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Heart of a beast 2 Episode 15 & 16

(Love is the word💓)
BOOK 2 📚
❤Kayla’s POV❤️
My palm gently caressed the knitted scarf.. Tracy had knitted it herself and made it her most favorite scarf.
She would proudly wear it almost everyday during winter season, much to my envy, it was a thick knitted scarf with an inner leather cloth and undeniably, it was pretty.
I sniffed, using a palm to dab my tears. I didn’t know why I had to go to the box today, of all other days. It was a large box that contained all of Tracy’s stuff.. Mom had parked it and transported it to the basement. Getting back home after school and after a brief lunch, I found myself heading to the basement and going through her stuffs, unleashing healing pains and emotions.
I took the scarf and closed her box up before walking out of the basement. I head into the sitting room, grabbed my bike keys and head out, I plucked a rose from the few shrubs outside the house and climbed my bike.. I began riding it to the woods.
Getting there, I parked close to a tree and walked through the path that led to the cemetery, sighting Tracy’s grave few feet away, my steps faltered and emotions cloud into my chest, tightening it.
I squat in front of it, tears sliding down my cheeks at intervals.
At least I now know what truly killed her and I’m not giving up on getting justice for her..for us and Melvin.
Without a reasonable reason, she decided to shatter my family and destroy us. Though I can’t resurrect Tracy, but I’m not letting her take anymore of my family, I’ll get justice for Tracy and defeat her, I have to.
I wiped another tear off my cheek and placed the rose on the heaped sand.
“I’m sorry for not visiting you as often as I did in the past” I mumbled to her “I’ve been busy trying to get revenge for you and save the rest of us, I’m sure you understand and I love you, so very much I can’t stop wanting to make Lucinda pay with every fiber of my being ” I said, letting out a mild sniff.
I stood up and stared at her grave before bursting into another round of tears.. I was wiping it off when a shadow fell over me, I slowly pulled my palm off my face and rolled my eyeballs toward it but the shadow was all I saw, I studied it- it wasn’t an animal but a person, not huge nor fragile and after a huge exhale, I turned, ready to defend myself Incase of anything.
“Hey, it’s just me!” Melvin quickly interjected and I sighed in relief.
“Why would you sneak up on me like that? You should’ve said something!” I deadpanned.
“I’m sorry but you seem to be pretty engrossed down there. Sorry if I gave you a fright” he said. I nodded and turned.
He came to stand beside me..
“Are you crying?” He asked after I sniffed and suddenly g@sped, noticing the grave in front of me. I gave him a look, wiping the tear that strolled off unconsciously. “A friend?” He asked, a sympathetic look on his face. I shook my head in reply.
“My sister” I answered and he g@sped again.
“I-I’m so sorry Kay, I had no idea she was-” he stopped talking and gave me a more focused look “No, I swear, it wasn’t me. I didn’t kill her, seriously!” he said, hurriedly..
“I know” I said, his next look was questioning. “I was with her when she died, she got hit by a car. Though her lab result said you did but I know you didn’t” I told him.
“Neither did you kill anyone else buried here, it’s all Lucinda doing! She just used you as a camouflage” I said.
“Thanks Kay” he said. “Looking at you, she must’ve been a very pretty girl” he said and I giggled softly.
“She was even prettier, although hers came with a bit of trouble and mischief, I had nicknamed her little devil cos of how much trouble she gave me,” Melvin chuckle slightly and I did too “but she was the sweetest little sis I’ve ever seen!” I said.
“Of course” he said. “And I’m sorry about her”
“It’s okay” I said, turning back and sitting on a heaped sand close to her grave. I invited Melvin and he sat beside me.
“I’ve always wanted to ask, how long have you been a beast?” I asked him, diverting the atmosphere off Tracy.
“Approximately five years!” He said and my face twitch in shock. “I was sixteen when I got cursed by Lucinda”
“Whoa.. Five years is huge”
“I know right. They’re few months too, it happened August 5th, five years ago” he expounded.
“August 5?” My brows curouy
“T-that’s my birthday date!” I primped.
“Yeah but I made five years ago’s an exception. It was more like a sad day for me cos first, there was an earthquake like wind that killed five people in my town and then my mom and dad had a fight for the first time in their marriage life, it was so fierce that mom came out with a bleeding face and dad walked out of the house angrily, I was turning twelve then; he got into an accident after it”
“Ohh..I’m so sorry!”
“No, he didn’t die. He’s in coma” I said.
“He is? Like he’s still in it?”
“Yeah, it’s sad,” I answered sadly. “And that day seemed like a turning point in my whole life, everything changed about me and how I lived until this day and I never cared to celebrate any of my other birthday’s ever since” I explained.
“Wow!” Melvin breathed out. “But the picture’s starting to match now, don’t you think?” He asked and I gave him a questioning look. “This means that we were both cursed and trapped by Lucinda five years ago and a strange wind also killed five people in my town!” He said and I g@sp.
He’s right!
“Wait.. What town did you live in then?” I
“This town. But I woke up the next day and found myself in another town, a different country too” he said. “And I had to keep going from town to town with Belle who acted as my guide and helper, to find my supposed chi-mate and ultimate helper” he said.
“Well..we lived in Melville too but we moved to NY after dad got into an accident and got hospitalised. We came back here cos mom was put in charge of your case, so we moved back to living here” I said .
I just couldn’t believe we were connecting the dots now..
“And Lucinda mentioned something about us dating or me choosing you over her as the reason for the curse and even though I can’t remember you from then, I know now that we must’ve crossed path since we lived in the same town. We must’ve been friends” he said.
“Or even dated” I added and he nodded..
“Wow..this Is so weird” Melvin sighed out.
So my birthday date and every single happening that took place then, marked the beginning of the curse’s doom. It marked the change in my life.
I glanced at Melvin and he had a sullen look..
“Since we at least have a hint about our past and how we must’ve met. We still have a problem to deal with, so do you want to do something fun that humans do, something I personally take as my second life?” I asked.
“What?” He asked inquisitively.
“You’ll see when we get there” I said, standing up “come-on”
🍥Kayla’s POV🍥
“A library?” Melvin asked after we arrived. I nodded with a grin.
“Come-on” I led him in.
“Hey, it’s been a while?” The library keeper said to me and I nodded at her.
“I know, right. Been busy” I smiled as I filled my details, I helped Melvin fill his and we went to the shelves to grab a book. As I searched for one to read, Melvin took one of them, fl!pped through the pages and drop it back in the shelf, he repeated it for another. I gave him a look.
“I can’t read any of these, it looks pretty long and tiring” he complained.
“Um..okay, there’s one that you don’t have to read and wouldn’t be tiring for you!” I said, picking two books from the shelf, I led him to the kids section. I took one of the books..
“It’s a picture storybook, here!” He took it from me.
We found empty seats beside each other’s and I dropped the books on the table, I adjusted my gl@sses before opening one to read.
I smiled as I began reading; I can’t seem to remember the last time I read like this, it’s been like a second part of me had been flushed out but being here, staying like this, I feel it coming back .. New and latest editions from my favorite writers had been stocked in too.
It must’ve been s£nt to my phone but since I haven’t been on it lately, I didn’t know.
Melvin called my attention just when I was about fl!pping to the fifth page and I gave him a look. He showed me a picture from the book, the picture of a cat..
“It looks like the stray cat I feasted on last,” he said with a frown “I think it’s haunting me!” He pouts and I laughed.
“Really, you’re scared?” I asked and he nodded. “Can we leave, now?”
“No.. We just got in and I’ve barely even touched a book. Just ignore this, it’s a picture and can’t haunt you,” I fl!pped through the page for him. “Check out something else!” I said, pointing to the king kong that appeared on the book.
“This looks like you in the night!” I said with a grin.
“You think so?” He raised his brow.
“Yeah, you don’t?”
“I would’ve if he wasn’t so ugly” he said.
“Well, I think you both totally look alike” I said.
“Totally? So you’re saying I look horrible?” He asked, giving me a frown.
“In the night? Yes” I answered, he looked back at the picture and gave me a look like he was going to protest but he shook his head instead.
“You’re wrong and that’s it!” He finalised, fl!pping through the page rather aggressively, I laughed and turned to my book.
After the library, I walked Melvin back to the woods, we both had dinner in his cave and when I went home, mom called to remind me that she’ll be returning home tomorrow and I couldn’t be more happy as I went to bed; I’ve missed her.
The next morning, I left the house for school and as I walked down the hall to my where my locker was located, Jake appeared in front of me..
I stopped walking.
“Hi” he greeted with a smile.
“Hi Jake,” I said before continuing my journey but he kept on walking with me. I got to my locker and stopped.
“How have you been?” He asked and I gave him a blank stare, wondering why he’s suddenly asking me that.
“I’ve been good, thanks” I said and he nodded.
“Well uh.. I’ve been wanting to ask you something lately and don’t think it’s absurd, just answer me, okay?” He said and I turned from my locker to study him..
“O-okay” I nodded, giving him a curious look.
“How long have you known Melvin and how well do you know him?” He asked and I gave him a bizarre look.
“Look Jake if this is about-
“Please Kay!” He stopped me abruptly. “Just answer the question” he said.
“Uh..well I’ve known him long enough and about how well? We’re just friends and I think I know everything I should know about him as friends” I answered, still leaving my confused look on him. “Why are you asking me this?”
“You think?” He questioned, ignoring my earlier question.
“Jake, why are you asking me this?”
“Just answer me first, Kay.. You think you know him well enough or you do?” He repeated.
“Well I asked you first so you should answer me! I don’t get why you’re suddenly interrogating me about him so tell me, Why are you asking me this?” I asked.
“Because Melvin isn’t human!” He said, whispering with a sort of grumpiness.
My brows curved immediately in surprise.
“What?” I asked, speechless and gobsmacked.
“You heard it, he isn’t human!” He repeated “And he’s possessing you into following him around”


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