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Her legacy episode 3 & 4

*Who Is K?*
Author~ Remio Viola
I sighed for the umpteenth time as the track record of the previous night kept replaying in my head.
That girl
she’s so luck
The very first person apart from my accomplice to encounter with me as TY 💀 and go back alive.
I slapped my head and walked out of my room. I own a cooperative apartment in Finesse where I stay each time I visit Nigeria. My apartment— a sitting room, bedroom, bath, and kitchenette— is on the 28 floor.
I walked into the restaurant and met a scenario. People gathered as Mr Geoffrey scolded a young girl— guess she is a worker.
she looked hot
The short waiter’s skirt did well to bring out her curves and edges.
Jeez… I was going crazy already adding to the fact that I wasn’t with a girl last night.
From the look of things they were firing her. Mr Geoffrey gave her a slip and she was pleading. Her voice sounded familiar like…
The girl from last night
I sighted another waitress approaching me and she was hot
A white girl
“hey handsome” she smiled seductively
“hey beautiful”
“need any service? ” she bit her lower lip and traced her fingers to her exposed cleavages then she chuckled when she saw how lost I was
“Tonight by 9” she smiled
“Give me a call when you’re ready” I said and slid my card into her bra
“naughty” she chuckled
“what’s going on there? ” I asked pointing on at the altercation
“some new waitress poured coffee on Keith so she’s been fired”
“wait! Keith was here? ” I asked in shock
“yeah got any problem with that?”
see you by 9”
and with that she was gone.
I sighed and watched the girl walk out of the restaurant in tears.
Keith is such so proud
I followed the manager to his office and he ushered me in
“Mr Cruse how may I help you? ” Mr Geoffrey asked as we shook hands
“Am checking out”
“why? ”
“You just fired my favorite room-service waitress”
“You mean miss Clifford?”
“But she isn’t a room service waitress”
“I was coming to sign her as my private room service waitress but since she’s gone….”
“we’ll call her back right now we can’t lose a customer like you” Mr Geoffrey said hastily
“But that means losing Keith Stein”
“You’re more important Mr Cruse your fans will check out of Finesse if they find out you checked out”
I kept quite
He dialed on his office telephone
“call back Miss Clifford… Now!”
“We’re so sorry”
I simply heaved a deep sigh
“she’ll be appointed as your private room-service waitress as soon as we get to her”
I shrugged and walked out.
7:43 PM 🕒
I glanced at my wrist watch and sighed. I’ve been waiting for the past thirteen hours for my meal. I didn’t even go down for lunch cause I was waiting for Jennifer to bring it up to me.
I really wanted to see her
She’s the reason am still in Nigeria
Life of a play boy
A soft knock came on the door and I smiled… Finally.
I took a last look of myself on the mirror then opened the door.
She’s so pretty, doesn’t even look like human.
I held the door and leaned on the door post checking her out
“Mr… ” she snapped
“uhm… come in” I stepped aside so she could come in and she pushed the wagon inside
She bowed and proceeded to leave but I held her back
I couldn’t stop staring into her eyes, she is so pretty
It’s a good thing she doesn’t recognize me
She started talking but I wasn’t listening, I was just thinking about kissing the hell out of her pink lips
“hey!” she snapped
“what were you saying?”
She rolled her eyes and scoff
“I said thank you for getting me back my work— it means a lot to me” she was now getting emotional
“How about you pay me for that? huh?”
“I don’t have money”
I smirked
“I don’t need your money” I said as my eyes traced down her body, devouring every single curves and edges
“Mr! ” she yanked and jerked backwards
what’s up with the Mr stuff
“I have to go” she said hastily and hurried to the door
“do… ”
she was already gone
I face palmed myself and fell to the bed
I can’t believe a girl didn’t fall for my charms.
I ran to the mirror— am I getting ugly?
My phone rang and it was from an unknown number. I sighed and answered the call
“Hello handsome” a female voice giggled
Like I thought—Cheap slut
“Am ready”
“am… am not really interested”
“Why? are you with someone?”
“no I suddenly felt sick” I lied
“okay I’ll come tomorrow”
“Goodnight handsome… ”
she was still talking, I ended the call
All I was thinking was the divine body I saw today. I need to get her on my bed and I’ll do anything to achieve that.
I fell to the bed again and hugged my pillow. I can’t starve myself for two days. I quickly picked up my phone to call the waitress— I don’t even know her name
A call came in from Keith’s dad in my phone as TY
“Hello” I said in a gruffy voice
“I have an assignment for you”
“Go on… ”
“My daughter has an opponent and I want her dead”
“Send me her pictures I don’t need her name”
I heaved a deep sigh as I walked out of his room.
I felt like resigning
I can’t believe I’ll be working for a play boy as a private room-service waitress
This is gonna be the death of me
The second shift started thirty minutes ago and Zara already left but I can’t cause Mr Cruse hasn’t had dinner yet .
I sat on a stool and started dozing off. Am so tired
“Miss Clifford” Mr Geoffrey seethed
“Sir!” I got up with a start
“Room twenty-eight-oh-eight now”
“Twenty-eight-…” I was repeating to register what he said when he slapped the table
“Am on it”
I ran off and took the elevator to floor 28. The door dinged open and I walked out of the elevator.
Wait– Mr Cruse’s room
I swallowed and knocked on the door
No reply– just moans
I inhaled and stepped back. I wouldn’t want to interrupt anything.
11:00 pm 🕒
I was nodding sleepily as Mr Geoffrey’s words kept ringing in my head
“you can’t leave till you get the wagon… Mr Cruse is a very special customer and as his private room-service waitress don’t leave till he’s asleep”
“yes sir” I yelled and jerked awake
Gosh! I was dreaming of Mr Geoffrey’s orders
I looked up at Mr Cruse’s door. The moans had ceased so I got up and knocked again
“what’s it? ” a girl asked sternly and opened the door
What did I interrupt?
She tied a short towel around her waist. I strained my neck to see Mr Cruse lying on the bed with a duvet wrapped around his unclad body
“hey!” she snapped
“I came to check on Mr Cruse”
“He’s fine” she yanked then walked in and shut the door at my face
“see ya” Rita winked and walked out of my room
Last night was fantastic
I wish I can call her again but with girls… it’s just once
I arranged my stuffs in my bag and zipped it up.
Someone is going to hell today.
I smirked and a call came in– Joanna
“You didn’t return”
Someone should tell Joanna I take her as my younger sister
“A mission came up last night”
“what’s it?”
“Just the usual…”
“So we should be anticipating your return today”
“The boys miss you”
Or you miss me
“talk later” I said and hung up
I ran out of the hotel and drove off in my car.
putting on my mask, I positioned my gun perfectly to shoot my victim.
I don’t really like killing girls, it’s a waste
I sighted her as she walked out of her house then I pointed the gun at her. I cocked the gun and was about pulling the trigger when I recognized who it was–Jennifer
I forgot that Keith has issues with her
I sighed and placed my finger on the trigger again. I got to do this
No victim of mine has ever gone out alive. she won’t be the first.
I remembered the night she helped me
I hate complications
I threw the gun inside my bag and zipped it up then I took off my mask.
I snuck up behind her and covered her mouth with my hand. I didn’t let her see me.
I looked around and there was no way to take her out without alerting attention to I used the bottom of my gun to knock her out.
Author~ Remio Viola
I dumped her in my car and drove to the airport. Getting to the car, I used my jacket to cover her face and carried her out of the car.
She was still unconscious
“Regan” Michael, my secretary called and I turned to him “you didn’t mention you would come with someone”
“It just came up”
“Who’s she?”
“You don’t have to know”
Michael shrugged “here, let me help you” he stretched out his hands to carry Jennifer
“But she’s dirty” he said and I shot him a glare
I carried Jennifer bridal style and we snuck to the runway. Avoiding crazy fans.
“should I join you in the jet? ” Michael asked
“no book a flight and get me disinfectants”
Michael nodded and left
If there is one thing I hate most in my life it’s dirt.
I walked up the aisle into the jet and dropped Jennifer on a seat.
She was still unconscious
I turned to see Michael
“what do you want again?” I asked harshly
“You have an interview…”
“cancel all I need to rest”
He nodded and walked off
✈ Canada ✈
I woke up with a sharp pain on the side of my head. I touched the spot and felt a bandage then I recalled someone coming from behind and hitting me with something.
I was kidnapped!
I got scared
I looked around and I was lying on a very large and soft bed. The room was large and smelt wealth
Where am I?
I kicked out of the sheets and got up. Lo! I was wearing a nightie
Who changed my clothes?
God it can’t be
The door flung open and an elderly white woman walked in with a bag
“you’re awake” she smiled “I was scared it’s been two days now”
Two days?
I’ve been sleeping for two days?
“who are you and how did I get here?”
“Am nanny Celia”
“Where am I?”
“You’re at Canada”
“What? How did I get here”
“you will find out soon but don’t be scared you’re safe”
I was quiet
“Take this–” she proffered me with a pill and a glass of water “it’s for the injury”
“Who brought me here and how did I sustain such injury?”
“Too much questions child” she smiled “Go have a bathe the bathroom is over there–” she pointed at a close door behind me “then put this on and come down for breakfast” she handed me the bag and walked out.
Is this how foreign kidnapping feels?
In Nigeria if you’re kidnapped you’ll be taken to the bush and given mass beating or rape then they’ll ask for money you’ve never seen.
How I wish they’ll also go and kidnap my family.
I swallowed the pill the walked into the bathroom
A ‘wow’ escaped my lips
The bathroom was bigger than my house times 50. I walked into the curtain and entered the separate soak bath. I slept off there because of enjoyment and free wine that was there. After what seemed like hours I walked out with a short towel tied tightly around my chest.
I waited impatiently in the dining room for what seemed like ages but Jennifer wasn’t showing up then I started eating but nanny Celia yanked the spoon off my hand
“You’re not eating without her Tyson”
Being my nanny from birth, nanny Celia knows am Tyson Knowles and TY 💀 She was the person who saved me from my parents’ murderer. I owe her a lot.
“Nanny am famished”
“I didn’t send you to kidnap her”
“I didn’t kidnap her I saved her”
“Then wait till she gets down”
I sighed then pushed my chair back and got up. I headed upstairs to the room where she was kept to drag her down. I was damn angry that I forgot to knock and barged in but I regretted my actions later.
She tied a short towel that stopped below her butt. It was too tight and gaped open around her breast.
But she was young… too young that I couldn’t take advantage of the opportunity.
Yet she was hot… too hot for a girl her age.
I got hard at the sight
“Mr!” she gasped in shock and ran into the bathroom
I face palmed myself and knocked softly on the door but there was no reply so I returned to the dining room.
I heaved a sigh of relief when the bedroom door slammed shut and he was gone.
Why am I always meeting with this playboy?
I hate my life
Why did he bring me here?
I stared at my reflection on the mirror and felt embarrassed.
Why did he come in when I was dressed like this?
I ran out of the bathroom and locked the bedroom door then wore the dress nanny Celia brought.
A tier skirt mini dress and it fit in perfectly.
I combed my hair and walked out.
Next, I was going down the staircase. I really admired the beauty of the mansion.
If Mr Cruse is this rich what does he want from me?
Then I recalled what he said when he got me back my work at Finesse
“How about you pay me back? huh?”
What if?
I hugged myself and shook my head
No! It can’t be
Am too poor to be his type
I don’t match his taste like the girl I saw in his room the other night.
I finally got to the dining room and Mr Cruse offered me a seat opposite him while he kept staring at me. I got uncomfortable then he faced his food– guess he noticed my uneasiness.
Breakfast was made of English muffins, which we ate with sweet butter and wild strawberry jam.
After eating, I joined nanny Celia in the kitchen while Mr Cruse drove out.
I parked my car in the garage at the mansion and got down. I, Joanna, Alex, and James all live in the mansion. At times visit the penthouse to see nanny Celia cause she isn’t allowed to come out. My parents’ murder might recognize her.
I walked into the mansion and the trio were watching a movie in the living room.
“Hey! Guys!”
“Tyson” they all chorused and hugged me
“How you guys?”
“Too cool” Alex replied then we sat down
“welcome back to Canada”
“what’s up? ”
“N-thing new”
“How was your last mission?” Joanna asked referring to my mission to kill Jennifer
“successful” I lied
I didn’t want them to know I spared a life
Everyone believes TY 💀 never misses to shoot.
I get paid– I kill
No mercy
“Keith would be happy” Joanna said scornfully
“speaking of Keith, she announced the re-opening of KLS” Alex informed
“When? ”
“Thursday night”
“cool! my plan is working, I just have to propose to her then we get married and I can claim legal right to the company” I said
“sure this is gonna work? I mean she has been declaring re-opening of KLS but she never did” Joanna said– she’s so jealous
“I’ll go see her now”
“But you just got here”
“I’ll be back” I dashed out
“jeez… I wish I were Keith” Joanna uttered sadly
“why? ”
“cause she has the man of my dreams to herself”
“You get to see Tyson everyday when he’s not on a mission” James said
“Like this? coming and going? It’s been thirteen years and am damn pretty why won’t he notice that?”
“Tyson doesn’t love Keith he’s just using her”
“I don’t mind been used if it’s Tyson ”
“It’s just once with every woman” I stated
“Just one night with Tyson that’s all I want”
“Then it’s lust not love”
“I love him but if he can’t love me back then….”
“He’s gonna kill you if he ever has sex with you” I reminded her “Tyson can’t bear seeing the same woman around after– after the fact he’s rather kill her”
“Keith is still breathing” Joanna blurted out and I laughed softly
“He’s not having an affair with Keith, just using her to get to her dad, she’s like a medium” James explained
“But he tells her he loves her”
“That’s a lie and you know that Tyson can’t love
he doesn’t believe in that shit” James noted
“I just love him”
“someone else loves you…. ”
and it’s me– I completed in my mind
“If I can’t get the person I want then the person who wants me won’t get me
let’s all suffer” she said and I chuckled in pain
I snuck Keith from behind and blindfolded her with my palms
“you caught me” I cackled then sat beside her
“I missed you” she said and hugged me
“me too”
“sure? ”
“yeah a lot”
she smiled then I kissed her cheek
“you have never kissed my lips”
“yeah do it now”
I moved closer and pecked her on her lips
“hey! That’s not fair it’s not a kiss”
“I don’t know how to kiss”
“Regan” she drawled
“I heard the news” I said changing the topic
“Don’t digress”
“let’s talk about the news first”
she inhaled the crossed her arms around her chest “am re-opening KLS, it’s been decades since Keith Lea Stein’s Enterprise was closed and the public is doubting my ownership so I decided to re-open it to prove to then that am the K in KLS”
“That’s a good idea” I said with a secret smirk
“yeah for us”
“us? ”
“I told dad that we are getting married”
“you did what?”
“Aren’t we?”
“am not saying we are or aren’t….”
“I want to be Mrs Cruse you promised me that remember?”
I pulled her into a hug “you’re gonna be”
Hope you miss your mum cause you are sure gonna join her after the wedding.


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