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Heart of a beast 2 Episode 1 & 2

(Love is the word💓)
BOOK 2 📚
❤Kayla’s POV❤️
A warm breeze rustled on my forehead, s£nding the hair on that spot away.. It stopped for a brief moment and then it came again and my eyes flung open.
It met, first with the bright eyeball of a white haired woman and getting a bit alarmed, I immediately sat up and moved from her..
“Easy, easy my child” she cooed. I look away from her, staring around the room.. I sight Melvin at a corner, his gaze on me. My gaze gradually came back to the lady which was starting to get familiar. I immediately felt a pang of pain stabbing at my forehead and my palm flew to it, my eyes shut as I rubbed my forehead in an effort to sooth it.
I suddenly remembered how I p@ssed out and my eyes flung open.
“Belle,” I stuttered, fear clouding my voice “Where’s Belle?”
“She’s gone” I tilt my head to see Clara walking in.. My gaze stayed on her as she reached me and stretched a cup to me.
“She’s dead?” I asked, taking the cup from her, though still confused.
“Not yet but we won’t be seeing her around us anymore” she said, urging me to drink..
I gave her a small look and set it aside.
“It’s a good thing you didn’t give her the necklace, Clara” the old lady said..
“She seemed really persistent on having it, I wonder why” I said, drawing the cup content to view, it was coffee. I took a light sip and looked back at Melvin, his gaze was no longer on me, he was staring into space and I had a hint that the whole Belle stuff was still perplexing to him.
“It’s a powerful necklace” she said.
My gaze moved back to Clara. “You’re involved in this too? I mean you know Melvin is a-
“Beast?” She asked and I nodded. “I knew even before you did” she said and I was about asking how when I remembered that I had seen her lying in the box next to Melvin’s.
“Oh” was all I could mutter before drawing the cup back to my l!ps.
They all must’ve been in this together.
Melvin was still staring out of space when my gaze unconsciously moved to him
I sighed and gave the cup back to Clara.
“How do you feel now?” She asked.
“I’m okay, Clara. Thanks” I said.
“You’re welcome and oh, I’m not Clara. My name’s Jolita” she said and I gave her a small frown. “I had to answer Clara and use your face to be able to get close to you and Melvin, my real name’s Jolita and that’s my grandma Priola” she said..
“W-what?” I asked, laughing nervously.
“Yeah and watch this,” she said and almost immediately, as I left my gaze on her, it was as if I was looking at a different person. The resemblance we once had was completely gone, her hair color had changed too and she looked like a complete different person.
I g@sped. “Whoa!” I mumbled.
“See? I’m someone else. Granny only asked me to wear a camouflage so she can be able to communicate to you guys through me and make Belle’s real intention known” she said.
I heard a small crack sound and when I looked, Melvin was standing up and heading out, I brought my gaze back to Clara.
“Oh.. Well um I don’t know what to say” I laughed awkwardly.
“I know it’s a shock” she said, smiling. I nodded and looked away, my gaze landed outside and I saw that the sky had become thick and dark..
“Oh My Goodness! It’s night!” I exclaimed, standing up. “I-I have to go now” I told them.
After a brief bye which carried a very strange atmosphere, Clara or rather Jolita, decided to see me out.
As we walked I could swear I felt a bit cranky and uncomfortable around her; it’s probably because she wasn’t whom I thought she was or the fear that she had worn my face all this while and had also known Melvin as a beast, I couldn’t pick the right option so I simply settled for both. The walk was silent, although Clara did talk but I mostly nod or act uninterested but gradually, though with a different face, I was starting to grow a sort of familiarity at it, she acted completely like Clara and I was somehow trying to get used to it.
We got to the end of the wood and reached a road, the road that led home.
“I have to stop here” she said, as we got to the road.
“So..I guess I won’t be seeing you at school anymore?” I asked.
“I don’t know about that yet, granny’s the only one that can answer that but personally, I guess not” she said and I sighed with a small nod..
“But we’ll not stop seeing each other, you can always visit if you want. I’ll love to introduce you to my other friends too and besides you and Melvin aren’t done yet so, we’ll see” she said and my face twitch..
Oh right.. I still have his necklace and Lucinda still haven’t been defeated, you know for a moment I almost thought all this is over but then.. It isn’t.
“Yeah right” I said lowly.
“Don’t worry Kay, you’ll be fine. I strongly believe that the curse will be broken and both Melvin and you will be free” she said and I nodded.
“Okay Clara,” I moistened my l!ps with my tongue. “I should go now”
“Yeah and it’s Jolita” she corrected and I laughed, rubbing my nape.
“Yeah right. I’ll try to always remember that” I said, she laughed.. “So bye” I tell her and she nodded before walking away.. I began my journey home.
Today has been one pretty long day. First, I’ll have a brief shower and a long night.. Good thing, it’ll be weekend tomorrow.
I tuck my palms into my jacket pocket as I journeyed home..
Look like not only Melvin got fooled, though his was pretty hurtful but I’d never have thought that Clara was a different person, I mean all along I’ve been trying to hide Melvin’s identity away from her but she knew it from the scratch.. She isn’t even human as I had thought.
I do hope to get out of this mess soon..
I hailed a taxi, my feet completely worn out, I hopped on it and it started moving.. I stick my head out through the window, letting out a long sigh..
Suddenly, the horrible sight Melvin was in back in Lucinda’s secret room hit me and I shivered, I honestly do hope that whatever it might’ve meant, both he and Clara should get out of it soon and then it hit me..
But..Clara isn’t Jolita.. They’re two different people. But the Clara back there had carried my exact looks..
**.. both you and Melvin will be free** Jolita’s words rang back into my head and with a snap I sat up..
If Clara isn’t Jolita and she looks very much like me then is Clara .. me??
I g@sped!
BOOK 2 📚
❤Kayla’s POV❤️
. I stared into space as the early evening breeze washed my skin, my gaze was faraway in space while my mind was in a whole different planet..
Earlier today I had felt like I was in some sort of nightmare, seeing Belle transform to Lucinda right in front of me, shattered me. I had to wriggle my head repeatedly to be sure I was in reality.
I mean, if it had been any random person, it wouldn’t have been as surprising as this but Belle; it’s just so strange and.. gob-smacking. How I feel is something that I can’t even explain..
I had lived with an enemy for half of my life as a beast. She had always been with me and had served as a comfort zone when my problem starts to itch h@rder.. Belle had been my companion! My shelter and helper, or so I had thought..
She had always been there when I thought I had no one. Her schemes had been so convincing that I didn’t have any reason to doubt her.. But she turned out to be the enemy Alas! Right in my face she had showed it.. She had been helping me and at the same time destroying me, comforting me and at same time laughing her @ss out at me..
I s√¢ked in my lower, nibbling at it as I thought of nothing else but Belle. Suddenly I felt it, the pricking pain.. I shut my eyes, trying to take it in but it was sharp, too sharp for me to handle and even more painful than the last, maybe Belle’s deceit only wors£n it.. I felt myself going on the verge of tears but I couldn’t cry it out, somehow I just couldn’t.
I gradually opened my eyes as the pain dragged all part of my body and as I gazed at the spot, I sight a new mark; shiny and new. It was more like an inscription that had been made on me and with one last grunt, I p@ssed out.
🔵Kayla’s POV🔵
My palm, with all the force that it could gather, grabbed the metallic drawer with so much force.. Knuckles red and veins sticking out from different angle as I tried violently to muffle my cry. My eyelids were totally mashed together to a close as the pain tore endlessly to different part of my body, causing it to shudder and tremble as I swallowed the pain and push in the cry of pain threatening to emanate from my clogged throat.
As my l!ps quivered, I could hear a faint knock on my door. My teeth took in my lower l!p tightly to prevent me from crying out as the pain aggravated, the knock came again, a tear slid down my eye.
“Kayla?” I heard the faint call of my name and just as I was about screaming the pain out, as if getting a warning signal, it vanished.
I sighed in relief, catching my breath and calming my body. I heard a knock again, a little more ferocious this time accompanied with the calling of my name and my gaze flew to it. I walked to it and pulled it open, seeing mom, I left it open and walked to my bed. In no time, I felt her pres£nce behind me.
“Baby?” He voice cooed at me and I let out a small sigh. “Are you avoiding me?” She asked, her palm resting on my shoulder, I shook my head slightly at her before sitting on the bed, letting her hand fall..
“You won’t pick my calls and then after you walked in, you just greeted me and totally ignored me” she said.
Wait.. Did I really?
I had been too occupied in my thoughts to notice that Ignored her..
“I didn’t” I answered simply. “I was far in thought probably and didn’t hear you ask any questions”
“Then why did you refuse to open up for me if not that I had to knock louder and h@rder” she asked.
“I..I was asleep. I woke up when you knocked h@rder” I said.
“Oh.. Sorry if I disturbed your sleep then, I thought I was being ignored,” she smiled. “Well before you go back to bed, you should have dinner. I already set the table!”
“Sure, I’ll join you in a sec” I said, returning her smile slightly. She nodded and walked out. I breathed out, placing a palm on my forehead..
I stood up and walked to my mirror..
Could that pain have meant something else? I mean could it be because I was probably the one trapped or the necklace?
I’m seriously confused about this! I stared into my full mirror and w€t my l!ps, sighing again.
I remembered Priola had addressed me as Clara earlier, I had thought she was referring to Jolita but I was wrong.. She was talking to me and had called me Clara.. I shook the thought off and took my jacket off, ready to put my evening dress on.. I had barely lifted my blouse up when my gaze caught familiar looking sharp black dots on my abdomen side, with a curved brow, I examined it deeply and realized where I had seen it from..
Melvin.. He had these dots too! Why am I getting it too?!


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