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Heart of a beast 2 Episode 13 & 14

(Love is the word💓)
BOOK 2 📚
❤Kayla’s POV❤️
My heart thumped greatly at each uncertain step that I took. I still haven’t found Melvin and I was starting to get really terrified.
I stopped walking, standing in the middle of the large hall. The necklace didn’t stop blinking red.
I took in a long breath before looking up, I nodded and then began walking, letting my feet lead me. It was going to the other end of the hall and in less than ten seconds, I was standing in front of the restroom. Without a second thought, I quickly pushed the first door open but it was vacant, I rushed to the next and the little gr0@ns I heard, cleared any of the doubts I had so I pushed it open, the first thing I saw was Melvin thick furs and he was backing me. He turned sharply and I quickly walked in and shut the door.
“Kay” He called, his voice thick and relieved.
“It’s me,” I nodded “we need to think of a way to get you out of this” I said, ransacking my head for a quick idea.
“There’s only one way” Melvin broke into my thoughts and I shot him a curious look immediately. “Y-your blood?” He said slowly, giving me a skeptical look.
I breathed out gently.. Silence took over for the next five seconds.
“Or.. Maybe we can just think deeper and well, we might just get another-
I quickly pulled the small wall mirror off it’s spot and smashed it to the floor, I grabbed one of the broken piece. Melvin stopped talking and began watching me.
“You’re not planning on-
“There’s no time to plan, Melvin,” I drew down the hand of my sleeve “we can’t risk you getting caught” I said and gave myself a shallow cut at my upper body, a bit close to my cl£@v@g£. Melvin gave me a look, his bulgy eyes rolling from my face to the cut and then back to my face.
Without waiting for an invite, he grabbed me by my neck and began s√¢king at the cut, his f!ng£rs piercing the back of my neck..
I shut my eyes as his heavy gr0@ns filled the room, whimpering, I let him s√¢k some more and gradually he began transforming.
Almost immediately the door of the toilet flung open and I immediately turned in horror. Melvin mouth was still covered on my cut and I found Kira standing right behind us utterly gobsmacked.
Melvin didn’t even seem to care about it.
Her face suddenly twitch in disgust.
“You have such despicable taste in women!” She spat, her eyes red with hatred “I want you both s¢vms out of my party this minute!”
And with that, she banged the door loudly.
I looked at Melvin and realized, he was human already, I sighed out deeply..
Thank goodness!
~Jake’s POV~
I stepped on it and the car began moving in a more faster speed.. My palm warmed the steering wheel, moving it from time to time. I was still a learner, at least that’s what mom would say but here, I was driving like an expert on the highway and I cared less.
“I’m sorry, Jake”
Kayla’s voice rang repeatedly in my ears, causing me to lose concentration..
I muttered a curse and slapped the wheel, biting my lower l!p both in hurt and anger.
She chose him after all!!
Not like I had expected anything less though, I mean they’re always together and yeah, I noticed she hadn’t really been in love with me after I broke up with her then, she was simply trying to do things my way so ‘she wouldn’t hurt me’ as she claimed.
Only God knows how bad I’m hurting right now.
The Last time I had broken up with her because, well first, she was a nerd. I had dated her then because of her intelligence, beauty and the attraction I felt towards her.
Personally, I had no problem dating a nerd but it was starting to make me look like one too. My friends began calling me geeky and well, many less friends abruptly just stopped talking to me, I didn’t know why but I @ssumed it was because of her.
Apart from that, Kay gave herself easily to be intimidated. Our relationship had been what I’d call okay 👌. She got easily bullied and wouldn’t even dare stand up to them, at a point I almost fought for her but she stopped me and would cry instead.
I didn’t know if my feelings started to depreciate after that or her actions was starting to get me irritated and I just needed a break from it all.
Plus, I was starting to get closer to a hot girl, not intelligent or well, I’d say as beautiful as Kay, except for the exceptional make up she wore everyday but she was one of the school’s spec, I was s£nsing a relationship and I just had to go for it and then I broke up with her but seeing her stand up for herself, the feelings I thought were dead miraculously resurrected or maybe the weren’t completely dead after all.. I saw some changes in her too, she was kind of no longer that timid, scared and intimidated girl.
I parked roughly into the lot. The early happiness I had when mom gave me this car earlier wasn’t there any longer, I had hurt instead.
I stepped onto the porch before opening the entrance door.
“You’re back so quick” mom whined, looking away from the TV.
“Yeah” I replied dryly and head for my room.
“What kind of outing is that? Didn’t you meet your girlfriend or what?” She asked.
“I did and please don’t come knocking on my door, I’ll have an early rest” I informed her.
“Are you sure you’re okay, Jake?” She asked and I nodded before walking to my room. I left my phone on the drawer and took off my shirt before walking to my bed and lying on it.
Somehow I couldn’t get Kay’s words off my head, it was badly affecting me way more than I expected.
Have I been this much in love with her all along. Even my ex’s breakup didn’t hurt this much, neither did my first breakup with Kayla.
I felt something jingle in my pocket and I dipped my hand into my trouser pocket and drew out the car keys..
I remembered all I had plan to do with Kayla tonight. Mom had given me the car as a gift and I had wanted Kay to be my first p@ss£nger; I don’t know why either but she’s my girlfriend. I had plan to take her to all the fun places she’d have ever known, maybe she could realize how true my feelings were and start to germinate some for me herself but instead, I got a breakup and it hurts so damn much..
I turned and threw the car keys, caring less where it landed, I turned back and dragged the pillow to my head, shutting my eyes.
I would never have seen or felt how very much I was in love with her if today hadn’t happened!
🎄Kayla’s POV🎄
Melvin glanced at me, he was now fully back to consciousness, though a little bit unwell. He was supposed to have healed completely right?
I mean he’s human now though but his footsteps still slacks, he was also surprised but we left that aside.
We left the hall and reached outside, while he stood, with my jacket on his body, I left to get us a cab.
I found one and flagged it down, we both got on and it drove us to my house.
I helped Melvin inside and let him sit at the fireplace while I turned on the heater, I took my jacket off him and made him a cup of tea before serving him. I sat close to him as we stared at the fire. I took his palm while he sipped his tea and before the next minute could click, I caught sight of a streak of sweat rolling down his forehead.. I sighed in relief, my worries coming low. My head became lightheaded and I fell backward on the tiled floor, folding my arms together as an headrest, I stared up and the next minute Melvin was lying beside me, our palms still intertwined..
Kira’s expression back at the restroom crossed my mind and as I thought deeply on it, a slight g@sp emanate from my mouth.. The disgust look her face had held; since Melvin’s head was bent over my chest she must’ve thought that he was..probably s√¢king my b©©b or klzzing me down there. I mean from her view, it definitely should’ve been her thought, I found myself scoff at it before I tilt to the other side.
Unconsciously, we both exchanged glances at the same time and then looked away almost immediately.. I drew my feet up and breathed out.. The atmosphere felt so perfect, not too cold nor too hot, it was just normal and perfect.. My eyelids gradually jammed together and feeling completely worn out and useless, I decided to take a light rest.
(+)Melvin’s POV (+)
My eyes fluttered open and I felt something cold against my skin, I looked down and realised that I was on the floor and then I remembered how I got here.
I sat up with a light yawn..
Phew.. I must’ve slept for so long, the bright light seeping in from outside informed me that it was morning and I just couldn’t remember when I ever slept so soundly and for so long. I rubbed my eyes as I sat up, I must’ve changed in my sleep and vice versa without even feeling it..
I looked beside me and couldn’t find Kayla there anymore.
“Good morning!” I almost jerked up at the voice but I was able to contain my fear, I took a look at the voice’s direction and found Kay on a couch. Her short hair was w€t and I noticed she was no longer in yesterday’s clothes, she looked fresh from the shower and she was closing up the cut on her chest.
Yesterday’s event flocked through my mind but I shook it off.
“Good morning” I replied her.
She began packing up the first aid box.
“I made breakfast. You should have a shower first, you can use the guest bathroom, I’ll find some clean clothes for you” she said and I nodded before standing up.
I followed her and she led me to the bathroom.
After a long interesting bath, I took the clothes she gave me. It should be hers, a plain blue shirt and black p@nts. They fitted me. I styled my hair with my palms and went back to the sitting room, we had breakfast and were fully set to go to school, we were out of the house and I moved away for Kay to lock the door when a car suddenly pulled in and when the occup@nt emerged out, I saw that it was that Kayla’s boyfriend whose name I forgot until Kayla said it..
“Jake, what’re you doing here?” She asked, moving away from the door and towards him.
✏Kayla’s POV✏
“Hi,” Jake said, giving me a toothy smile.
“Um Hi” I answered wryly. “Why are you here?” I asked again.
“Well I came to give you a ride to school!” He said, and I guess that was when he noticed Melvin, he frowned a little but brought his gaze back at me. “Good thing I came just in time” he said, referring to me being dressed up and ready.
“Um well, we’re heading to school together and I don’t think-
“ won’t refuse it Kay. I vowed to have you as my first p@ss£nger the moment I got this car, so don’t even think of rejecting it” he said.
“Um..if you’d agree to carry him too then I guess I won’t” I said.
He gave Melvin a tight look, leaving his gaze on him for a while.
“It’s okay if you won’t, we’ll just find our way” I said, taking Melvin hand..
“It’s fine. I can take you both” he said but I knew it was a tough decision for him.
Melvin and I went into his car and he led me to the p@ss£nger side while Melvin took the backseat. It’s kind of sweet of him to have thought of me first after getting the car but I don’t think it changes anything. I mean even if it does, he’ll always be like a stumbling block between Melvin and I freedom. I can’t be with him now even if I want to.
“Congratulations” I told him as the ride extended. “On your car”
“Thanks!” He replied gleefully, giving me a quick glance. I nodded and looked out of the window.
He parked the car at the student lot and we got down.
“Thanks for the ride” I said, feeling awkward and uncertain.
“It’s okay” he said and suddenly became quiet “um..can I talk to you for a sec?”
“Um.. Okay” I said. “Melvin, I’ll meet you in cl@ss” I told Melvin and he excused himself. I gave Jake a questioning look.
He itched his temple first “it’s about yesterday night, at the party” he shrugged. “I just want to know if you still remember or..” He shrugged again.
“I do” I answered plainly. “And I’m sorry again if I hurt you”
“So you’re serious about breaking up with me and faking the relationship all those while?” He asked, probably unsure. I nodded twice. “Do you really not love me anymore?”
I sighed softly. “I guess so. But truth is, I’m not ready for a relationship now. I have too much on me and a relationship is a total no no for me” I said. His face fell.
“If this is about what I did in the past then I’m-
“It’s not about that Jake. I just..I can’t do it” I told him. “I’m sorry but I have to go now” I said before walking away..
Gosh.. I don’t know why I feel so bad about myself right now.. I mean, I did the right thing. Right? I sighed and walked to the staircase.
%Jake’s POV%
I watched as Kayla walked away from me to the school building.
Looks like she’s serious after all. I took in a deep breath..
Should I just give up right now? Will I be able to fight this feeling or should I just keep pushing. I ran a hand through my hair, staring after her until she had disappeared into the building.
“Jakey!” I turned abruptly at the voice to see Luke. I gave him a scoff and began locking my car door. “Hey” I felt his palm on my shoulder and I brushed it off.
If he hadn’t informed me about Kay being at the party with Melvin and literally gibbering about me having to go and all..then maybe Kayla and I would still be dating now.
“What’s up with you?” He jeered. “You just left the party yesterday without a word and wouldn’t even pick my calls. I had to call your house and your mom told me you were home” he said.
“What happened?”
“I left and that was it” I flung my backpack over my back and began walking to the building, I felt him trailing behind.
“Okay and what’s with this attitude I’m getting from you?” He asked.
I kept mute and continued walking.
“Jake?” He called.
“Just leave me alone, Luke” I said, heading to the stairs.
“Seriously? You won’t even tell me what I did wrong or why you’re so out of the normal today?” He asked and I stopped, giving him a look.
“I got broken up with yesterday at the party, that’s what happened so I left. You couldn’t have expected me to wait for you or picked your calls when you led me to that party!” I said.
“Whoa whoa whoa.. Where’s this coming from right now? I did you a favor, okay?” He said “But seriously, she really left you for that hot dude?” He asked and I gave him a glare, he raised both hands in surrender..
“Okay.. But are you serious?”
“Do I look like I’m joking?” I fired, slamming my locker shut with my anger.
“Well.. That’s bad. But you should’ve kind of expected it. I mean look at that dude, he’s pretty good looking and all so..” He shrugged.
“You think so? You know for a guy you seem to talk too much and today it’s really annoying me!” I said.
“Okay on a more serious note, I’m sorry but it’s not my fault.. I was only concerned about your relationship, I didn’t know she planned on breaking up with you but all the same, I’m sorry. But that Melvin guy looked kind of different yesterday, I almost didn’t think it was him” he said.
“Why?” I asked abs£ntly. Not knowing why I got interested..
“Well, he suddenly had this red glittering look in his eyes. I though his iris were originally blue but it was red last night and the way he walked, there was definitely something off about it. He looked like he was in pain and would fall off anytime soon. I think I saw claws in his hand and well..” He shook his head..
“Well?” I asked, stopping and facing him.
“He..he had furs too, his hands and legs. You know, like an animal” he said and I gave him a twitchy look.
“What’re you saying, Luke? Did you take alcohol at the party and began seeing stupid things?”
“No.. I’m sure about what I saw and I’m even more sure now that I think about it. It was just few minutes after we arrived at the party, I was walking into the hall when I saw him and I’m pretty sure it’s him. Every other thing matched except for his strange look” he said and I gave him a deep stare to know if he was joking or playing a prank but his looks were completely serious plus, he’s someone I can easily read.. We’ve been friends since seven.. But if Melvin’s iris was red yesterday night then how come it’s blue today?


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