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heart robber episode 29

❤️ Heart Robber ❤️

Marcel and Diana arrived in Abuja by late afternoon,they made a stop at their office in Maryland for a sum up project pres£ntation that Marcel had to attend

When they got to Abuja, a chauffeur picked them up from the airport and took them to the hotel where they had made reservations

They ba-rely spoke on the flight and it was Kinda awkward considering how close they were before the whole Jimi situation

So after they picked their key card and moved to their floor ,he just said to her

“Call me if you need anything”

“Okay ” was all she could say before he entered his own room right beside hers

Her room was flawless and perfect, the dressing mirror and stand was what first caught her eye , they placed body lotion, vaseline and powder with a spray by the side

The bed was queen size with white bedsheets and duvet . The bathtub was oval shape and it looked like a perfect fit. The room smelled like lavender and she loved it

She quickly s£nt a text to Marty that she had arrived safely and asked her to call her when she’s out of work

Diana sat with her laptop in her hotel room, trying to unpack when jimi’s Skype came through and she answers quickly.

She hates to admit that she has been curious about what he has been up to since she left.

“Hello girlfriend “jimi smiled broadly

“Hey hon… How are you”

“Terrible, I’m terrible without you Diana”

“Stop saying nons£nse, have only been gone for a few hours”

“Its not nons£nse, I’m really missing you”

“Yeah I Missed you too”

“So how’s the it going,”

“Very well, but we just got here so I can’t really tell so far am feeling really comfy”

“That’s good because all of this cannot be in vain”

“All of what”

“Staying away from your family for a week, whatever you do there must be worth it”

“It is and it will be, you don’t have to worry” she chuckles

” How’s Abby and Marty”

“They’re fine… Phil!p just took them home not long ago”

“Oh I thought I told Marty to sleep over at the house whenever they stay till so late, I s£nt Marty a text and she hasn’t even replied”

“Relax, it’s not even nine yet, and they left a while ago besides Phil!p is with them they will be fine… I’ll call them as soon as I drop ours*

“Thanks jimi…. I just dont want any issues with my girls”

“Don’t worry everything will be fine”

There was A knock on the door

“What’s that” jimi asked

“Someone is at the door”


“I don’t know yet, it could be room service,
I have to go and check”

“Okay I’ll be here waiting”

“No silly, have got to go… Besides I have a dinner to attend”

“What dinner?”

“General dinner, it’s our first night here we are definitely starving”

“Really, what are you wearing” he looks curious

“I don’t know maybe Something plain and simple”

“That’s all it takes for you to look gorgeous”

“I know right but have got to go… ” The knock grew louder

“Do you really have to”

“Yes Jimi…. Bye now “she hangs up

When she opened the door, marcel was standing outside dressed in a black suit

“Hey” she looked confused

“Hi… What’s wrong have been knocking like crazy but you weren’t answering”

“I was busy skyping…. Sorry”

“Oh OK, are we good to go”

“Yup, but I thought this was just a casual dinner. Why are you all dressed up”

he chuckled
“Casual or not, am always ready to do business and tonight is not an exception”

“Now I feel like am going to be underdressed” he laughs softly

“I doubt that, besides you always rock whatever you wear so don’t worry about it”

There was an awkward moment of silence

“Oh okay lemme get dressed quickly”

The dinner took forever and when it finally started drawing to a close, Diana decided to resign for the night although marcel seem to be enjoying himself he still cut out all his conversations and insisted on walking her to her room

In the elevator he wouldn’t take his eyes off her and when it got really awkward, Diana decided to step behind him but he turned too and she nearly tripped but he grabbed her waist and stop her from falling

While he was slowly pulling her up and her feet he bent his head a little closer for a klzz but Diana pulled away. That was really close

“I’m I’m…. So sorry “he slutters

“Its OK, we get carried away sometimes”

“I didn’t just get carried away Diana, I wanted to show you how much you mean to me Diana. I admit I step out of bounds”

“You know I’m a seeing someone”

“Jimi is [email protected] an excuse… He is just joking around”

“That’s really not important”

“It is because I care about you Diana, he’s just a flirt in less than 2 months you’ll regret this and I hate to see you get hurt”

“That’s my problem marcel”

“You can’t let him do this to you, you deserve better”

Thankfully The elevator opened to release her from marcel again, why was he always trying to plant negativity against jimi and put her in a tight spot.

It’s impossible to hate someone more than she already does, she doesn’t need to hear more about him being an @ss because she has already lived through it.

If she continues to encourage this bad give from Marcel she’s going to end up hating him and that’s something she doesn’t want to happen. She rushed out of the hall and straight to her room

And the first night pretty much sums up the whole week she had to avoid him the whole time,put a strict demarcation between them


Jimi couldn’t get enough of Diana, since they got back from they returned from the airport.. one week is such a long time

He stayed for dinner and even after dinner he still didn’t want to leave

Diana was exhausted but jimi wasn’t getting that she just wants to be alone with her daughter, he seem to want to stick around longer, he stretched out on the sofa in the living room with Abby

Diana was looking for a nice way to kick Jimi out of the house but he seem to have glued his @ss to his seat

Abby was sitting next to jimi busy with her iPad.. It felt impossible to separate them from a distance, they looked so cute together. It made her heart pound [email protected] watching them from a distance

Never in her life did she think a day like this would come when Jimi would be sitting next to Abby and they would be relating so well . Fate has a funny way of pinning people together

Maybe it was meant to be for them to cross path this way but it is never going to last ,it can’t whatever this is cannot continue forever because it is a disaster waiting to happen

She pulled herself out of her mind daydreaming, it was toxic to think of Abby and jimi… Seeing them in the same room was too much for her mind to take in
She moved closer to them quickly and pulled Abby to her laps

Sniffing her hair and klzzing her all over

“I missed you so much baby”

“Hmmmn mommy”

“Abby it’s time to go to bed”

“No mommy… It’s still early”

“No it’s not”

“But mommy there’s no school tomorrow”

“How do you know that”

“Coz tomorrow is Sunday”

“So, is that why you shouldn’t go to bed early, besides there’s church tomorrow”

“Babe just let her stay a little while longer, she’s right there is no School tomorrow”

jimi said softly

“Don’t do that jimi” Diana was getting pissed

“Do what”

“Support Abby when she’s being naughty and contradict me when am trying to correct her, it’s a foolish way to get a child to like you”

“I’d rather stay foolish then ” he giggles and she snapped

“It’s not Not funny”

“sorry But there’s no point trying to make her like me when Abby already loves me . Right Abby”

“Yes uncle Jim jam”

“You see…. It’s the mom that’s yet to fall in love with me “he mutters and he could already see red in Diana’s eyes

“What are you saying”

“Me…. Nothing” he nods

“Better, now you ” she turned to Abby and lifted her up from the seat

“Hey babes do you need my help”

“No… ” She head to Abby’s room and lay her to sleep before coming out

“Geez jimi what are you still doing here”

“Why baby do you want me to leave”

“Oh I didn’t realize I had to say that out loud”

“Yes you did…… Come here ” he pats the space on the sofa beside him

“Now what ” she said as slumps beside him

“One thing I realize since you left is how much I miss you when you are not around me, I miss your smile, amongst other things”

“Really… ”

She smiled ,she had to give it to him, jimi has a way with words

“Oh you have no idea, have been excited since you landed at the airport, so I thought you deserve a little something for being such a good girl”


He brought out a small necklace box and opened it to show a sparkling gold fancy necklace,

“something small to remind you that there is someone crazy about you”

“Wow! This is gorgeous where’d you find it and it so beautiful”

“Around and about, but it nothing compare to your beauty”

“Is my beauty really all that you see… Jimi”

“No sweetie of course not, You are the total package and everything about you is special”

“You are so good with words, how cunning!”

“There’s nothing cunning here, infact am always running out of words with you, You are almost indescribable, but I hope you accept this little dazzle as a symbol of my love for you”

“It’s really beautiful thank you so much”

He moved closer to her, so that his nose can brush her skin, she jumped up and pace around for a while

“Alright, I think it’s time for you to go”

“Yep that’s my cue…. I’m really sorry for that awkward moment I hope you are not upset”

“No jimi am just tired, I had a long day”

“Alright my angel ” he stood up and peek her
“. Oh dont forget about going to see my parents next week”

“How can I forget, You remind me all the time”

“Yeah… Coz I really want you to be there with me ” she nods
” OK you have a great night babe”

“Yeah you too ” he walked out and turn to peek her l!ps but she bend away

“Sorry” he apologized Wondering when it will ever be a right time to really touch each other

Diana locked her doors

She sighed loudly as she slumps to the nearest couch it becoming so difficult to keep things under control with jimi around, nearly a week without him had been a mixture of both freedom and emptiness

Diana grabbed her phone quickly and dialed Betty, it was late but she couldn’t pretend like this doesn’t get to her and she’s not going out of her mind by just thinking about it

“Hello.. ” Bettys voice echoed in the background

“Hey cousin, You awake”

“Yep wide awake infact, is everything OK”

“Yeah everything is great.. No not so great, yeah I don’t even know what to say”

“Come right on with it”

“Okay so listen carefully coz am not going to repeat myself again, so I already told you that jimi and I are really dating, but seriously I didn’t expect it to be this way… He’s too clingy and awfully se-xually frustrated, he just can’t keep his hands to himself everytime he just keeps trying to klzz me, I don’t know how am suppose to deal with this. He drops me off at work, calls me or Skype me constantly then he shows up to pick me and worst he lives next door like I can’t but see him everyday…. What worse he has also initiated Abby in his flirty crabs. Abby keeps asking for him all day, it almost like she prefers to be around him….. I’m confused… Oh yeah I traveled for a conference early this week and only returned today… Jimi practically stalked me the whole time and I don’t know what else he wants to achieve because he has already polluted my mind with himself”

“OK okay… “Betty interrupted ” Slow down bitch you’re gonna choke me, now get to the point, I don’t understand what so wrong with him being romantic”

“You call that being romantic, it’s too much I can’t handle that, am running out of excuses to avoid him”

“When was the last time you had an intimate relationship, that’s it I don’t remember, look we are in an advance century, affection is expressed in the most [email protected] way and from the way it sound jimi is just being sweet”

“Or better still playing by the book, haven’t you notice the kind of person, he is…. For all its worth he is just trying so [email protected] to get in my [email protected] and nothing more” she chew her nails

“Don’t be sarcastic, you are jumping in to conclusion, how are sure those are his intentions”

“Because he’s a play boy and he can’t even hide it, the last time we were at a restaurant one of his exes confronted us and said really awful things to me, I nearly lost it that day. How can I give my heart to someone like that”

“But you didn’t, he might be a play boy but he’s your play boy,don’t let this ideas get into your head”

“I feel sad, really I dont want stress for my life everything has been so peaceful before now and to top it all my boss tried to klzz me ,is like everyone is se-xually attracted to me”

“What no way, when! how”

“Yeah that was really awkward, And he’s kinda the elevator guy too everytime we’re alone in the elevator he just keeps trying to get ideas in my head or tryna klzz me…”

“Yeah you should really stop getting stuck with him in the elevator”

She chuckles ” I know right but he is a really nice guy but”

“You are with jimi, it would have been a different case if you weren’t with jimi”
Yeah but Jimi is temporary

“I guess so, and yet this same jimi wants me to go see his dad with him and I mean with all the awkwardness going on right now I’d really like to bail on that but he kinda got me committed somehow, what do I do babe”

“he freaking asked you to see his dad why would you wanna bail on something like that”

“I don’t know maybe because its too soon and I’m not prepared for such”

“Oh please no one prepares for such it’s just happens and the fact that he asked you… Damn sweetie you must be really important”

“That’s what he wants me to think and I’m not that stupid”

“Oh sweetie, you are not stupid, you’re far from that…. I understand you are just trying to put up with this relationship because of pressure or whatever but you need to know there’s no perfect guy anyway look at my husband with everything we’ve been through he still cheated on me, just go with the flow you dont have to stick with it, if it no longer convenient for you, stop looking at his faults and enjoy whatever you have now”

“Wow I feel so relived, thanks cuz”

“Yah welcome.. Do you realize this is probably one of longest phone call we’ve ever had”

“I don’t think so”

“Yeah because you did most of the talking, am so proud of cuz, you’re growing and I love you even more”

“Very funny…. I love you too”

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