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Heartbeat Episode 23 & 24

Written by Helen💎💎
💞Episode 23💞
🌺Narrator POV🌺
A young l@ss which had four f!ng£r f!ng£r and a one eyes with two tiny legs. She walked behind the valley, looking at the wall which had strange handwriting she couldn’t interpret, she stared at the handwriting confusingly, she caressed the wall with her tiny four f!ng£rs, she closed her eyes
She sighed heavily and chanted a spell(Brendan anweald gafleac) means (I want to understand this prophecy)
This strange handwriting changed and she was able to interpret the prophecy
“Peace shall reign when she has met her soulmate” The young l@ss smiled to herself and moved to the side, there she saw another prophecy
She shut her eyes tightly and rose her hands towards heaven and there was a loud cry
🌺Amy POV🌺
I drove crazily down to the third street in Venice, I hastily rushed out of my car, I moved further to a deserted place, I looked around and there was no one
Was it a plank?”I asked myself”
Am I in the wrong place?”I asked panicking”
I quickly unlocked my phone and read the message again
“If you don’t want to lose your crown, meet me at the third street in Venice”
I sighed heavily and brushed my hand through my head
I look down the road and there was no one, I shuffled my feet about to leave when I heard a voice
You know I’ve always loved you
I stopped on my track and my heart melted, I touched my heart and murmured “Finally” I turned my back and my gaze settled on my prince charming and my soulmate
It didn’t know how I got to his side, all I knew was that I hugged him and whispered to his ears quietly
Thank you
He looked at me and pressed his l!ps against mine and the word began to ring in my head
When you meet your soulmate, you will feel a strange feeling inside of you and your heart will jump for Joy
When you meet him, everything will unravel by itself
I reciprocated the klzz and bit his lower l!ps, he gr0@ned and I ran my hands through his hair pressing his head close to mine, my firm br£@st rubbed against his chest and he carried me in a bridal style into a dimmed light building without breaking the klzz, he klzzed me slowly and held me to himself as he reluctantly dis£ngaged from klzz
Where have you been”I asked”
Aurora, have been close yet far away from you, I think it’s high time we did something, have you seen the prophecy”he asked”
Prophecy??”I asked surprised” The only prophecy I saw was that of the both of us
The prophecy thus:
When they meet each other they will feel it in their heart
A new prophecy has come”he said and I widened my eyes a bit”
The prophecy thus:
I knotted my eyebrows in confusion and inhaled heavily
I don’t understand this prophecy, is it about us?”I asked with utmost curiosity”
No, it is about…………
I g@sped
🌺Ryan POV🌺
Why I’m I feeling like this?”I asked rubbing my hands together”
I strode across my room with my hands behind my back, Alyssa is the woman I love, why I’m I feeling this way, why I’m u suddenly having such feelings for her, she’s my childhood friend for crying out loud, we grew up together”I soliloquized”
It is Alyssa I love and not her
I smacked my head and slumped myself onto a nearby couch
I shouldn’t have klzzed her, what made me do that?, I shouldn’t have klzzed her”I said to myself”
I stood up again and paced about the room
She is my childhood friend and we used to klzz herself without feeling anything for one another, why I’m I having this feeling”I flung myself back on the couch and reclined my back”
Is she also feeling this way?”I asked myself”
I buried my face in my head as I remembered what happened the previous day
Come over here idiot”she summoned me to come and look out the window”
I moved over to her side and my eyes accidentally met her tempting soft white br£@st, I tried to ripple my gaze from her br£@st but I couldn’t, she flung on my shoulder and her standing n!pp!es rubbed against my bare chest, she left me and bent down only for my gaze to meet her fresh @ss cause she was putting on a bumshot, my c**k stood up in its glory and I felt like pressing it against her @ss, she came over to my side and rubbed her small hand on my n!pp!e
If only she knew she was making me horny, I was sure she would stop it, she had been my friend right from when I was a kid, we grew up together, there were times she would dress up in my pres£nce, we used to klzz each other and we would call it friendship klzz, she’d caress my chest to calm me down anytime I was angry
I don’t know why I’m feeling this way”I thought”
She continued caressing my chest and I lost it and I captured her l!ps in a klzz. She stiffened like a statue, I withdrew from the klzz when she didn’t reciprocate
She gave me a questioning look and I threw my face to my side
Written by Helen💎💎
💞Episode 24💞
🌺Clara POV🌺
Why I’m I feeling this way towards Ryan? is this love? Is he feeling this same way towards me? “I folded my arms across my chest”
Ryan is not bad, he is handsome to my taste but I’m just worried about Abby who is head over heels in love with me, Abby cannot do anything without me”I told myself”
I can never sacrifice my happiness at the detriment of my own Joy, marriage is a lifetime institution, I will rather go for the person I love”I heaved heavily as I sat on the armchair”
I thought I loved Abby, what exactly is happening, when did this strange feeling started”I asked myself”
I guess it was after he klzzed me
I was still pacing around when my phone vibrated, i picked up the call
📱Clara, I need you in my office right now”my dad spoke with a voice that didn’t give me room to question him”
I shoved my legs into my scandal and I walked to my car, shortly after I arrived at my dad’s office, I entered ignoring the greetings of the workers, I opened the door and met Abby holding a pen ready to sign the agreement
Stop”I shouted”
My dad and Abby looked at me like I had grown three horns on the head and my dad threw me a questioning look
Dad, Ryan is not here, I think you said is going to attest to this agreement”I said p@nting heavily like an asthmatic patient
He contemplated for a while before he took his phone and finally called Ryan
Abby’s gaze fell on mine and I quickly threw my gaze away
🌺Ryan POV🌺
I was sitting on a three sitter couch with Alyssa who was going through a magazine, my phone rang and I checked the caller ID, lo and behold it was Clara’s dad, my heart skipped a beat and I wondered why
I put the call on loud speaker and placed it gently on the gl@ss table
📱Ryan, I need you right here in my office, Abby is about to sign the agreement
My heart stuttered in fright and I began to sweat
📱What???”I screamed into the phone”
Before I could say anything further, he had dropped the call, I flung up the stairs to take my car keys only to see Alyssa panicking
She held my leg and begged me so I could let her follow me
I yanked her hand off my leg and hissed angrily
You have your car”I bellowed at her”
I rushed into my car and sped off
I arrived minutes after at his place, I threw my keys to the security and ran into his office
I banged on the door and saw Clara who was rubbing her eyes and Abby was about to sign
Noooooo”I screamed”
🌺Alyssa POV🌺
I drove crazily like somebody who was being chased, I wore an ivory strapless satin dress with a sweetheart bodice I was wondering why Ryan shouted
Is he in love with Clara?”I asked myself for the umpteenth time
I almost bumped into a trailer but I was able to scale through, I arrived at the venue and I shut my car door and hastily dashed for the door
I rushed in breathing heavily
This cannot happen”I yelled”
They all turned their gaze at me and I saw tears shimmered under Clara’s eyelashes
Why are you here”Clara asked angrily”
I stood still not knowing what to say
She moved close to me as tears sl!pped down her cheeks
You this bitch, you want to take Ryan away from me again the same way you took my position”she barked angrily”
She made to slap me and I g@sped and shut my eyes expecting the slap that would make me end up in the hospital but I was surprised she didn’t
I opened my eyes only to see Abby holding her hand and shooting daggers at me
Clara seethed angrily and moved over to Ryan’s side, she gave me the”Ryan is mine look”
I looked shocked and happy
I thought they were only friends”I said to myself”
Nons£nse, who told you I’m after your Ryan”I paused and smiled to myself”
Lilian thank you, you said you’d handle Ryan and you did, thanks for making me happy again
The door burst open and Lilian rushed in, she rushed to Abby’s side and touched him
Abby, what’s happening?, don’t tell me you want to sign the agreement?
I smiled” Lilian really loves me, she came here just because of me”I murmured to myself”
My eyes nearly popped out of my head when Lilian claimed Abby’s l!ps in a klzz, rage burned through me and my cheeks mottled with anger, Abby did not push her away, she wrapped her arms around him, I rushed over to her side and pushed her away, I stared at her swollen l!ps and I drifted my gaze to Abby who had on his face a stern look
I was about to talk when a voice interrupted me
I turned to the side of the door only to see Amy, a young man and a pretty cute girl
I shifted my gaze from the young girl to Abby, her eyes mirrored his, that was when reality dawned on me and tears burned my eyes and my lower l!ps trembled
How was this episode?
Enough of the suspense… The truth will be known in the next episode
The unknown
Who Amy really is
Why Abby did not pull away from the klzz
Why Alyssa burst in tears when she saw the young girl
What caused the rift between Abby and Alyssa
What happened that night
And who the mother of Sophia is
Grab your popcorn as you awaits the next episode


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