Heartbeat Episode 9 & 10

Written by Helen💎💎
💞Episode 9💞
🌺Abby POV🌺
I couldn’t concentrate on what I was doing as I kept remembering everything that happened the previous day, how I held Alyssa’s hand with care and how she blu-shed when I told her she looked pretty.
I like her personality despite the fact that she’s somewhat proud, I like everything about her, her white skin, her smalll-ips, her eyes
I imagined having her as my girlfriend when my subconscious mind rebuked me
“St©p building castles in the air, do you think she can d@t£ a guy like you?”
Yes she can”I said to myself” Love does not care if you are rich or not, beautiful or ugly. Love comes from the heart and it cannot be controlled by anyb©dy because Love will subject you to its power”I said to myself”
Will her parents allow her to d@t£ someone like me???
Hi Abby”I heard a voice which broke me out of my de-ep thought, I looked up and I saw Lilian looking at me
Lilian”I said and flashed her a smile”
I nee-d no handwriting of God on the wall to know that smile was fake”She said” Abby, what’s wrong, you can trust me
Lilian, it’s nothing”I said smiling”
Okay”she c@m£ close to me and k!$$£d my cheeks”
I was taken aback, Lilian”I gave her a questionable look”
You are surprised right?, that’s how we greet people we love”she walked to her seat before I could say anything”
What’s wrong with her?”I hastily waved it off”
Later in the day we found ourselves in the school garden for the practice.
I hope we are set for the practice”I asked”
Yes”they chorused in unison”
I and Alyssa will sing the first solo and you and Leo will sing the second solo….
Why must it be You and Alyssa”Lilian blurted out and rolled her eyes”
Are you jealous?”Leo tea-sed her and stuck his ton-gue to her” Are you not happy to sing with a Celeb?”Leo chuckled”
Whatever”She said with a wave of hand”
We practiced for some hours till everyone was exhausted, Alyssa sang with her beautiful voice and our voice moved in perfection, Lilian sang her p@rt perfectly with Leo, Leo sang and I felt like bowing before him because his voice was the sweetest, I heard he started singing when he was sixteen and he debuted when he was seventeen but I killed the song when I sang with my angelic voice which held much emotions. I fell back to the floor and Alyssa sat beside me
I wish I could tell her i love her but I was scared
Minutes after🕦🕦, we all dep@rted to our various houses.
🌺Lilian POV🌺
Days rolled into weeks, we had practiced the song perfectly “Soaring High” Alyssa and Abby had gotten along well, I left them to their own when I began to suspect Amy
My phone rang and I hastily picked it up without checking the caller ID
📱Lilian, I’m coming back home tomorrow
📱What!!!!”I screamed happily” Are you kidding me”I asked happily”
📱Am serious, I’m coming home, there is no place like home”he paused” I heard your school is throwing a big p@rty for the students tomorrow and I can’t afford to miss it”he said”
📱Really?, that’s great
📱I can’t wait to see her, I’m sure she will be more beautiful now
I hesitated for a while, I contemplated whether to tell him the truth or wait till he’s back
📱Lilian, are you still there?
📱Okay, be expecting me tomorrow”he said”
📱Okay, I love you”I said and hung up the call”
I flung myself on the be-d and I smiled wi-dely
I never knew he will be back early, it is time to take what is rightfully mine”I said happily”
I called Amy and Alyssa and we all went to the mall together, we bought a lot of things. We moved to the shoe section and I bought a white heel shoe, Alyssa bought her own shoe, we went over to the cashier as Alyssa brou-ght out her credit card
You don’t nee-d to bother yourself,I will pay”she said and the cashier collected her credit card”
What nons-en-se, is she trying to act like the only rich daughter here, ru-bbish”I scorned with jealousy” I looked at her and smiled”Alyssa, it is time for payback, tomorrow will determine the fate of your life”
____________________________________________The day has finally c@m£”I screamed happily” I freshened up and wore a short revea-ling white dress, I packed my hair in a high ponytail and did my makeup, I climbe-d down the stairs and I met my mum who complimented me about my look, I took my car key and drove myself to school. I peeked throu-gh my tinted window and I saw clas-sy girls and h0t guys
I guess the school authority invited some schools, this night is gonna be great”I said to myself”
I stepped out from my car as I heard students shouting my name
💠It’s Lillian, my role model💠
💠She’s pretty💠
💠See her handbag, it is if the same product as katy Perry💠
💠Lilian is getting richer💠
💠I like her stature💠
I smiled, I walked towards the hall and I met new faces, some were cudd-ling themselves, the heavy sound of the music hit my ears and I covered my ear for a moment, I walked further and I saw Alyssa and Abby, she leaned her head on his shoulder and Abby held her with care, I walked up to them and I eyed Alyssa’s dress
She wore a jeans trou-ser with a white close fitting t©p that revealed her cleavage
Abby wore a black hoodie cardigan, he looked so cute, I looked at his red perryl-ips and I felt like k!ss!nghim.
Abby, it’s just a matter of time, in few hours now you will be mine”I thought”
I was roused from my reverie by the sound of my phone and I walked a feet away from them.
📱Lilian, I’m outside
📱Really”I smiled and rushed out as I flung myself into his opened arms
Alyssa, watch your back, your doom is near”I said as I smiled happily”
Who was the guy that called Lilian?
Why was Lilian happy because the guy had arrived
Stay tuned for the next episode where the fate of both lovers will be determined?
I just hope Amy will do something…I think we nee-d to know who Amy is
Written by Helen💎💎
💞Episode 10💞
🌺Abby POV🌺
I couldn’t bear the pain again and I promised to tell her about my feelings tonight, I dressed up in my best outfit, I took a cab and arrived at my school, different cars drove in, I saw new faces, clas-sy girls and h0t guys, I moved further and saw some people cudd-ling themselves, some were eating into each other’sl-ips, I looked away, I walked into the hall and a wow escaped my mouth, it was so beautiful and decorated. I took a seat and began to think about how to confess my feelings to Alyssa
Alyssa, I love you, I’ve loved you since I met you despite your pride. No, it may anger her”I said to myself”
Alyssa, I think I have feelings for you and I want you to d@t£ me. No, it’s too straightforward.
I brushed my hand into my hair in frustration
Alyssa, I must know my fate tonight, I’m asking you out this night and nothing will change that”I said”
Alyssa, I love you and I want you to plea-se accept my love for you because I can’t do without you, plea-se overlook the fact that both of us are people of different world. Yes, this will make her accept my proposal”I said happily”
Abby?”I was interrupted by the voice of a goddess standing before me”
Alyssa”I beamed with smile but my smile faded away just like the colors of a rainbow when I looked at her”
Alyssa, what are you wearing?”I yelled at her”
Abby, what’s wrong with you”she asked gazing at me fearfully”
My face softened immediately and I realized I had no right to yell at her
Am sorry”I said to her”
Why did you yell at me?”she feigned anger”
Am sorry, let’s put that aside, all that matters to me now is that you are here”I smiled although the smile was fake”
She sat down beside me and rested her head on my shoulder
Gosh, this is too revea-ling, Alyssa, I guess you deliberately wore this white t©p to show off your cleavage”I said to myself”
I don’t like her dress, it’s too ex-posing”I thought”
She’s a rock star, you don’t expect her to be wearing decent clothes”my subconscious mind said”
I couldn’t take my eyes off her brea-st. Alyssa, this is temptation”I said to myself”
Lilian walked in, she looked stunning and expensive, I eyed her dress and it was no way different from Alyssa’s dress
Why do rich people like ex-posing themselves”I said to myself”
She smiled at me and I smiled back, her smile melted away when she saw how I locked hands with Alyssa, she quic-kly faked a smile so I wouldn’t suspect anything. She was interrupted by the sound of her phone, she took a step away from us and picked her call, I didn’t hear what she said into the phone, she went out and c@m£ back with a guy who I as-sumed to be her b©yfri£ndwalked towards us and his expression changed, his face beamed with anger and he made a fist re-ady to punch me but Lilian held him and dragged him away
Alyssa, you know him?”I asked”
He is a nob©dy”Alyssa said”
That does not answer my question”I shouted”
For Pete sake, will you shut up and st©p talking to me like you are ordering a maid”her face beamed with anger” You are not my b©yfri£ndfor heaven’s sake so who the hell are you to dare shout on me”she said angrily and I didn’t think twice before I hvgged her. I thought she would push me away but she rather calmed down and rested her head on my che-st.
We nee-d to go in now,the p@rty is about to start”She whispered to me?”
Where?”I asked surprised”
There’s a building up there”she paused” we don’t hold p@rties in this place”I nodded my head and walked behind her” I felt like I was in Paradise when we got in, the background was blue and there was a dim red light and green blinking light
Is this a dinner night?”I asked her and she smiled”
We walked to a section and it looked like heaven, it was made of glas-s, we walked in and saw Lilian and Leo alre-ady on seat, we also took a seat around the table, my eyes met with the guy Lilian c@m£ in and he sh0t me a deadly glare.
The p@rty began and I sat well on my golden chair. Mary J. Blinge went forward and sang, Brian Wilson and some other celebrities also sang, within a twi-nkle of an eyes we were on stage. As the group leader, I introduced our group and our song”Soaring High”. I and Alyssa sang the first solo perfectly and all of us sang the chorus together, Leo and Lilian sang their p@rt. We sang the Bridge together which made everyone including the principal stood up and cl@pped for us.
We were later declared the winner, Amy’s group was the runner up, they took second. Alyssa jumped on me happily.
We went back to our seat and Alyssa demanded for Vodka.
Alyssa, do you drink?”I asked surprised”
Once in a while”she said”. This calls for celebr@tion”she said jumping”
Relax, I will get it for you”Lilian said and went”
After waiting for what seemed like eternity, Lilian later c@m£ back with three bottles of vodka
Lilian, is this not too much?”I asked concerned as I looked at her”
No, Alyssa likes drinking when she’s happy “she said”
Abby, let’s celebr@te this victory”Alyssa said” Lilian, you nee-d to join us
Am sorry, I won’t be able to, I have a visitor I nee-d to attend to”Lilian said and walked to the guy”
Alyssa poured the vodka into her own cu-p and mine and we made a toast
Within few minutes, Alyssa had finished a bottle, I was surprised, I had began to feel ti-psy but I was still conscious of things around me
Abby, I nee-d to use the restroom”she tried standing up but she fell back to her seat, I helped her to the restroom, she was heavy but I had no choice
She c@m£ out after few minutes, she leaned her b©dy on the door, I moved close to her trying to carry her when she pressed her soft we-tl-ips against mine, my whole b©dy bec@m£ stiff for a second, I felt like breaking the k!ssbut I couldn’t resist it, the girl I had been dying for, the girl I had always wished to be my girlfriend just k!$$£d me. She held me ti-ght by the collar of my shi-t and de-epened the k!ssby lightly b!tt!g my lowerl-ips
You know she would never do this if she was conscious of what is happening”my conscience said” I hastily waved it off and I reciprocated the k!ss, the smell of her perfume, her soft we-tl-ips and and her soft m0@n s made me go crazy, her br£@st pressed against my che-st and I ca-ressed her soft brea-st, she was not putting on br@ which made it easier for me to t©uçh it, I pinned her to the door and I opened her t©p and her br£@st flew out dancing from her clothes, I arched my thumb around her n!ppleand tickled her, her hand found it’s way into my shi-t and ca-ressed my che-st, her hands moved down and I got crazily turned on, I gr@bb£d her br£@st and put it in my mouth, I su-cked it while using the other hand to fondle and smooch the life outta her soft brea-st, my ton-gue trailed her cle-avageand I k!$$£d it, I moved my mouth to herl-ips and I devoured it like a hungry hunter, her ton-gue moved inside my mouth with a fury I’d yet seen from her. She m0@n ed my name and ran her hands into my hair as I ca-ressed her n!ppl!.
I woke up only to find myself on the be-d with Alyssa, I saw blood and reality dawned on me that I had just taken her vir-ginity, I’m such a j£rk, I said to myself.
How was this episode?
Do you think Abby made a mistake by taking her vir-ginity?
Do you know how they ended up on the be-d?
I hope we all un-derstand this story, if you don’t un-derstand it. I want you to go back and re-ad the prologue cause the story just started and those who did not re-ad the prologue might be confused
I hope you know Abby was Alyssa’s past?
Do you think Lillian will let them be?
Do you think Amy will not get distracted?
gr-ab your popcorn, your cornflakes, your sweets and biscuits as you awaits the next episode
The story has just begun!!!!!!!!