Heart of a beast Episode 2 & 3

(Love is the word💓)
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His ha-rd gr-unts echoes loudly in the depth of the woods. He struggled; struggled effortlessly to get himself out of the tra-p that had caught his tail and pinned it to a sharp point.. ma-king blood spill from the wound..
He looked at the farmer, his tormentor, giving him a mockery look as he ti-ght£ñed the tra-p more, ma-king him feel more excruciating pain, it was what the farmer expected but he felt nothing .. The chains cutting de-ep into his beastly flesh.
As much as he wants to help himself and devour this human whose blood wouldn’t st©p salivating him, he couldn’t. He had vowed not to kill anyone else after the first one.
If only this human would un-derstand and simply re-lease him. Using his powers would only increase his urge and make him more irresistible to this humans blood.. It made his throat dry as his stench hit him again, he gro-an ed.. Fighting the urge and trying to help himself.
If only he would un-derstand, re-lease the tra-p and save himself.
The urge grew powerful, accompanying it’s strength with a de-ep stab of hunger and severe want.
“H..elp me” he gr-unts to the man, thick red lines ran as veins on his hairy n£¢k.. His hunger leveling higher.
“Hah!” He mocked.. Moving closer to him..
No! No don’t do that.
plea-se don’t. Don’t come any closer!
His insides pleaded since he couldn’t voice out anymore word without charging forward to the tasty meal he was being offered.. The man kept walking toward him, few steps away, he st©pped. Then took another step and another..
I can’t help you if you keep doing this! St©p coming closer you goddamned human!!
His insides yelled at him but he took yet another step. ma-king the beast helpless and intensifying his urge ra-pidly.. To ra-pid to fight off anymore.
Now he was only an inch close to him,..
“I alre-ady called the cops, they’ll be here any second from now to get you and guess what.. I’ll be awarded greatly and there’ll be so much fame with it, I’ll be a hero while you’ll be taken away to be killed so re-leasing you is not happening!” He said, pu-lling his head closer to his face. His breathing c@m£ out as heavy gr-unts as all his urge explodes..
“R..ru..run” he tried to warn him for the last time.. His strength failing off as he talked.
He didn’t complete his statement before the beast to-re himself loose for the tra-p and dashed toward him, at once he gr@bb£d his head, bit de-ep into his n£¢k and svçkhungrily at his blood.. He su-cked, su-cked and su-cked more until p@rt of his urge has been satisfied, he felt his strength renewing and he pu-ll-ed away from the lifeless human.. On his knees, he cried out pathetically “NO!!” In sadness, anger and regret.
But he couldn’t help himself, it was his b©dy but not his property.. He was owned by something more stronger, more powerful.. In the next minute he was back to the b©dy, gulping hungrily at the blood, su-cking like his whole life depended on it. When was the last time he had taken a fresh blood like this one before.. Tears crawled out of his eyes, feeling helpless, satisfied and sad at the same time but he kept gulping in the blood.. After this, he nee-ds to find a safer place next.
📚Kayla’s POV📚
. . .
Mr Dennis walks out of the clas-s after giving us an exercise that was to be submitted in his next period. Students troop out of the clas-s to the pas-sageway.
I manage to look up and I saw Billy, Shane and Zachary; Andrew’s close friends and goons.. They were walking towards my seat.
I stood up immediately, gr@bb£d my books and tried to walk out when a palm shoved me r0ûghly back to my seat. With a heavy breath, I pu-ll-ed my glas-ses back on my eyes and shift away from them, squee-zing myself at the corner of the chair.
“Are you going to report us too?” Shane asked, sitting on my desk and facing me but I kept my head down..
“What? Cat got your lousy ton-gue now?” He asked again and I gulped down nothing..
“Isn’t she that detective daughter.. The one that got transferred here from Seattle?” Zach asked.
“Of course. The old pvzzyin charge of the beast case. For your mom to be given such a task, she must be one really competent woman and I think a little of that p@rt ru-bbe-d off on you so why are you suddenly hiding it?” Billy ch!pped in.
“Competent?” Shane repeated in a mocking tone and accompanied it with a laugh of mockery too. “Don’t worry, her failure would be the funniest thing you’ll ever witness. Since she bec@m£ in charge, the crises got worse and I’m very sure, she’ll be the next one to go” he mocked.
“No.. She won’t!” I said, my head still down.
“Whoa! I finally got her to talk” Shane said. Obviously in Andrew’s abs£nce he’s the substitute.
He gr@bb£d me up by my shi-t’s collar and made me look at his face, I felt the hurt on my n£¢k.
He wore a sm-irk, a deadly one and when I looked up.. The entire clas-s had their eyes on us.. He pushed me carelessly to the wall and I hit my back on it, landing to the floor on my bu-tt. I pick up my glas-ses that had fallen off and quic-kly pu-ll it on, to at least be forewarn of whatever was coming next.
As he marched toward me, one of his friends held him back and whisper something to his ear, he nodded, gave me a hateful glare and walk out of the clas-s.
I sighed out in relief as he pas-sed me, his friends followed behind. I stood up and dust my bu-tt, I walked back to my seat and wince suddenly. I quic-kly checked the hand that hurt and saw a small cut on my wrist.. It must have happened when I fell but right now I can’t risk going to the school nurse.
I took out a handkerchief from my p@n-t pocket and wiped the blood that stayed at the t©p of the wound, I tied it around my wrist..
After the next two periods, lunch break c@m£ next and I stayed on my seat as usual, waiting until almost half of the clas-s were out. I stood up and walk out, taking my books along.. I reach my locker and dump my books in it. I gr@bb£d my apple, the bottled water and a history book. I took the stairs to the hallway and instead of the cafeteria I used the bench and re-ad while eating..
After the meal, I went to the school nurse and got my cut cleaned and wra-pped. I walk back to clas-s for the next period.
During closing hours, I used the bus home. Getting home, I checked the driveway but mom’s car wasn’t parked there.. She isn’t home.
I walk to the porch, gr-ab the house key and in-sert it into the keyhole.
I walk into the house and after leaving my backpack on the chair, I notice a bit of change in the house. My gaze moved to a note on the coffee table, I stretch and took it..
**Hi honey. I’m sorry, I have to leave again, something big c@m£ up at work but I’ll be back before the day ends, it’s a promise. I won’t fail you this time. I made you lunch before leaving.. I miss you a lot. Much love. Mom**
I finish re-ading the note and I left it on the couch before gr-abbing my backpack and standing up.
Leaving my bag on my be-d, I took off my Sk-irt that was alre-ady dirty from all the falls I encountered in school. It’s a good thing Shane and the others didn’t give me anymore trouble before school ended. Though I didn’t know why but I was relieved all the same. I would’ve been way more mushed up than this.
I pu-ll-ed into a sweatp@n-t and wore my fl!pflops after taking my shoes off.
I dish some food for myself in the kitchen and ate it on the dinning, watching a TV programme.
After the meal, I washed the dishes and sat on the couch, focusing on the educational program being displa-yed on TV.
If only Tracy was here with me, it’d be more fun around here than now.. It’s been a while since I paid her a visit last. I checked the time, it was few minutes past five. I rush to the garden and pluck out a rose flower. gr-abbing the keys to my bike, I lock the house door and hop onto my bike, leaving the flower at the front basket.. in-serting the key in the ignition. I started the bike and drive off to the cemetery, into the woods where my sister’s remains had been dug into.
I parked outside and took out the key from the ignition, I c@m£ down and gr-ab the rose flower.
I walk into the woods to where the cemetery was located.. Amidst the other two graves of people that had been killed by the beast, I sight Tracy’s isolated at a far end. It might sounds crazy but this cemetery was made only for the people whose death were caused by the beast, it’s a sort of tradition and only I know that Tracy grave shouldn’t be among these two.
I walk over to her stone and first placed the rose flower on the sand before running my hand on the smoothness of the carved stone.. I smiled sadly as sad memories flock to my head..
She would still be with me if only she had listened to me.. If only she had stayed when I told her to.
I shut my eyes, trying to push back the memories of her tragic death. My eyes flung open immediately when I heard a gr0@nclose by. I looked around for a pres£nce but I found none. I was all alone in the woods. I’m pretty sure that I heard something and I was fully as-sured when the gr0@nc@m£ again. This time very close by but it didn’t st©p.
I trailed the sound and it led me behind Tracy’s grave. My brows c0cked when I sight a guy resting on it, his gro-an s continued..
“Hello?” I said and his eyes dart to me immediately, something flashed throu-gh it for a second and he stood up. His iris exceptionally blue, very blue.
He stood up, his expression blank but his gaze not leaving me..
“What were you doing over there?” I asked when he said nothing. My gaze roamed him and a loud g@sp escaped from myl-ips when I saw holes in his b©dy, small bullet holes with blood gushing out of them.. I looked back at his face but his expression was still blank, no sign of pain..
My brows furrowed in confusion as I looked back at his b©dy, I counted the bullet holes and they were seven.. Including one in his che-st and and another in his lung but he’s still here. Standing like nothing is wrong..
“Were you sh0t?” I asked, to be sure if they were really bullet holes even though the gushing blood said so..
“Ahh!” He suddenly yelped in pain like he just started feeling the pains of the injuries.. His gaze sh0t up at me quizically.
“Wait.. You didn’t notice or what?” I asked, freaking out.. But he yelped again, coll@psing to the floor this time, I quic-kly rushed to him.
“Hey! Look at me.. I’ll call for help okay?!” I as-sured even though I very much know that be can’t survive it.. I mean which sane person can survive seven bullets in their b©dy?? Definitely not a guy that looked nothing more than twenty.
Anyways, I reached for my phone in my back pocket and turned it on.. He gro-an ed again and I squat beside him, still dialing the emergency line.
“Blood!” He g@sped so loudly that it affected my ears and I gave him a look and almost immediately he gave me a cold and surprised glance.
“Why am I bleeding!?” He asked and my face twitched at him.. Is he a psycho or what, why wouldn’t he bleed? ..
He gro-an ed again “Why do I feel p-pain” he stuttered at the pain.
Hello..you got sh0t seven times, were you expecting to feel good or see tomato jui-ce??
“I think the question should be how and why you got sh0t seven times” I said, hearing the emergency number ring..
“W-who are you?” He growled at me.. “What’re you doing to me!? Arrgh!” He gro-an ed in pain again and started to fall, I quic-kly reached out to help him and as I t©uçhed him I felt the extreme coldness of his b©dy, just like ice.. His eyes closed after I held him but the shock look on his face didn’t leave. I checked his pulse and felt nothing.. No single heartbeat.
The phone kept ringing without an answer.
I took it off my ear and tried to turn it on but it was dead, I had a flat battery. My brows furrowed even more and I placed the phone back on my ear.. It was ringing!…
(Love is the word💓)
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He ran as fast as his legs could bear, swooping past tall trees and dodging thick br@nches that stuck out of them..
His sharp ears caught the sound of the moving vehicle speeding up to meet him. He t©uçhed the shoulder where a bullet had met but he felt nothing.. When he gets settled he’d heal it. It didn’t matter..
He just kept on going as fast as his legs could carry, one things he’s positive about is the fact that these people that were after him wouldn’t get to him but he still couldn’t take the risk.. His foot dash against a stone and he tumble, using it to his advantage and getting up. His speed intensifying.
A gunsh0t reached his ears.. The bullet flew past him..
“quic-kly, we have to divide!. You guys, take this way and you, to that way!!” She dished the orders like an expert and with his super s-en-se of feeling.. He felt himself In the middle of the gang, none of them having a faltered step.. If he had been a beast then he wouldn’t be here, within an eye twi-nkling he’d have been faraway, so far that they would hear nothing, not even the echoes of his steps.. But he’s a human and p@rtly, he’s acting like one.
But even at that, he knew they’d never be able to meet up with him, but maybe having a little fun with them wouldn’t be bad. It’s been a while since he’s had such.
They’ve been on the race for hours, he didn’t know how many but it was much. The sun was out and he recollect how the cops had seen him but he was relieved that it wasn’t in this form.
He flared up when he heard the heavy footsteps and tyres screeches getting really closer, he had been too far in his thoughts and had given them the chance to get closer, they had used it to their advantage.
As he made to take a turn into the furthest p@rt of the woods.. Sounds of gunsh0ts rang out in the air like annoying loud music, some of them tou-ching him.
🌈Kayla’s POV🌈
The phone sli-pped from my hand out of fear.. I pu-ll-ed away from it and look back at the dead b©dy in my arm who’s eyes were now creepingly opened and fixed on me.. His p@n-ting c@m£ out really ha-rd and I felt it’s coldness on my skin.. His eyes stayed on me.. I looked down at his wounds, his shi-t was soa-ked in blood and it dr!pp£ddown to his p@n-t.
“Who are you?” He asked within heavy p@n-ts.. His voice cold and shriveling.
He’s lucky to still be unconscious, probably he has really great guardian angels. I could swear I didn’t feel any heartbeat back there and as much as the question still burned my mind, I was relieved this stranger didn’t die on me. Heaven knows I didn’t sign up for this.. I don’t even have the slightest idea on how to handle a bullet wound talk more of seven!
“I’m Kay and don’t worry, I’ll try to get some help. You just save your breath” I told him. Stretching with shaky hands to get a hold of my phone. He sl@pped it out of my hands as soon as I picked it.
I gave him a questioning look and saw him trying to get off my hold.. Unable to, he gave me a questioning look.
“A little help.. plea-se?” He murmured, his voice constantly cracking. His eyes held so much pain and he was trying frantically to hide it..
I held him, ignoring the sparks that followed as my hand left his skin and made contact with it again.. I’m sure he felt it too because he suddenly shivered at my t©uçh.
He left me and stood on his own, limping to balance himself on his feet.. Without a word, he turned and started walking away..
“Wait.. You nee-d to go to a hospital. I don’t think you’ll last up to a minute if you keep forcing yourself to move! You’re wors£ning the wound!” I yelled and he st©pped and tilt his head at me.
“I can manage” he said.
“Okay you don’t have to br@g or try to act all strong and energetic. You really nee-d help” I said and I really don’t know why I’m being concerned about him. He looks like a ha-rd headed person. He’s in pain and still rejecting help..
Who does that??
“I said I’m fine,” he repeated coldly “I’ll show you when we meet again” he said and turned, limping away.
Wait.. Did he just smile at me or am I seeing things?
I sigh. I turned and picked up my phone from the ground and when I turned back to see how far he had gone, I didn’t see him. I strain my n£¢k but he was nowhere in sight.. I tilt my head left and right but didn’t find him.
That was quic-k.. And strange.
I looked at how messed up my b©dy was, my clothes had blood on them, lots of blood. I shake my head at the mess and walked out of the cemetery after giving a last glance at Tracy’s grave.
I walked to my bike, hopped on it and started for home.
Once inside, I took my clothes off and had a long bath, scru-bbing my b©dy over and over again.. Getting any spec of his blood off my skin.
‘I’ll show you when we meet again’ his words repeated in my head.
How is he sure we’re going to meet again?? I find myself worrying about him.. I hope he’s okay.. I st©pped scru-bbing and sigh.. Seven bullets isn’t something anyone survives, it’s rare to find survivors but him.. He sounded so sure and besides, what actually led to him being sh0t.
If he got sh0t seven times then whoever the shooter was wanted to kill him.. But why and who?? And why did suddenly walk away so fast..
I shook my head, shaking the thoughts off vigorously.
He’s a stranger, I shouldn’t feel disturbe-d about him. He refused my help and acted stubborn, if he died then well, he kinda deserves it with all that br@gging and pride. I scoffed and went back on washing my b©dy.
I pu-ll-ed into an evening dress and walk to the living room, I glance at the time.. It was past six.
I gr-ab an apple and a cu-p of milkshake before walking to the living room.. I sit on the couch with a geogra-phic book and began re-ading while having my light dinner.
I woke up when I felt something warm and soft ru-b against my cheek, I tilt my head to see mom and she smiled at me. I sat up and ru-bbe-d my eyes before looking properly at her.
“Hi baby” she said, sitting beside me.
“Hi mom. Wasn’t expecting you this ear-” my voice trail off when my gaze landed on the wall clock. My gaze snapped at mom and she nodded.
“It’s ten-thirty” she said my mind.
Geez.. I’ve been sit-slee-ping for almost four hours.
I glance at the table and realize that the milkshake glas-s and the leftover of the apple I ate had been taken away.
“Come-on honey, you should go to be-d, you have school tomorrow morning” she said. “You’ll tell me all about your day tomorrow”
I stood up and cladded my feet back into my flops.
She walked me to my room and tucked me in. I noticed she was still dressed in her work clothes. A pair of blue jean, a shi-t and a denim jacket on it, with black boots.
She raised the duvet up to my n£¢k and planted a de-ep k!sson my forehead and sat beside me, obviously waiting for me to fall asleep.
“You should go to be-d too mom, I’m sure you had a pretty long day at work and besides, you have work tomorrow as well” I said and she gave me a sorry smile.
“Yes but I don’t have work until four, I was given a small break. I want to watch you sleep tonight” she said, taking my palm. I smiled at her and look away, clasping my palm back at hers. I shut my eyes and seconds later, I was fast asleep.
I got up the next morning to see mom lying beside me, her b©dy around me while I snuggled un-der her..
She woke up after I stirred and left me to go make breakfast while I prepared for school.
With her reaction, I knew something was up with her but I didn’t ask. I just got myself re-ady for school.
I wore a long dark p@n-t and a t©p with a flower shape design used to make a small sleeve, I put a thick jacket over it and styled my hair, I put my boot on before gr-abbing my backpack and my phone and walking out.
I got to the living room and had a quic-k yet silent breakfast with mom and she drove me to school.
“Will you be home today?” I asked her and she nodded. She had parked the car close to the school and we were both off it.
“I’ll try” she said and I nodded slowly. At least it’s better than getting my hopes high and breaking the promise.
“I love you,” she k!$$£d my cheeks “have a great day at school, okay?” She said and I nod again..
If only it can be that easy.
“Bye” I wave at her and she waved back before walking back to the car.
I walked into the school building, pas-sing throu-gh the entrance door to the staircase. It is few hours to the normal school resumption town and I was among the few extra early students. The pas-sage way was empty when I got there, so I just head for my locker and as I draw closer to it, I heard someone whisper my name from the upper floor..
I looked up where the whisper had come from, the floor above my head and just as I raised my head up.. A thick gooey liquid poured over my face.. Getting into my mouth. Good thing I was able to close my eyes shut and thanks to my hvge glas-ses, the substance couldn’t find it’s way into it. The liquid smeared over my hair down to my clothes.. Thick and gummy.
And just when I tried opening my eyes another bucket of what I had just realized was paint; fell on me..