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Heart on fire 2 episode 3 – 5

Heart on fire
(scared in love)
written by me,Authoress succy
Do not copy
season 2
Episode 3
(am sorry about the sticker stuff guys, am still trying to fix it)
I sat in the car waiting for Kim, she came in moments later looking all stunning.
she wore a White off shoulder gown which was almost touching the ground.
she wore so many jewelries on,like i instructed her earlier on
she had on a white silleto heels
she packed her hair in a messy bum,and she didn’t wear makeup on her face
she’s damn pretty
I kept drooling at her until she tap me softly,motioning for me to move a bit, which I did and she got into the car
I kept screwing my phone pretentiously but my mind couldn’t get off her
she placed her hands on her chin looking out through the window and I kinda felt guilty for her
her looks tells she’s worried and I kept feeling am the damn cause
the maid kept our little outing box Into the boot of the car while another Maud handed a pretty white bag to Kim, bowing slightly she muttered a “thank you” to the maid and shut the car door then set her gaze back to the window
five cars drove behind us, while two cars drive in front of ours
my driver ignited the car engine and the car tyres screech out of my mansion and we hit the road, heading towards my parents house for my twin sister’s welcome party
Kim nah
I felt so nervous
oh! good Lord… hope this won’t bring me pains and sorrow
I picked up my phone to see a text from jiso
@hi girlfriend, how’s u and your hubby?@ she texted and I rolled my eyes
@stop it jiso, am not finding it funny@ I sent back and she replied immediately
@am sorry girlfriend, are you guys there already?@ she text me again
@yeah! the car just pulled into his parents estate@ I text back and took my gaze outside
its dark already and different coloured light shone from visually every where
jiso am nervous the crowd’s too much@ I text as the car pulled into a magnificent building and halted inside a parking lot
the guards piled at our door and oppa cheem gave me His hands, I placed mine on his and we climbed down from the car
“pull yourself together kim , I gotta go” she text me and I replier with a “thank you”and I gave my phone to one of the maids we had carried along
she placed the phone inside my white bag she’s carrying
“am sorry Kim”oppa cheem whispered to me but I was too nervous to voice out a respond
we walked slowly towards the large party
the crowd is much
I mean it’s tooooo much…..
a pretty faced girl screamed from the crowd and ran into oppa cheem’s arm
who the hell is she?
did she just hug my boyfriend?….
Season 2
Episode 4
* Kim nah
did she just hug my boyfriend?
oh! we rely aren’t dating
“look at you Aroha, you’ve grown taller than I”oppa cheem said and the pretty face girl turned towards me squeaking happily
“omg! she’s so pretty like mum had said”she screamed again, hugging me, I didn’t reciprocate cause I wasn’t expecting it
“c-mon sister in law, don’t you like me? she asked pouting her lips
she really looked pretty hot and friendly but she doesn’t have to act dramatic if she wanna get oppa’s attention
I felt slightly jealous, seeing her talking excitedly with My oppa
I rolled my eyes at her and ignored her
“c-mon Kim, stop being a pervert this is my twin sister Aroha, she’s playful but doesn’t like the silent treatment” oppa said and a gasp left my mouth
omg;! she’s is twinny!!!!!!
she looks so much like him
why didn’t I see that earlier on?
I guess I was blinded by jealousy
“hey! Aroha! nice to meet you” I said stretching out my hand for an handshake but she hugged me instead and ran off into the large crowd that came for her party.
she’s really friendly
oppa cheem gave me a secret thumb up and I forced out smiling face
“over there mum,there she is”Aroha pointed towards oppa cheem and I. I turned towards her expectantly
A pretty Lady rushed out of a crowd of people obviously she’s been talking to them.
she drew me into a warm embrace, kissing my cheeks that was when I recognized her to be oopa cheem’s mum.
“number she’s pretty”Ariha squeaked holding me pretty tight
“c-mon Kim, your father in law wanna see you”she said and I nodded, moving steadily behind her alongside Aroha who seems to be grinning from ear to ear
I got into a beautiful executive chamber in the mansion
the effable sight alone is worth dying for
I saw a cute looking old MSN walking towards us immediately we walked in
omg! is he oppa cheem’s dad?
“she’s here dad”Aroha ran up to her dad giving him a Peck
“baby your missing the fun outside, and guess what?
cheem’s here with his bride”his mum said holding tight to her husband
“have told him already, my fathers wife”Aroha said sarcastically and they laughed
“you are welcome dear, my son will take good care of you if you take care of him” he said smiling and we all shared a small laugh
“you better don’t hurt her cheem, she’s to pretty to get hurt”his dad said turning over to cheem who chuckled loudly with his hands on my waist….
such an actor….
Season 2
Episode 5
Kim nah
The party was long over and most if the invitees and guests had gone out.
one of the maids took me to the room am gonno be sharing with oppa cheem.
it was large and kinda beautiful, the guards and maids we had came with, arranged our luggage inside the wardrobe
I had a warm bath and wore the transparent night gown oppa cheem’s mum had sent q maid to bring for me.
I slipped my feet into a sift flipflop
and sat on a couch in the bedroom.
I played with my fingers for a while before picking up my phone to pull a call across to jiso, but her line wasn’t going
who knows, she must have gone clubbing as usual.
I really miss her so much
I was alone in the room and I felt bored. I took a walk out of the bedroom and took the stairs downward to the living room and it was quiet when I got there
I walked outside the mansion to see oppa cheem in a round table drinking with some of his friends, they kept talking and laughing excitedly
“here comes you wify” one of them said gesturing to me and oppa cheem turned smiling at me where I stood leaning on the entrance door to the mansion
“hey baby! should I come over? he asked but my mouth couldn’t fathom a word and I found myself snubbing him
I slowly walked past him to join his twin sister Aroha.
I was shy and scared, can’t imagine seeing myself sitting with oppa and his friends. they might even ask me questions and my answer might expose our disguise stuff
I got to the table Aroha sat on having a conversation with a pretty face guy
she squeaked happily on seeing me.
“hey! kim, meet mark my boyfriend and mark, meet Kim, my brothers wife to-be” she said and the guy shook warm hands with me
wife to-be?
I just don’t know what’s wrong with everybody…
“he’s about leaving before you came in” Aroha said to me and I let out a smile,
“seems am not gonno see off again as planned cause my brothers bride is here and am suppose to keep her company, so fuck off”she said playfully and the mark of a guy laughed
“good night princess, and dream of me”he said blowing her a kiss and she reciprocated showing him the f**k you sign
Skip skip skip
oppa cheem’s twin sister Aroha, kept on talking and talking
she’s more of a talk active
she just can’t stop talking
she kept telling me stories of Indian and how nervous she was when the doctors where about carrying the surgery on her
bla bla bla ……
she talks so f**king much
how was oppa cheem able to cope with her while they where kids?
she’s much older than me and I really like her personality..
she doesn’t even look sick, like one who just had a surgery
she looks strong and happy going
she did the talking while I did the listening
for more than 2hours she kept talking nonstop
I felt so tired and extremely bored and I decided to play a prank on her
that’s the only way I can get out of here
I screamed pretentiously holding my stomach


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