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Heart of a beast 2 Episode 5 & 6

(Love is the word💓)
BOOK 2 📚
❤Kayla’s POV❤️
I pulled the door open from the knob from outside and walked in to see mom and Jake. While mom was smiling deeply, Jake had a slight smile as he held the cup of coffee in his palm.. Their attention catapulted to me almost as soon as I jammed the door shut..
“Oh, she’s here” mom said to Jake and then smiled at me.
“Mom, shouldn’t you be at work by now?” I asked, bringing my gaze back to her and away from Jake.
“I took a break for the rest of the day” she said.
Well, she had told me they were having a five days programme and it was supposed to commence today or was it tomorrow?
“Okay, I’ll go freshen up first. Did you wait for too long, Jake?” I asked him.
“Not for too long, your mom was a pretty good company, I lost count of time after meeting her” he said and I could see mom smile.
“Oh good. I’ll be back” I informed him before walking to my room. I pulled off my jacket and threw it on the bed before heading to my dressing table, I checked out my outfit.
It didn’t look so bad. It’s just late lunch after all, nothing really special. I touched my hair and decided to repack it when I heard my door creak open, I looked from my mirror and saw mom walking in..
“For how long did you plan on keeping it away from me?” She asked, walking behind me.
“Keeping what away from you?” I asked as if oblivious of what she was talking about.
“That,” I saw her f!ng£r point toward the door “your boyfriend” she said before collecting my hair from me, she began working on it.
“I wasn’t hiding him away from you. The thing is I’m not even dating him. I mean I know he introduced himself to you as my boyfriend but..” I w€t my lower l!p with my tongue “He had asked me out and misunderstood my answer so he thinks we’re dating and I don’t know how to explain it properly to him now cos he seem super excited about it!” I said.
“It’d hurt him pretty bad,” she said, “but then maybe you should just date him for real” mom said and I gave her a look from the mirror, she caught it from my reflection and frown..
“What? He’s a cheerful guy and good looking too and he seem to really like you, since he doesn’t know that you’re not dating him, instead of hurting his feelings then you should just date him” she said, pinning my hair in a bun.
“I don’t know about that mom. I mean, I just can’t give it another try” I said.
“Do you love him?” She asked, barely letting me finish my s£ntence.
“Um..” I bit my lower l!p. “I don’t know, it’s kind of complicated” I replied plainly..
She let go of my hair and twirl me around gently to face her.
“Just follow your heart, do whatever you feel is right but think about yourself too so you don’t get hurt after it” she said and I nodded..
“Thanks. I should go now” I said.
“Yeah, you should!” She said before letting go of my shoulder..
**Melvin’s POV**
I felt a cold palm on my shoulder and I looked up to see Priola, she walked up to me.
“It’s time” she said and I nodded. “You should not forget son, to always follow your heart. It’s like your second helper when I’m not here” she said and I nodded.
“Here,” she gave me a big round green apple, “You can use this for a start” she said and I took it from her, nodding with a smile.
“Okay,” she sighed “for now, physically, goodbye!”
“Goodbye Priola!” I said and she began walking away. I didn’t care to follow her trail with my gaze as they were fixed on the big apple in my hand..
I brought it up and drew it to my nose, taking a long sniff at it.. It was odorless and completely uninviting.
I lifted it to my l!ps and took a small bite at it and almost immediately the bitter and choking taste almost made me spit it out but instead, I swallowed it..
Immediately, it caught up in my stomach and began making me churn; squeezing my internal organs and giving me a queasy and irritated feeling. I felt completely sick and dehydration rose up to my throat.. My palms moved to my neck, squeezing it to ease the pain but they only increased.. I could feel the heaviness in my throat and in almost all other part of my body. Slowly, I felt my transformation begin and I fell on the floor; feeling weak and thirsty with my strength totally sapped out.
I took one hand off my neck as I caught sight of a movement in a nearby bush, I reached for it and caught the big rat before it could run past me, it wriggled in my flurry palm.. I chopped off the head with my teeth and s√¢kled hungrily at the large cut, drinking and draining every single ounce of blood that it contained.. I let it off when it was completely dry and bloodless. Gradually, I felt my strength coming back, though still a little weak, I was able stand on my feet. Grunts emanating from my mouth, I charged forward..
It’s time for a bigger hunt!
BOOK 2 📚
❤Kayla’s POV❤️
Jake accompanied me home amidst my refusal and after a light peck on the forhead, he head back home.. I went in, had a bit of talk with her and had to yawn before she could let me go..
I was so sleepy that I didn’t have to reach my bed before my eyes got shut.
The next morning, after a quick yawn, I walked out of my room to get a drink.. As I drew the cup from the tray and poured a generous amount of chilled water into it, my gaze went to the freshly baked bread in the oven; I could view it through the transparent door and the odor toppled my @ssumption too..
Taking a sip out of the water, I walked to the oven and opened it, it was hot but not in a really pricking way so I completed the opening with my palm and I saw the large bread resting in it..
Mom must’ve made it, obviously.
She must’ve gotten up pretty early to make this considering the time. Or did she leave for work already?
I looked back and saw that a part of the bread have been chopped out.. She must’ve had breakfast so I closed the oven abd looked around for her usual morning note but I found none.
I shrugged it off and journeyed out of the kitchen, going for my room but stopped when I heard a sound, it came from mom’s room.. That means she’s still home, I walked to the door and twist the knob, paving way for myself.. I walked in.
“Mom?” I called as I stepped into her room, my gaze roaming on the travel bags and the little and medium sized packed boxes that were all lying on the floor..
“Hey, you’re finally awake!” She said with a toothy smile.
“Are you going somewhere?” I asked, taking my eyes off the bags.
“Yeah! The five days work trip. I told you about it, remember?” She asked. “It’s starting today!”
“Yeah but I thought it was just a seminary thing, I didn’t know it was a trip”
“Oh it is. And I told you I’d be leaving today!” She said, locking up her handbag.
“Oh well!”
“I already made breakfast if you’re hungry, I’ve had mine already and before I leave, I’ve got some house rules for you!” She said and I sighed, shaking my head slightly at her..
“Is that necessary mom! This isn’t my first home alone time!” I said.
“That was way back in the past but recently it’s your first longest home alone time and I have to make sure that all goes well and I’ll return to see you the way I left you” she said.
“Okay then, what are the rules?” I asked.
“First you have to make sure you never skip breakfast, lunch or dinner, I already refilled all the foodstuff and beverages so you have no excuse. No eating late nor staying out late, no matter who or what it is; same goes for partying!” I rolled my eyes as she spoke..
Like I’ve ever attended a party, well except Jake’s mom little party but I wouldn’t tick that as one. That’s how boring my life is, I wonder if it goes for my former life too, with how cl@ssic I would’ve been, I sure would’ve loved partying and have attended a lot.
“And finally no skipping of school! I’ll call you when I think of more rules!” She said before looking around..
“So um.. That’s all. I’ll see you when I see you!” Mom said and squished me closer, giving me a klzz on my cheeks and forehead before letting me go.
I helped her with her bags to the truck and @ssisted her in keeping them neatly, she gave me a long hug before moving into the car..
“Bye Kay, be safe okay?” She called, igniting the car.
“Sure. Bye!” I smiled back and the truck began moving.. I sighed and walk back to the room.
The wood was clear and the afternoon sun was very visible, it shone on the plants and lightened up the place.. I made my way to the cave and arrived there to see Melvin sitting under the sun on a big stone and his head raised up..
“Are you trying to get yourself blind?” I asked, crossing over a pol of gr@ss. “Isn’t the sun too hot for you to be staring directly at it”
“Will it surprise you If I tell you that I can’t feel any effect from it” he said, still looking up..
“Oh.. Not surprising” I said, walking to him. He faced me.
“I presume Priola has gone?” I asked.
“Yeah!” He answered.
I walked to him and sat beside him, drawing my bag forward.
“Had breakfast yet?” I asked, zipping my bag open, I took out the banana bunch and peeled one out. “Here, Priola said-
“I’m not eating that” he said and I frowned.
“But Priola-
“Yeah.. I know what she said.’s not easy trying to act like human, it’s like giving myself a death s£ntence” he said and I frowned.
“How will you know that if you don’t even try?” I asked, sitting beside him.
“I have but it’s not as easy as I had thought” he said.
“But you have to try” I said, putting it to his face but he pulled away.. “Okay, let’s try something close” I took out a beef jerky from my bag.
“Here, you should like meat” I said, giving it to him.. He gave me a skeptical look and shook his head.. I nodded and unwrapped it, revealing the beef in it..
“Come-on” I stretched it to him and I could see his agitation.
He pushed his head to me and took a small bite from the beef, with his eyes shut, he chewed at it, fear evident in his expression.
His eyes open.. “It.. doesn’t hurt!” He stammered, giving me a surprised look. “But yuck! It’s so bitter!” He emphasized, frowning again…
“I take bitter stuffs too so it can’t be more than that” I said ans he gave me a raise brow look, still chewing on the beef. “Sorry, you’re doing well Melvin!” I said giving him a thumb up and he looked away, frowning..
“Here, have another bite!” I said and as he bent to take another, he suddenly began coughing and as he rubbed his chest, meaning to suppress it, I think it wors£ned cos he suddenly started choking and he grabbed his neck..
I quickly moved to him..


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