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Heart on fire 2 episode 15 -17

Heart on fire
(scared in love)
Written by me,Authoress succy
Do Not Copy
Season 2
Episode 15
“How the f**k did you get in here? I rasp in anger and she flinched and kept shut
“what the hell are you doing here? i asked trying hard to hold my anger
“am sorry cheem, I came to see you”she said raising up her head to meet my gaze
“oh! really?
your stalking me all in the name of paying me a visit?
your sneaking into my house disguise as a maid?
I could get the cops at you, you know! I yelled and she flinched again
“am sorry cheem,I just don’t want any body to notice I came to see you, most especially your dumb girlfriend”she said and I rolled my eyes ignoring the DUMB in her words
I felt like killing her,isn’t she the same bitch that broke up with me A year ago?
the same bitch that made me had a terrible accident?
“C-mon Cheek,I know you love me,lets keep the past behind”she said taking her lips in walking seductively towards me,closing the gap between us
“listen Skyler, I have no idea how you f**king get in here but I want you to get the hell outta here” I said clenching my teeth
“oh! please” she rolled her eyes at me in anger
is she okay?
“I don’t beat ladies Skyler, so don’t force me into doing it cause you won’t like the monster in me” I yelled gulping nervously
Kim must not see us together
I don’t want her to adapt into the thought that am cheating or something
luckily we are on a lonely passage ,with no one in sight not even a maid
“what’s wrong cheem?
don’t tell me your doing all this cause of that ugly thing you call a girlfriend” she rasp
that words alone burst the bubble in me
“her hair us ten times prettier than your face”I yelled and she feign crying
can’t believe I ever dated this slut
“listen loud and clear Skyler, it I ever go in there and come back to see your shadow any where around this mansion,I will pluck out your eyes” I yelled in anger
I turned and walked back into the bedroom in anger
I sat on the stool in the bar stand inside my room
f**k heavens
that witch ruin my day
I just need a hot drink to shove my mind off that bitch
can’t believe she had the nerve to return
I ran out of the mansion using the secret entrance
jumong had paid a maid to sneak me into the mansion
I pulled off the f**king maid attire and placed it where the maid had asked me to drop it when am done
mission unaccomplished
how the f**k did cheem got to see me?
and that f**kimg maid actually said oppa cheem isn’t around
I lamented pulling my trouser and crop top on before putting on my jacket and sneakers
I quickly walk out of the dilapidated building before some miscreant will get hold of me
how in earth an i gonna get my cheem back?
f**k that Kim of a girl
if only I can get hold of her,I will strangle her
I pull off the cloth I had covered my car with inside a thick bush
can’t believe I failed
I hop into my car and rode off
“how on earth did I fail this life time quest
I think I have to play a smart one on jumong
I really need that money for my upcoming model show
I gat no money for my makeup and parade clothes
I hit the stereo in anger
bringing out my phone to pull a call across to jumong to meet me in our secret guest house
Season 2
Episode 16
I walked into the guest house alone,making sure none of my guards where in sight
I pulled off my face mask and walked into the room without knocking
“how was it?I asked Skyler who just walked out of the bathroom and had a towel on
“c-mon jumong,be gentlemanly, you didn’t even knock before you stormed in”she replied wearing a seductive look
“how was it Skyler? save my time”I cooed and she smiled
“trust me!
it went well,she would be dead by now”she said smiling
“nice job” I said giving her a thumb up
“Where’s the money? she asked with a frown
“it’s on its way” I said and she smiled walking closer
“while waiting for it,lets get down to business”she said pulling off her towel and winks at me while I returned with a smile
*”she pulled off her towel, making it fall off her waist
she walked up to me pulling off my trousers while I pull off my shirt
she brought out my d**k from its hideout and placed it on her mouth
I moaned silently as she licked on my d**k cap,she’s pretty good in d**k sucking but suzy-yue is the boss in it.
I aren’t surprise Skyler’s a horny bitch cause she’s a secret pornstar
I shove my d**k into her mouth and it hit the back of her throat
while I moan in pleasure deep still throating her
I cum heavily on her mouth and she licked them up
she lay on the bed afterwards
signalling me to come over,which I did
she parted her legs and her pink goodies came into view
it was well shaved and all pink,her juice drip on the bed, she was damn wet..
such a slut…
I pulled the duvet over our body before pulling her to myself,kissing her roughly
she threw her legs in between mine and her p***y came in contact with my erection and I lost control
she kept moaning in pleasure as I tease her clit,pleading for me to thrust in
I smooch her b**bs in my hands
squeezing them roughly
yeah !
she kept moaning loud
luckily for us the guest house us located in an hideout and the rooms are all soundproof
she kept moaning into my mouth while I kiss her and used my tongue in trailing kisses over her body
she gasp as I blew air into her clit she jerked up and down and finally cum but I was damn hard and she wasn’t satisfied either,
I massage her clit and she pulled me closer fingering my breasts same time trailing kisses down my abs
I plunged a finger into her V
I plunged in two more fingers and she moan madly
I pulled my fingers off her clit and she lick her juice off my fingers
such a bitch!
i made her kneel in front of me and I plunged into her roughly
while she kept moaning in ecstasy
the pleasure of s*x overwhelmed me and I shove in my full size riding her roughly like mad
this is damn good
I kept riding her roughly,pulling in and out of her and our skins made smacking sounds
I lifted her legs up to her face
having a clear view of her hobey pot
I thrust into her again and she kept moaning, saying all sort of nasty words as I hit her G-spot
thrusting deep into her
she finally cum splashing warm cum on my face
she began squirting,messing the bed sheet
I pulled out of her still damn hard and carried her onto the couch in the room
face broke on our faces, irrespective of the Air condition in the room
I made her kneel on the couch and thrust into her a*s from behind
she moan in pleasure holdings the couch four support
“this is gonna be your last s*x bitch,so enjoy while it last” I thought silently
I pulled out of her minutes later and cum on the couch while she lick them up
I walked towards the bed in a bid to pick up my trousers when she shove me into the bed
she jerk up my d**k before placing it on her passage
she lay on me, riding me super
such a s*x freak
she lay on the bed breàthing hard
“the money will soon be here”I said reaching for my trouser pulling out a pocket knife from it
she kept fingering herself with her legs apart
I dug the knife deep into her tummy and she gasp in pain
bitch! I spat on her corpse
rest in peace along side Kim,motherf**ker…I added with a smirk
“come and get her corpse and dispose it near cheem’s Mansion” I spoke into the phone
I walked out after wearing my clothes and mask
“She thinks she’s smart
well am the game player and I decide who wins”I smirk happily
suzy-yue will be next after sigñing her companies in my name…..
Season 2
Episode 17
I walked into my bedroom dead drunk…
I can’t believe I drank so much cause of that b*tch
but it was only two bottles of vertigo I took,
just two..
well I know vividly that alcohol and I aren’t friends
I walked into the room or perhaps I flew, cause I really don’t know how the f**k I landed in the bedroom
my visions where blur and my dead seems too heavy for me,like I was carrying the whole of new York on it.
I turn on the light and my eyes landed on Kim’s Exposed laps showing off from the nightie she had wore
what sort of temptation is this?
I tried taking my eyes away but my f**king eyes just don’t wanna obey me
I felt so hot
if only I could get into those hot legs of hers
too bad,the oath is posing as an hindrance,can’t wait to get it all done with so in can start taking my place in between her legs
I walked into the bathroom for a cold shower, perhaps it’s gonna ease my sudden hotness
I came out of the bathroom shortly with my night robe on,I staggered towards the bed lamp and deem the light into a red sleeping light before I lay beside her
her butt stare at me on the face and I felt discomfort in my d**k area as it suddenly sprung up on it’s own.
I just couldn’t help it
I slipped my hand into her nightie and smooch her a*s slowly
I aren’t suppose to be doing this, but I couldn’t help it,
the drink is really taking a bad effect on me.
I withdrew my hand from her nightie but forces I couldn’t control made me shove my hand back into her nightie
I shouldn’t have drank vertigo
vertigo your a bastard..
I felt a hand on my butt but shove the thought away,
perhaps am hallucinating
I fleet my eyes open when a hand began fuddling with my b**bs
I was surprised to see cheem,looking stone drunk
I shove his hands off my b**bs in fear
“stop it cheem, you know what’s gonna happen if we do this,please” I pleaded frantically
I can’t bare to lose him
have grown so addicted to her that a day without him is Luke a month
“good! lords..”
I felt like crying as he pinned me to the bed
“c-mon Kim,let me into this hit legs of yours am h*rny already” he said pleading like a baby
“noo cheem, it’s not now,please I don’t wanna lose you,I can’t bare to lose you cheem please I love you”I pleaded already crying
“I love you more Kim,but I can’t help it,your damn sexy”he pleaded placing his lips on my right b**b
“oh! please cheem don’t do this,I don’t wanna lose you, I will suffer if you live me cheem please”I found my self crying,I tried shoving is hands off me but I just couldn’t
gosh! he’s so strong
am no match for him
he got hold of my p*nties and rip it off
don’t tell me he really wanna do it?
good lords!
if he dies,I will suffer, I might even cool off my ass in jail
I kept battling with him as he forced my legs open, getting in between them
this isn’t the cheem I know!!
what the f**k made him drunk?
this is the first time am seeing him drunk
“cheem please stop it, my life ends the moment you die”I cried and felt him thrust deep into me,riding me pretty fast
omg! he did it!!
am doom……!!!
oppa cheem,why……?
so like play like play, we wan chop u and Skyler burial rice?
luv y’all


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