💖Heart on Fire🔥
📚Written by me Authoress succy📚.
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💄Episode 13💄



🎲Cheem- Hayoon🎲

The gate of my mansion flung open and my driver drove the car in,while I removed my headphone from my ears to pick my ringing phone

📲Hello📲 I heard my sweetheart voice from the other end

📲Hi baby, are you back in the States?📲
I asked but she didn’t reply
📲hey! Are you there?📲
I asked and she scoffed into the phone

📲Cheem, you didn’t sendthe money last night did you? 📲
She asked and I gasp.
📲oops am sorry bae, I actually got tired and slept off last night, but am gonno do the transfer right away📲
I said bring out one of my laptops to make the transfer.
📲oh! So you conscious of your self more than alone other than me,right?📲
She spoke into the phone and I laughed briefly
📲c-Mon bae, you know I love you more than I love my self📲 I replied as my driver parked the car. Inzide my estate like compound

I got into another waiting car that drove me into my mansion.
I own so many mansions,estates and pent houses and they are some specific cars I don’t allow into my main mansion as such I had to take another car to my main mansion.

📲oh! I believe you’ve been playing games with me all along am gonno show you who the real game player is📲
She said and I got confused

I kept aside the laptop o had used In transferring 15 million to her as she requested, saying she needed it for some modelling stuff.

📲c-Mon bae, you know love you📲 I said and I could feel net roll her eyes
📲you know what!, it’s over between us, don’t ever come an inch close to me bastard📲 she said and hung up

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I delt y head spinning like a coin.

My driver pulled the car to a stop and a guard quickly upended the car door for me and I came out walking briskly inside my mansion

Oh! God…why on earth did Skyler ever did this to me? I rushed into my bedroom in tears

This would be the 9th time she had broken up with me, since we’ve been dating for over 6 horrible months. And am always the one begging.

I cried so hard on remembering how have been showering her with unimaginable love,I had spent so much on her.
I cried so hard hugging the pillow to my self

I dragged my weak body off the bed and sat on my keyboard holding the keys roughly and the tears won’t stop flowing.
I pressed the keys, playing to the tune of one of my songs, trying so hard to take the pains off my heart..
🎤hold me tight🎵
🎤Never leave my hands🎵
🎤You promise tinge mine🎵
🎤Mine forever🎵
I sang and the tears rushed out.
I felt like dying

I picked up my phone and pulled a call across to Skyler and she picked up at the fourth Ring but a guy’s voice boomed out

📲listen Mr, she said you should leave herbthe fuck alone, money isn’t love, go and die with your wealth📲
The guy said and I heard skyler laughing from the other end.

I screamed and smashed the phone on the wall

Oh! Lord
I love Skyler so much, I won’t mind losing half of my wealth just to get her back.

I stood up from the keyboard, heading towards my bathroom for a shower when one of my phones ringed, o rushed to get it hoping it’s skyler.

I placed the phone on my ear and vuo-gee’s voice boomed into my ears

📲 hey man, can I join the band for the final concert?📲
He asked in a pleading tune
📲don’t get me mad at you vuo-gee, you are still on suspension for five months. So fuck off📲
I yelled smashing the phone with my fist.

I kept crying as I stood under the shower

“My life sulks”

Another of my phone kept ringing and I rushed to pick it angrily only to see my managers name on the caller ID

📲sir cheem-hayoon, the….📲

He was still saying when I cut in
📲 you all should leave me alone📲
I yelled flinging the phone to the far end of the large room

I wore my cloths and flung my jacket over my shoulder as I climb down the stairs

The guards rushed out with me
“Get me the keys to the green Porsche” I yell at my driver and be gave it to Me shakily.

O move to the car and the guards screw behind me and I shoved them aside

“But sir, its late and you can’t drive alone”one of my guard said and I pulled a slap across his face
“Who are you to object to what I say? I yell and he kept shut
“You are fired”I added and raced the car out through the numerous gates in my mansion before driving madly through the estate exit.

Oh! Lord….
I kept drinking while driving, my visions where getting blurred

All of a sudden I lost hold of the stereo.

My car screeched and ran out from the road. It somersaulted
And I slowly lost consciousness then I passed out……..

💄Episode 14💄

🎲kim nah🎲
“C-mon cheer up, am not gonno he gone forever, just a bottle of drinks and some idle talks and am done” jiso said applying lip gloss on her already shining lips and I wore a h
Gloomy face”

Living with jiso in new York is fun though have been plying the streets for weeks looking for jobs but I still couldn’t find the one that match my status.
All the jobs have been seeing are for qualified graduates.
I couldn’t even find a baby sitting job.

I felt tired and bored
Why’s it that my life always sulk?

“Help me with that hair pin”jiso said pointing at it, while she held her hair with the other hand.
I handed it over to her and she muttered a *thank you*

I looked through the room window and saw a waiting car, perhaps it’s jiso date
“I think he’s here already” i said and she yep and ran out slamming the door noisily

“Bye girlfriend”she screamed and and I nodded blowing her a kiss through the window since she’s outside already.
She looks stunning
.jiso’s job was more like a blessing
She’s the Senior cook in a classic restaurant and Right now, she’s on a blind date, seems her date actually sent his driver to pick her up.

I felt so bored and decided to take a stroll down the streets as usual, It’s something I do everyday since I landed in new York.

I dusted my gown and switch off the TV before moving out
I dropped the keys under the footmat, par adventure jiso returns before me.

I pulled out one of my wristband and band my fallen hair with it, before moving down the streets, my eyes searching for any vacancy.

I kept walking and walking,taking different routes and bend.

All of a sudden, I came across a gold laid phone on the floor, I picked it up after looking left and Right at the deserted road.
No cab was in sight

“Ahhhhh….” I heard a groan and i rushed into the nearby Bush where the sound had came from.

“Ohhh..” I gasp on seeing the cute looking guy in front of me.

A badly damaged car was beside him
One look at the car, I know it smells money

“Seems he had an accident”

I shivered cause I knew the guy was losing it
“What if the cops sight me here”i thought and picked is phone to call the ambulance
Luckily the phone doesn’t have a password

📱hello Mr cheem….📱
A voice boomed out from the phone immediately I dialled the hospital

📱there’s an emergency, 24 ace of spade road” I said into the phone, hung up and dropped the phone beside him and I ran away before someone sights me.

“Wait a minute, is that the cheem hayoon every one has been talking about?

“Like I just saw the Almighty korea hip hop singer?
The world celebrity?
Well I don’t think he’s the one” I scoffed and walked straight into the bathroom on getting home.

I walked into the shower, wore my pyjamas and fell on the bed sleeping soundly.

I heard the room door open,seems jiso is back but my eyelids were too weak for me to open them so I just slept off

💄Episode 15💄

🎲Cheem Hayoon🎲

I opened my heavy eyes slowly and I tried sitting up but couldn’t
my hand seems to be missing and I turned to my left only to see my hand bandage from my shoulder to my palm.
Luckily for me the injuries weren’t severe left for my left hand.

Memories of last night came flashing in and my tears suddenly turn into anger
“If that bitch step an inch near me Ever again, I will strangle her and send her corpse to her parents” I fumed in anger

The door of the VP bedroom like ward opened and my doctor, Dr Hasting walked in along side vuo-gee and am phin. A maid followed with a large food flask, she dropped it on my bed stool and left immediately.

“Hey man” phin called
He’s my Best friend from college and he’s also one of my singing band. He’s the last, just the three of us runs the band .

He’s wealthy though but can’t be compared to vuo-gee who’s a Money bag

“Hi cheem, what happened? Vuo-gee asked sitting beside me in the hospital bed

“Your still in suspension remember? I said and he scoffed

“It’s a good thing your fine already Mr cheem” my Doctor said
“How did I get here? I asked
“A lady actually put an emergency call to us but we couldn’t find her when our ambulance arrived, the cops found her finger prints on one of your phones and they wanna track her” he said

“Tell them to forget it’ I said and my doctor scoffed
“A girl who’s a suspect?
The cops wanna question her and….” He kept talking
He’s quite a talkative
“Do as I say” I yelled and the drip stand fell mistakenly
“Okay sir cheem” the doctor bowed and Left me to my friends

💚A month later💚
🎲 kim nah🎲

“Am nervous” i said ransacking the pile of clothes before me
“I don’t get why your nervous” jiso replied filing her toe nails
“This is gonno be my first job here in new York and am kinda scared”I replied pulling out a black gown, a white jacket and white sneakers to match
“Yea my friend is now a working class Lady”she said giggling
” oh! Please it’s just a vacancy for a maid”I said walking into the bathroom

A maid in the Almighty oppa cheem’s mansion! She said in a pretext mocking tone and I stopped on my tracks

“Omg! Is it in oppa cheem’s mansion?
I asked and she threw the newspaper at me

It’s true
Gosh!!! I can’t afford to be late”I screamed and rushed into the bathroom. Pulling the towel off my waist
“My blind date was a wretch. You need to see my old date! He has white hair allover is body and looked woe begotten.
He look rich though but he isn’t my type” jiso kept talking as I hastenly wore my sneakers and ran out

“C-mon Kim,am. Talking to you” jisi said pouting like a baby
“I promise to listen to you when I comes back please jiso, I can’t afford to lose this job” I pleaded rushing out
“Fine! Lemme see you off” she offered
“No need babe, I wanna take a cab” I blurttered flagging down a cab….



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