up but the pain in my head was excruciating. I had cried myself to sleep and woke up with a banging headache.
I ignored her and walked into the bathroom. I couldn’t believe my reflection on the mirror. my eyes were puffy and my face was swollen.
It was evening already and my stomach was grumbling cause I haven’t had anything to eat. I walked out of my bathroom after freshening up and she was gone.
How could I had been so stupid?
I thought he loved me but I was just being used. All these while I’ve been living with a killer.
Why did Lugard kill his parents?
I don’t understand anything.
Lugard told me that KLS was mine, then what does Regan mean by getting it back?
I shut my eyes to sleep again. I just wish I could sleep and never wake up. The whole thing is too much for me.
“detective!” Tessy called after me as I walked to the lot
“what now Tessy?”
“It’s about Drake”
“Has he showed up?”
“no, but we were able to track him”
“where is he?” I asked impatiently
“he traveled to Jamaica but I think he fled”
“arrange the team then go to Jamaica and get him” I instructed then got into my car and drove home.
my suspicions were true after all. I knew he tampered with the record, if not why would he flee after sending the record?
It’s either he knows the killer or he’s the killer. Any of which, he needs to talk.
The car cruised slowly into the garage then I parked and got down.
Dawn’s parents has been released so it’s time I gave her the good news. She wasn’t in the sitting room when I entered so I headed to the guest room. She sat on the bed writing on a book.
“Hey! Detective!” she called back cheerfully
“What are you writing?” I asked walking up to her
“am drawing you” She replied and shoved the book to my face
I chuckled and collected the book from her. It was a man stick figure wearing a cap.
“Is this how I look?”
“check in the mirror” she replied
“Thanks I’ll keep it”
she smiled “how are my parents?”
“They have been released”
She squealed had hugged me “Thank you so much”
“l… l… can’t breath” I said cause her grip around my neck was just too tight
“oh! am sorry” she apologized and pulled away
it’s okay”
“I appreciate everything you’ve done”
“it’s nothing”
“it’s a lot of things thanks again”
“It’s no big deal, let me drive you home”
She got up and I helped her arranged the few things I bought for her during her short stay in a bag. When we were done, I drove her to her house.
“please come in” she said when I parked in front of her house
“I’ve got work to do” I protested
she frowned “just five minutes”
“Am so sorry but I promise to visit”
“pinky promise” she said raising her little finger
I crossed mine over her’s “I promise”
She smiled then got down and carried her bag form the trunk
“Bye” she waved and I replied with a nod and drove off
I got to Bexter’s house and walked in through the front door. I headed to his secret library and continued reading from where I stopped.
“This is crazy” I sighed falling back on the chair. I need to find Cyrus, only him can give me information on Tyson and his parents’ murderer.
If Charles wanted Margaret and Lugard dead, what could had been his difference with Lugard?
Charles killed Margaret but didn’t succeed in killing Kaylan. could it be that Lugard killed The Knowles for revenge?
Where was Lugard on the day Kaylan went missing?
I shook off the thought. Lugard wouldn’t do that.
Then Bexter’s sudden death.
Whoever killed Bexter knew he was seeing with me and the person didn’t want me to find out the truth.
Then who killed Nathan?
Whoever it was didn’t want Nathan to live cause he thought Nathan knew the truth.
Then who’s TY?
All these were driving me crazy.
My phone beeped in betwixt my confusion.
It was a message but the sender’s identity was hidden.
The headline of the message read: TY’s identity hidden.
I got interested and opened the message.
✉️ TY’s real name is Regan Cruise and he lives at 4 South street.
Hair colour: brown
Height: 6 ft 2
Iris: blue
Who sent this?
I scrolled down and saw a picture of Regan merged with a picture of TY. The hairstyles and colour were the same. How didn’t I notice?
His iris was blue and they matched TY’s.
Regan is TY.
I stood in front of my full length dressing mirror staring at my reflection. I wore a classically simple strapless gown of pale grey embroidered silk, with an asymmetrical overpanel revealing a less-heavy embroidered underskirt.
I was trying hard not to cry so I don’t ruin my makeup but it wasn’t working. Today the world will know me as another person, together I’ll be given to Lucas. My tears came rolling down.
“What’s wrong again sister? You’ve been crying all day” Doris asked
“Am fine” I replied wiping my tears
“Won’t you tell me what’s wrong with you?”
“Am really fine Doris, help me with this…. ” I said and she started lacing up the dress at the side
“sure you’re okay?” Doris asked when she was done “if you need anyone to talk to you can always count on me”
We walked down the stairs into the sitting room. Just I and Doris were left in the mansion. The others already left for Avenue Montaigne where the party was been held.
We got outside and a convoy of 15 cars were parked outside. I took in a deep breath and walked to the 8th car which was already held open for me.
I entered and Doris followed
“I love wealth” Doris said as the guard slammed the door shut.
The first car drove off then the second, then the third. They drove out in turns till ours followed and the rest also drove out in a long convoy.
We arrived at Avenue Montaigne and the door was held open for me to get down in front of a long red carpet that started at the foot of the car till inside the hall.
The paparazzi were already gathered around the car. Immediately I got down from the car, my security tightened around me preventing the press from coming near me.
Cameras started clicking. I almost got blinded by the light. I was nervous and I really needed Regan at that time.
📷🎤 We heard you’ve been missing, where have you been?
📷🎤 How does it feel to be Kaylan Lea Stein and heir to KLS?
📷🎤 Is it true that Keith was adopted?
The questions from the press were making me nauseous and I couldn’t control my steps again. The lights were blinding, I felt I would fall. I felt a hand snake around my waist just as I was about to fall.
“Lucas” I called in shock and relief but it would had been better if it were Regan but after tonight, it’s gonna be me and Lucas forever.
“shall we?” he gestured and I nodded as we climbed up the red carpet
📷🎤 Is he the one?
📷🎤 Lieutenant Lucas how does it feel to have her as your betrothed?
📷🎤 Is she your girlfriend already?
I hate the press
💞If only you weren’t K💞
Author~ Remio Viola
EP29 ☑
Jennifer stirred but didn’t wake. It was past 10 in the morning and we were still on bed cause of our late date. She insisted I take her to a club after we finished seeing a horror movie and I succumbed. Little did I know she was a novice. She danced and drank refusing to listen to me, all she kept asking was, “What year are we in?”
She drunkily agreed to follow a guy home and it broke into a fight when she refused to enter his car. If not for timely intervention, she would had been dealt with and Lugard could had killed me.
I got out of the bed without waking her up and walked into the bathroom. I brushed my teeth and took my bath then I stepped out of through bathroom wearing a dressing gown. Jennifer just woke up and she was rubbing her eyes sleepily.
“Sleeping beauty” I teased
“Good morning” she greeted while yawning
“To you too”
She got up and plodded into the bathroom. I could hear the shower running as I wore my clothes. When I was done, I left the room so she would have privacy to get dressed.
I really don’t know how I’ll live when she’s finally gone. Sometimes I wish we are a couple. Makes me wanna grab her and kiss her for eternity.
Minutes later, Jennifer walked into the sitting room and sat down. She wasn’t looking too cheerful.
“Where are James and Alex?” she asked
“Alex still isn’t back and James is in his room” I replied
“What if Alex never returns? It’s obvious she likes Joanna”
“He’ll return but he’ll never be the same again” I said
“I think you should forgive Joanna for his sake”
“You have no idea what Joanna is capable of doing”
Jennifer looked away and said nothing
“Alex will be fine” I assured
“I just hope he doesn’t die of heart break”
“Joanna doesn’t even love him, he’ve been with her for years but she still doesn’t want to give him a chance”
“Guess we’re in the same boat” she said inaudible
“You and Joanna or you and Alex?” I demanded
“Did I say that out?” she asked in shock
“I guess so”
“Phew!” she breathed but said nothing
“You’re too moody this morning, what do I do to cheer you up?” I asked
“Am fine” she replied with a fake smile
“You’re lying”
“no really, I feel so relaxed when you are right next to me”
“You have witchcraft in your lips” I started and pulled her into my arms “Regan don’t….”
“I won’t is you can tell me some reasons why I like you”
She stared at me in awe and I guess, she was speechless
“I know you warned me about this but you can kill me later cause I can’t help it” I said and covered her lips with mine.
I was expecting her to push me out or fight me but she didn’t, she kissed back. She clutched my arm and pulled me closer, the deepening the kiss. I kissed her then moved my mouth to her throat, fondling on the roundness of her shoulder, as I kissed her neck.
“You can shoot me now” I said as I unlocked from the kiss
she faced up with her eyes shut and bit her lower lip tightly.
“Am sorry” I apologised
“I just want to get away from here” she said with her eyes still shut
“Why? It’s that how much you hate me?”
“That’s how much I love you, I can’t help it anymore” she spat out and got up but I pulled her back
“Just let me go” she wriggled out of my grip and walked out.
I didn’t bother stopping her cause I was speechless at the moment.
What do I tell her?
James and Alex were right, I shouldn’t be deceiving her if I didn’t really love her. But what if I love her?
Is it still all about revenge?
I sat at the balcony staring into space. I can’t believe I told Regan I loved him. How stupid of me.
I blinked rapidly to suppress my tears but they just came rolling.
How did I end up falling for Regan when I knew fully well that he was a lady’s man and would never take a woman serious.
I shut my eyes and let my tears fall. I couldn’t help it, I just felt so much pain in my heart.
“What’s wrong?” Alex asked from behind
“You’re back” I said as I wiped my tears
“I’ve never seen you crying, what’s wrong?” he asked and sat beside me
“Am fine”
How can I ever be fine?
“Life shouldn’t see your tears, no matter what you have to be strong, no conditions or person is worth your tears” he consoled as he wiped my tears which kept rolling down with his thumb
“Thanks” I sniffled and let out a small smile
“So where have you been?”
“Did you miss me?”
“I guess I did”
he smiled “I was thinking I could convince Joanna to turn a new leaf but I think she chose destruction”
“Where’s she now?”
“We were together last night but when I woke up this morning she was gone” he replied sadly
“Am so sorry”
He smiled wryly “It’s not your fault”
“Love is so stupid” I said “You don’t even get loved in return”
Alex chuckled “It’s about Regan right?”
“I’ve learnt never to lose myself in an attempt to hold on to someone who never cared about losing me” Alex said. He was so emotional that I cried
“You really love her”
“That’s all I ever did”
I sniffled “Am so sorry”
“Don’t pity me, what about you?”
“I’ve also decided to bury my feelings and move on” I replied
“I guess we made the same decisions” Alex said
“Sometimes it’s very hard to move on, but once you move on, you’ll realize it was the best thing you ever did” he added
I smiled through my tears “You’re so emotional” then I hugged him
Sitting in Bexter’s secret library, I read through every book that would give me information about the murder of The Knowles. Bexter’s was a writer and he put everything down into writing during the past 18 years
From what I’ve read, Bexter’s had a son, Cyrus, who was Tyson’s playmate when he worked for Charles. He mentioned that Cyrus knew everything about his work for Charles Knowles but Cyrus was a criminal who the FBI didn’t know about.
He also mentioned that Tyson was alive and had escaped with his nanny who knew everything that happened on the day
The Knowles were killed. She knew the murderer and she had told him which he put into writing but he was yet to find the book he wrote about the murderer and where Tyson was.
I got a text from Lugard saying that the doctor arrived with the result. My heart beat became fast, what if Jennifer isn’t K?
But Bexter couldn’t had spent these past years writing lies. I placed a call to Regan to bring Jennifer to Lugard’s mansion then I drove there, praying silently in my heart that Jennifer is K.
I just got a call from Lucas that the result was out. I was so scared, I just pray she isn’t K that there was a misunderstanding.
I haven’t spoken to Jennifer after what transpired between us in the morning. She seems to be avoiding me.
I searched for her in the mansion and found her in the pool hall, playing pool with Alex.
“Bingo!” she squealed as she shot a red ball into the pocket at Alex’s side of the table
“I quit” Alex surrendered and dropped his cue
“Cool! You owe me a night out” she said enthusiastically
“Night out?” I asked and they noticed my presence
“We set a bet for whoever wins” Alex replied while Jennifer grabbed a bottle of soda from the mini bar and say on a reclined. Totally ignoring me, I knew she was avoiding me.
“The result is out” I said directing my statement to her
“Okay” she replied curtly without even glancing at me nor making any effort to get up
“Am driving you there”
“I know my way already” she said and proceeded to leave
“Don’t try to be stubborn” I seethed and grabbed her hand
“Listen, you don’t have to drive me everywhere, I appreciate your efforts but I’ll be fine on my own today” she stated
I shot her a scowl and pulled her over my shoulder.
“Hey! Put me down” she said with a shriek
“I hate it when you’re stubborn it makes me wanna spank you”


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