Heartbeat Episode 5 & 6

💞Episode 5💞
Written by Helen💎💎
💗Abby Knight💗
I woke up with joy in my heart. Finally, I have been admitted into University of Southern California (USC). I hastily took my bath and dressed up.
I took a cab and I stood still like a robot when I arrived at the school gate. I didn’t realize I had been drooling until saliva c@m£ out from my mouth. I had never seen a building as beautiful as USC. The school is an academic oasis near busy downtown Los Angeles. The campus boasts regal buildings, accented with dozens of beautiful fountains; statues and sculptures. It is full of beautiful red brink buildings with arches and ivory. USC is a safeheaven where you can learn everything you nee-d in order to succeed. I walk throu-gh the beautiful roses and the plea-sant smell of the roses reached my nostrils.
Few minutes after, I met myself at the front my clas-s, I hesitated before going in, students waved their hands at me. I sighted an empty seat at a corner and sat down
Hi, what’s your name”a girl smiled at me”
Am Ab….
Hey bit-ch”she dragged her away from me” hey cutie I’m Emily”she smiled s£dûçt!velyat me”
May I know your name?
Am Abby
Some girls c@m£ asking for my name, complimenting me about my looks, some girls were flir-ting around me c@r£ss!ngmy cheeks
I was not surprised because my physical appearance alone was enough to make people fall at my feet
Gosh, is this a school?”I asked myself”
The whole clas-s went silent and a beautiful girl c@m£ in, she wore a jean shorts and black clingy long sleeve t©p, she looked expensive, my eyes followed her as she walked to her seat and sat down
The lady of the clas-s is back”Emily said and wrinkled up her nose in disgust”
She’s such a bit-ch with a disgusting personality”another girl said”
I hate her”one fairy haired girl blurted out”
My gaze went to the girl, she was discussing with a girl whose gaze was on me, she waved her hand and I could tell she was pretty mad. I was wandering what made her angry, a girl that just entered.I threw my face away immediately she turned her head to look at me.
Shortly afterwards, a lecturer c@m£ in who I later heard his name was Mr Richa-rd and a deafening silence enveloped everywhere
You all know we have practical today?”The man said”
Yes” They all chorused happily
He explained some things to us about music and we did voice training for few minutes then the gave us a heartbreaking love song “How to break a heart by Westlife”and asked if anyone could come out to sing
He called some set of people which I happened to be among
A girl went out and sang with the highest pitch, she took the song to the most highest pitch and her voice did not crack nor break. It takes a skilled singer to sing the way she sang. I was marveled, She sang it with real emotional feelings. A lot of students cl@pped for her cause she really did well.
Another girl went out and also sang, she sang well but I preferred the first girl’s voice to hers. The cute girl went forward, She sang the song beautifully the way westlife sang it. Her voice held a lot of emotions, i was moved by her voice, she looked so cute and innocent while singing. A lot of students cl@pped for her as she finished singing. She sang better than the first girl.
It was my turn to sing, I walked out like a model, tucked my hands into my pocket, I took myl-ips in and faced the clas-s. I closed my eyes as I sang the song beautifully with so much emotions, some girls were crying because of the way I sang it. My gaze locked with the girl’s gaze, I didn’t know what c@m£ over me,I couldn’t take my eyes off her, her friend tapped her and she looked away. Who is this girl that is ma-king me lose control, I have never felt like this in my whole entire life
The whole clas-s cl@pped for me as I walked back to my seat and I felt the stares of many people followed me.
When the clas-s was over, student went to the cafeteria, there were few people in the clas-s. I hurled myself out of my seat and walked to the girl. She was trying to write something but nothing was forthcoming
Hi, Am Abby, can we be friends”I said stretching my hand for an handshake” she looked at my hand as if it would infect her and scoffed”
I don’t think you know i am the Almighty Alyssa Dalton cause if you do, you would never think of bringing your stinking self before me and ask for my friendsh!p.
In case you don’t know Mr, I don’t roll with poor people”she retorted and angrily stood up” stay away from me and don’t you ever bring your disgusting face to my view again”she added and left the clas-s” I was stunned by her actions, I never thought any girl could resist my look, I was embarras-sed. I shuffled my feet and blu-shed with shame as i walked back to my seat, I heard whispering behind me
🧐That’s too rude🧐
😵Who does she think she is😵
👿Abby, don’t mind her, she’s too full of herself👿
😘We love you, don’t think about her😘
You over stepped your bounds, you really have guts, you went to meet Alyssa Dalton, the daughter of the riche-st man in LA”my subconscious mind said” I didn’t know she was Mr. Dalton’s daughter,I wouldn’t have gone to her if I had known earlier cause I heard about her being a spoilt child who would never apologize for anything she did because of her pride.
Few minutes after, Alyssa c@m£ to the clas-s, no one noticed her except me, she looked moody, she brou-ght out her phone, her expression changed as she arched her eyesbrows together, she looked teary and I wondered what made her want to cry.
The Almighty Alyssa is around”Emilia stood up and walked to the front of the clas-s, everyb©dy looked up and their gaze fell on her.
Let us ask the Almighty Alyssa Dalton, the only rich girl on campus”she spoke sarcastically and sm-irked at her”
I guessed they were enemies.
Alyssa, your pride will not take you anywhere, you don’t even have your own money, you rely on the money of your parent”she ru-bbe-d it in her face” students chuckled at what she said while some gave her a thumbs up👍 just then a guy c@m£ out
Hi, Am Abby, can we be friends”the guy said while stretching his hand for an handshake” Emilia scoffed at him the same way Alyssa did to me”, she flung his hand away from her view which made me chuckled”
I don’t think you know i am the Almighty Alyssa Dalton cause if you do, you would never think of bringing your stinking self before me and ask for my friendsh!p.
In case you don’t know Mr, I don’t roll with poor people”She mimicked her and the word stung me again ”
I don’t want to hear the word again”I soliloquized
Students bur-st into laughter and their laughter filled the air. Emilia’s laughter was the loudest
Let’s be careful with the way we talk, we all know nob©dy offends the Almighty Alyssa Dalton and go scot free”a blonde boy said and they all laughed hysterically”
I turned and my eyes met her soa-ked eyes, it was as if a sharp object was pierced into my heart as I stared at her we-t eyes which spoke millions of words. Behind those tears, I saw frustration, fear, and an apology. She made me lose control I felt like walking to her and comforting her cause she nee-ded one, my heart broke into pieces as tears gushed out of her eyes, I didn’t realize tears had found its way down my cheeks until Lilian turned her face and leaned her head on her shoulder and I heard her soft sob in my heart.
School closed for the day, I hung my bag pack on my back and I plugged my earphone into my phone as I listened to “soledad by westlife” I like the song and I always listen to it when I’m sad.
“Abby, Abby” I heard Alyssa’s voice in my heart, I turned around but I couldn’t find her
What’s wrong with me, is my heart pla-ying tricks on me?, I heard her sob in my heart when we were in clas-s and now I heard her call my name, is something wrong with me?”I asked myself”
“Abby, Abby”I heard her soft voice again”I turned around again but I still couldn’t find her. I shut my eyes ti-ghtly and called her in my mind “Alyssa, where are you”
“Am here” I heard her soft voice again in my heart” I felt her pres£nce and I opened my eyes. My eyes beamed with smile as I saw the most beautiful creature standing before me, I unplugged the earphone from my ear and looked at her
I stared at her brown vibr@nt eyes, I was lost in those eyes, my gaze drifted from her eyes to her red softl-ips yearning for my k!ss. I was scared I might gr-ab her and k!ssthe life out of herl-ips
Alyssa, what have you done to me, I just met you today and you’re ma-king me feel this way”I thought as I shivered with sweetness inside me”
I looked at her with so much emotions as she pla-yed on her f!nger
Alyssa, what is it”my voice c@m£ as a whisper”
She looked at me and my heart began to beat ha-rd
Get a hold of yourself fool, do you think she can be yours”my subconscious mind screamed at me”
Abby”she said pla-ying with her f!ngers”
She finally spoke up and my b©dy system st©pped working, I went stiff as I stared at her cute face”
Written by Helena💎💎
💞Episode 6💞
🌺Alyssa Pov🌺
I flung myself on my be-d and looked up at the ceiling, my mind flashed back to everything that transpired between Abby and I
I couldn’t bear the guilt any longer so I had to say sorry, he was so surprised and I could tell he was happy. I was taken aback when he pu-ll-ed me into a hvg, I wanted to pu-ll myself out but he held me ti-ght and I reciprocated the hvg. He dis£ngaged from the hvg and k!$$£d my forehead. My gaze locked with his gaze and I took much time to check him out
Hazel grey eyes
Pointed nose
Messy hair
He snapped me out of my reverie and my cheeks flu-shed in embarras-sment.
He asked if we could be friends and I didn’t think twice before I said yes. He jumped up on me like he just won a lottery and I staggered to my feet, he apologized and he bid me goodbye
I stood there like a statue and everything c@m£ rushing in my head
I couldn’t believe a commoner jumped on me”I said to myself”
I sp@ñk my br@in angrily”what were you thinking when you said yes to him”
I walked arrogantly to the gate where I met my driver waiting impatiently for me. I glared at him and hopped into the car and he sped off.
I pu-ll-ed off my clothes and went to the bathroom, I stayed in the jacuzzi for few minutes before I went back to my room, I remembered I nee-ded to write a song and I jumped on my be-d and brou-ght out my notepad and pen, I tried writing something but nothing was coming, I threw my books angrily onto the tile floor and hit my head”why is my br@in so dull”I screamed to myself” Lilian always think she’s better than me because of her ability to write songs. I brou-ght out my diary
Dear Diary, I’ve broken my word, I have made a new poor friend, you know have sworn never to have anything to do with poor people but Abby made me change my mind. he is cute and lovely, I could hear his voice in my heart
Dear diary, do you think this is love?
I closed my diary as i finished writing and kept it un-der my table
I pray my pride will not ruin things between us, I can’t believe a whole Alyssa Dalton apologized to a commoner”I said to myself”
I rested my head on my pillow and sleep took over.
Abby st©p”I laughed loudly as he tickled my w@!st”
Alyssa”he held me with care and looked into my eyes, his grey eyes boring into mine” tell me you won’t leave me no matter what
Abby”still laughing” how many times do you want me to tell you I will never leave you, you will be the death of me”I moved closer to him c@r£ss!nghis red temptingl-ips”
He kept looking me as he brou-ght his head closer to mine re-ady to slam hisl-ips against mine when I heard “Who is Abby
I woke up immediately and I realized I had been dreaming, I looked into my mummy’s eyes and she sh0t me a glare.
He is a nob©dy”I replied her”
Nob©dy???”I knew she didn’t believe me” he is a nob©dy and you kept shouting his name even in your sleep
Whoever he is just make sure nothing happens between you because you are betroathed alre-ady”she said and left the room”
My heart sunk to my stomach and h0t tears rush down my cheeks as the voice kept ringing in my head…..because you are betroathed alre-ady”
Why is my life full of pain”I screamed” ever since I had lost my sister, my life has been a mess, my mum no longer treat me with care like she used to because she believed I killed her.
Abby who are you?”I wept bitterly”
I hurled myself from the be-d and dropped to the ground, I wiped the tears and wra-pped my hands around my legs”
What sort of dream is that? A person I just met today
Who is my betrothed?
Why is my life like this?.
People think I’m happy with the life I’m leaving not knowing my life has been a mess since Tonia left me.
Alyssa, everything will be fine, I heard everything mum said, I hate to see you cry, you are a rear gem and people like you don’t nee-d to cry, she c@m£ close to me and hvgged me. I wept on her shoulder like a kid, she helped me dry my tears and patted my back.
I looked up at her and I sniffed, my eyes were red
The Almighty Alyssa is crying, Lilian nee-ds to see this”she tea-sed me”
Fiona you are crazy”I smiled in between tears
I made you smile”she cl@pped her hands and stuck out her ton-gue at me”
Dinner is re-ady”she screamed and ran out”
I stood up and smiled”Fiona is a character, she is the only one that un-derstand me. Fiona is just a nine year old girl who always behave like my older sister, Tonia was supposed to be nine but she left so soon.
I stood up and followed her like a lost puppy, we climbe-d down the stairs, we took a seat as the aroma of the veggies and rice reached my nostrils, we ate in silence
Alyssa, I hope the Abby you were talking to in your dream is a nob©dy
I st©pped eating and hesitated before answering
Yes”I answered”
Good”she paused”
Like I said earlier, you are betrothed
I smiled out tears”Mum, whom am I betrothed to?
Ryan Henderson
I froze on my seat, a cold shiver ran down my spine… Ryan?, My nightmare, why?”I screamed loudly, I ban-ged my fist angrily on the glas-s table”I couldn’t control the tears gushing from my eyes, rolling down my cheeks, I stood up and ran crazily to my room slamming the door behind me”I asked myself hitting my hand on the tile floor
I lack everything that makes people happy, I lack care and attention, all my life has been subjected to control, I had wanted to become a model but my parent went against the idea.
Why I’m I betrothed?, why is she just telling me?”I kept asking myself several questions which I couldn’t answer”
Ryan Henderson, the devil himself, he is a wolf in human’s clothing, why will my parents want their only child to suffer, I am just eighteen for crying out loud”I soliloquized”
Alyssa, open the door
Fiona, plea-se let me be”I snapped at her”
I threw myself down on the be-d and sobbe-d bitterly, I hate being Alyssa Dalton, I just want to be happy like other people
I woke up with a pounding headache, I brushed my teeth and freshen up, I didn’t bother to eat cause I had no appetite, I met my mum on the spiral staircase and I greeted her
Are you okay?”she asked”
Yes mum. She c@m£ close to me and k!$$£d my cheeks
I looked at her and nodded my head. I hopped into my car and my driver ignited the car and drove off, I got to school early today”I said to myself” I got to the clas-s and greeted some girls which I had never done before, I sat down and placed my head on my locker.
“Alyssa Alyssa” I heard a low whisper and I rose my head as I saw the charming cute Abby standing before me. My stomach jumped for joy and relief flooded me as I looked at him
Abby”I smiled back at him”
You look sick, are you okay?”he asked with concern”
I’m fine Abby”I smiled” Thank you for your concern
You’re welcome”he paused” Thanks for yesterday
I opened my mouth to talk and I heard a familiar voice”Really?” which made me kept quiet and I turned my face
Who do you think said really?
I hope you all remember this scene has happened before in the past.
The Alyssa we are talking about is now 25 years but then(when it happened)she was eighteen…(this is Flashback)