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Heartbeat finale

Written by Helen💎💎
💞Episode 31💞
✨Semi Final✨
🌺Lilian POV🌺
Alyssa listen to what I have to say”I said looking at her in the mirror with a grimace”
Lilian, I don’t want to hear anything about him”she turned to me with her soaked eyes” I trusted him, I never knew he’d ever try to cheat on me”i watched her as she scrubbed her face”
I moved close to her and pat her on the back Alyssa please listen to me it wasn’t his fault, he was frustrated he needed comfort Abby loves you he would never hurt you”I said”
She leaned her head on my shoulder as more tears poured down her cheeks
Lilian, on no condition what must he cheat on me”she faced me” Lilian, Abby was the first guy I showed true love to, despite the fact that people criticized me for dating a commoner, I put it aside, Lilian is this the best way Abby can repay me”she yelled”
Alyssa calm down, I understand your pain
No you don’t know the pain I’m going through right now, have you been ever cheated on?”she shook my shoulders violently”
Alyssa calm down
Lilian, don’t tell me to calm down, I have never cried for any boy before, Abby made me cry he will pay for this”she screamed”
She buried her face in her hands and sob quietly
Alyssa I will not rest until I take what is mine”I thought”
Alyssa take it easy, believe me, Abby loves you and he will never cheat on you
And what is that one he did called?”she fired angrily at me”
She cut me off by shooting a glare at me
Lilian, get out right now”she said glaring at me”
No but, Lilian, I want you out of my room in a minute, you know the way out”her eyes were bloodshot and tears were beginning to blur her vision”
I walked to the door and twisted the doorknob
Fine, I will leave but I want you to know that Abby loves you and he’d never cheat on you “I stepped out of her room and looked back at her” I understand you, I know you need to be alone but always remember that I love you”I smiled at her and shut the door”
I met her mum in the spiral staircase and she smiled
Lilian, I’m happy for what you did, Alyssa will be traveling soon”her mum said”
Really, when????”I raised my eyebrows at her”
Soon”she said”
I grinned as I hugged her
Everything is working in my favor, Abby will be mine”I thought”
🌺Alyssa POV🌺
I’m confused right now, Abby why?”I said in a muffled voice” I don’t know how to stop loving you, Abby
I pulled up my camisole and caress my baby pump
Abby, I forgive you for my daughter’s sake but I swear on everything I have, I will not forgive you if you try to cheat on me again”I thought”
I shouldn’t have s£nt Lilian away, I was just too angry and I needed time to think
I laid on my stomach and my hair spread out, I took my l!ps in as my mind drifted to our love making session
It’s h@rd for me to stay angry with you, Abby my heart will always beat for you and no one else, I love you so much”I shut my eyes tightly and touched my heart
Lilian asked me not to tell Abby I had forgiven him, she dressed me up as we drove to Abby’s place
We arrived at his house and she told Abby I had forgiven him, she made him believe she was the one that convinced me which was partially true
After few minutes of awkward silence, Lilian cleared her throat and spoke
I think I need to leave now, enjoy your moment together”she took her car keys, blew me a klzz and left”
I avoided my gaze from locking with Abby’s penetrating gaze
Why I’m I feeling like this”I murmur to myself”
Alyssa”he squatted before me and I threw my face away
I’m sorry”he said”
Abby why?”I scowled angrily”
I stood from the chair and strode across him without a word
Abby I trusted you but I’m scared I’m beginning to lose my trust in you
Alyssa, you no longer trust me”he spoke with pain in his voice”
Maybe”I said without exchanging eyes contact with him”
He stood up and walked up to me, his perfume filled my nostrils and I gulped in air
Please move back”I said trying to pull myself together”
I regret everything we had together, I regret the day I met you, I regret the fact that your daughter is growing in my stomach”I roared”
Shut up young lady, you are joking”my subconscious mind said”
My gaze settled on Abby and I saw pain and disappointment, I quickly threw my face away when he glanced at me
Look at me”he said gazing at my neck” I couldn’t look in his face and I wondered why
He pinned me to the wall and fixed his gaze on me
Alyssa, face me and tell me you no longer trust me, tell me you no longer feel anything for me, Alyssa tell it to my face that everything we had was nothing to you and I will leave you”I rolled my eyes like I didn’t care whereas a part of me was screaming his name
Talk to me Alyssa
My heart skipped a beat as I stared at the love of my life
Alyssa”his voice dropped to a whisper”
Abby”I shut my eyes contemplating whether to tell him I still loved him or not”
Alyssa”he called me again and I felt butterfly in the pit of my stomach”
I still love you despite the pain you caused me
He embraced me and pat my back
Alyssa I promise you this will not repeat itself again”he said and claimed l!ps in a klzz” Alyssa you are only lady my heart beats for”he said”
I will always love you”I said”
🌺Arjun POV🌺
I peeked from behind as I watched the two lovers
If only you know your pain is near, if only I can prevent this”I smiled out tears”
I felt a tap on my shoulder and I looked back
I feel their pain”Thalia said”
I wish I can help”I said”
She sat beside me and sl!pped her hand into mine
Arjun, you can be of help”she said and I knotted my brows in confusion”
How??”I asked anxiously”
Do you know your soulmate?”he asked”
No but”I took my l!ps in”
You have feelings for Aurora”she said smiling”
Yes, I tried to get rid of the feelings when she went into the world but I can’t, I’m scared I may not love any other lady aside her”I said”
Arjun, you know why??
Thalia, what are you driving at”I asked curiously”
Aurora is your soulmate
I stood up and a smile escaped my l!ps
Thalia, are you serious”I screamed happily”
Calm down, let me tell you what you don’t know Aurora is your soulmate, Aurora is on a mission to make the two lovers end up together and she cannot fulfill her mission without you”she said and I looked askance at her”
Arjun, there’s a prophecy that my sister (Aurora) does not know about and she will not know anything about it until she meets you, the prophecy will only come true when both of you meets”Thalia said”
Yes…there are two prophecies
The first prophecy is about you and Aurora and the second prophecy is about Ryan
Ryan??, who is Ryan??
You will meet him when you get to the world”she said”
Freya does not want Aurora to @ssume the position as the next Queen, she will do everything within her power to make sure you don’t meet Aurora
What do we do?”I asked”
I will help you out of this kingdom”she said smiling”
Thalia, what are you trying to do”I asked”
Arjun, Aurora is my favorite sister and I will do everything to help her, Freya does not deserve the throne”she whispered”
Thank you”I pulled her in a hug” finally, I will be with Aurora, but how will she know I’m her soulmate
Arjun, “she nudged my shoulder” you worry too much, when the time comes she will know”she stood up” meet me at the bank of the river in the late evening”she said walking towards the palace”
Finally, Aurora will be mine” I said”
I waited patiently till it was evening, I quietly tiptoed to the bank of the river, it was dark, I looked around but I saw no one, I was beginning to fear when she came
Arjun, I’m sorry I kept you waiting, I had to get rid of everything that could stand as a stumbling block”she said p@nting heavily”
Arjun, I have a lot of things to say but I have no time because Freya wants to kill you
What????”I shouted and she quickly covered my mouth”
Arjun”she called angrily”
I want to tell you things you will do in the world and I don’t want you to say anything until I’m done talking
Freya is looking for you, she wants to kill you so that the prophecy will not be fulfilled and the power of the prophecy lies in your hands”she said”
Ho….she stopped me by placing her index f!ng£r on my l!ps
I instructed you not to talk while I’m still talking, if you value your life you will shut up
You must marry Lilian when you get to the world, you must let her feel the pain of being stabbed in the back, you must pretend to love her so she won’t suspect you and you must meet my sisters”she stopped and ran her gaze down my body”
The reason I asked you to marry Lilian is because I want you to know all her plans, Luna will also play a part in this game, she will act like her best friend and you and Aurora will complete the job, nobody must know your true identity until you meets Aurora, is that clear?”she asked with a stern gaze”
What about Luna”I asked”
She is aware of this, you can go now”she said”
The gate
I have opened it”she said”
I stopped on my track when I heard her
Ryan must meet his soulmate
Alyssa must end up with her soulmate
And Lilian must be sealed for damnation
All these depends on you, you must help Aurora to become the next Queen of Sivho kingdom..
Arjun, your utmost goal must be to ensure the fulfilment of the prophecy. I wish you good luck”she said and waved at me” don’t let my sacrifice to be in vain, if Freya discover that I helped you to elope she will not spare me
I will not let you down”she hugged me from the back”Thalia, I will not disappoint you
🌺Lilian POV🌺
It is time for me to strike h@rd, I stood impatiently as i looked down the room
How was this episode
I hope you are no longer confused…
Luna(Jessy is Aurora’s sister) and Arjun(Dylan) is Amy’s soulmate
Aurora, Thalia and Luna are sisters of the same mother(Queen Selena) Freya is their step-sister from another mother
Written by Helen💎💎
💞Episode 32💞
✨Grand Finale✨
🌺Lilian POV🌺
It is time for me to strike h@rd, I stood impatiently as i looked down the road
What’s taking her long”I asked myself”
Gosh, what’s happening”I asked myself as I glanced at my golden wrist watch
I watched as a car drove in, I peered over the gate to see who was in the car, Emily stepped out from the car p@nting heavily
How was it?”I asked anxiously”
Lilian, trust me I have done the job perfectly, this is the video”she handed a flash drive to me”
Emily are you sure about this
Lilian, trust me, I need to be on my way now
She jumped into the car and sped away
I grinned wickedly as I caressed the flash drive
Abby will be mine
I drove to my house and inserted the flash drive into my laptop, I smiled as I saw the drunk Abby klzzing a fair haired girl in a hotel
Emily really did her work well”I thought” it looked so real
I copied all the necessary files I needed into a new flash drive, I deleted the files on the flash drive except the video, I smiled at myself after I was satisfied with what I had done
Alyssa I’m sure you will believe this
I shut down my system and drove to her house, I looked around and I dropped the flash drive at the entrance of the door, I flung up the stairs and walked into her room
I met her looking into her phone, she was going through the pictures she took with Abby, I scorned with jealousy in my vein
Lilian, I have a date with Abby tonight, what do i wear?
Really??”i raised my eyebrows”
Yes”she said giggling like a kid” we need to discuss about ourselves
That’s great”I walked towards her closet and brought out her suitcase, I ransacked the suitcase and I finally settled for a black close fitting gown which stopped above her thigh, it had a split at the back of her waist, she glanced up at the cloth and wrinkled her nose in disgust
Lilian, I can’t wear this cloth, it’s too revealing
Alyssa, what happened?, this is favorite gown”I gave her a curious look”
Abby does not like revealing clothes, moreover, this cloth is not good for a soon-to-be wife”she said frowning”
Bitch who told you that you are going to marry him”I said mentally”
My gaze rippled from her face and pounced on her stomach which looked big a bit
Is my eyes playing tricks on me?”I asked myself as I scrubbed my face”
Is she pregnant”I asked myself curiously”
Alyssa, are you pregnant??”I threw her a puzzled look”
She laughed mockingly at my question and I jutted my lower l!ps in a pout ”
I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to laugh, I was just surprised, Lilian I am not pregnant
Really”I asked as i s√¢k my teeth”
Lilian, come on, it’s not possible for me to lie to you, we are friends and you know that
I faked a smile as I stared intently at her stomach
She can’t be pregnant, her mum would have told me if she is”I said to myself and waved it off”
🌺Alyssa POV🌺
I felt guilty as I lied to Lilian, it was my dad that instructed me not to let anyone know about my pregnancy, my baby pump is getting obvious and I don’t want to travel without Abby
Lilian looked for another dress for me and she dressed me up, she was still doing my make up when Fiona walked in
Alyssa, I saw this at the doorstep”she said”
Bring it”I stretched out my hand to receive it”
I arched my eyebrows when I saw the flash drive
Thank you Fiona, you can leave
My phone rang and I turned to pick the call it was Abby we talked and laughed over the phone, I ended the call and beckoned on Lilian to continue with the make up
Why don’t you check what is in the flash drive”Lilian said”
Lilian, I don’t have time for that, I will check it when I’m back”I said checking out myself in the mirror
Alyssa, do you know how important the content in the flash drive may be”she said looking worried”
Lilian, Abby is already waiting impatiently for me”I said glancing at the wall clock”
She walked to my drawer and brought my laptop on my bed
I ruffled my hands in my head and cursed her under my breathe
This is seven already”I said to myself”
She inserted the flash drive into my laptop and everything was blank, I moved close to her and she stood so I could sit, I clicked on a folder named “Abby” I sat anxiously as I awaited to see what would happen
My shoulder dropped and my heart crumbled to my feet when I saw Abby klzzing a slut in a hotel, tears streamed down my cheeks and I roared angrily
Abby not again”I yelled and dash out of my room, I climbed down, took my car keys and drove crazily to his house, I hurriedly stepped down from the car and met him waiting
You this ingrate, I hate you, I cursed the day I met you this gold digger, I cursed the day you took my v!rg!nity”I yelled”
Alyssa what is it? “He asked looking confused”
I know you are pretending but I’m sorry to tell you that your secret is known to me, Abby I hate you”I said as tears burned my cheeks”
Shut up you fool”I screamed”
Abby, I want today to be the last day I will see you, in fact I want you dead right now….Abby don’t you ever bring your disgusting face to my view again, I don’t want to ever see you again”I huffed irritatedly”
Alyssa what about the baby
I stopped on my track and bit my lower l!ps h@rd
So the baby is more important to you?? I will s£nd your child to you after I’ve given birth, I don’t want to have anything to do with you again”I said angrily and hopped into my car soon afterwards, I arrived at my home, I rubbed my soaked eyes as I growled at the security
If Abby comes here, tell him I want him dead”I blurted out and rushed into my room and met Lilian looking worried
Alyssa I was worried about you, what happened
Lilian, I don’t have time for explanation, help me to pack my things I’m leaving for Germany tomorrow
Why??”she threw me a quizzical look” you are leaving me behind?
I can no longer stay, Abby has stabbed me h@rd in the back “I said pacing around” why I’m I destined to always be in pain, I thought Abby would bring joy to me but I was wrong, he ignited the pain instead”I wept bitterly”
Lilian gave me a hug and said soothing words to me”
🌺Abby POV🌺
I dressed in my best outfit to make sure our date was okay, I waited patiently for her, I smiled as I watched her packed her car. I kinda looked confused when I saw tears on her face
You this ingrate, I hate you, I cursed the day I met you this gold digger, I cursed the day you took my v!rg!nity”she yelled at me and I bugged out my eyes in shock”
Alyssa what is it? “I asked looking confused”
I know you are pretending but I’m sorry to tell you that your secret is known to me, Abby I hate you”she said as tears rushed down her cheeks ”
Shut up you fool”she screamed”
Abby, I want today to be the last day I will see you, in fact I want you dead right now….Abby don’t you ever bring your disgusting face to my view again, I don’t want to see you again”she scowled angrily”
What about the baby”I blurted out before I could stop myself”
So the baby is more important to you?? I will s£nd your child to you after I’ve given birth, I don’t want to have anything to do with you again”she barked angrily
I watched her till she dropped out of sight, I knotted my eyebrows trying to figure out what just happened
This cannot be”I said”
I need to go over to her place, I think she was drunk”I murmur to myself”
I stood by the roadside and hailed a cab, I stopped at her house and knocked on the door
Who is it”the security asked”
It is I Abby”I said”
He ran his gaze down my body and gave me a deadly look
My lady asked me to tell you that she wished you dead”he slammed the door on my face before i could talk”
What’s happening, is this a dream?” I asked myself”
I waited for few hours hopping she would come out and tell me she was only trying to play on my patience but she didn’t
I checked the time on my wrist watch and it was few minutes past ten, I shuffled my way to the road as I kept thinking about her
This was the sound that I heard
I woke up feeling pain all over my body, I bolted upright in bed as my gaze settled on my family and a man who I later knew was Mr Smith
Mum, he is alive”My younger sister said”
I fixed my gaze on the man that was sitting across the bed
Mum, what I’m I doing here”I asked”
Abby, you had been lying in this bed for the past six months
What??”I screamed”
What happened to me”I asked surprised”
You had an accident, it was this man that came to our rescue, I’m happy you are alive now”she said”
My gaze drifted to the door as I heard words in my head
😭😭Alyssa don’t do this😭😭
😭😭Carry him, he is still breathing😭😭
😭😭Alyssa I love you😭😭
😭😭Get him inside the car😭😭
I held my head and screamed as the words echoed in my brain
Tears trickled down my cheeks as I remembered what happened months ago
Mum, where’s Alyssa
You still remember that bitch that almost caused your death”she growled angrily”
Mum, where’s she?”I shouted”
Abby you just woke up, you need rest
I tried to leave but she held me back
After staying for few days in the hospital, I was discharged and the first place I went to was Alyssa’s house
My heart shattered into pieces as I was told she had traveled
Alyssa, I will never forgive you and today is the last day I will think about you”I said and found my way to my house”
I got home and plopped onto a chair and scrolled through the pictures i took with Alyssa before the breakup, I was still thinking about how perfect our family would be when my mum snapped at me
Abby when will you stop thinking about her”she asked sitting on the armchair”
Mum, I love her I’m scared I can’t move on from her no matter how I tried”I said close to tears”
Abby I understand you, it’s obvious you love her but she doesn’t love you again”she held my shoulders” Abby I’ve discussed with Mr Smith and he felt for you, he wants to help you Abby
How??”tears were in my eyes but I tried to look brave”
He said that he would help you to get out of this country, perhaps you’d stop thinking about her when she’s not close to you”she said”
Mum, She is in my heart”I said”
Abby this is a rear opportunity, Mr smith is ready to sponsor you to anywhere you want to go in life, I leave you to think about this”she said and walked towards the door”
I sank into the sofa behind me and thought of what to do
This is a rear opportunity for me”I thought” I have to leave
I went to his mansion and he made arrangements so I could travel to Australia. I almost cried when I was leaving for Australia to start a new life free from Alyssa
I embraced everyone including his daughter who encouraged me and told me everything was going to be okay
After several hours of sitting in the plane I finally arrived at Australia
🌺Alyssa POV🌺
I waited imp@ntiently looking down the road maybe I would see Abby
My mum was very happy I was leaving for Germany, a part of me wanted to stay but my pride wouldn’t let me
Abby you are the only one that can make me stay, where are you?”I thought”
After waiting for few minutes, the driver sped away to the airport, Lilian helped me to carry my luggage, I embraced my mum tightly and wept on her shoulder
I moved into my dad’s arms and he cuddled me like a kid
Alyssa everything will be okay”he whispered”
I flung myself on Lilian and I wept into her chest
Lilian, I will miss you
Alyssa, you are talking as though you won’t come back, it’s just a matter of time”she said patting me on the back” and don’t think about that stupid Abby that cheated on you, that Son of a bitch”she said angrily”
Lilian, I’ve gotten over him”I said”
She smiled and took her l!ps in
Goodbye Alyssa
They all waved at me and I tried to look brave before them, I got into the plane and the tears came rushing down my cheeks
Why is my life full of pain?, I’m I immune to happiness”I muttered angrily”
I arrived at Germany hours later, I board a cab and gave the cabman the address that was with me, the driver drove so fast shortly afterwards, he arrived at a magnificent mansion
Who can be the owner of this house??”I asked myself as I looked intently at the mansion
I was still emersed by the beauty of the mansion when the gate opened by itself, my jaw dropped at how spacious the compound was
Wow escaped my l!ps, the house was so mighty and beautiful more than ours
I heard a voice which broke me out of my reverie
Ma, the boss asked me to show you the way”A girl who was putting on a baggy uniform said”
I trailed behind her like a lost puppy
We p@ssed through different hallways
Is this a mansion or a city”I asked the girl”
She smiled at me and faced the road again
I always thought my daddy’s mansion was the best but I was wrong, we got into the elevator and stopped before a door, the maid pressed a button and it opened by itself, she bowed to me, before I could say anything she had dropped out of sight
I walked quietly on the tiled shinning floor, I stopped when I saw the back of a huge man sitting and working on something
No, it cannot be him”I said to myself”
I mustered up the courage to go over to him
Welcome”he said without turning his back”
This voice is familiar “I thought”
Am Alyssa”I said”
I know”he turned around and I g@sped”
Ryan??”I shouted”
Reality hit me h@rd that my parents deliberately s£nt me here so I could end up with Ryan
A message popped into my phone and I hastily checked it
Alyssa, I want you to accept Ryan he loves you so much and he will never hurt you like that stupid gold digger
You might be worried about your pregnancy, I have already told him and he said he would wait till you give birth, he really loves you, men like him are rear
Alyssa make me happy by accepting him and you will surely enjoy
From your sweet mum
I shut my eyes tightly and gulped down some air
I have no choice than to accept him, he is my betrothed after all, let me give him a chance Ryan might make a great husband”I thought”
Alyssa, I’m sorry for everything”he said and knelt down”
I moved close to him and held him by his hands so he could stand up
Ryan, you do not offend me”I said”
He took my hands in his, klzzed them and snuggled me in a hug
Ryan, I can’t breathe”I said in a muffled voice”
I’m sorry, I’m just too happy”he klzzed my forehead”
Ryan really took care of me and I began to fall in love, he handled me like an egg, he treated me like he was the one who impregnated me, I enjoyed all the moment I spent with him, though he didn’t make love to me till I gave birth
Fast forward*********************************
I was watching a movie with Ryan when I felt a sharp pain in my stomach
Ryan”I screamed and held him”
I tightened my grip on him and shut my eyes as I felt my water broke
I screamed and tears trickled down my cheeks
Ryan carried me in a bridal style to his car and drove off to the hospital
After what seemed like eternity, I heard the cry of a baby and I smiled out tears
Ryan came in and gave me a peck on the cheeks
Alyssa you are beautiful”I blushed heavily and murmured a thank you to him
Finally I will now have my way”he said to himself and his facial expression changed”
I thought he was talking about making love to me but little did I know that my pain just started
After I was discharged from the hospital, my mum came to Germany and told me I needed to hand over my baby to the owner
I was shocked
Mum, who does that, I suffered for months before I was finally put to birth, the baby is not going anywhere”I yelled”
Alyssa, You are getting married soon, your pregnancy was kept a secret and I wouldn’t want people to be questioning you about your Goddamn baby
Mum, don’t anger me, she’s not a goddamn baby
Then she’s a great baby”my mum said sarcastically and smirked at me”
Alyssa are you this stupid, somebody who cheated on you and almost made you run mad, don’t tell me you want to keep his daughter who will one day riot against you when he meets his dad
I slumped on a couch and tears threatened to fall down my cheeks
Why is my life full of tears”I soliloquized”
Alyssa, it’s obvious your daughter will take after her father, she would turn her back against you if you refuse to show her her father when she’s of age”my mum said”
Where is he?”I asked”
I heard he is in Australia chilling with Mr Smith’s daughter
My heart skipped a beat and hatred grew in my heart towards him
How dare he?”I yelled” After everything he did to me, he now went ahead to stay with my nightmare, he didn’t even bother to look for me and asked after my daughter, Alyssa, you are stupid to have fallen in love with a gold digger”I barked”
🌺Abby POV🌺
I hastily dressed up and took my car keys
I’m late for work”I murmur to myself” I stopped on my track when I saw a basket, I rubbed my eyes to be sure I was not dreaming, I squatted and dropped my car key and the files i was holding on the floor
I looked into the basket and I staggered to my feet
What??”I shouted”
Who dropped this at my footstep”I widened my eyes in horror”
I hastily opened my door and entered my room
What’s this?”I began to p@nt heavily like an asthmatic patient” I brought out the baby and her eyes mirrored mine, her l!ps looked exactly like mine
What’s happening”I asked in a perplexed tone”
A note dropped off on the ground I bent over to pick the paper as I used my other hand to hold my baby
Dear useless man,
I regret everything I had with you, I hate the fact that I bore you a child, you don’t deserve Joy. I don’t care whatever you are doing cause it’s over between us, I was stupid to give a gold digger like you my v!rg!nity
That is your daughter and I don’t care whatever you do to her, I don’t want to have anything to do with you and your daughter and don’t you ever tell anyone I Alyssa Dalton is the mother
You this gold digger I wish you pain and sorrow throughout your life time
My expression transformed slowly from perplexed to comprehension
I plopped on the chair and wept.
Alyssa why??”I screamed” the baby glanced up at with with her small eyes and curled her l!ps, she made a sweet sound which melted my heart
Despite the pain your mum has caused me, I still find it difficult to forget her”I pressed my l!ps together as I prevented tears from rolling down my cheeks”
She had always wanted a female child and her wish was to name her first daughter Sophia. Hence, your name is Sophia”I said and tears blurred my vision”
Alyssa I know we shall meet again”I said as I looked into my baby’s face”
How do I take care of her, Alyssa why!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
🌺Amy POV🌺
Mr smith, I think you now understand what is going on here”I said looking intently at his face which held pain”
He nodded his head and I glared at Lilian who didn’t show any sign of remorse
Abby I know this is painful but I think I have fulfilled my mission, I have made you know the truth and the rest depends on you”I said and ran my gaze down the little arms who looked so forlorn, she folded her arms and strode across her parents
I smiled and beckoned on Arjun and Luna to stay behind me
Thank you so much for making us to know the truth, though Alyssa was my enemy but I feel for her”Clara said and pulled her in a hug” Alyssa I’m so sorry, I should have been your best friend but we destroyed our relationship because of pride, Am so sorry”she said and brushed her hands through her back”
Lilian why??”Ryan asked” I still find it h@rd that to believe everything you told me about Alyssa was a lie”he bellowed at her” Lilian, you are so wicked, you set up your friend so I could hate her”Ryan said”
Lilian scorned at him and looked at Alyssa
Alyssa, you think you’ve won right??”she glared at me and shoved me out of the way”
Jessy you”she pointed her f!ng£rs at her and left”
I inhaled deeply and sl!pped my hands into Arjun’s hand
Alyssa, I wish you good luck”I said and left”
🌺Alyssa POV🌺
I was so shocked as I heard everything Lilian did, I trusted her I thought she was my best friend not knowing she was a thorn on my flesh
I couldn’t glance up to look at Abby, I was scared he would not accept me again, I really hurt him, the letter I s£nt to him was enough to make him hate me
Amy and her crew left
Ryan hugged me and apologized for everything he did to me, Clara klzzed my cheeks and told me she would always stay with me
Mr smith pulled me in a soft hug and caressed my back. Ryan carried Sophia and whispered to her ears which made her giggled.
Clara turned her back and winked at me as they went out
I was left alone with Abby who stood across me
My gaze landed on his cute face which held pain….Abby I’m sorry”my voice dropped to a whisper”
🌺Abby POV🌺
I stared at the lady I had always wished was my wife as she interlocked her f!ng£rs together looking scared
Ryan and Clara apologized to her, Ryan carried Sophia and went. I knew they deliberately left us alone
Alyssa really offended me but I couldn’t stay angry with her for long cause I loved her
If not for anything, I will forgive you because of our daughter, she needs to feel the love if both parents”I told myself”
Alyssa glanced up at me and I stared at her with pain in my eyes
Abby I’m sorry”she whispered”
I jutted my eyes in a pout and sl!pped my hands into my pocket
Her face held fear of being rejected, I took my l!ps in as I stared at her trembling soft l!ps
Abby I know what I did was wrong but I love you”she said and burst into tears, I felt a sharp pain in my eyes as tears rolled down her cheeks, I smiled to myself as I heard that three word I’ve always wanted to hear”I love you”
I watched her as she wiped her tears
Alyssa I wish you knew the pain I went through when you left, the pain of training a girl alone”I thought”
Abby I know you may not like me again but I still do, I don’t just know how to stop loving you….I…I”she choke up on her words and covered her face”
I knew I made a mistake for doubting the love you had for me but please accept me for Sophia’s sake, she needs the love of both parents”I gazed intently at her soaked eyes”
Abby you love her, do the right thing, she needs comfort”My subconscious mind said”
Abby say something”she pleaded”
My gaze rippled from her face and pounced on her soft w€t trembling pink l!ps which drove me crazy
I miss those l!ps”I thought”
She gave me a pleading look as I was busy thinking of how to klzz her
It was like a force, I moved close to her, cuddled her in my arms and hesitated not before I slammed my l!ps against hers, she opened her mouth and my tongue found hers
Abby I love you”she said into the klzz”
I had no time to reply her cause I was busy eating into her l!ps, I ran my hands down her cloth and my hand moved to my favorite spot”her b©©bs” I nibbled it with my thumb, she m0@ned softly which made me lost control
I heard clapping in the background and we broke the klzz
Are we interrupting anything?”Clara said”
Alyssa rested her head on my chest and I tousled her hair affectionately
Sophia ran to us and she held Alyssa’s leg, she squatted to her height and hugged her
Sophia, I’m sorry”She said”
Mum, I’ve forgiven you, I’m happy I have a complete family”she said giggling”
Alyssa pulled her close tightly
My gaze settled on my mum who beamed a smile at me, Alyssa glanced up and her gaze met my mum and she looked scared
I’m happy for you, Alyssa I can’t stay angry with you”my mum said walking in her direction, she pulled her close to herself and patted her back”
My two sisters came and took turn to hug Alyssa
I think this calls for celebration, we need to leave now”Clara said giggling like a kid”
🌺Lilian POV🌺
Tomorrow is Alyssa’s wedding but I will never allow that to happen, she thinks she has won right, I will deal with her”I said as I tied my shoelace”
I wore a big black hoodie cardigan and a black cap, I wore a black canv@ss and shove my gun into my pocket
Alyssa I will kill you and Abby and I will kill myself, none of us will enjoy Abby”I thought as I jumped into my car”
I already put a tracker on Abby’s hair the day I klzzed him, I never knew what had happened would happened but I guess the tracker is now helping me
I stood watching from behind as Abby parked his car,I knew he wanted to surprise Alyssa with a new big mansion he just built, I scorned with deep jealousy as I watched her laugh
I deliberately left them for months so they could think I had left but I am now back again to deal with them
I stepped down from my car as I tiptoed to the gate, fortunately it was open ajar, I quietly opened it and walked in. The place was silent and I hid behind a wall as I watched them klzzed. I grinned wickedly as I tiptoed behind Abby and pointed a gun to his back
If you value your lives, you will not move an inch”I said hoarsely”
Please don’t kill him, we will give you whatever you want”Alyssa said shaking like a leaf”
I pulled off the cap on my head and glared at her
Lilian, you again??”she screamed”
My beautiful sister, you know I love you and I’m always after your happiness”I said with sarcasm in my voice”
Lilian, please put down the gun”she said close to tears”
Alyssa I am back to take what is mine which is Abby”I pointed my hands to Abby and curled my l!ps seductively”
Lilian have you gone nut, I am not yours”Abby said”
Abby I am crazy for you”I glanced at my wrist watch and chuckled”
I don’t have much time to waste, I have better things to attend to rather than staying here and battling words with you
Alyssa I’m killing you right now
Please don’t do that”Alyssa said rubbing her palms together”
Please kill me instead”Abby said”
Fool I’m killing you both”I said angrily”
Alyssa you were my best friends, please remember everything we did together”Alyssa said crying”
My dear friend, I have made up my mind and nothing can change it, I hate the fact that you are still breathing”I growled angrily”
I pointed the gun at Alyssa and pulled the trigger
Gboom”I heard the sound of a gun shot”
Alyssa”I heard Clara’s voice in the background”
Carry her”I heard a strange voice”
I tried to take my gun as I gr0@ned in pain but all my efforts went through, some people who I @ssumed were policemen carried me
Before we got to the hospital my eyes had closed, I had crossed beyond the line, I had teavelled to the next world, I had gone to a journey of no return😭😭😭😭
🌺Narrator POV🌺
Alyssa was so scared that she almost fainted when Lilian pointed the gun at her, she had closed her eyes as she said some words of prayer to herself
Gboom”she heard the sound of gunshot but she felt no pain, she hastily opened her eyes thinking it was Abby that was shut
She glanced up only to see Clara and some policemen walking towards her
Clara rushed her and pulled her in a warm hug
Clara, thanks I was scared”she whispered”
I’m happy you are alive”Clara said”
Alyssa drifted her gaze to Lilian who was gr0@ning in pain and tears fell down her cheeks
Lilian, I still love you, you were my best friend, I forgive you of your sin cause I know you were only blinded with lvst”she said and tears overflowed her face”
What a girl with a soft heart”The narrator said”
Clara drove them home and Alyssa flung herself onto the bed, Abby helped her to pull her shoe and laid beside her caressing her cheeks
Clara stood by the door and yelled
Alyssa mum is here, I give you just five minutes, your wedding is tomorrow and you know a wife-to-be is not expected to be with her husband”Clara said and left”
Whatever”Alyssa said with a wave”
She moved into Abby’s arm and claimed his l!ps in a klzz
Mum, grandma is back”Sophia said knocking on the door”
Abby I need to leave now”she said trying to stand up”.
Abby frowned and touched his l!ps
Gosh, Alyssa you’ve turned me on
Alyssa stuck out her tongue and wore her sl!ppers
I love you Abby”she screamed as she turned the door knob”
I love you more”Abby shouted so she could hear”
My heart beats for only you”Alyssa yelled”
My heart always beat for you”Abby said”
Finally my dream came true, Alyssa will be my wife tomorrow”Abby said and wrapped his hands around himself”
Finally Amy’s mission was accomplished
The prophecy came to p@ss
Congratulations, you fulfilled your mission”Luna and Thalia said”
Aurora became the Queen of silvoh Kingdom and Arjun became the king
Finally our dream came true”Aurora and Arjun said”
The wedding is tomorrow
We have come to the end of the story
Hope you all enjoyed the story
Who felt for Lilian???
Wear your best outfit and shoe..let’s celebrate with Abby and Alyssa💃💃💃
I’m on my way to their wedding👰🤵


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