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June 15, 2021


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Her celebrity crush episode 1

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Her Celebrity Crush

BY Authoress SheiLA

Episode 1

Joella’s POV

My alarm rang jolting me from my beauty sleep, I rubbed my eyes slowly before kissing my poster of Bryan Cohen.


I headed for the bathroom brushed my teeth and took my bath.


Then rummaged my wardrobe for what to wear.I settled for a white tank top crazy jeans and white sneakers.


I checked myself out in the mirror, I look so hot.. I’m an exact replica of my mum with my blond hair forest green eyes and long lashes.


I slung my bag and got out of my room,I met my annoying sis along the way.


“I thought u wouldn’t wake up, I’ll have woken u myself” She snorted smirking.


I scoffed at her before saying


“Well sorry to burst your bubble hun I woke up before u could carry out that disastrous plan of yours”I replied and stuck my tongue at her.


I walked downstairs and Kiera tagged behind, I pecked mum on her cheeks greeting her.


“Good morning mum” I greeted grabbing my plate of macroni and cheese.


“Morning huni, How was ur night” She asked looking hot in her work clothes.


“It was fine, where’s Dad”I inquired noticing dad’s absence.


“He had an emergency in the hospital”She replied packing Kiera bagpack.


Hmm typical dad saving lives.

He’s a doctor!


I finished up my breakfast and headed to the door when mum said;


“You’ll be taking Kiera along, I’ve got work to do”

I frowned but nodded in approval.


“Kiera!!” I yelled



“You are delaying me, are you in a labour room? ” I yelled sarcastically.


She’s been in her room dressing up for almost an hour.


she came out and walked majestically, ignored me and headed to the car,I got in and drove us to school.



I arrived school, parked my car and got out.


Amy my bestie came rushing to me,she hugged me tight before saying ‘Hi’. She lives here in Greenville with her mum.

Her dad divorced her mum when she was just three.


“Hi Amy”I greeted unhooking myself from her choking hug.

Annoying Kiera scoffed at us before heading for her elementary school nearby.


“what’s up with her”she asked gesturing Kiera.


“Hmm, she’s bipolar”I replied shrugging.


“What have u got? “I asked Amy as we strode to class.


“History and you?”


“Geography”I replied and groaned inwardly.


“Wow sorry girl, you’ll just have to cope with Mr dangerous” She replied referring to Mr Jones our geography teacher.


“well I’ll try”I replied and headed for geography class while she headed for history class.


“You are late Miss Smith” Mr Jones thundered angrily


I shuddered in fright.

“Sorry sir”I mumbled inaudibly.


“Next time u won’t like what I’ll do ,sit down”he spat and continued whatever scrap he was teaching.


I walked to my seat and sat on it


“Geography deals with …….”Mr Jones continued to teach but my mind drifted to the fantasies ave been having and feeling about Bryan.


The bell rang and I sighed in relief, I went out of the class and saw Amy afar, I increased my pace and caught up with her.


“Hey why we’re u walking so

fast”I asked her gasping for breath.


“Maybe u were the one walking too slow”she replied tucking her brown hair behind her ear.


“Have u heard of Bryan’s job opportunity ”


“No,what is it about? “I asked putting my bag in my locker.


“A PAs job and u’ll have to be at least 20 before u get the job “she replied as we reached the cafeteria.


“hmm too bad, i’m only 18″I replied her sadly.


“And u’ll soon be done with highschool,u can go to ‘SANDY’s MAKEOVER SALON’ and trust me, they’ll make u look 20″she said.


“Hm, You think I’ll pass”I replied.


“Ok, just a thought I guess”she replied as we sat down to eat our lunch.




The bell rang for dismissal and I went out and saw Amy and Kiera already waiting for me.


“Hi Ella”Kiera greeted,I looked at her surprised,this means only one thing,she wants something.


“Whatever u want K, I’m not prepared to give u because you have been much of a jerk lately”I retorted sharply.


She pouted, kept quiet and got into the car.


Amy chuckled before giving me a high five,we got into the car and drove home.


Bryan POV


“Next” I shouted after the next person failed to impress me.


I’m Bryan Cohen,a young musician at 22,

I’m a player, a play-boy..One who plays with girls feelings.


I don’t believe in that shit called love.


The next person came and it turned out to be a lady, she wore a body fitting gown which stopped mid-thigh.


“Hi I’m Rhoda…,she had barely completed the statement when I cut in


“You are hired”I replied excitedly.


She came closer to me and bit her lips seductively and I felt my arousal, I squeezed her breasts and she moaned.


“First thing first, Go get me coffee”I whispered sexily.


she shivered a little before walking to the door swaying her butts, which were so big.


Hmm, Lucky me! I’m gonna have a little fun here with her around.


One word for Bryan 🙄




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