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Heart of a beast 2 Episode 19 & 20

(Love is the word💓)
BOOK 2 📚
❤D. Kincaid’s POV❤️
I started the car and was on the verge of following her when my gaze sl!pped to the time- I cussed gently when I saw that I was already a minute late for work. I looked forward, Kay was no longer on sight..
How do I get the files now?
Hopefully, I glanced at the backseat and right there I saw the file resting calmly on the cushioned chair. I sighed gently and faced front again, hoping to catch a glimpse of Kayla but I didn’t.
Where could she have gone to and how did she get out of sight so quickly?
It’s obvious that wherever she must’ve gone to, she wanted me to have no idea about it and I couldn’t help but wonder why or where..
Regardless, I reversed the car, swerved back to the road and head to work.
❤Kayla’s POV❤️
“I got more sticks!” I yelled as I walked to the pile, I left the sticks I picked on it. “We can stop now, This should be more than enough for two nights” I said, wiping my brows with my palm back.
“Melvin?” I stood upright when I didn’t hear his response.
“Over here!” I heard him yell, and I p@ssed through some huge trees and found him washing his feet in a small river, his upper body and hair, dripping w€t.. He turned to me and I could feel my blood dry up as heat rose up to my cheek..
He was half n@k£d! He only had a pair of trouser on and it was being rolled up halfway but the rest of him was n@k£d.
I gulped at nothing, as my gaze lingered on his bare chest..
When was the last time I ever saw a guy bare chested?
Since all my days with Melvin this would be the first time I’m seeing him shirtless and I just couldn’t explain how it was making me feel.. I have myself a mental slap that helped in jerking me back to normality.
“Put your shirt on and come over for dinner, I’m grilling chicken drumsticks for dinner!” I said, refusing to give him another glance as I walked back to the little cave.
Just in time, I heard my phone ringing. I reached for my jacket and took it out, I checked the caller ID and it was mom.
Not that I expected anyone else anyways.
I answered.
“Hi baby!” She said..
“Hey mom,” I said, after a brief moment..
“Oops, did I disturb your sleep, honey? Sorry, I just had to call to check up on you” she said.
“Oh.. Um it’s fine” I said.
“I wanted to tell you that I won’t be coming home tonight, something came up so I’ll stay the night at a friend’s” she said. “Sleep tight, okay? I’ll be back tomorrow before you know it”
“Yeah okay” I said.
“Okay, bye baby. Love you”
“Same here, mom. Bye” I said and the call ended.
I put the phone away from my ear and unexpectedly checked the time, I g@sped loudly and ran out of the cave at once. Melvin was drying his hair outside with a piece of cloth and I sighed in relief when I saw he was fully covered.
“Melvin, look!” I showed him the time on my phone and he gave me a confused look.
“The time!” I told him “it’s almost eight and-” I pointed to his body “You’re still you!” I said and his eyes grew wide immediately.
“O-oh my! Whoa! I knew my body felt strange earlier, I just didn’t think to that extent and here,” he showed me his leg and I saw a wide cut on it “I got this from a branch on my way to the woods and I was surprised I bled even without you being there; I felt the pain from it, I still do!” He revealed.
I quickly took the hem of my blouse and lift it up, I looked but I didn’t find it..
Doubtful, I rubbed my eyes and searched again but it was clear.. I wasn’t seeing things!
I loos£ned my trouser a bit and pulled it down slightly but it wasn’t there!
Only my skin was visible and it was as clear as it always had been!
I looked up and saw Melvin gaze on it in a confused expression. Our gaze met and I immediately let out a cry of happiness..
“Oh my goodness, Melvin! I think we did it! Look, the marks are gone!” I cried out excitedly “they’re gone, Melvin!” I repeated, happiness bursting out of me.
Melvin face brightened up in a huge smile immediately.
“Congratulations to you both!” We both turned at the same time to see Priola walking in with a bright smile..
“Kayla, you’ve cut off your chances of becoming a beast and that gives us one against Lucinda” she said, walking to us.
“Priola! You’re here!” I said, with a surprised face.
“Yes, and I bear good news,” she looked from me to Melvin and we exchanged glances in turn, she continued.
“Lucinda’s weakened so it’s time to strike!”
BOOK 2 📚
❤Melvin’s POV❤️
“While you guys were succeeding, a way was revealed to me on how to free yourselves from the curse!” Priola began after we had sat In the cave.
“What way is that?” Kayla beat me to the question.
“The Luvi. You have to return it back to it’s confinement” she said “That way Lucinda will never have access to it and once your names get imprinted on it, the Luvi will enforce all it’s powers from all over the world and not only release you from the curse but will also protect you both from any other for the rest of your lives and your generations to come cos it will bear your names and thus become your guard!” She said.
“Oh.. But how do we do that? I mean return the Luvi, I don’t even know where it came from” Kayla said.
“How did you get it?” I asked her.
“I don’t know, probably from a boutique, a jewelry store or as a gift. I can’t remember where it came from. I found it in my old jewelry box which I abandoned years ago” she said.
“If Kay doesn’t know where she got that..Luvi from, the. how do we return it?” I asked, giving a puzzled look to Priola.
“I think the earlier question should be where you got the Luvi from, Melvin” she said and my brows curved as I stared at her.
“I don’t own the Luvi, Kayla does!” I emphasized and Kayla nodded in affirmation.
“We’ll see about that. Where is the Luvi?” She asked.
I stood up and walked to where I had hung the Luvi in the inner mini room, I grabbed it and handed it over to Priola, before going back to where I sat on earlier.
“Doesn’t it look familiar,” she asked, waving the Luvi at my face. “Doesn’t this ring a bell to you both from your early years?” She asked again, looking from me to Kayla and in return, we gave her a more puzzled look.
Kayla shook her head negatively after a while. “It doesn’t” she responded and Priola moved her gaze to me, I shook my head negatively too.
“Well, it’s not my duty to recap your memories, only you both can do that for yourselves so why don’t you interact into your pasts” she said, moving her back into the air. I looked at Kayla, our gaze met and I shrugged a go-ahead to her.
“Where did you get this Luvi necklace from, Melvin?” She asked in an interrogative manner.
For a split moment, I thought I wouldn’t go down memory lane.
“Um.. I don’t-” my words got caught up as I felt myself spinning in circles down a tunnel.. It went on for a moment, with the abnormal effects and when it finally drew to a halt, I was in a room, a beautiful and richly decorated room.
I was in front of a mirror, a very young version of me; probably in my sixth or seventh year. Behind me was a woman, petite and very pretty and dressed in a simple yet extravagant dress and she wore a huge smile, I could see the strong striking resemblance between us. I saw her reflection crouch to my height level, she began hooking a necklace around my neck and it didn’t take up to two seconds before I saw that it was the Luvi.
She twirled me around gently and placed a klzz on my cheek.
“Happy 6th birthday Melvin! I hope you do like my small yet very precious pres£nt?” She asked with a broad smile and I was about responding but immediately, I got swished back to reality and the pres£nt..
I blinked thrice as I came in contact with Kayla and Priola.
“What happened?” Kayla asked. “Did you remember anything about the necklace?”
“Y..eah, my mom gifted it to me on my 6th birthday” I said and gave the necklace another glance, it suddenly started to get familiar.
“So how did it get to me if it was given to you by your mom?” She asked, giving me a bizarre look.
“I don’t know, I probably misplaced it and you found it or something” I shrugged, my mind not settling with my answer..
I felt like there was more to it.
“Yeah, you’re probably right, the necklace sure looks really fancy” she said.
I glanced at Priola and she stared at me in response, shaking her head lightly without uttering a word.
“Well, since we have our answer to the real question, no need thinking of the unimportant one,” Kayla said.
“Yeah, so what do we have to do, Priola?” I asked.
“Return the Luvi back to the holder in which it was placed,” she said.
“Um.. Holder? What’s that and how do we find it?” I asked.
“Since the necklace was given to you by your mother, she should most definitely be the one with it” Priola said.
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