Heartstrings episode 11

Tomisin and his wife sneaked into the kitchen and stood by the doorway. Their daughter had been singing all day and she behaved as if she was walking on thin air. They found her dancing and cooking at the same time.
“Is she all right?” he nudged his wife on the shoulder.
“I think so,” she glanced back at him.
“You are a woman. What does your instinct tell you?”
She observed the girl. She noticed that her eyes twi-nkled with delight and a certain joy radiated throu-gh her. There were a million things that could make a woman to emit such feeling. The most common was love. She grinned and poked him.
“What?” Tomisin glanced at her.
“I think she is in love,” Tofunmi beamed.
He looked back at the girl and narrowed his gaze. She was actually acting like a love struck teenager.
“Is she d@t!nganyone pres£ntly?”
“I am not sure. Her last b©yfri£ndtravelled out of the country.”
“Is he back?”
“I don’t know, maybe.”
He frowned at her, “Don’t you gist with her at all?”
She eyed him, “Yes, I do, but, she doesn’t tell me everything.”
“Maybe it is someone in her working place.”
She shrugged, “Maybe…”
“It is about time. She will turn twenty nine in May,” he turned around and returned to the sitting room.
She nodded in agreement. She had been praying that God would give her daughter a good husband.
“What or who has made my daughter so happy?” she approached the girl.
Misi turned around and found her mother in the kitchen. She thought she was alone. Her question repla-yed on her mind? What would she tell her? She didn’t think it was wise to open up to her, not until Bas-sey was re-ady for a serious commitment. No nee-d getting her mother’s hopes up when she wasn’t sure how things would turn out eventually.
“Who is he?” Tofunmi searched her eyes.
She looked back at her and smiled, “He is someone I like a lot, and… and he likes me too.”
Tofunmi tried to hide her excitement and looked up at the ceiling.
Thank you Jesus.
“Things are not serious yet sha.”
“O-kay,” she dropped her head and returned her gaze, “But, he isn’t going to waste your time, is he?”
Misi chuckled and shook her head.
She heaved a sigh of relief and patted her on the shoulder, “Good. I am happy that you are happy.”
“Thanks mum.”
She noticed the way the young girl shone with joy. She prayed that everything would work out for her good.
Eno strode into the Accounts office. She found Misi at her desk, buried in a pile of files. Her shoulder length hair was in curls. It settled around her face in a half-pattern style. She made her way to her table and took a seat opposite her.
“Knock, knock.”
She raised her head and smiled, “Who is there?”
“Mr. Who.” Eno grinned.
She hissed, “Mr. Who ko, Mrs. Who ni.”
She started to laugh. She noticed that she had drawn attention. She cleared her throat and leaned forward, “I forgot that I was in the ‘No noise allowed’ office.”
Misi giggled.
“Howdy, howdy?” Eno win-ked at her.
“So, so,” she closed the file in front of her.
“What about our last discussion?” she imitated a French accent.
She tried not to laugh, “We talked.”
“And?” her curious eyes stayed glued on her chocolate brown face.
She punched her on the shoulder.
“Ouch! What was that for?” Eno eyed her.
Misi stuck out her ton-gue at her.
“I thought you had lady-like attitude.”
She rolled her eyes.
“When did you become a tom-boy?” Eno ru-bbe-d her shoulder.
“Since I met you,” she eyed her.
“Heavens no! That kind of influence is definitely not from me.”
She giggled again. Eno watched her with narrowed eyes. She seemed different. She was much more relaxed and happy than the last time they spoke.
“Am I going to beg for info?”
She nodded and grinned.
“Come on Misi.”
“Okay, okay. I went to his place and we talked.”
“And?” she yearned for news.
“He likes me, I like him, in the nearest future, it will blo-ssom into something much more serious.”
“Beautiful…” her eyes twi-nkled, “If all goes well, you are going to be my sister-in-law before the end of the year.”
She nodded in agreement. She and Eno had gotten pretty close. It would be nice to have her as an in-law. She punched her on the shoulder again.
Bas-sey l@yon his be-d and browsed throu-gh his iphone. He re-ad his new emails, text messages, BBM and Whatsapp chats. He replied some and ignored a few. Her image flashed throu-gh his mind’s eye. A smile crossed his face. He searched for her number on his contact list and dialed it. She picked the call after it rang twice.
“Hello,” her voice flooded him with warmth.
“How are you doing?”
“Am good,” she sounded happy.
“You have completely taken over my thoughts.”
He heard her giggle.
“Everywhere I go; I see your face…”
There was no response.
“Misi… are you still there?”
“Yes…” she whispered.
“You are taking pieces of my heart with each pas-sing day.”
She let out a loud breath.
“It is becoming clear to me that I won’t be able to live without you.”
He heard her g@sp.
“I want to see you.”
“Will you come over after work tomorrow?”
“Come to my place tomorrow evening.”
“I don’t think that is a good idea.”
He turned on his side, “Really? I won’t bite,” a sly smile spre-ad over hisl-ips.
“I don’t trust… alone with you… bad idea.”
He started to laugh.
“Why don’t you come over to my place?”
“Do you think your place is safer than mine?”
“Yes,” she sounded confident.
“It didn’t st©p us… you know… that night,” the first time they k!$$£d repla-yed on his mind. He closed his eyes and pressed hisl-ips together.
“Don’t remind me,” her tensed tone wasn’t lost to him.
He opened his eyes and sighed.
“You can come when my parents return from work.”
“I want to see you tomorrow.”
“Okay, okay, I will come to your office, when I close from work.”
“When do you close?”
“I will wait for you.”
“I miss you,” her soft whisper re-echoed in his head.
“I wish I can see you right now.”
“Me too,” she sighed.
He sat up, “I am coming over.”
“What?! No! It’s late.”
“It’s just past ten.”
“It is ten-thirty.”
“I stay in G.R.A, remember? It’s just a ten minutes drive to your place.”
“Bad idea.”
“I live with my parents.”
“Old news. I am coming over.”
“We will sit in my car outside your house.”
“Bad idea.”
He l@yback on the be-d, “All right. See you tomorrow then.”
“Good night Princess,” he hung up. He wished he could see her that night. She was right. It was late. He would wait for the next day, although it seemed so far away.
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