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Heart of a beast 2 Episode 29 & 30

(Love is the word💓)
BOOK 2 📚

💖Melvin’s POV❤️
My cheeks began hurting as my gaze lingered on Kayla, our eyes boring into Each other’s caused an unexplainable movement in the pit of my stomach and and fast movement in my heartbeat.
My face twitch a little when I began sensing a familiarity in her eyes, I saw someone I’ve met in her eyes, it reminded me of someone but I couldn’t place a hand on who and where.. For a moment, I had a feeling of fulfilment looking at her, it was as if I had found a person I dearly wanted to meet again but I still couldn’t place a finger at ‘why’
I heard the heavy thumping of her heart against my skin..
“Why are you breathing so fast?” I asked and immediately, she lowered her gaze from me.
“Cos I’m terrified! With an unexpected movement like that, who wouldn’t be?” She asked and I laughed. She gave me a frown and nudged her head forward, I was confused at first and she nudged it again, pushing her body upward..
“Oh!” I mumbled and got up from her body. “I’m sorry” I itched my temple
I helped her up and she began swiping off the dust and dirt from her body.
“Okay, what was that about?” She asked, pointing to the trap.
“Oh..I was bored so I made a net trap, I didn’t see you coming and I saw a bird going close to it so I released the net, It was a bit too late when I saw you but I did see you and pushed you off before the net would take you instead” I said, giggling silently at my imagination..
If it had caught kay, it’d have broken no doubt.
“First off, that was a pretty creative idea and work! But again, I’d have filled the place of that bird!” She said, sighing.
“Yeah, but you didn’t. Too bad”
“Wait..what?” She asked, giving me a frown.
“Let’s have bird meat for lunch!” I enthused.
“ way! Eww!” She primped and walked into the cave.
I laughed and walked to the net, watching the bird struggle to release itself. I smiled and slowly loosened the net off it’s body, it flapped its wing, ready to take off but its feather got caught and trapped, I chuckled and released it again and in a swift flap, it flew off, chirping happily.
I smiled and arranged the net in a spot before walking into the cave to meet Kay.
I saw her focused on connecting a wire to a large and flat object that had little similarity with a phone but it was way bigger and larger.
“What are you doing?” I asked her.
“Trying to connect this to the speaker,” she said, standing up. “And it’s done!”
“Why?” I asked, even though I understood none of what she was saying.
“Remember that movie I told you about? Beauty and the beast? I was able to get it on my phone yesterday so I lent my mom’s iPad so we could watch it together” She explained.
“Ohh..that’s great!” I said.
“I know, right? I’ll just turn it on and we can watch” she worked on some things and the screen began displaying the movie, I could read Beauty and The Beast clearly displayed on the screen.
“It’s starting, come-on!”
🌈Kayla’s POV🌈
The animated movie came to an end and Melvin sighed happily.. I walked to it and began taking the wires off the iPad.
“That was epic!” Melvin said and I nodded, pulling the plug standing up. “But some parts were kinda a little weird and unbelievable”
“What parts?” I asked, giving him a glance.
“The part when she fell in love and agreed to marry him” he said.
“And what was weird and unbelievable about that?” She asked, taking the iPad and coming to sit beside him again.
“She was a human though she chose to stay with and marry that beast guy cos of her father but she still was human, yet she fell in love with that..huge and ugly beast even though he was a little grouchy to her. Isn’t that just weird and impossible?” He asked.
“There’s nothing impossible when it comes to love, Melvin” I said “it might only be an animation but it does happen”
“Really?” He asked. “A human falling in love with a beast? ”
I nodded “it’s how love works, it doesn’t matter about how you look or act. When you’re in love you become blind to all faults of that person!”
“Seriously, so if that guy hadn’t become human, she’d have married and stayed with him that way?” He asked again, curiously.
“If she was still in love with him then sure. That’s why love is amazing” I said.
“Really that’s still so hard to believe, no one ever liked me as a beast, not even for a little bit, when they happen to see me, they always want to kill me, not even a single soul had the tiniest bit of pity talk more of love” he said.
“Not everyone loves a beast Melvin, even I didn’t like you at first but look at us now.. We got to know each other and now we’re best of friends, Belle was a little scared as well of the beast but with time, care crept in, turned to love and surfaced unexpectedly. It’s strange but love works in different form and with different people too and sometimes you won’t even know it” I explained.
“Yeah, you’re probably right, but this kind of love is rare and-
He stopped talking and began giggling, placing his palm over his lips to muffle it.
“Why are you giggling?” I asked.
“I was just thinking of something.. You know, this story is kind of similar to us and since Belle, just as you initially, was afraid of that beast but later began getting close to him just like you again and then it led to her growing feelings for him-
“So..what are you insinuating?” I asked, interrupting him and giving him a frown, he giggled.
“I was just thinking, if the story somehow matched us in a way then does it mean you have feelings for me?” He asked and I scoffed.
“What? No! And this is just a movie. A fiction. Not a real story being played so don’t even think of it, Melvin” I said, suddenly getting uncomfortable.
He giggled..
I left him to go make some food and as I searched the bag for one of the food I brought, I couldn’t help but reminisce back on his words..
I shook my head, waving the thought aside. Feeling hot, I took my jacket off.
I grabbed some fruit instead and gave them to him, taking his palm and ignoring the ignition.
“So-” he was saying when his words trailed off. “You still have that on?” He asked, his countenance changing, I traced his gaze and realized he was talking about the necklace. I gave him a frown.
“Yeah, you said I can’t take it off, right?” I asked.
“Well you can-
“Really?” I asked and he nodded.
“Look, I lied to you about it then cos I didn’t want you to keep running away from me..
Then, when you were at the verge of dying I gave you half of my life through that necklace, the blue liquid in it, was the life I gave you and it was meant to make you well fully by the time it finishes. You had the power to take it off but it’s either you die or stay in severe pain for a long time depending on how much of the life your body takes” he explained..
“So this is your life?” I asked pointing to the tiny blue liquid that I was certain would barely make two drops.
“Yeah but right now it’s more of a remainder to me cos when it finishes, I die too cos it has exactly half of the life, I have left when I gave you” he said and I opened my mouth to talk but couldn’t, I was suddenly speechless.
“Th-this tiny thing, is your life?” I asked with my brows narrowed as I lifted the tube and he nodded.
“Well, why don’t you drink it up and add more life to yourself? You could’ve told me about this earlier, I could’ve given it back to you when I was-
He stopped my from completely taking off the necklace by holding my hand, thereby stopping me from talking and I gave him a look.
He shook his head, letting go of my hand “It doesn’t work that way Kay, I gave it to you, taking it back won’t change anything, it can’t add up to my life cos it’s your life now” he said with a blank expression.
“B-but.. This really represents your life? Your whole existence in this life?!” I asked and he nodded.
I sighed and gave him a look.
I took my fingers to the necklace mouth and began taking it off, I pulled it off and waited but felt nothing, only a slight pain at my shoulder that vanished and resurface at interval.. I stared at him, he nodded..

/> .

BOOK 2 📚

❤Kayla’s POV❤
“Wow..” I breathed out and almost immediately a slight pain struck me at my shoulder. “Ouch!” I yelped slightly, soothing the place with my palm.

“You feel pain?” Melvin asked. I nodded.
“Just a slight pain at my shoulder but it’s gone now” I explained.
“It’ll heal in no time, you have just a little time left to be fully well” he said and I nodded. He looked away from me and began playing with his fingers..
If I get well fully then Melvin dies..
“Melvin?” I called and he looked at me, I could see the emotions clearly in his eyes. I gave him a sober look.
“Quit giving me that look! No one knows exactly when I’ll die, so stop missing me already!” Melvin smiled but behind that humor I saw his fear and pain.
“You’re right,” I sighed, trying not to get cumbered by my own emotion. “And who said you’re dying yet, we’re getting out of this together and safely too, so no one leaves” I said and he smiled lopsidedly.
“Hey, you have to promise me that!” I said, giving him a playful glare.
“Promise you what?” He asked.
“That’ll we’ll stay in this together until the end, we’ll finish what we started with no negative thoughts, promise me that” I said. “You made me come this far with you anyways, so you don’t have any right to leave just like that”
I put my palm out, showing it to him. He let out a small laugh then stared at my palm for a while, bringing his gaze to me and I nudged my head toward my palm, urging him to promise me.
“Okay then, I promise!” He hit my palm lightly and I nodded softly with a smile.
“Good! Now let’s eat!”
“Yeah, goodnight mom and you don’t have to worry about anything, I’ll be fine.. It’s not like it’s the first time I’ll be spending the night alone” I said, grabbing my nighties from the closet.
“You’re right, I don’t know why I’m getting so worked up about it. Just be safe, okay? Love you!”
“Yeah, love you too!” I said and she disconnected the call. I left my phone on the drawer and began pulling my nightwear off, facing the full length mirror. As I buttoned it up, my gaze slipped to my neck when I suddenly felt no restrictions as I did the upper button.. Normally there would have been a little tug at that part.
I touched my chest and realized that the necklace was no longer on me. I sighed as I drew the necklace from the pocket of the pants I had worn earlier. I stared at the tiny liquid quantity inside the tube, I feared that it’d barely make two drops when released.
If truly Melvin is right about this being his life then very very soon…
I sighed sadly and drop the necklace on my drawer.
How long?.. Few days?? How much time do we have left? How much does Melvin?
I rubbed my shoulder.
Will Melvin end this way after all..
I effortlessly pushed the thoughts off and buttoned up the rest of the dress. I yawned lightly and walked to my bed, sitting on it, I grabbed the duvet and made to lie down when I caught a slim sight of a red light from the corner of my eyes..
Alarmed, I swiftly glanced at the necklace and found it blinking a sharp red light. My brows struck as I thought of the only possible reason the necklace could be showing this..
My heartbeat intensified and I sharply flung the duvet off, grabbed the necklace and my phone and head to the door. Grumbling slightly, I rushed back and quickly slipped my feet into my flops and head out of the house into the cold night.
I ran all the way to the woods, muttering some prayer words as I found my way to the cave..
I stopped when I found Melvin’s figure bent over something that lit up as I saw the sparks, I could say it was fire..
“Melvin?” I called, as if doubting and he turned. His brows narrowed when he saw me.
“Kay? What’re you doing here, you didn’t say you we’re coming back” he said and I didn’t know when I sighed so loud in relief.. I never knew relief could feel so good.
I quickly walked to him and saw he was making fire from some wood sticks.
“The necklace,” I showed him the necklace that had just shown it’s last blink of red light “I thought you were.. in trouble!”
“Oh, it’s probably my finger got slightly burnt by this fire.. Sorry if it scared you that much!” He said staring at me from my head to my feet..
“Yeah, I know how I’m dressed.. I had no time to change, I just rushed down here!” I said.
“Sorry,” he apologized. “I was cold and couldn’t sleep, so I thought I should make a fire to keep myself warm and then this happened” he said.
“Here, let me see that,” I took his palm and saw that he had burnt his index finger cos it was all red and swollen.
I gave him a look and shook my head, leading him to the small pool of water behind the cave.. I placed his finger in it, left it for sometime and took it out, I wrapped a cloth around it..
“You should be more careful,” I said and he nodded.
I sat on the floor and took in a deep breath, I had almost gotten an heart attack back there, I could still feel the uneasiness inside my body.
“You thought I was dead, didn’t you?” He sudden asked and I gave him a blank look and looked away, not replying him.
“Hey, didn’t you say no negative thoughts, we made a promise!” He said.
“I know.. I’m sorry.. I just.. I just couldn’t think of anything else.
And since I broke the promise first, you can punish me but after it, the promise is solid again, okay?” I said, he smiled and nodded.
“Don’t get too paranoid over nothing, Kay. I’m not dying today neither am I dying tomorrow or next. I don’t know when exactly but I know it’s not as soon as you think” he said and I nodded, taking another wave of deep breath.
I blinked and realized my eyes were wet with tears waiting to pour out..
I must’ve been so scared..
I blinked the tears back rapidly.
“And how about you spend the night here as your punishment?” Melvin suddenly said “It’s boring staying awake and alone.. Or you could leave after I’ve fallen asleep?” He said, his eyes pleading.
“Am I supposed to accept or reject a punishment?” I raised my brows at him.
“Um.. No but-
“Then I’m staying!” I said and he gave me a happy look, it looked cute and babyish. I looked away.
We were now at the entrance of the cave, I had helped Melvin set the fire properly and we were now seated beside it, enjoying it’s warmth.
We talked and laughed and didn’t feel sleepy at all, I doubt that I’ll be leaving anytime soon cos Melvin didn’t look like he’d be falling asleep anytime soon.
“Were you an only child?” I asked after we got off a huge round of laughter and I had to ask a question.
“No, I had a sister, Naomi” he said.
“Oh.. What was she like?”
“Very pretty with thick brown chestnut hair, a replica of my dad” he said.
“Can you tell me about her?” I asked and he nodded.
“She is a premature child, my mom had to go through three operations before she could birth her, we had almost lost all hope of her survival but she survived. She grew up to be pretty fragile but honestly she could be a handful at some point and make your whole day miserable,” he laughed at the memories “but I wouldn’t trade her for anything in the world and for real, I wouldn’t ask for more in a sister!” He said.
“Aw.. My mom also went through an operation during Tracy’s delivery, it was once tho but I was damn scared, and with one look at her eyes I could tell those days were the most trying days in my mom’s life, same as ours. I remember, I would leave the house and go to the roadside, as if seeking solace there, I’d sit there and think, sometimes I’d cry cos I thought mom was going to die according to my classmate but then there was this guy, I noticed he’s been watching me,” a smile tug at my lip as I drove back to that memory. “He was always there everyday and it started to piss me off so when he tried talking to me, I shun him, talked very angrily to him and walked out on him but he didn’t stop, he came again and literally begged for a chance to talk, he lovingly explained everything about the whole operation stuff to me, I realized I had been misled and I hugged him. It was my first time hugging a boy that wasn’t my relative nor a friend.. I was so happy and grateful to him and-
“Wait!” Melvin suddenly broke into my words, giving me a wide eyed look..
“Melvin?” I called when he said nothing and kept staring at me like I had something stare-worthy on my face..
“I-It was you?!” He said and my brows struck..
“Me, who?” I asked, confused.
“You were that girl!” He said obviously still in a state of shock.
“What gi- wait, you were that boy?!” It was my turn to be gobsmacked.


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