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Heart on fire episode 19 – 21

💖Heart On Fire🔥
📚Written by Authoress succy📚
❌Do not copy❌
💄Episode 19💄
I was woken up by my ringing phones.
“Shit! Three at a time”
I picked the one with a silver lining on seeing mum was the caller
📱hey! Mum📱 I spoke into the phone
📱How are you doing son? You couldn’t even think of checking out on me📱she said and I rolled my eyes
📱am sorry mum, have been busy lately📱 I spoke into the phone
📱really? Busy with your new girlfriend?📱Mum asked and I could feel her stare from the other end
📱where did you get that from?📱 I asked stunned
📱it’s all over the media, your dad and I are so excited, I pray you settle down with this one, and don’t gilt her like you gilt Skyler 📱mum said and I frowned,
📱C-mon mum, I didn’t gilt her📱 I said refraining myself from yelling
.📱oh! Spare me that, when am I going to see her?📱she asked and my heart skipped
📱who?📱i asked suspiciously
📱who else, If not your little damsel📱she said and my eyes widened in shock.
Is she being serious?
📱i really don’t know, maybe when am less busy
📱okay son, I gatta go, your dad sends his regard📱she said and hung up “shit! this is getting crazy!
I slipped my feet into a white flipflop and picked up the other phone
📱good morning Sir cheem📱my managers voice flowed out.
📱 yeah, what’s the call all about?📱i asked stepping into my morning robe before going into the bathroom.
📱there’s an invitation from sir Eun-woo, he’s hosting a dinner night and your invited.📱he said
📱fine! Am gonno be there,📱i replied
📱one more thing sir, he said you can come along with your girlfriend📱
Jeez! Am so dead…..
📱hmm..yeah I will📱i said and hung up
What sort of mistake is is this?
How can I convince her to go with me?
For heavens sake, what if she has a boyfriend?
I ran my hands through my hair looking confused as ever
I walked into my large private sitting room inside my bedroom and my phones Kept buzzing
I punched the intercom in my room pulling a call across to the guards
📞Cheem on the line, come get this fucking phones of mine outta here 📞 I spoke into the intercom and hung up even before the guard could speak up
I walked into the gym in my suit before heading to my private music room.
I sat on a keyboard and held the keys softly, I switch on the electrical band and guitar then I positioned a standing mic beside my mouth
I Sang for a while before placing a call to the maids department
📞 send A girl name Kim nah to my room with my morning drink📞 I spoke into the intercom in my music room before hunging up
🎲kim nah🎲
“📱Omg! Girlfriend you are lucky” 📱jiso scream came out of my phone and I almost got deaf
“📱That’s what you think jiso but I don’t think the same, I mean what if he wants a favour back from me📱i asked walking out of the maids general rest room
📱chill Babe, he meant no harm, who knows he might fall for you📱she said and I could feel her giggling
I walked into the the large kitchen and lean by the gold colored door
📱c-Mon kim, tell me what the mansion looks like before I quit my job and BOOM! You will see me there with a kitchen cap📱 she said and I laughed almost choking
omg! I really can’t remember the last time this hard…
📱seroiosly speaking jiso, the mansion is wow!!
You need to see the interior designs, everywhere is sparking made of gold
There are tiny shiny lights on the floor
There are two swimming pool here and they are as wide as the local mall back then in Seoul.
I even heard he has is own swimming pool inside his bathroom📱 I spoke into the phone
📱The main mansion is in the heart of the estate like mansion, you won’t believe I passed through 7 gigantic gate before getting to the main mansion, this house is half heaven📱 I said and she giggled obviously happy
“Who’s Kim nah”one of the senior Cook called and I placed my phone into my kitchen apron before walking towards her
“It’s me omma” I replied
“Take this to sir cheem bedroom”she said handing me a tray with a glass of milk on it
I froze in fear and nervousness
“Omg! Am going to oppa bedroom
Am I the only maid here?
📍Episode 20 📍
🎲Kim nah🎲
Am I the only maid here?
She handed me a tray containing a jug of chilled fresh milk and a golden coloured glass cup
“Take the lift by your right straight upwards and take the fifth ground by your l…..”she was still saying when I cut her up
“I think there’s no need for that, I know his room”I said and she nodded and she continued frying the meat balls she was frying
Omg! Am going to oppa cheem’s room
What if he did this purposely to take advantage of me?
I smack my head waving out of my thoughts
I stood by the door hesitantly f I should knock or not. Suddenly the door screenshot my face and a little screen came up showing”please wait”
I was dazzled
The door opened and I got in shivering
Wow! This is Paradise on earth, I could see my reflection on the Mable tiles as I walked passed his bedroom heading to God knows where. Each time I approached a door, it keeps opening on its own.
Omg! Oppa bedroom is damn big. Looks like a house of its own
I drooped the keys of the keyboard,switch off the electric musical equipment before moving out of my music room.
I took the stairs steadily before seeing the new maid, my suppose girlfriend admiring my bedroom.
She looked pretty cute
“Hey!over here” I said motioning for her to move closer as I flung myself on a couch. She looked scared and nervous.
I f**king hate shy girls and she looked like one
Skyler was never shy and that was the main reason I had been able to cope with her. She drooped the tray of milkshakes she was holding,on a glittering silver stool before and bowed slightly
“Get ready once its 4:00 we have a dinner party to attend today,mind you,your gonno act as my girlfriend”I said taking a sip from the glass of milk with my eyes fixed on my phone, as I reply some of my company mails and messages
“Am sorry sir,I don’t think am interested in the party,beside am not your girlfriend Sir and I really can’t act like one Sir”she said and I almost choke on my drink
Such an ungrateful Wretch
“Are you being serious?
Do you have an ideal,what I did for you huh?
Do you know how heartless vuo-gee is?
He wont stop searching for 50 ways to make you die a slow and painful death in his hands
He’s a merciless killer
I f**king don’t wanna know the mess you created With him.
I saved you from him and here you are being ungrateful
You have no ideal how much fans am gonno lose if the media gets to know we aren’t dating”I said giving her a repugnant stare
“Am sorry sir”she said obviously feeling guilty
“That’s why i detest the poor,cause they have poor thinking mentality
Just because I saved you doesn’t mean you should start thinking I have feelings for you”I said refraining my self from yelling.
I waved her off,and she left .one could tell she was sober
one of my phones rang and I picked it up
📱hello baby📱
Skyler’s voice boomed out and I kept shut in shock,anger suddenly welled on me and I found myself yelling at her
📱C-mon baby am back to stay📱 she coaxed
📱listen Skyler,there’s no space left in my heart or in my house for you,so get the f**k off📱 I yell and hung uP
She thinks she can flut me around as she likes
Jeez! Such a pervent
I walked out of my bedroom sitting room,to my bathroom for a warm fruit bath…..
📍Episode 21📍
🎲kim nah🎲
I pulled of my kitchen cap and apron before moving into he bathroom inside my room for a cold’s quarter pass 4:00 already an oppa cheek has sent a guard to tell me to meet him inside the black jaguar we will be using.
I still haven’t gotten a room mate and am quite fine with that,thankfully enough the maids aren’t blabbermouth and tattletales.
I cane out of the bathroom and slip into a simple black gown. this is the best o can find in my wardrobe
I wore a black sneakers and Drew my mascara,and BOOM!! I landed beside the black Jaguar
A guard trailed behind me while another opened the car door for me.
I got into the car to see oppa cheek operating two phones at a time,he didn’t even give me more than a passing look.
He look so hot,his hair was dyed blue, he had a white simple shirt and trousers on alongside a blue sneakers that had a diamond tiger shape on it.
On his wrists were different bangles and a golden wrist watch.
the expensive rings on his fingers where more than enough to train me in college.
I stare at my self on bewildment,even a blind man himself won’t believe I am his girlfriend.
Hell no! He’s acting girlfriend
I closed my eyes lost in thoughts when the car came to a halt in front of a mall.
Wait a minute,his he going shopping for me?
I alighted from the car immediately he came out. so many securities guarded us
Perhaps him, as we moved into the mall
Ladies kept drooling on him and i wasn’t even noticed.
Oppa cheem held my hands immediately we came out of the car.
Securities rounded us,ushering us into a paradise like garden. I felt uncomfortable in the body hug skimpy white gown he ordered for me,the ladies he had instructed to dress me up,make up me so well that I doubt if if this is even Me
Different cars pulled up and celebrities upon celebrities kept stepping out ,I gasp and sometimes I had ended up screaming not until oppa cheem sent me a glare and I shut the f**k up
“Hey man”oppa Vou-gee called shaking hands with oppa cheem,he came with a pretty Lady
Perhaps she’s is girlfriend.
A white Porsche car drove in and a Lady came out of it,and I recognised her
What’s she doing here?


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