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Heartbeat Episode 19 to 21

Written by Helen💎💎
💞Episode 20💞
🌺Abby POV🌺
My heart beats wildly, and my chest began to heave up and down as my gaze rooved over her face, I buried my face in my hands as I remembered everything that happened between us
I gulped in nothing and looked at Alyssa whose gaze were on me, my face softened when she whispered I’m sorry
Our gaze locked and neither of us was ready to look away
Alyssa why?”my voice sank to a whisper”
I’m sorry”she said again”
I shut my eyes tightly and brushed my hands into my hair
Alyssa, do you know the pain I went through that night?, do you know how much I suffered because of you, Alyssa tell me why the hell you ended our relationship without thinking of what we had together”I yelled at her making her to flinch”
Her stern gaze fell on mine and she pouted her l!ps angrily
Abby, have you gone nuts?”she said angrily”
My head began to spin and I looked shocked
Alyssa, what did you just say”I seethed in anger”
You should be happy I’m begging you, aren’t you supposed to be begging me for what you did?”she asked irritatedly”
Is she mad?, she was begging me few minutes ago, now she’s yelling at me”I thought”
Alyssa, what did I do”I asked puzzled by her actions”
She gave me a pensive look as though I had something on my face
Abby, don’t pretend as if you don’t know what I’m talking about”she stopped, her gaze wandered over my face” Nons£nse, you should be happy I was begging you instead you were yelling at me as if I was the one at fault”she hissed loudly”
I stood still like a robot cause I couldn’t comprehend what she was talking about, she left me heartbroken and she’s now telling me I caused it, I gave her a cursory look and she eyed me
Alyssa”I shut my eyes and spoke in my heart”…. This is not the Alyssa I know, the Alyssa I know would never let me be pain
Alyssa”I called again”
I heard no response, I opened my eyes only to see Alyssa glaring angrily at me
For heaven’s sake, what is happening, I should be the angry one and not her
Alyssa, what have I done”my voice dropped to a whisper and my heart began to ache
Search your mind”she said and made to walk away
I held her by her wrist and pinned her to the wall
Alyssa, do you know how many years I had waited for you, do you know the pain I went through because of you, do you know how many sleepness nights I had because of you” My empty gaze shifted momentarily to her face
Her penetrating gaze which held love, fear and disappointment prowl over my face and pounced on my eyes
I gave her a stern look and her gaze shifted to nothing in particular, my gaze drifted to her pink small soft l!ps, it drove me crazy and I lost it, I didn’t think twice before I slammed my mouth against hers, I was expecting her to push me away but she rather opened her mouth and my tongue found hers
I missed those klzz, I missed those tiny voice m0@ning my name, I missed those sweet love making we had together, I missed everything about her
I pulled her close to myself and her n!pp!es rubbed against my chest
Alyssa, I missed you”I said into her mouth”
She only nodded her head and ran her hands into my hairs
I wanted to pull away from the klzz but I couldn’t, it was six years ago that I klzzed my Alyssa
She m0@ned softly and my hand went under her cloth, I was about grabbing her b©©bs when the sound of my phone interrupted me, I pulled away reluctantly from the klzz, Alyssa looked down playing on her f!ng£rs, her cheeks flushed in embarr@ssment
I brought out my phone from my side pocket and gave it a quick glance
📱Abby”Clara’s voice came into the phone” Where are you love
Alyssa’s face narrowed in disgust as she heard love, she rubbed her hands on her face and pouted her l!ps
I pondered on what to say”should I tell Clara the truth? I have found the one my heart yearns for, what I’m I going to do?, Clara’s dad was the one who made me become who I am today?, Clara is madly in love with me and my heart is with Alyssa
📱My love are you still there”Clara said”
I looked at Alyssa who threw her face away
📱I…..I’m….I’m…..”I stuttered”
📱Abby, are you okay”she asked with concern in her voice”
I’m confused”I thought” I can’t survive without Alyssa and Clara cannot do without me
I am Clara’s life and Alyssa is the source of my life
📱I’m on my way”I finally found my voice”
📱Abby be quick, I’m getting impatient”she said and dropped the call”
I inhaled deeply and settled my gaze on Alyssa who avoided it
I’m in a state of dillema right now, what do I do?
Should I go with Clara whose dad helped me to become somebody or go with Alyssa who is the source of my Joy
Without Clara’s dad, I would be nothing and if Alyssa had not ended the relationship between us, I wouldn’t have met Clara’s dad
Alyssa pushed me to meet my helper but Clara was the helper
I don’t want to be an ingrate to Clara’s dad neither do I want to lose Alyssa again
I buried my head in my hands thinking of what to do
I rose my head and watched Alyssa with an intent gaze that confused me
Written by Helen💎💎
💞Episode 21💞
🌺Alyssa POV🌺
I was so angry as the image appeared in my head, Abby why did you cheat on me”I soliloquized”
I shook my head and tried to get rid my brain of the images that kept appearing
I made to leave when Abby held my wrist, I felt butterflies flying in my stomach and I shook by his touch, his touch still had effect on me despite what he did, he pinned me to the wall so I could face him, I stared at his grey hazel eyes and got lost for a moment, I had missed the way he used to look at me with love, I missed those cute l!ps that always klzzed me, I missed those touch that always made me loose control, I missed my Abby who understood my weakness
Alyssa, do you know how many years I had waited for you, do you know the pain I went through because of you, do you know how many sleepness nights I had because of you”
I watched him as he blabbed and there was pain in his voice, his voice was breaking and I thought he would break down
I wanted to tell him how much I love him, I wish I could speak out and tell him how miserable my life had been since he left but the pain of what he did to me years ago wouldn’t let me
My eyes were filled with tears and I didn’t want him to see it, I didn’t want to look weak before him, I didn’t want him to know he still have effects on me, I shut my eyes and tried to look brave
I was taken aback when Abby claimed my l!ps in a klzz, my thought got scattered and I reciprocated the klzz, I wanted to pull away from the klzz but I couldn’t, even after he cheated on me, I still find myself falling for him, I was so pained that night.
He continued klzzing me and his hands went under my cloth, he was about fondling my n!pp!es like he used to when a call came into his phone
I settled my gaze on the floor cause I was ashamed of myself
Alyssa, why did you reciprocate the klzz”I asked myself angrily”
My eyes almost popped out from its socket when I heard my love, he stuttered while speaking to whomever it was that he was speaking to
He dropped the call and drifted his gaze on me, I quickly threw my face away cause I didn’t want to talk about it
Abby, My life is a mess, I don’t have hope of ending up with my Abby (first love), Abby is married and Ryan would never let me go”I thought”
Abby covered his face with his hands and he was lost for some minutes, He rose his head and I held a stern look void of emotions as different thoughts ran through my mind
There is no hope for us, Abby I love you, please you are my life, I can’t endure the pain again, I will forgive you”I said mentally”
Alyssa, I’m sorry for everything, I need to leave now”he sl!pped his hand into his pocket and looked at me as if nothing ever happened between us
I opened my mouth but I couldn’t find the right word to say
Alyssa, I wish I could control the situation right now”his voice dropped to a whisper and he left”
Abby”I called”
He stopped without looking at me”please let us do as if nothing ever happened between us”
I dropped to the ground and tears streamed down my cheeks
What about the klzz”I asked stupidly”
He shifted his gaze to me, he stared intently at me and left without uttering a word
Abby, why? , you cheated on me years ago and I’m willing to forgive you, why is it so difficult to forget you”I cried hitting my hand on the terra cotta floor”
I’m madly in love with you, you made it worse by klzzing me because the klzz stirred up the emotions in me
Tears burned my eyes and my lower l!ps trembled
🌺Lilian POV🌺
I strode about the room thinking of what to do, Jessy told me Clara and Abby would be getting married soon
Jessy, I don’t think we can stop their marriage”I said”
Calm down babe”she said and focused on her laptop” Lilian, the only way we can stop this marriage is to stop Abby from signing the agreement with Mr Smith
How”I hastily moved over to her side”
That’s the problem, I’m sure Abby will sign the agreement”she said still focusing on her laptop” Lilian, something is not right”she turned her system so I could see what she was looking at
What’s this?”I asked uninterested”
Just take a look”she pleaded”
I moved over and I looked more confused as I watched Clara being interviewed about her relationship
So who are you getting married to?”The interviewer asked?
She smiled like she had won a battle
Abby knight”she beamed a smile and I wrinkled my nose in disgust
Wow!!!, that’s a big fish”the interviewer said” I thought he’s married
No”Clara said”
Are you aware he has a daughter
“She stared moodily at the interviewer for a while “Yes”
The interviewer had on his face a look I couldn’t predict
Clara beamed a smile as the interviewer continued questioning her
The look on her face showed that the child is not hers
I turned to Jessy and gave her a questionable look
Who is the mother of Abby’s daughter”I asked with curiosity written over my face”
I wouldn’t know
I rested my cheeks on my chin as I tried to think of an idea
Jessy, are you sure Abby will be mine”I glanced up and gave her a questioning expression”
This is complicated”Jessy rose up and walked to the window”
Jessy, Clara has won this game, there is nothing I can do to stop Abby from signing the agreement
She shifted her gaze momentarily from the window to me
Lilian, go after what you want, winners never quit”she said placing her index f!ng£r on her l!ps”
But is there a way out?
She paused for few minutes rolling her eyes like she was trying to remember something
Lilian, we have to stop Abby
How???”I asked getting upset”
My large brown eyes turned and I threw her a cursory look
🌺Amy POV🌺
I must stop him, this can’t be, Abby wants to ruin my life completely and I will not allow that”I muttered angrily to myself as I paced around my room”
I opened a bottle of champagne, filled a cup and gulped it in a minutes, I placed the cup on the table and scattered my hair angrily
Abby, you cannot ruin me, I must find a way out before you try anything funny
I plopped myself down on the chair and rested my elbow on a stand, I stood up again and paced around
Abby why”I kept lamenting” You are my only hope but you think you can shatter my life?”I brightened my eyes in happiness when an idea popped into my head
🌺Abby POV🌺
I arrived at my house, I looked miserable and unkempt as I unbuttoned the first two buttons of my shirt, I threw my car keys at my security and ordered him to pack the car well, I shuffled my way to the room and met My friend working on his system, I plopped myself on the couch and flopped over my back
Abby, are you still thinking about her”he asked worriedly”
I glanced at him and remembered the hurtful things I said to her
“please let us do as if nothing ever happened between us”
I deliberately left her because I want to start leaving without her, Clara stood by me when I had no one, Clara held me when I was falling, where the hell was Alyssa?, she was busy enjoying her life while I was suffering from heartbreak”I said to myself”
A tear sl!pped from my eyes as I remembered the pain I went through
Alyssa, what have you done to me, You are my past, let me focus on my pres£nt which is Clara” I thought angrily”
I ran my hands through my hair angrily as I remembered the klzz, I dropped down to the floor as tears rolled down my cheeks, My friend came beside me, brushing his hand over my back
Abby, take it easy, everything will be okay”he said soothing me with his words”
I just realized I can’t do without her, a part of me is with her, I can’t stop loving her, my life is with her but I don’t want to end up with her”I said and pouted my l!ps”
He moved a step away from me and squatted before me, he rose my jaw making me to face him
Abby, tell me once again that you don’t want to be with her and I will take her in as my wife
Rage flushed through him and I glared at him
You wouldn’t try such”I seethed in anger”
Man, you wish to end up with her but you are just worried about Clara”he patted my shoulder and stood up”
Abby, my advise for you is to go for your happiness, if Clara will make you happy go for her and if it is Alyssa that will make you happy, then go for her”he stood down facing his system
He turned to me when I sniffed
Abby remember that what will be will surely be. Life is not a bed of roses, pain is inevitable”he said”
Thanks”I whisper”
You don’t have to sacrifice your happiness for someone who may not value it”he said and focused back on his system
Alyssa, I love you so much”I said to myself and touched my heart
🌺Unknown POV🌺
I stood still sipping from my drink as I began to think of how to get her
I will make sure I make you scream my name”I smiled to myself”
I love you from the very day I set my eyes on you, I will make sure I get you and you will surely fall for me”I smirked to me as I thought of an idea”
Finally you will be mine”I said and licked my lower l!ps”
🌺Amy POV🌺
Your time is almost up, you cannot fulfill your mission without your soulmate!!!!
The voice screamed heavily in my head and I woke up sweating like I had just run a race
This is the dream I always have, if I don’t fulfill my mission, my crown as the princess and the next Queen will be given to someone else and I can’t fulfill the mission without my soulmate
I hurled myself from my bed
It’s time!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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