Her Celebrity crush episode 2

I dropped Amy off and bade her good bye and took Kiera home.
“We’re home Kiera”I said tapping kiera who had fallen asleep in the car.
She j£rked up and trotted towards the house, I followed suit and got into the house. it was unusually quiet.
“Mum, Where are you? ” I shouted dropping my school bag.
I got no response,
I search every rooms untill I got to the kitchen and saw a note probably from mum.
📩 📩
“Ella, I’ve a very important contract to attend to, your lunch is in the poka-dotted plate while Kiera’s in the silver plate, Don’t forget to walk the dog this evening and get ketchup and bu-tter from the supermarket”
I walked to the kitchen counter and two plates of br@ised steak and strawberry smoothie.
Hm! Yummy!
I checked the silver plate and compared it to the poka-dotted plate.The silver was bigger so I to-re the note and exchanged hers with mine.
“Kiera!! Come down for lunch”I shouted tootling to the dinning with the silver plate of steak.
Kiera c@m£ downstairs dressed in off shoulder silver dress, she looked so cute Infact she’s very cute and pretty. She was like the younger version of me…Too bad that the cuteness isn’t supposed to be own by an annoying girl like her.
She joined me in the dinning, stared at my food and sm-irked.
I looked at my plate and realized my mistake,Mum had used a wi-de but shallow plate for Kiera’s while she used a wi-de and de-ep plate for mine.
“Kiera,I think I’ve made a mistake ur eating my lunch”I said ma-king a baby face at her.
She laughed and then mimicked me.
“Whatever u want Ella,Am not prepared to give bcos you’ve been much of a j£rk lately”
I was gobsma-cked, but kept quiet and continued eating my lunch.
After eating I headed for my room,took a shower and decided to take a nap,I set my alarm to 4:00pm, when I’ll wake up and walk the dog,I fell asleep afterwards.
*. *. *. *. *. *
I woke up when I heard the “beep!” of the alarm,I went downstairs and saw Kiera asleep on the couch snoring.
One thing about Kiera is her annoying character of denying facts about her even if it’s true and am so gonna use this against her!.
I re-moved my phone from my bag and videotaped her snoring,I then saved it and went to outside to Alex’s cage.
Alex is a stray poodle,my dad found when he was coming back from work, its mother had given birth to it and left it there,Dad brou-ght him in and since then he’s been like family to us.
I brou-ght him outta the cage and he he li-cked my face.
chuckling,I put a leach on him and k!$$£d his soft fur.
I then took him by the leach and walked him to the park,I tied him on the park bench and sat on it.
I decided to call Any,she picked almost immediately..
📲📲Hey bes.
📲📲Hi Ella,where are u? I went to ur house and miss annoying told me u were kidnapped” She replied in a worried tone.
Geez! I’m so gonna kill Kiera when I get home!!
📲📲”Am fyn, i’m at the park with Alex”
She heaved a sigh of relief before squealing excitedly: “Have u heard of Bryan’s latest concert here in Greenville?”
My heart skipped a beat at the mention of Bryan,Gosh!! I love him so much.
📲📲No,when is it coming up?”I asked dreamily.
📲📲Next Friday and guess what, I’ve got us tickets”she replied giggling.
📲📲Yaii!!,I love u so much bes”I said excitedly.
📲📲 More than Bryan”she tea-sed.
📲📲 Let’s say 50-50″I replied and she chuckled.
📲📲 Gotta go,see u later”she said before ending the call.
I checked the time and realized it was 4:30pm,I un-hooked Alex leach and headed for the supermarket.
I reached the supermarket, entered it and went to the saleslady Mrs Belinda, She was a friend of my mum.
“Hey Mrs Bell”I greeted as she stared up from her phone before going back to whatever she was doing.
“Hi Ella”She said dryly ba-rely looking at me,”What do u want”
“Ketchup and bu-tter”I replied and she motioned me to pick it up from the shelf.
I went to carry the things when I bu-mped into someone,I looked up and was surprised to see…..Peter.
Peter is my other best friend,he lives with his dad and little sister Mia.
His mum died of complications during the delivery of Mia.
They relocated to London last week but why is he here?!
“Hi Joella”He said leaning on the shelf,he was h0t with his biceps and cute dimples but he wasn’t half as cute as my Bryan.
“Hi Peter,why are u still here,I thought u relocated”I asked surprised.
“Well my dad realized we’ll miss this place a lot as it harbours memories of mom,so he pleaded with his boss to transfer him back,So here I am”he replied shrugging.
“wow!, welcome back”I said dramatically.
He chuckled and ran a hand throu-gh his hair.
“U look amazing”He complimented checking me out.
This is not the Peter I know,the Peter I know doesn’t compliment me, he’d rather tease me in how I look like the Witch of Alvador.
Weird right??
“Thanks”I replied unsure.
“How about u go out for lunch with me”he asked scratching his head nervously.
“Like a d@t£?!”I queried inquisitively.
“No…No,Ju….just a normal lunch outing”He stuttered.
He was acting really weird!!
“Sure when and where pls”I asked putting the ketchup and bu-tter in the trolley.
“At our usual place maybe tomorrow after school, I’ll pick u up by 4″He replied.
“Ok,see u there”I said walking to the counter.Mrs Bell checked the items and I paid up.
I went outside and realized that Alex was…gone!!,My br@in went on alert immediately,it was so nerve-racking, I walked towards the park checking around.
“Alex!,Alex!,where are u”I shouted wearily.
Everyone in the park turned to loook at me but I didn’t care I asked around and almost everyone I asked said NO some just snubbe-d me.
Ahm so dead, I thought.
Mum’s gonna kill me if she finds out I lost Alex,he’s like family to us.
Tears glistened in my eyes and blurred my vision,I bu-mped into someone.
Arggh!!, What’s with me and bu-mping into people today.
He looked at me and I saw it was…OMG!!
Who do u think Ella bu-mped into this time??
How do u see Peter,is he good or bad??

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