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Heart on fire episode 7 – 9

💖Heart On Fire🔥
(Subtitled; Paupers in love)
📚Written By Me Authoress succy📚
❌Do Not Copy❌
💄Episode 7💄
🎲Kim nah🎲
“I don’t know what to wear”I complained scattering my old wardrobe, looking for a suitable clothes to wear
“C-mon Kim, you can go with that killer short and crop top it will suit your look”jumong yelled getting bored. He was wearing the clothes he had worn on Korea’s last festival
It was pretty cool on him and he gel his hair backward. He looks damn! Sexy.
“Oh! I can’t put them on cause I dibt have a blue boot or do you want me to wear the red one? Hell no! It’s gonno make me look weird”I rant tirelessly
“Put them on am gonno lend you my blue sneakers “he said and I yep! Rushing off to his wardrobe to put them on.
Jumong helped me in packing my hair, I drew mascara under my eyes and picked my outdated black purse. Even at that, I looked stunning.
I stepped into the club with jumong hand in hand.
“Oh! The pauper lovers are here” wun-pho voiced out with her band of strippers
“Huh! This hotel his kinda huge jumong are you sure we are gonno be able to afford a drink here?
“Yeah! He said smiling”we aren’t gonno drink much, just a bottle of vodka for the both of us” he said and I nodded as we both moved to an empty table.
“A bottle of vodka”jumong signalled the bar man and he served us immediately.
The music was loud and blaring and I felt my hips moving on its f*cking own
I love Dancing
“C-mon let’s hit the dance floor then” jumong said on seeing I really wanna dance.
We hit the dance floor and money kept flying up and down on me
Omg! Seems some big wings are clubbing here tonight
I finished dancing till I was exhausted, only to see jumong back there sitting on a bar stool
When did he get there?
Why didn’t you pick up the money jumong” I asked on seeing some stripers struggling to pick them up
“Am too gentle manly for that” he replies brusquely and I frowned
“Today is gonno be an open mic to anybody who feels like singing” the Emcee said and I stood up immediately
I walked to the podium and picked up the mic
“This song is dedicated to my forever love” I said and winks at jumong who smiled and watch on.
🎤🎵I wanna jump off the palm tree to find you🎤🎵
🎤🎵Jump pass the hills and shrubs just to find you🎤🎵
It was an hip hop song and couldn’t help dancing along.
The club was in disarray cause of the song and almost everybody hit the dance floor.
If only a band can sign me in, I will be a celebrity over night
“Hey miss”I turned to see my best hip hop singer
Omg!My Oppa…
What is he doing here?
“Your talented, give me a call” he simply said handing over his card to me before leaving to join his crew
I looked up to see jumongs hard stare
What again?
Don’t tell me he’s angry?
💄Episode 8💄
“You are fucking going no where!!!
I yelled at her, but she remained Adamant
“Listen jumong, this is my dream coming into reality, I won’t let it slip off my hand” she yelled back and I ran my hands into my hair
“Your going no where and that is final!! I yelled but she didn’t even flinch
“I don’t fucking care, my dreams comes first” she ranted storming into the room.
I can’t let her slip off my hand,never!!
She came out minutes later already in her pyjamas while I was still in my morning clothes
She moved into the kitchen,drank a glass of water and came out screwing her phone
“Listen Kim, if you don’t do as I say, then get ready to lose me” I said and she flinched
You can’t do that jumong”she said at the peak of crying
“Then watch me do it” I said and walked past her into the room.
Thank goodness!!
I had found something to blackmail her with
I can’t just allow her get so much popularity more than i
She’s always fortunate while am the unfortunate one.
I was kicked out of my home cause I couldn’t pay my rent while she had a home (her late grandma’s house)
My parents died but her dad is alone though he’s unknown
I fucking hate it!!
All thanks to the oath I had took with her.
🎲Kim nah🎲
I couldn’t concentrate at work today.
I burnt three customers meal, they had ordered luckily for me, my boss wasn’t around least it would have been deducted from my salary.
I ran into the store room dejectedly when I couldn’t hold back the tears.
I turned to see my bestie, Jiso by the store door
“And what’s those tears for? She asked walking in, but I couldn’t help sobbing the more
“Can’t remember when last I saw you cry”she giggled and stopped on seeing I wasn’t buying it “C-mon girl, tell me what’s eating you up,am your bestie remember” she coaxed and I cried the more narrating every piece of my mind to her, ranging from the love oath to the show at the club.
“Omg! You saw oppa vuo-gee?
Holy heavens! I had wanted to go clubbing last night but mum refused” she pouted making a baby face and I couldn’t help giggling
“And did you just say he blackmailed you? She asked tur ing serious. All I could do that moment was to give her a nod which I did
“This is hard to believe, jumong of all people! What has come over him? She asker rhetorically and I couldn’t stop sobbing
“You shouldn’t have done the love oath with him Kim, what where you thinking?she nagged
“I had no idea what’s it all about in the first place, I thought it will make him trust me” I cried and she patted me
“Just do as he says Kim please” she added
“I can’t jiso, I can’t let my dreams die” I cried and she continued patting me
“For the sake of your future Kim, if jumong leaves you, your done for”she said cuddling me and I kept sobbing
Night came pretty fast and in no time we had locked up
My arch enemy wun-pho had changed into a transparent ball gown, seems she wanna go stripping as usual
“Hey! I heard avd turned to see jumong
“let’s go” he added and I suddenly felt reluctant
“Am not done yet, wanna assist her in closing the shop”I said referring to jiso and he frowned
“Doesn’t she have hands? Let’s go before I run mad” he yelled
I hate seeing jumong like this..
He’s hardly angry with me
“Its okay Kim, I think you should start going I will find my way when am done” she said forcing a smile
Shit! This is gonno be the first time I would be leaving her behind at work
“Am sorry Jiso” I pleaded as jumong shoved me forcefully outta the restaurant
“What was that for?I asked getting angry already
“Don’t you ever question me” he yelled
“I have every right to question you cause we are talking about my bestie here” I yelled back
“Then go date your bestie” he said flagging down a cab. He hopped in and I did same.
I tried talking to him but he placed his Head phone over his ears
“Jumong” I called immediately we got into the house
“What” he asked glaring at me with that cute eyes of his
I miss this jumong
The one who cuddles me, who fucking gets jealous,the one who respect my wish. But all thelat changed when oppa Vuo-gee came into the picture
“Nope it all changed when that oath came into the picture”my subconscious said but I shoved it off
“Forgive me jumong am gonno be submissive again” I cried and he scoffed taking off his clothes, then he third a towel on his waist
“Really? So you know your not being submissive? He asked with a smirk plastered on his face.
I f**king hate that look on his face
“I said am sorry” I said racing up my voice a little
Gosh! He’s making me angry
“Whatever!! Go f**k your self “hr yelled
Omg! What’s wrong with him?
Don’t tell me am about to lose my 6….yea…oh! God! The oath, that’s the origin of this problems
The thought of the oath fired the spirit of pleading in me and I resume pleading with him again
“Jumong am sorry, I promuse to do any thing you ask”I cried and he glared at me
“Really? He asked
“Yeah”I replied
Wiping my teary face
“Play along with Vuo-gee” he said and I froze
“Then what?I asked in fear
“Dupe him” he said and I flinched
💄Episode 9💄
🎲kim nah🎲
I sat on a gigantic couch
Omg! This is paradise on earth
“He’s gonno be here soon ma” the guard who had led me in said
“Is he aware that am here? I asked
And the well dressed guard nodded.
“We pulled a call across to him immediately we saw you by the gate and he ordered us to let you in” he bowed and left
I couldn’t help admiring his sparkling black suit and he hat
I guess my savings alone won’t be able to buy the suit,not to talk of buying the couch I sat on.
The wall of the large sitting room was painted In a shining silver
I f**king lone this house, I stood up admiring it
“Can you please sit down and don’t mess the painting” I heard a rude voice and I turned to see oppa vuo-gee climbing down the stairs.
He looked super hot and I tried hard not to stare but he caught me and scoffed
“Poor wretch often think poorly”he said and I dekt like slamming my fingers on Hus cute face
He wasn’t rude when I met him the club, so why is he being rude now?
“I wanna sign you in a band so you can help develop those cranky voice of yours” he said
Cranky what!!!
Wasn’t he the one who called me talented
I really felt like smearing shit on his pink face
“Stop drooling miss,you kinda have nice shape and round ass, I won’t mind treating you for dinner and maybe you could warm my bed I’m return” he said smiling sheepishly and I frowned
This guy has gone but
.seems jumong was right after all I had wanted to followed my heart and join the band against jumong’s wish but since he labks self-control and mannerism,am gonno do as jumomg said
Dupe him and together we will abscond to new York for a better life
“So your gonno be signed into my band tomorrow at the new concert DH entertainment would be hosting” he said and I gasp.
“Omg! That’s way too fast”I protestedi really didn’t see that coming.
“That’s how I do my things, my driver us gonno drive you to shop for new clothes not those rat infested clothes you had on” he said and I dazzled
This guy is fuvking badmouthed from every indication he isn’t much older than I
He turned to the guard close to him
“Fetch her something to drink” he said and I wanted to turn him down but he scoffed
“Oh! Please keep your pride, I know you haven’t tasted it before”
He’s so rude
Omg! This clothes are super pretty” I screamed trying them one after the other
Finally we where done shopping and oppa vuo-gee’s driver drove me home.
I took a cab from home straight to jumong’s working place
Gosh! Curiosity is killing me, oppa said am gonno be signed into the band tomorrow
With all have seen I think am gonno join the band
Can’t wait to be stinking rich
The cab pull up at jumong’s working place and I rushed out.
The other cashiers threw glances at me as I rushed in but I didn’t bulge
All I care for
Is for jumong to allow me participate that’s all
“You are going no f**king where” jumong yelled and I felt my cheek burning up
“For goodness sake jumong I own my life not you” I yelled and his eyes burned in fury
“You ungrateful wretch” he yelled
“Your the one who’s ungrateful, I saved you from shelter, I cloth and feed you with my pay, I deserve some respect” I yelled
“Oh! Really babe it seems you’ve got some nerves
But trust me, you really won’t like what I will do if you step an inch near that vuo-gee again” he yelled and flung my bag of new clothes far from my reach.
I kept crying but he didn’t bulge…
He stopped a cab and got in with me, he took me home forgetting about his job so I won’t escape from his reach
He didn’t bother to allow me carry along my bag of new clothes
Holy heavens!!
What’s exactly his reasons for doing this.
He took me home and lock me in the room.
I cried out my eyes but he didn’t bulge, I held unto him pleading but he shoved me off and gave me the beating of my life
This boy is gradually becoming a monster
This isn’t the jumong I dated for six…sweet years
I cried nursing my bruises
🎆Next Day🎆
“Where the f*ck is this lady man? My friend cheem, the band leader yelled at me on the stage for the third time
The audience has been waiting impatiently
The Emcee had announced her for the sixth times and I thought she would walk out of the large crowd unto the stage but the bitch had not show up
This is becoming embarrassing
“Am sorry man, she would soon be here” I said but he deepened his frown
“Your suspended for five months” he yelled and stormed out while the audience gasp
This is the worst day of my life
I might end up losing my fans cause of this
“I pray I don’t come across her ever again, cause I will fucking kill her with my hands


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