Heartbeat Episode 1 & 2

By: Helen💕💕
Two youths met each other and fell in love with each other, the girl was from a wealthy family while the guy c@m£ from a poor family, the girl’s parent didn’t want them to get married and they later broke up after they had made a mistake which could not be corrected leaving both of them with a wounded heart.
Years after, fate made them to meet each other again,… What will happen? Do you think they will be able to heal their wounded heart and come back as husband and wife.
You will get to know the mistake they made as the story continues
💞 Episode 1💞
Written by Helen💎💎
🌺Alyssa Dalton🌺
I woke up with a pounding head and a tearful eye, i had refused to eat and cried myself to be-d the previous night. I t©uçhed my head with the back of my hand “Gosh, it’s h0t” I whispered to myself.
Today is saturday, I checked the time on the wall clock hung in my room, it was some minutes past eight in the morning, I took a look at myself in the mirror, my eyes was swollen, it was red and pale, I looked like someone who had not sle-pt throu-gh the week. My b©dy was aching and h0t. I felt sick. I murmur to my self and as i was about to l@yon my be-d again, I heard someone call my name.
“Alyssa Alyssa”
Another trouble”I thought”
My heart skipped a bit, I quic-kly rose from my be-d, wiped the tears away from my eyes and rushed to meet him, without a doubt, i knew if i had delayed answering him, he would have beaten me up like he did the previous night
Are you okay!!, Alyssa, so you have been in your room while i was there waiting at the door for you to welcome me, he shouted at me in anger and at the t©p of his voice.
I stood there puzzled, I looked at his face which was beaming in anger and for some moment, i got lost in my thought. My mind flashed back to when i said “I do” on the altar, i guess that has been the worst decision i made. The man before me right now is different from the sweetheart i used to know before i accepted his marriage porposals, he had suddenly become a wife beater, smoker and a miserable being. I wonder what could have made him change so dramastically.
“Am sorry Ryan”. I paused
Did he not sleep at home last night?, where did he go?…I remembered he c@m£ to the sitting room while I went to my room after he had f0rç£fully gained his way into me and hit me with the steel of his belt. Those taughts began to rush into my head.
“Ryan, i strongly believe you did not sleep in this house yesterday’s night” I asked him with trepidation.
What gut do you have to question me? “he yelled back at me, i dont nee-d the handwriting of God on the wall to predict that he nee-ded to take a nap but i was determined not to leave him alone until he told me where he had spent the night
“Woman, you are beginnning to grow wings”, he looked at me with a red h0t face.
“I laughed mockingly” Are you just knowing that, i have began to grow wings since the Jesus’ birth was announced to the three wise men in jerusalem but I’m suprised you never noticed until now “I replied with boldness not minding the fact i could be hit on the face like a thun-der bolt.
He had always warned me not to talk back at him when he’s talking but in all honesty, the courage i had to face him today was surprising to me.
Paaa, Like a flash in the pan, I heard a sound and i felt it on my cheeks and all the confidence that i had for some minutes vanished into thin air, tears bur-st out from my soa-ked eyes and i did not know when i began to cry out.
The next time, you talk while I am talking, i will make that day a living hell for you “he hissed and walked past me.
I sat down soberly and different thoughts c@m£ rushing down my mind
I thought he wouldn’t do anything to me at his pres£nt state… When will I be free from this man, why is my life like this?” I soliloquized.. I hate my life “I cried bitterly hitting my hands on the tiled floor.
My mind began to travel down memory lane
I am Alyssa Dalton, a 25 year old lady, i am the only child of Mr Dalton, a rich man in Los Angeles, united states of America.
Being the only child, I was spoilt to the teeth. I was never denied anything and got whatever i want with the snap of my f!nger.
I schooled in the University of Southern California (USC) A home to the prestigious Thornton school of Music. I was blessed with a marvellous voice although i never had a thing for music.
I had always dreamt to become a cream model but my parent diss£nted the idea saying models always sell themselves for crowns, rewards and the likes. I had two friends. Lilian and Amelia whose nickname as Amy, both parent are also rich.
Lilian is my closest friend and she knows virtually everything about me. My father is a business man who own several companies in
Life has its antics of dealing with people, i hated the poor with disgust but ironically, i never knew i would end up with one.
💔Episode 2💔
Written by Helen💎💎
💞Alyssa Pov💞
Grrrrrrr….. The sound of the alarm clock woke me up from my good sleep, I angrily rose up from my be-d and st©pped the alarm clock, I knew it was my cousin, Fiona that set the alarm time, I quic-kly went back to sleep cause it was still six in the morning.
Alyssa “I heard a soft whisper behind me”. I pretended as though I was fast asleep
Alyssa “The voice c@m£ up again”
Fiona why??”I mutter to myself”
She c@m£ close to the side of my be-d and sp@ñk my bu-tt ha-rd ly which made me to jump from my be-d
Fiona, what’s wrong with you” I yelled at her angrily holding my bu-tt with my right hand” don’t you know it’s painful? “I hissed loudly”
I’m sorry, it wasn’t intentional, I didn’t mean to hit you ha-rd ” she made a puppy face which spoke millions of words”, I looked at her and my face soffened, i moved close to her and pu-ll-ed her into a warm hvg and apologized for yelling at her.
Alyssa, it’s late alre-ady, I c@m£ to tell you it’s time to prepare for school”she said without sparing me a glance” I directed my gaze to what she was holding. Lo and behold, it was my phone, no wonder she didn’t bother to look at me”I thought to myself”
I stood up and went to the bathroom, I c@m£ back afterwards and met her still operating my phone.
Fiona, you nee-d to go and dress up”I told her while pu-lling off my clothes” she dropped my phone on my be-d and looked up at me, she moved closer to me and her voice dropped to a whisper
Alyssa I love your skin
I giggled like a kid. Thanks”my cheeks turned red😊😊”
Meet me outside when you’re done”she ordered me like an older sister and rushed out before I could say anything” my sister can be a drama queen at times, I quic-kly tied the towel around my b©dy and rushed into the bathroom.
I c@m£ back afterwards with water dripping from my b©dy, i hastily dried my b©dy, i sat before the mirror, i took my hand drier lying peacefully beside my closet, I dried my hair. I always admire my b©dy because I’m a perfect example of figure eight. I shifted my gaze to my medium succulent white brea-st, I smiled as I watch my white glowing skin without blemish. I brou-ght out my cream and ru-bbe-d the lotion into my skin. I combe-d my long brownish golden hair hung loose, dripping around my shoulders. I pu-ll-ed a suitcase from my closet and opened it on the be-d, I ransacked the suitcase looking for what to wear. I finally settled for a small short and black long sleek. I hastily wore my dress with a white shoe, I tied my shoelace, the time was few minutes past seven. “I’m late”, I muttered to myself as I dashed out of my room
I saw Fiona picking on her food as I climbe-d down the stairs, she immediately rose her head when she saw me
Alyssa, what took you so long
I was busy dressing up”I said looking down at my pink painted f!ngers”
Won’t you eat before leaving?”she asked with concern written all over her face”
No”I nodded my head while checking my wrist watch” Fiona, I’m late alre-ady, I have a lot of things I nee-d to attend to “I smiled and blew her a k!ss” bye. She waved her small hands at me
I threw my car key at my driver and arrogantly catwalked into my Lamborghini, I sat comfortably at the back seat. The driver took off, he was really fast soon afterwards, I arrived at my school, the driver c@m£ to my side and opened the door, I stepped down from my car like the Queen that I am. A lot of students were looking at me wishing they were the almighty Alyssa Dalton.
How was the story?
Hope you enjoyed it.💃🕺.