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June 23, 2021


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Her celebrity crush episode 3

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Her Celebrity Crush

Episode 3

I was dumbfounded.

“Bryan”I called softly.

He scoffed and rolled his eyes


“I’ll rather die than be that jerk pls tell me ur not one of his crazed fans”He snickered.


I looked at him confused before it dawned on me that it was Ryan , Bryan’s twin brother, He’s an actor but his not as popular as Bryan.

From what I read on net they were not on good terms,An idea crept into my head and I smiled.


“Of course not” I replied feistily.


“Wow!!,this is the first time am seeing a beautiful blonde who’s not into Bryan”He said and I blushed.


“Am Ryan by the way”he continued and I rolled my eyes.


“Everyone obviously knows”I replied in a duh tone.


“So what are u looking for that u literally blind that u didn’t see me “He asked sarcastically.

I could detect a worried tone in it, Awwwwn if only Bryan could care about me this much.


“Well am looking for my poodle,I went to buy something in the supermarket,when I came out,he was gone”I replied choking back tears that were threatening to fall.


“That poodle” He asked pointing behind him.

I looked behind him and saw two hefty muscled men ,one was holding Alex.

I arched a brow at him


“They’re my guards”he said shrugging.


“Oh,I forgot life of a celebrity”I replied sarcastically.


“yh,is that it”he asked chuckling.


“Yh “I replied

hugging him before my brain could process that am hugging ALMIGHTY RYAN!!


“Ehh, sorry about that”I replied nervously and retrieved Alex from them.


“Thanks”I muttered and then realized he was following me.


“How about I walked u home.

I was stunned.

“Yh it’s just down the street”I said gesturing the place

we strode together and I could hear people gossiping about us.

👥👥 Wow,is that Ryan ,he’s hot.

👥👥 What’s he doing with her

👥👥Is she is girlfriend

👥👥Wow she’s hot.


I heard clickks and realized that people were snapping us.

I walked a little faster and his guards pushed back people who tried coming nearer.


we reached a reasonable distance and I heaved a sigh of relief.


“U shouldn’t have come”I told him in a worried tone as we strode towards my house.


“It’s okay,ahm gonna reach him in one piece,trust me”he said shrugging.

He seems to really like shrugging 😉😉.


“Yh,so tell me about yourself ” I asked as we strode on



I walked her home and felt so at ease,she was lively like my mum,blonde and so cute!!❣️❣️.


“Are u sure u beat him up”she teased after I told her how I beat up a friend who got on my nerves.


“Of course,I beat up the stupid prick”I replied and she laughed.


The laughter of an

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Angel 🥀🥀


“Am home,Ryan thanks a lot for walking me home”she said sincerely.


“Ur welcome”I replied pecking her cheeks ,she blushed hard.

Awwwwn she looks so cute when she blush😘😘


Her dog licked my face as I patted it.


“Awwwwn i think it likes u”She said teasing me.


I smacked her hand playfully and she gasped

before retaliating.

I smacked her back and ran away,she ran after me shouting

“U’ll pay for hitting me Ryan”

I smiled inwardly,Hmmm am beginning to like this moi cutie.


Awwwwn who else loves Ryan😘😘.


Imagine Twin brothers in love with the same person 😂😂.


Bryan’s Pov

What’s this scrap am hearing about Ryan.

He has a girlfriend??

since when??

I sure the net tryna find the girls pic but the only thing I got was i glimpse of her blond hair.

I ruffled my hair in anger.


The jerk knows we look alike and his going about ruining our or rather my reputation mingling with lowlifes.


Gosh!,I hate him.


I heard the doorbell and Rhoda came in immediately.


“Hi hunny”She muttered sexily.


Too bad I don’t have time for this!!.


“What do u want Rhoda”I asked putting on my leather jacket.


“What u want”she replied trailing her hand down my chest.


In the course of working with her,I realized she’s a sex addict and knows nothing about a PA job.


“Ur fired”I muttered.


She was taken back and her mouth hung in surprise.


I dragged her outside and called my guards.


“Who let this cheap slut in”I asked angrily.


“Me”a voice replied.


I recognized that voice immediately.



“What!!”I shouted.


He didn’t even flinch,he just replied”She said she’s ur PA and u called her,so don’t give me that annoying look”

With that he strode into the house.


I fought the urge to give him a blow.

I told the guards to throw her out and I went inside.


“So who’s the lucky blonde ur fucking around with”I asked tryna get on his nerves.


“Just leave Ella outta this”he replied.


“So her name is Ella”I said sitting on the couch,”And what’s her social status??.


“Unlike u ,am not a jerk who associate only with highlifes” He said rolling his eyes.


“Have u ever thought that we are alike,like literally alike don’t u know ur ruining my life too”I yelled in frustration.


“Whatever”he muttered and went to his room.


If not for mum, I’ll have left this house 🙄🙄


I got to the kitchen and saw a bowl of spaghetti and meatballs.

I swallow my pride and eat the food.

Wow , Ryan’s such a good cook,but am never gonna admit it to him.

I chewed slowly remembering what Ryan said about me caring about highlifes.

Such a jerk🙄


🥀 Joella Pov 🥀

“So u mean Ryan Cohen!!, walked u home” Amy said in disbelief.


“Yh ,we even took several pics”I said showing it to her.

Ryan had given me his number and took mine,he promised to keep in touch with me,such a sweetheart.

But I don’t feel a single damn thing for him,I just care about Bryan alone.


“Are u sure this isn’t editing”she asked staring at the picture closely.


“Of course not”I muttered in a duh tone.

She handed me back the phone still in awe.


“I bumped into Peter”I said as we strode to class.


“Peter??”She muttered surprise.


“Yh,he said his dad came back cus Greenville harbours memories of his mum” I said shrugging.


“Wow, isn’t he suppose to be in school or something”she asked dropping her bag in her locker.


“Yh I don’t know why he isn’t here,But he was acting really weird”I told Amy as we headed for Maths class.




“Ya,he kept scratching his head nervously, stuttering and he even complimented me”I said and she looked surprised.


“Wow!, Peter complimented u??, that’s wow,wait did u say stuttering, scratching his head nervously”she asked.


“yes”I answered trying to know where this was going to.


“OMG!, Peter has a crush on u!!”She squealed excitedly.


“Wait what!!”I said ,”that’s a lie.


“Do u remember Hello Mr Right reality show”she asked referring to my favorite show.


“ya if course”


“Remember how Elena discovered Mike was crushing on her”


“OMG!!, Peter really has a crush on me ,No wonder he asked me out”


“”Wow!, that’s sick!, Peter asked u out”


“He said a normal lunch outing”


“He wants to ask u out, Finally Ella gets a boyfriend,get married after college and live happily ever after”she said dreamily.


“U know I can never love anyone apart of Bryan”I said as we got into class.


“Ya, Bryan who doesn’t even know u exist”she replied me rolling her eyes.


“Miss Smith and vegas can u suspend ur conversation for later”Mrs Sam our maths teacher said and we kept quiet.


wow,Peter has a crush on me 😳😳


That’s new!


Hope u like it.



Peter has a crush on Ella

Me I even come pity am bcus stubborn Ella no go accept.

Love y’all 🥀❣️


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