Heartbeat Episode 7 & 8

Written by Helen💎💎
💞Episode 7💞
🌺Lilian Pov🌺
A stab of jealousy ran throu-gh my b©dy as I saw the picture, I angrily threw my phone on the floor and it broke into pieces, I ran my hands angrily into my hair like a crazy girl, I quic-kly wore my clothes and rushed downstairs, I met my driver behind my car and I snapped at him
Get your fv¢kin’ as-s into that car and drive me to school now”I yelled at him”
He looked at me like I had grown three horns on the head
I guess you are tired of your job”I sh0t him a stern glare and hastily collected the car key from him I will come back and deal with you”I shouted” I hopped into my car hurriedly and drove off”
I stepped out of my car and adjusted my small Sk-irt. Fans waved their hands at me but I had no time to wave back at them
💠Wow Lilian is getting more beautiful💠… A student said
💠Alyssa is still the Queen of Beauty, nob©dy can stand her when it comes to beauty💠… I scoffed angrily and glared at the girl that said so.
As I was rushing, I bu-mped into someone and i looked up only to see the cute guy I’ve been crushing on”ABBY”. My gaze drifted to his soft redl-ips and I was lost for a minute
Miss”he snapped me out of my thoughts”
He didn’t even know my name”I mutter to myself”
Am Lilian, Alyssa’s friend
He looked at me like he was trying to remember something” Okay”he said and was about to leave when i gr@bb£d his hand”
If you don’t mind, can we walk together to the clas-s?”I asked smiling”
No problem
💠Wow; Lillian has got the cute guy again💠
💠she is irrestible💠
💠They look cute💠
💠They will make a perfect match💠
My heart leaped with joy as I listened to their comments, I stole a look at Abby and he had on his face a look I couldn’t interpret”
If you don’t mind, can I have your number?
Okay”he said without sparing me a glance”
Am I not beautiful enough?”I thought”
He gave me his number and I was glad, we walked together to the clas-s and all eyes fell on me and I blu-shed heavily. Some girls were eyeing me and giving me the “stay away from him, he is mine look” I rolled my eyes and catwalked to my seat”
My stomach dropped when Abby st©pped at the front of Alyssa, he called her and Alyssa looked up and smiled..the smile was real. What happening?, it seems something is not right”I said to myself” I was really angry none of them noticed my pres£nce, not even my Abby that we c@m£ in together.
Rage was burning inside of me that I didn’t know when I said “really” out of jealousy
Both of them turned and their gaze rested on me, Alyssa’s face beamed with smile and I quic-kly faked a smile
I’m off to my seat, we will talk later”Abby said, I looked at him and he avoided my gaze”
Lilian, I’m happy, there’s something I nee-d to tell you”she giggled like a kid cl@pping her hands”
Alyssa, when did you start talking to a commoner”I asked her”
She chuckled”Are you not happy?
Idiot, I’m not happy because you are flir-ting with my Abby”I said mentally” I’m so happy you have finally decided to mingle with poor people”I faked a smile”
You know why?”she asked laughing”
Because he is cute”I blurted out and rolled my eyes
Come on”she moved close to me and I wrinkled my face in disgust”
Lilian, guess what”she popped herl-ips like a baby”
For pete sake, will you just keep quiet? You can see I’m bored with your stupid story”I snapped at her angrily”
I cut her short with a wave of my hand signalling her to shut up
This cannot be happening, this must be a dream”I pinched my hand to know if I was dreaming” I can never allow Alyssa to d@t£ my only Abby, he is mine and mine alone”I said to myself”
Alyssa, I’m sorry for snapping at you, I was just feeling sick”I said tou-ching my forehead”
Oh my God, I’m sorry”she said with care”
Is there anything you are not telling me?”she looked at me and shifted her gaze from me, I was scared she was gonna ignore me
That was what I wanted to tell you when you snapped at me angrily”she pouted herl-ips and looked away”
Why did you take pictures with Abby?”I asked jealously”
Pictures??”she asked innocently” I didn’t take pictures with Abby
I rolled my eyes and showed her my phone
Wow”smile escaped herl-ips” I don’t know who secretly took this picture, it was when I was apologizing to him.
My whole b©dy vibr@ted and I felt like beating life outta her”
You hvgged him because you were apologizing?
No he was the one that hvgged me”she said and formed a puppy face”
And you couldn’t push him away?
I un-derstand you Lilian”she paused” I know you are worried about my reputation
What did you apologize for?
For what I said to him yesterday”she said pla-ying on her f!ngers”
You mean you begged Abby”I asked gesticulating”
Why?”I seethed in anger” Alyssa, have you forgotten who you are?, you are the Almighty Alyssa Dalton
I was feeling guilty so I had no choice than to apologize”she said”
The good news is we are now friends and I dreamt about him”she said blu-shing heavily”
If only she knows that I’m pretty angry at her she would st©p smiling
Dream”I shouted at her which made her flin-ched in fear”
Lilian, what’s wrong with you”she asked with fear”
Am sorry, I think the sickness is affecting my br@in”I said smiling” I think I nee-d to be alone
Yes, you nee-d rest, it will calm your nerves
Thank you”I said and a drop of tear fell down my cheeks” Alyssa, I’m sorry I will betray you because I will never allow you to end up with Abby”I said in tears” You have always taken everything that is mine, you took my fans away from me despite the fact that you’ve not done your debut, anywhere we go to, people keep loving you despite your arrogance, is it because you are beautiful? Is it because your father is the riche-st man in America that my dad even have to work un-der him, is it because you are the only daughter?… Am sure you deliberately killed your sister so you can get all the care, love and property of your parents
Alyssa Dalton, watch your back cause I will never let you have my Abby. I’ve had enough of allowing you have what is mine”I soliloquized as tears keep falling down my cheeks
Lilian, you are crying”she asked with care and pu-ll-ed me in a hvg”
Thanks”I murmur”
If only you know you are the cause of my pain…. Is this really love?… I’m I really in love?”I asked myself as tears kept running down my cheeks
Alyssa, I’m sorry
She looked at me and gave me a questionable look”
Why?”she raised her eyebrows”
Because I’m about to hurt you”I said mentally” because I think I nee-d to
Lilian, I un-derstand you”she smiled and k!$$£d my cheeks pla-yfully
You can never offend me, Lilian there’s another thing i nee-d to tell you
Go ahead”i sniffed”
Mum said I’m betrothed to Ryan”she wrinkled her nose in distaste”
Really?”My stomach jumped for joy” so what are you going to do about it”
I don’t know
Alyssa, don’t worry, I’m your friend, i will do something about it
Thanks”she said and flung her arms happily on me
Wow, this is a great opportunity for me to come between them. Abby is mine”I smiled victoriously”
Written by Helen💎💎
💞Episode 8💞
🌺Amelia Pov🌺
I kept drawing on the plain paper and was listening to their conversation, I knew something was not right, I knew she would still betray her, I nee-ded to st©p her, she had suffered enough. I would not let her suffer again”I said to myself”
Can I do this?,will she believe me?, how do I go about it?”I kept asking myself series of questions”
I stood up from my seat and paced around, students were looking at me but I didn’t care
Amy,What’s wrong”Alyssa asked”
Nothing”I replied”
What is wrong, are you alright, Lilian is here acting weird because of her sickness and you are here pacing around as if you have just seen a ghost”she said”
I looked at her and bur-st into laughter”your face look scary”
She pouted herl-ips like a kid and I chuckled
Alyssa, you have really changed”I told her”
She smiled and looked away
Alyssa, I love you”I said smiling”
Amy, you are crazy”she said and grinned”
Am sure you will blus-h heavily if Abby tells you that”I tea-sed her”
She shut me a glare and looked back at her book
Alyssa, I wish I can tell you this, but I know you won’t believe me”I thought”
I nee-d to help you, I wish you knew there was something cold and sinister about Lilian, I wish you could see the deceit behind those tears of hers”I said to myself”
I flung myself on my chair as I looked at Lilian
Lilian why?”I asked myself”
I will never allow you to hurt her, Abby and Alyssa are meant to be and I will let it come to pas-s cause if they don’t end up together, it means I failed my mission and I won’t be able to go back
I smiled as I saw Alyssa waved at Abby, it has alre-ady been written that Abby will be the one to change Alyssa and bring Joy to her.
I nee-d to look into their future”I thought to myself”
I smiled out tears as I felt a cold feeling and heard a whisper”Aurora” You have to do something, I s-en-se a bad thing about their future, you can still do something to prevent it”I inhaled de-eply as I heard another loud silence voice “Don’t stress yourself young lady, What will be will surely be”
I looked at Alyssa and I felt sorry for her
Why is your life full of pain and sorrow?”I said to myself as tears rolled down my cheeks”
I wish I can help you but this is beyond my powers
I felt another cold feeling and heard a soft voice”Remember your words” I Aurora, I swear this day to protect her with my last drop of blood and if I fail this mission, don’t allow me to come back”
I wiped my tears as I heard another voice”Aurora, I purposely allowed you to swear because I know you can do it, you are the strongest girl among my daughters and if you fail consider the crown gone”
I couldn’t control the tears that were running down my cheeks”Mummy, this is beyond my powers, I can’t succeed this mission”
You can my daughter
Mummy”what will be will surely be”
I heard another soft voice”You can use your power to change that”
How??’i asked”
Goodbye”The voice said”
Amy, why are you crying”Alyssa asked”
Am I really crying”I t©uçhed my cheeks stupidly” something entered my eyes
She looked at me like she was trying to re-ad my mind”I know you are lying” she patted my back and whispered in my ears”whatever the problem is, have the belief that there is always a way out
Thanks”I said in between tears”
Alyssa, if only you know I’m crying because of the pain you will go throu-gh you will join me in crying”I said to myself”
Amy, are you okay”she asked me again” Why are you and Lillian acting weird today, I’m beginning to suspect both of you”she said with concern”
Alyssa, how I wish you can look into your future, how I wish you can prevent the future from happening and live your life in joy the way you have always wanted it to be”I said to myself”
Shortly afterwards, Mr Richa-rd c@m£ in, I was still thinking about what to do when everyb©dy screamed happily.
The school will be throwing a big p@rty for the students”some girls were jumping, some were alre-ady ma-king preparation of what they’d wear to the p@rty.
I will group you and I want each group to sing a song on the day
Fantastic”Emily said giggling”
Lilian, Alyssa, Leo and Abby were in the same group
Emily, I and two other boys were in the same group
The man explained few things to us and gave each groups song to sing
Emily glared at me and I smiled.
Soon afterwards the clas-s was over, Lilian was happy she was in the same group as Abby, He was made the leader of the group. Lilian and Alyssa were chit chatting about the group and were laughing
Lilian, how is your b©dy”I sm-irked at her”
Am fine now”she said smiling”
bit-ch, because Abby is in your group, he cannot be yours”I thought”
Minutes after, Abby c@m£ to Alyssa, I looked at him and smiled
Abby, why are you so cute”I said to myself” Alyssa is lucky”I said and li-cked myl-ips”
So when should we start practice?”He asked”
What about now?”Alyssa said”
No”he made a puppy face” Alyssa, we nee-d to talk
Okay”Alyssa said”
They just met themselves yesterday and they were behaving like they had known each other for years. Alyssa stretched her hand to him, he took it and k!$$£d it, students looked at them and cl@pped
I stole a look at Lilian, she was fuming with anger
Can I come with you??”Lilian said”
I looked at her and sh0t her a deadly glare
We are not practicing now”Alyssa said”
I know, I’m bored and I feel like walking with you guys”She said smiling”
But Lilian…….
She waved her hands signalling me to shut up”I was not talking to you”
Okay, you can come with us”Alyssa said”
Lilian grinned from ear to ear and hastily stood up
I peeked from the window and saw them walking together. Lilian I don’t trust you”I said to myself”
I walked over to Leo’s table
Hi”I greeted”
Amy”he smiled”
You nee-d to go to the school garden
Why?”he knotted his eyebrows in confusion”
Because your groupmates are in the garden”I said”
Really”he wrinkled his face” why didn’t they call me”he paused” Am not going anywhere, it’s obvious they don’t want me amongst them”he said feigning anger”
Leo, you won’t un-derstand”I said trying to convince him”
What can I do to convince him, I don’t trust Lilian”I said to myself”
Leo plea-se do this for me, I know what I’m talking about”I pleaded”
Amy, why are you bothered about me”he asked”
I hesitated for a while”because I love you”
Really”his face beamed with smile” You love me?”he stood up” I’ve been waiting for this day cause I know you love me”he moved close to me” I know you’ve been hiding your feelings but I guess you can no longer endure the pain of unrequited love, that’s why you finally voiced out”he sm-irked at me”
I scoffed and rolled my eyes, before I could say anything Leo slammed hisl-ips against mine, I didn’t hesitate to reciprocate the k!ssas our ton-gue danced in perfect rhythm. He broke the k!ssand I blu-shed with embarras-sment, he k!$$£d my forehead
We will come back and finish what we started”he said and sm-irked”
I buried my face in my hands
Why did I k!sshim? I have a mission to fulfill, Leo don’t distract me, I am not someb©dy you can love”I said to myself as I secretly followed him and hid myself behind the garden”
So you guys are here”Leo said angrily” you don’t want me here right?, you c@m£ to practice and you didn’t bother to call me?”he said fuming with rage”
We are sorry”They chorused in unison”
We were not practicing, since you are here I think we should start now”Abby said”
Okay”They all chorused”
My gaze shifted to Lilian and she was angry, just then Alyssa’s phone rang
She said something into the phone and hung up immediately
Am sorry, I nee-d to leave now, my driver is waiting”she said”
Okay”Abby said”
I think we should do the practice tomorrow, I nee-d a project I nee-d to complete”Leo said l!çk!ng hisl-ips”
My heart skipped a beat, Leo, don’t tell me you are not coming for me”I thought”
Project??”Abby said”
Yes, let’s go”Leo said ignoring the stares”
They all left the garden and I inhaled de-eply
Aurora, you can still prevent the future”I heard a whisper as I walked to the clas-s”
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