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Heart of a beast Episode 9 & 10

(Love is the word💓)
BOOK 2 📚
❤Kayla’s POV❤️
I stared at Jake, shaking my head lightly..
“Will you get your hands off my girlfriend’s, dude?” He asked Melvin with a deep frown.
I couldn’t complete my s£ntence before he jerked Melvin’s palm off mine, caught by surprise my gaze flung to Melvin and I saw him gulping the meat in his mouth quickly, almost before the moment our hand got dis£ngaged.. I shot Jake a stare.
“And who do you think you are to touch her?” He asked, his brows narrowing completely. “She’s taken, okay?”
“I know” Melvin answered with a shrug.
“Yeah so back off and keep your filthy hands to yourself!” he yanked at him.
“Jake stop it. He’s just a friend and we’re eating!” I interrupted.
“So I should leave?” He asked.
“Yes. If you know table etiquette then you’d know that it’s improper to interrupt a meal” I said.
“And I’m being improper by telling an @sshole to stop touching my girlfriend?” He asked and I shook my head.
“We’re eating Jake for Pete’s sake, we’ll talk about this later but please let us eat for now” I said and he gave me a look with his l!ps twitched.
“Alright, fine!” He surrendered, giving Melvin a death glare, he turned and walked away.
I sighed before facing my meal, I looked up and took Melvin’s palm again.
“Ain’t you worried about your boyfriend?” He suddenly asked.
“No. I’m more worried about lying in a casket like box and not being able to get out of it” I said but I was still a bit restless.
“I’ll understand if you’re worried or sad that he saw us.. I mean our hands-
“Why don’t you just have more meat?” I Forked a piece of meat into his mouth and he chewed, giving me a look. “And besides which normal human beings eats their meat and throws the rice away?”
“Me?” He smiled.
He swallowed the meat. “Not that I can’t eat the rice but this,” he points to the meat “Tastes more satisfying and less distasteful” he said, taking another meat.
“Oh well.. I was thinking, should we watch a movie after school at my place?”
“A movie?” He repeated “Yeah sure it’s been ages since I saw one,I mean since I became different” he said.
“Well you’ll see one today; it’ll help in your journey too” I said and he nodded with a smile.
I brought out the set of old movies from the set drawer, the packs were starting to get worn out.. It’s been ages since I watched a movie last.. I walk to Melvin and sit beside him.
“Here.. They’re mostly old movies tho, I haven’t been much of a movie person lately, mom bought new ones and they’re really nice” I said, watching him go through the films like he understood nothing of what it said.
“So what’s your favorite movie?”
I asked.
“Um.. The chipmunks!” He squeals.
“Alvin and the chipmunks?” I asked surprised, he nodded “really? You like that?” I asked and he nodded.. I rolled my eyes.
“Yeah.. Who doesn’t?” He asked.
“Well me.. I mean it’s a very absurd series.. How can chipmunks talk? It’s so childish and stupid” I said.
“Well only you think that! My sis loves the movie too. She likes Theodore cos he’s calm and innocent while I like Simon cos he’s a genius” I said.
“Well you both have such lame taste. But we’re not watching that cos I don’t have it here but we can watch this” I said giving him a movie.
“Titanic?” He rolled his eyes.
“Yeah.. It’s a great movie!” I said and he shrugged. “It’s very emotional too, it’ll be a great start for you” I said.
“Um okay” he nodded.
I took the movie and played it then paused it before it could start.
“I’ll get us some popcorns first!” I said and walked to the kitchen.
I opened the microwave and made to take out the bowl of popcorn but it was hot for my palm, so I reached for the oven gloves and was about putting it on before Melvin walked in, holding my phone that was ringing.. I took it from him, setting the gloves aside on the counter.
“Please, take the popcorns out, will you?” I told Melvin and he nodded before walking away while I moved out to answer mom’s call..
“Hi mom?” I said.
“Hey honey? How’re you?” She asked.
“I’m okay and you?” I asked.
“Oh I’m good.. Are you back from school?”
“Yes I-
I had barely completed my word before I heard a loud sound and a scream..
“Honey are you okay? Did something happen over there?” I heard mom’s voice and I dashed back to the kitchen to meet the popcorns scattered all over the floor, the China dish broken and Melvin’s palm as red as a tomato with burns..
My eyes widen as they moved from Melvin to the floor.. I looked at the counter and found the gloves still there and untouched..
Ahh geez!!
“Kayla?” Mom’s alarmed voice almost made me jerk.. “What the heck happened?!”
🎄Kayla’s POV🎄
“Um.. It’s nothing serious, a dish just fell off and broke” I said to Mom. “It’s nothing to worry about actually”
“I hope you didn’t get hurt?” She asked.
“Yes. I’m okay” I said. “I need to pack it up so I’m hanging up”
“Okay honey, I’ll give you a call before nightfall” she said.
“Okay. Bye” I hung up and left the phone on the counter before rushing to Melvin who was s√¢king his pain in.. I understood what had happened so I quickly put his burnt palm under the tap and turned the faucet.
“Leave it to cool. I’ll pack this first” I tell him before bending. “And next time when you want to take something hot from the oven or a g@s.. You use those” I pointed to the gloves and he nodded.
“Normally I wouldn’t have felt this but you’re right here, so I felt it and it hurts like crazy” he said and I sighed before sweeping off the broken plates and the scattered popcorn into the wastebasket.
Melvin and I walked into the woods and took the easier and less stressful route to his domain. He ate a great portion at my house and still more when we got to his and yeah, it’ll surprise you that Melvin felt no emotion at all after the movie, his face was completely blank as he ate his popcorn, while me on the other hand that has seen the movie for almost a dozen time was almost at the verge of tears, I just sniffed it off at intervals.
I stayed with Melvin until it was almost morning, having nothing else to do.. I went home and found missed calls and texts from Jake, feeling heavy and lazy, I fell on my bed and dosed off.
The next morning, I got to school and Melvin was already seated on his chair beside mine.
After a brief greeting, I settled down. Soon enough, the day’s work began.
Melvin and I left for the cafeteria during lunch period and I left to get our meals while he stayed back, I got him a beef snack while I ordered a hamburger and a coke.. I left the stand to our seat and found our tables occupied by a group of girls which I recognized closely.. The popular schoolgirls; one of my worst school terrors.. I made to reverse and give them privacy before they notice me but it was too late, I heard Melvin calling out my name.. I bit my lower l!p and my eyes shut to prevent me from crying out as I turned and head to them with a faux smile.
“There she is!” Melvin suddenly said and I noticed a card in his hand.
“She?” Kira asked with a disgusted look at me.
“Yeah.. I’m sure she wouldn’t say no, right Kayla?” Melvin asked.
“Like she has ever been to something so spectacular” Delia shrugged, rolling her eyes.
“No.. I’m not taking lowlifes to my party” Kira said to Melvin who frowned at them.
“Lowlife?” He repeated “well, I’m sorry but if Kay isn’t coming then I’m not” he said, stretching the card in his hand to her.
The tray was hurting my head but my curiosity wouldn’t let me put it down.
“Seriously? Is she your girlfriend or what?” Gina asked.
“You’re joking right?” Kira asked.
“I’m not!” Melvin replied.
“Look, you might not know this cos you’re new but getting this invitation to my birthday party is like the biggest honor you can ever get in this school.. You should be celebrating and besides, why’s she so important to you?”
“She just is. And if she’s not coming to your honorable party then I’m not coming” he said and I saw the girls frown deepen as they stared at him. Kira stared at me, giving me an eye signal to refuse.
“Um Melvin.. It’s okay, you can attend if you want to, don’t worry about me.. I’m fine” I smiled at him.
“No! We have to go everywhere together remember.. So if you’re not going then neither am I” he said adamantly.
“Ugh! So much for being hot” I heard kira mumble “Fine!” She sighed “here,” she threw an invitation card at me and it dropped on the tray. “I’ll be expecting you,” she told Melvin before walking out with the rest of her crew who didn’t fail to give me a glare as they walked by.
~~Kira’s POV~~
“I can’t believe you girl.. How can you even invite that nerd?” Gina asked as we marched down the hall..
“Seriously, I’m as surprised as you are Gin.. I was so speechless back there” Delia added.
“You both saw it.. He isn’t going to come if I hadn’t invited her”
“Seriously? And you need him that badly at your party that you had to invite a nerd? The worst of them at that?” Delia asked.
“Yes. Look, my party will only have the best people and you know how hot that guy is.. He’s like two hot guys in one, think of how much more popularity I’d get if the school knows that he’s attending and it’d mean a whole lot to me too, he’ll finally notice me and move off that frog he hangs around with”
“Really.. What more popularity can you get?” Gina said with a frown
“Be honest girl, you’re not doing this for the popularity, you’re doing it cos you have a crush on him and can’t tell him cos it’d make your ego less and you only want him to notice you” Delia said and I gave her a snotty look.
“You’re not completely wrong tho but I don’t have a crush on him, you know me Gee, I can’t approach a guy first.. What I feel is just mere lvst that can be satisfied in a day which is after the party” I said.
“Well with what I saw back there, I don’t think that dude has anything on for you. He seem pretty close and stuck with that girl”
“Not too stuck for me. If he doesn’t do it naturally then he’d do it the other way, don’t worry about that girls, after the first, he’d want more and completely forget about her. I mean I wonder how he couldn’t have noticed any of us all along but that nerd but it’s about to end and I have it all planned out already.. He’d never be able to resist it” I said, revealing a lopsided smile.
“What’re you talking about?” Gina asked giving me a suspicious look.
“You’ll find out about it tomorrow” I said, leaving the smile on.
“No’re not” Delia gave me a shocked expression..
“Oh Yes I am and I’ll succeed with or without her”


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