Her celebrity crush episode 3

Her Celebrity Crush
Episode 3
I was dumbfounded.
“Bryan”I called softly.
He scoffed and rolled his eyes
“I’ll rather die than be that j£rk pls tell me ur not one of his crazed fans”He snickered.
I looked at him confused before it dawned on me that it was Ryan , Bryan’s twin brother, He’s an actor but his not as popular as Bryan.
From what I re-ad on net they were not on good terms,An idea crept into my head and I smiled.
“Of course not” I replied feistily.
“Wow!!,this is the first time am seeing a beautiful blonde who’s not into Bryan”He said and I blu-shed.
“Am Ryan by the way”he continued and I rolled my eyes.
“Everyone obviously knows”I replied in a duh tone.
“So what are u looking for that u literally blind that u didn’t see me “He asked sarcastically.
I could detect a worried tone in it, Awwwwn if only Bryan could care about me this much.
“Well am looking for my poodle,I went to buy something in the supermarket,when I c@m£ out,he was gone”I replied choking back tears that were threatening to fall.
“That poodle” He asked pointing behind him.
I looked behind him and saw two hefty muscled men ,one was holding Alex.
I arched a brow at him
“They’re my guards”he said shrugging.
“Oh,I forgot life of a celebrity”I replied sarcastically.
“yh,is that it”he asked chuckling.
“Yh “I replied hvgging him before my br@in could process that am hvgging ALMIGHTY RYAN!!
“Ehh, sorry about that”I replied nervously and retrieved Alex from them.
“Thanks”I muttered and then realized he was following me.
“How about I walked u home.
I was stunned.
“Yh it’s just down the street”I said gesturing the place
we strode together and I could hear people gossiping about us.
👥👥 Wow,is that Ryan ,he’s h0t.
👥👥 What’s he doing with her
👥👥Is she is girlfriend
👥👥Wow she’s h0t.
I heard cli-ckks and realized that people were snapping us.
I walked a little fas-ter and his guards pushed back people who tried coming nearer.
we reached a reasonable distance and I heaved a sigh of relief.
“U shouldn’t have come”I told him in a worried tone as we strode towards my house.
“It’s okay,ahm gonna reach him in one piece,trust me”he said shrugging.
He seems to really like shrugging 😉😉.
“Yh,so tell me about yourself ” I asked as we strode on
I walked her home and felt so at ease,she was lively like my mum,blonde and so cute!!❣️❣️.
“Are u sure u beat him up”she tea-sed after I told her how I beat up a friend who got on my nerves.
“Of course,I beat up the stupid prick”I replied and she laughed.
The laughter of an Angel 🥀🥀
“Am home,Ryan thanks a lot for walking me home”she said sincerely.
“Ur welcome”I replied pe-cking her cheeks ,she blu-shed ha-rd .
Awwwwn she looks so cute when she blus-h😘😘
Her dog li-cked my face as I patted it.
“Awwwwn i think it likes u”She said teasing me.
I sma-cked her hand pla-yfully and she g@sped before retaliating.
I sma-cked her back and ran away,she ran after me shouting
“U’ll pay for hitting me Ryan”
I smiled inwardly,Hmmm am beginning to like this moi cutie.
Awwwwn who else loves Ryan😘😘.
Imagine Twin brothers in love with the same person 😂😂.
Bryan’s Pov
What’s this scra-p am hearing about Ryan.
He has a girlfriend??
since when??
I sure the net tryna find the girls pic but the only thing I got was i glimpse of her blond hair.
I ruffled my hair in anger.
The j£rk knows we look alike and his going about ruining our or rather my reputation mingling with lowlifes.
Gosh!,I hate him.
I heard the doorbell and Rhoda c@m£ in immediately.
“Hi hunny”She muttered S-xily.
Too bad I don’t have time for this!!.
“What do u want Rhoda”I asked putting on my leather jacket.
“What u want”she replied trailing her hand down my che-st.
In the course of working with her,I realized she’s a S-x add!çt and knows nothing about a PA job.
“Ur fired”I muttered.
She was taken back and her mouth hung in surprise.
I dragged her outside and called my guards.
“Who let this cheap slut in”I asked angrily.
“Me”a voice replied.
I recognized that voice immediately.
“What!!”I shouted.
He didn’t even flin-ch,he just replied”She said she’s ur PA and u called her,so don’t give me that annoying look”
With that he strode into the house.
I fought the urge to give him a b!ow.
I told the guards to throw her out and I went inside.
“So who’s the lucky blonde ur fv¢king around with”I asked tryna get on his nerves.
“Just leave Ella outta this”he replied.
“So her name is Ella”I said sitting on the couch,”And what’s her social status??.
“Unlike u ,am not a j£rk who as-sociate only with highlifes” He said rolling his eyes.
“Have u ever thought that we are alike,like literally alike don’t u know ur ruining my life too”I yelled in frustration.
“Whatever”he muttered and went to his room.
If not for mum, I’ll have left this house 🙄🙄
I got to the kitchen and saw a bowl of spaghetti and meatba-lls.
I swallow my pride and eat the food.
Wow , Ryan’s such a good cook,but am never gonna admit it to him.
I chewed slowly remembering what Ryan said about me caring about highlifes.
Such a j£rk🙄
🥀 Joella Pov 🥀
“So u mean Ryan Cohen!!, walked u home” Amy said in disbelief.
“Yh ,we even took several pics”I said showing it to her.
Ryan had given me his number and took mine,he promised to keep in t©uçh with me,such a sweetheart.
But I don’t feel a single damn thing for him,I just care about Bryan alone.
“Are u sure this isn’t editing”she asked staring at the picture closely.
“Of course not”I muttered in a duh tone.
She handed me back the phone still in awe.
“I bu-mped into Peter”I said as we strode to clas-s.
“Peter??”She muttered surprise.
“Yh,he said his dad c@m£ back cus Greenville harbours memories of his mum” I said shrugging.
“Wow, isn’t he suppose to be in school or something”she asked dropping her bag in her locker.
“Yh I don’t know why he isn’t here,But he was acting really weird”I told Amy as we headed for Maths clas-s.
“Ya,he kept scratching his head nervously, stuttering and he even complimented me”I said and she looked surprised.
“Wow!, Peter complimented u??, that’s wow,wait did u say stuttering, scratching his head nervously”she asked.
“yes”I answered trying to know where this was going to.
“OMG!, Peter has a crush on u!!”She squealed excitedly.
“Wait what!!”I said ,”that’s a lie.
“Do u remember Hello Mr Right reality show”she asked referring to my favorite show.
“ya if course”
“Remember how Elena discovered Mike was crushing on her”
“OMG!!, Peter really has a crush on me ,No wonder he asked me out”
“”Wow!, that’s sick!, Peter asked u out”
“He said a normal lunch outing”
“He wants to ask u out, Finally Ella gets a b©yfri£nd,get married after college and live happily ever after”she said dreamily.
“U know I can never love anyone ap@rt of Bryan”I said as we got into clas-s.
“Ya, Bryan who doesn’t even know u exist”she replied me rolling her eyes.
“Miss Smith and veg@s can u suspend ur conversation for later”Mrs Sam our maths teacher said and we kept quiet.
wow,Peter has a crush on me 😳😳
That’s new!
Hope u like it.
Peter has a crush on Ella
Me I even come pity am bcus stubborn Ella no go accept.
Love y’all 🥀❣️