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Her legacy episode 30 & 31

💞Because I love you💞
Author~ Remio Viola
EP30 ☑
“listen, am sorry” I apologised for the umpteenth time during our drive to Lugard’s house but Jennifer still wouldn’t accept my apology
“Am really story for hurling you over my shoulder and kissing you in the morning but that’s how crazy I am when am around you” I said before I could stop myself.
She scoffed and gazed out into the street
“You’re stubborn” I sneered and looked for a suitable place along the road to park
“Why did you stop?” she asked as I parked the car
“We need to talk”
“But I don’t want to”
“Then listen”
She sighed “What do you have to say?”
“Am sorry, am truly sorry”
“You keep saying that”
“And you keep acting like I forced myself on you, for crying out loud you kissed me back” I yelled throwing my hands up in the air
“Am sorry for kissing back” she said
“You don’t have to be cause am not really sorry”
she gave me a level stare “What do you mean?”
“You’re going to get tired of listening to my sorries cause am gonna keep kissing you when I get the chance and I’ll keep apologizing” I stated pointedly
“You’re crazy Regan, am moving out of your house”
“am so crazy” I agreed
“I’ve been crazy ever since I saw you at Nigeria and am going to keep being crazy cause am madly in love with you”
she froze and I went on “Am sorry for being a coward who couldn’t open up his feelings but I knew you weren’t like every other girl I’ve met, you’ve got you own ego and I feared you didn’t love me back, I thought it was Lucas”
Her hand went to the door handle and I grabbed it
“Don’t try to run away else I’ll chase after you and kiss you in front of everybody” I threatened and she went dumb
“Are you suddenly tongue tied?”
“I don’t know what to say?” She breathed out
I chuckled “Thought you were a tough woman? Where did your might go?”
“You’re my weakness Regan, you took my might”
I smiled and hugged her “I love you so much” she hugged me back but said nothing
“Say something” I urged
“I don’t know what to say” she said shyly
I pulled away from the hug “Let’s not keep them waiting” I said then turned on the ignition and drove off
When we got to the mansion, Daniel was sitting by the gate crying while Doris was scolding him to go inside. Jennifer asked me to stop the car then she got down
“Doris!” she yelled and dragged Daniel up
“He doesn’t want to come inside because he’s looking for you” Doris explained
“Daniel is it true?”
He nodded in tears and Jennifer carried him into the car.
“Is that how you guys scold kids in Nigeria?” I asked as she entered the passenger seat carrying Daniel on her laps
she laughed “you’ve not seen where they’re beating kids all in the name of not wanting to spare the rod so they won’t spoil the child”
I laughed too “He really likes you” I said referring to Daniel
“He’ve been like this since he was born, he doesn’t stay without seeing me, I wonder how he managed when I was away”
We were all sitted in the sitting room and Doctor Alex brought out an envelop from her bag. My heart skipped a beat. Regan who was sitting beside me and carrying Daniel, reached out and gave my hand a gentle squeeze.
I smiled at the warm comfort of his hand and glanced at Lucas who had a frown plastered to his face. Keith was fuming at where she sat, her anger was double, I and Regan, and the result.
Doctor Alex handled the result to Lugard then sat back on her chair. Mum’s eyes were shut as she prayed silently in her heart. Lugard brought out the result from the envelope with shaky hands. He was also scared.
“congratulations!” Doctor Alex said and Lugard beamed
“She’s your daughter”
Regan shut his eyes and fell back to the sofa. He wasn’t happy but I didn’t know why.
“Thank you so much doctor” Lugard said
“I’ll be taking my leave now” Doctor Alex said and left
Lucas was beaming with smile, everyone were happy except for Regan and Keith of course. A small family party was held in my honor and I was kinda pleased.
“So you won’t be returning again?” Regan asked me when I walked him to his car
“That’s what it seems like” I replied with a shrug
“What a pity, am really gonna miss you”
“I’ll come around as often as I can”
He smiled and entered his car “Do miss me” he said with a wink then reversed his car and drove off. I watched him till he drove out of the gate then I entered the mansion
“Come see your room” Doris said dragging me up a flight of stairs
“Ta! Da!” Doris squealed as she pushed a door open
A ‘Wow!’ escaped my lips as I entered the room. It was richly decorated with pink
“Come see” she dragged me to an adjoined closet that had been stuffed with clothes and a high rack of shoes and jewelries.
“Special order from England” Doris said
“Your daddy really loves you and he’s rich”
I frowned at her comment
“He’s planning to throw a grand party for you, isn’t it awesome?”
I ignored her and walked into my princess bedroom, I fell on the bed and it was so soft and cozy but it can never be like I and Regan sharing the same bed. I was already missing him.
Doris kept on blabbing but I wasn’t listening. Suddenly an idea struck me, to go and check if Regan was still outside. I knew he left but I prayed to see him. I excused Doris ran outside. It wasn’t easy convincing the securities to let me out but I succeeded. To my surprise, Regan’s car was parked outside the gate and he sat on the car bonnet facing the gate.
“Regan!” I called in surprise and walked up to him, “What are you still doing here?”
“Why did you come outside?” he asked back
I didn’t want to tell him that I wanted to see him so I said “I wanted to take a look around”
He chuckled like he knew I was lying then he reached out for my hand and yanked me forward. He gently turned my back at him and snake his hands tightly around my waist.
“Regan someone might see us” I said nervously
“Better” he said and buried his face in my neck
“Why are you still here?” I asked
“I won’t tell lies this time, I was hoping you would come out and I needed to see you before I leave”
“me too, I actually came out hoping to see you” I confessed
“That’s my girl” he chuckled and bite me slightly on my neck
He chuckled then said “You haven’t said anything about what I told you in the car”
“I love you” I said audible
“Shout it”
“C’mon Regan”
“I said mine loud enough”
“I….” I trailed off and covered my palms with my palms
“When will you come for your stuffs?”
“I won’t come for them, they should be there so I can easily sneak to your house without getting caught” I replied and he tickled my sides
“Stop it” I guffawed
The gate opened and Lucas drove out. One seeing him, I tried releasing myself from Regan’s arms but he tightened his grip.
Lucas stopped his car beside us and wind down his window
“You should know your limit now Mr Cruise” he said sternly and drove off
“What does he mean?” I asked Regan
“It means that he’s crazy”
“Are you two fighting?”
“I took his call today”
“He sounded possessive” I said
“Jennifer” Regan called softly
“Will you be my girlfriend?”
I was quiet for a while “Regan this is too sudden, you just broke up with Keith Yesterday”
“It doesn’t matter Jennifer, I broke up with her because I love you so I need your reply”
I inhaled “Give me time Regan, I’ll get back to you”
“Tomorrow, I want your reply tomorrow”
“Okay” I replied reluctantly
He suddenly became harsh when Lucas left. What’s going on between the two?
He finally released me then got down
“I’ll leave now” he said then kissed my forehead and entered his car. He looked angry and he didn’t say anything else, he just drove out.
💞What do I do?💞
Author~ Remio Viola
EP31 ☑
I laid on my bed hugging my teddy bear really tight. I couldn’t fathom what was going on between Regan and Lucas.
Yesterday, Regan didn’t stay cause of Lucas and today, Lucas warned Regan to know his limit.
What limit?
And why did Regan ask me to be his girlfriend after Lucas warned him?
I tossed about on my bed, I was confused and I needed to talk to Regan but I couldn’t bring myself to call him and he wasn’t calling.
“Kaylan!” Lugard called knocking on my door “Are you awake K?”
I’ll have to get used to being called that
“Come in….” I trailed off
What do I call him? Dad?
The door opened and he walked in, his hair wild and the towelling wrap loose over his shoulder. I was shocked to see him looking so lodge and worn.
“What’s wrong…?” I asked
“Dad” he said then sat at the edge of the bed “call me dad”
I nodded but said nothing
“There are things you need to know as Kaylan” he began “Keith isn’t your biological sister, she was adopted and your mother, my wife was killed”
His voice fell to a whisper when he said that last part, he looked sad remembering his late wife.
“am sorry” I consoled
He smiled “am too old to be receiving that, I should be the one saying sorry for not protecting her so you can know her”
“It’s okay”
“Ever heard of the company KLS?”
I show my head “no”
“KLS stand for Kaylan Lea Stein” he explained “And that’s your full name, I signed the company under your name when you went missing. It’s the biggest sugar factory in the whole of the united states” he observed a pause then went on “You’re the heir to the company but it hasn’t been open since you went missing and now that you’re found, am planning a re-opening night. We’ll hold a grand party where you’ll be made public and announced as my heir and KlS would be re-opened”
I nodded in understanding
“One more thing” he prompted “You’re betrothed to lucas
I was stunned at the revelation then everything became clear to me. Why Lucas sounded possessive and the ‘limit’. Regan knew about this.
“Lucas is a nice person and he’ve helped a lot in the quest to find you, I need someone like that for you so I’ll know you’re safe when am gone. He’ll also be announced as your betrothed at the party”
“When is the party?” I asked
“Am planning Sunday night”
I did a mental calculation, today is Friday already
“It’s fine by me”
He smiled “You can go to bed now”
“Goodnight K” then he was gone
I screamed in my heart and threw the teddy at the door. How can I be betrothed to Lucas? I don’t even love him. What reply do I give to Regan tomorrow?
I had planned on accepting to be his girlfriend. But how do I accept to be his girlfriend on Saturday and get announced as Lucas’ betrothed on Sunday?
Regan knew about this that’s why he asked for my reply immediately.
What do I do?
I left the mansion after breakfast and headed for Regan’s house. It wasn’t an easy war getting Lugard to let me leave without a driver or guards. He only permitted me cause I haven’t been made public.
I asked the cab man to drop me a little distance from the mansion cause Regan didn’t really want anyone to know the mansion and I don’t know why. I paid my fare and trekked down to the mansion.
“oh! Crabs!” I exclaimed when I got to the gate.
How did I forget it was locked with a secret code which only the guys knew. I thought of calling Regan on the phone but I really wanted my visit to be a surprise.
I was staring at the gate when it flung open and a car drove out with the front windows wind down. It was Alex, immediately his car was out, the gate closed automatically.
“Jennifer!” he called as he alighted from his car “When did you get here?”
“Just now, but I was trying to figure out how to get in”
“Why didn’t you call Regan?”
“I actually wanna surprise him”
He smiled “Just yesterday you were crying cause of him and now you wanna surprise him, am happy for you”
“we’re good now”
He shrugged “I’ll tell you the code in case you wanna surprise him next time” he winked then dragged me closer to the gate. He lifted a small plate on the wall to reveal a codebook.
“The code is T, A, J, 10, like this” he typed ‘TAJ10’ and the gate flung open
” A for Alex, J for James, what does the T stand for?” I asked
“The T stands for together” he replied
“What about the 10?”
“The tenth alphabet is J as in Jennifer, it was initially TAJJ, Together, Alex, James, Joanna but after what she did, Regan changed it” Alex explained
“why isn’t an R included for Regan?”
Alex shrugged and dipped his hands into his pants pockets “he didn’t really live here, he actually lived in the penthouse so he wasn’t part of it”
I nodded in understanding “thanks”
“You welcome” he entered his car and drove off
I walked in and the gate closed back automatically. I walked into the mansion then heard Regan and James talking and mentioning ‘Lugard’. I tip toed to the doorway and stood their eavesdropping.
“Stop it James am damn serious when I say I don’t love Jennifer” I heard Regan say and my heart leapt
“It’s all about the revenge you should know am using her to get my company from Lugard” he said
“Jennifer would be heart broken” James said
“I don’t care” Regan spat out and tears started rolling down my cheeks “I used Keith till I found out she wasn’t K then I went for Dawn when it was thought that she was K but now that it’s Jennifer, am certain that KLS would be back to ‘The Knowles’ Lugard killed my parents you don’t expect me to love his daughter”
“Still, Jennifer doesn’t deserve been used why don’t you just kill Lugard?”
“Then how would I get back my company? Think of it James, Jennifer loves me and I know it she’ll end up accepting me instead of Lucas”
“And you aren’t going to tell her that you’re TY?”
“How do I tell her am an assassin? She’ll hate me James, she hates TY”
I had heard enough, I ran out of the mansion as tears blurred my my vision. Regan was just using me. How was I so stupid?
Alex drove in just as I got to the gate.
“What’s wrong Jennifer?” he asked, getting down from his car. I ignored him and inputed the password. I hate all of them, they all deceived me.
“Talk to me Jennifer” he grabbed my hands
“Let me go Alex, just let me go” I pushed him off and ran out.


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