Her celebrity crush episode 5

Episode 5
We reached the restaurant..
MARSH AND MELLOWS, a magnificient building.
Amy and I got down while peter parked the bike, He tuck his hands in his pocket and together we strode into the restaurant and sat down on a table Peter reserved.
“Hi am Sally and am here to take ur order” A Waitress probably in her twenties said politety.
“I’ll have sphaghetti and meatba-lls’ Amy replied smiling broadly.
Such a foodie!!
“I’ll have what she’s having” I said and the waitress turn to peter.
“Just bring soda”He said.
The waitress wsote it down in her cli-pboard and went to get our orders.
There war deafening silence and peter coughed nervously while Amy jurt fidgeted on her phone.
From my side eyes I could notice Peter stealing glances at Amy.
What’s going on!,I thought Peter liked me it then dawned on me that peter was using me to get closer to Amy.
“Uhhm…..uhm,Sir ur order” The waitress stuttered at peter who was so engrossed in staring at Amy.
“yeah….sorry,drop it here”Peter said pointing to our table.
Amy dropped her phone and ate her food hungrily while peter drank his soda..Our eyes met and I gave hin a I-know-u-like-her look.
He smiled a little and then fished out his food from his pocket.
I heard a “beep!” from my phone and saw a text from peter.
“U know right?”
“Yes of course,u made it totally obvious”
“Hmmm whatever, Sorry for using u as a bait to get her”
“You are forgiven if u get me more meatba-lls” He stared at my plate and his eyes wi-den when he realized I was done with my meatba-lls.
“I’ll do anything to get ur forgiveness Bes”.
I s£nt him a love emoji and tucking my phone back in my pocket.I heard a “beep!” again.
“Should I tell her”
“I think so,I’ll leave now ah don’t wanna be a third wheel”
“Yh that will be great,it will make it less awkward” I smile at the message and then stared at Amy who was cleaning her mouth with a serviette.
“Uhhm,Amy I wanna use the restroom,I’ll back in a sec”I told Amy who gestured me to go ahead with a nod.
I went to the ladies,did ma thing,adjusted my make-up and dress before heading outside the restaurant.
There was a full moon outside and the moon shone brightly across the sky,I went to a field nearby and sprawled on the gras-s thinking about the happenings lately.
Amy and peter.
Ryan and me…..well not really me, cus I don’t feel a damn thing for him,I don’t feel sparks or tingling s-en-sation whenever am with him. But mere looking at Bryan’s pix give chills down my spine.
A call c@m£ in and It was RYAN calling.I answered it and the conversation went thus;
“Hey Ella”
“Hi Ryan”
“It’s surprising of u to call,any problem?”
“No!,none at all,I was just bored so I decided to give u a call”
“Where are u now”
“Africa–Moroco specifically”
“WOW! ur pretty far,Are u doing a movieshoot??”
“yh,it involves the africa tradition and culture,”
“okay….what of ur j£rky brother,Is he still here in Greenville?”
“Ya,He’s got his concert in three days so he has no choice”.I could detect sarcasm in it.
“OK,Am at a restaurant…..uhmm lets say not really the restaurant,my male bestie likes my other girl bestie,so he used me to get closer to her more like a bait,he brou-ght us to a rertaurant,But I had to come out to make it less awkward”
“Wow!,Thats real american r0m@nç£for u,so what about ur love life ur bestfriend own seem cool”
“It’s kinda complicated”
“ok sorry”
“It’s ok,what are u doing right now”
“Am outside lying ba-reback on the gras-s gazing at the stars”
“wow!,me too except am sitting not lying down”
“Ya,u know full moon……werewolves,,vampires and all those creatures”
“U believe in werewolves,vampires……..happily ever afters”
“Nope,those things only in fairytales”
“Even happily ever afters??”
“Ya,in reality there are no happily ever afters just a big crawly monster of problems waiting for u”
“Ya sure,I’ll call u later Bye”I said and hung up.
I went inside the restaurant and peter and amy were nowhere to be found,I bec@m£ worried so I checked around but they were not still found so I went to where peter parked his bike.
Lo and behold peter and amy were ma-king out on the bike,Amy’s t©p was alre-ady half open.
“GUYS!!”I shouted and they pu-ll-ed ap@rt surprised.
“I had not even gone up to 15 minutes and u guys are alre-ady smooching each other’s faces”I said a little angry.
But why was I annoyed??
“Chill El,we’re a thing now”Peter replied pe-cking Amy who turn red immediately.
They looked so cute! Together and that made jealous.I scowled at them and got on the bike,Peter gave me a confused look before entering the bike and then drove us home.
* * * *
“Amy!,Amy!,get up we’re home”I said tapping her a little r0ûghly.She had fallen asleep on peter’s back.
“Take it easy with her Elsie”Peter said giving me a murderous glare.He carried her bridal style into her house then c@m£ out few minutes later and drove me home.
Am pretty sure he had given her goodnight k!sses.
The drive home was uncomfortably silent cus peter was giving me a silent treatment.
He finally reached ma house and I c@m£ down.
“I don’t know what has gotten into u,All of a sudden u started acting jealous”Peter said giving me a blank look.
“Am not jealous just a bit tensed with bryan concert coming up and other stuffs”I lied and felt my conscience taunt me for lying.
“I just pray the real joella will be back by tommorow cus it’s unlike of Joella to be so jealous”He mumbled as he pu-ll-ed me into a hvg and i reciprocated savoring the moment.
“Gud night Elsie”He said dis£ngaging from the hvg.
“Nightie night”I replied and watched him walk away.
Amy is so lucky to have someone as caring as him unlike ugly me.
I went into the house and everyone was asleep so I used my spare key to open the door,I ti-ptoed to my room and gently closed the door to avoid waking anyone.
I was too tired to shower so I changed to my black nighties and plopped on the be-d thinking about Amy and Peter.
I felt something we-t on my cheeks and realized I was crying,I cried softly thinking about my love life.
My Love Life su-cks…..

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