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Heart of a beast 2 episode 21 & 22

(Love is the word💓)
BOOK 2 📚
❤Melvin’s POV❤️
“So how do we get it?” Kayla asked.
“Surely, you must’ve seen where she keeps it, Melvin” Priola said. I gave Kayla a glance.
“Have you?” She asked, hopefully.
“Ask that again, properly this time, let’s see if I have” I said.
“Okay, so Melvin do you know if your mom has the Luvi holder, where she keeps it and how it looks like?” She asked.
I blinked once and I felt myself going back in time. I was back to the beautiful room but this time I was no longer in front of a mirror but I was seated on a very comfortable king sized bed.
“So, what’s the almighty present you have for me that made you drag me down here from my party?” The small me asked, almost impatient and in exasperation.
“Calm down birthday boy, it’s a very special present and needs patience, okay?” She asked and I twitch my lips, watching her closely. She opened her wardrobe, I saw a small corner more like a safe, she inserted a small key in the keyhole and opened the small safe and she brought out something, it was pretty and in form of a little box, silver in color yet very attractive and beautiful. The necklace wasn’t any less, I could say it was the most beautiful necklace I had seen in a long time, I stood up at once to stare at it in more admiration.
“This is beautiful!” I said, awed.
“And it’s yours. Trust me when I say this is one of my priceless treasure cos it’s something that goes down our family’s tree, it’s special and very vital so you can’t be careless with it, okay? You can only give this to someone right and special and at the right time” she said and I nodded.
I walked to the mirror while she came and hooked the Luvi around my neck.
She kept the box back in the little safe right in her wardrobe and shut it, padlocking it.
Almost immediately, I left the trance and arrived back at reality.
“So?” Kayla asked and I nodded, not uttering a word. I walked to my backpack, grabbed a book and pencil and walk back to where they were seated. I began making a drawing of the Luvi holder..
“This is it,” I said, showing it to Priola. “Right?” I asked and she nodded.
“So how do we get it, do you know where she keeps it or something?” Kayla asked.
“Yeah, she keeps it in her wardrobe-
“Perfect! So we just have to go there and return the Luvi right back into it” Kayla said, digging into my words.
“I don’t think it’ll be as easy as you say cos my mom keeps the holder in a small safe inside her wardrobe, she keeps the key but I don’t know where” I said.
“You have to. Come-on I’ll ask again. Melvin, do you know where your mom keeps the key to the safe in her wardrobe where she keeps the Luvi holder?” She asked and I could see the curiosity latched all over her words..
I sat up, ready for the journey but I felt nothing. Hopefully, I adjusted on my seat and waited for more seconds but still nothing. Normally, it wouldn’t have taken this long except-
I gave Kay a look and shook my head negatively, she sighed, hopes crushed.
“So how then do we get the holder without the key to the safe?” She asked.
“I didn’t get any more revelation, that’s probably something you both have to figure out on your own” Priola said with a light sullen shrug. “Sorry!”
“But-” I was saying when I got lost for words, I let out a loud long sigh instead.
“Uh, I’ve got an idea,” Kayla said. “Melvin, you can visit your mom and try to talk her into giving you the necklace” she suggested.
“No, my mom can’t see me. No one in my house can, well except Lucinda of course” I said lowly.
“Well, they can see me. So maybe I should go and try to talk your mom into giving me the key!” Kayla said.
“You think she’d believe you?” I asked.
“Well.. I have to try anyways. Or you’ve got any better idea?” She asked and I shook my head negatively.
“No. Priola, you think it’s a good idea for Kayla to visit?” I asked.
“Well, I can’t say for sure cos I’ve said all that was revealed to me. The rest is left for you both but there’s no harm in trying out your ideas, since I didn’t get any bad feeling about it, I don’t think it can harm either of you” she said.
“Okay, so we’re doing it!” I said and Kay nodded. “You’ll go by noon, Lucinda should be away from home by then” I said.
“Good, so after school it is” she said and I nodded.
“I should go ahead now, it’s almost past my time limit. I’ll see you both when I get something else that you should know” Priola said “Or if we have to meet” she added before standing up, she gave the Luvi necklace back to kayla.
“Thanks!” Kayla said and she gave us a light smile before walking out.
Kay and I were quiet for a while, obviously brooding over our adventure tomorrow.
“Ahh.. It feels so great to see the night as a human!” I said, staring up at the sky.
“Well, congratulations to you on that!” She said.
“Yeah.. So the chicken is still available, right?”
“Right! I totally forgot!” She said, standing up and rushing out of the cave, I followed her.
❤️D.Kincaid’s POV ❤️
“Heading for the library, aren’t you?” I asked, Kayla who was out of her room with her backpack. She nodded.
“It’s good to know that my baby plans to get more smarter!” I said and she giggled.
“So it is!” She laughed.
“Okay, with this expression, I’m sure you must’ve spent most of yesterday at the library” I said, trying to see if she’d be truthful.
“You have no idea how much time I spent! I’ve taken it like a second home recently!” She said and I gave a faux smile.
She’s definitely hiding something with that voice and expression.
“Oh well, it’s great and I’m super proud of you, I mean you don’t get to see teenagers who wants to get smarter everday instead of focusing on what they think is more important.
I can drop you off at the library, I need to get some spices at the store downtown before going to work so I can drive you to the library” I suggested, standing up.
“Um..okay,” she said after a while, “that’d be lovely!”
“I’ll just grab the car key. Be right back” I said and walked to my room. I found the keys on my bedside drawer and walked back to the living room. We got to my car and I drove off.
As I parked, I noticed how she rushed down from the car and my suspicious almost died down at the move.. She gave me a light kiss and took off to the library.
Well, I still need to find out.
I started the car and drove off, driving into a corner. Counting up to the normal time, I drove back to the library and was almost just in time to see Kayla walking out of it and heading toward the same direction I had seen her headed for yesterday.
So she truly is hiding something..
Without hesitation, I started my car and followed her closely yet carefully.
She disappeared into a corner and I almost missed her but I caught up with her.. She walked really fast like she was in a hurry and this time I tried effortlessly to catch up with her..
Unaware of my presence, she kept walking into different paths that I had no idea of and after a while, we arrived at the woods. I parked my car when she stepped into it.
My brows furrowed deeply.
Kayla comes to the woods?!
But… Oh Goodness!
I quickly unlocked my seatbelt and rushed down from my car before following her.

2 📚

❤D.Kincaid’s POV❤️
I stepped into the woods and tilt my head all around it, finding no sign of Kayla.
How did she get away so fast?
Why’s she is a hurry to be at wherever she has to be at and why does it have to be here?
In the woods where a very deadly beast lives or maybe doesn’t anymore but still, no one is fully sure.
I sighed as a possible thought hit me.
How can Kayla disobey me this way? I’ve warned her times without number about coming here? I know it’s kind of disheartening knowing that she can’t visit Tracy but in this situation, her life should’ve been more important.
How could she think of disobeying me like this?!
It’s obvious she’s been doing this for quite a while and I can’t believe Kayla would do this..
I was furious about it. What if she loses her life, how can she be so obnoxious and stupid.. Doesn’t she think about herself too.
I took a step further into the woods, ready to go look for her in the only possible place that she could be but my ringing phone stopped me from taking another step.
I took it out and one glance at the caller ID, informed me what was going on. I swiped to the receiver.
“Don’t do anything Dr Steve, I’m on my way! Let’s talk about it more” I told him before he could say a word and disconnected the call.
I turned and headed back to the car, slipping my phone into my pocket.
°•Kayla’s POV°•
“I won’t be making any meal today, so I brought some things from my house” I Informed Melvin.
I drew the hand of my bag down and took out the foods I had brought. “Have some strawberries first” I handed him the bunch and he pulled one out of it.
With our palms intertwined, he threw it into his mouth.
“Argh!” He groaned, spitting it out.
“Does it taste bad?” I asked but he kept groaning in severe pain, breathing heavily.
“Melvin? Are you okay?” I asked, moving to him
The groaning went on for a while and that was when I understood that he was undergoing the usual pain from the curse but it was starting to last longer than it should plus I wasn’t feeling any of it..
“It’s getting to the hardest stage,” Priola suddenly stepped in, taking Melvin who has fallen on my laps because of the pain. “It will most time be unbearable, like this” she added.
I sighed in relief, seeing her. I stared at Melvin and he was looking like he was about to die. That pain that looks like you’ve got daggers digging at every part of your body.
“What does it even mean?” I asked her. she pulled off a part of Melvin’s cloth aside and I saw the thick dot marks forming on his body. It looked like it was making a letter because there was a letter ‘L’ and an ‘O’ there already and the little gathering were forming another letter, though only two dots were present.
“It’s passing a message” Priola explained.
“A message? What message?” I asked.
“I can’t tell. But it’s a message that is vital to you both, I’ll say it’s a slow key to you both freedom. That’s why I’m letting you try other quicker steps, no one knows when the word will be released” she said.
“So this pain Melvin and I have been experiencing is from the Luvi and not from Lucinda?” I asked and she nodded.
“When Belle was with him, I had almost given up hope on helping him. So I asked for an alternative and here it is. It’s a message but it comes slowly and with pain. It’ll tell you both what to do through the word and how to help yourselves if I wasn’t able to get to you” she said.
“Can’t it stop?” I asked.
“Not for now. It can only stop when the message has been released or when you both are able to break the curse without it” she said.
I sighed again.
I glanced at the sky and realised that the afternoon was gradually drawing to an end.
“Um Priola, I have to be at Melvin’s house before Lucinda gets back and it’s almost past noon, will you watch Melvin while I go?” I asked, giving Melvin a glance.
“I won’t stay for long but I can watch him until the pain stops”
“That’s fine,” I stood up, heading into the cave, I took what I needed and came out. “I should be on my way” I told her and she nodded. I quickly walked out, heading out of the wood.
I got to the gate of Melvin’s house and without wasting time, pulled it open. It gave way immediately and I was glad. I stepped in..
The big house was the first thing I noticed. I stepped further into it.
“Excuse me, who are you?” I quickly tilt my head to the direction and found a frail woman sitting on a cushion chair, very close to the house.
I walked to her. Amidst her frail and sick look, I could see the resemblance between she and Melvin and I felt a bit of recognition just by staring at her. I moved my gaze to the table in front of her and found packs of drugs and medicines littered all over with a half filled glass of water.
“Can I help you, young lady?” Her voice was low and each word was obviously said with a great deal of stress and pain.
“Um..yeah, kind of” I said with a light shrug and she gave me a curious look.
“Err, first of, my name is Kayla and I- ” I let it trail off, not finding a proper next word. “Can I show you something, ma’am?” I asked, she stared at me, not uttering a word but her look was obviously like she was staring at an insane person.
Ignoring the stare, I reached for my bag and brought out the drawing that Melvin had made of the Luvi.. I left it on the table, showing it to her..
She gave it a glance at first then suddenly drew closer and checked closely at it.. Her face was bent on it for almost a minute.
“Do you know what that is, ma’am?” I asked and she snapped her head up at me, her face bearing an expression that I couldn’t read. She opened her mouth to reply me before she suddenly began coughing out, they were heavy coughs and she tore out from the tissue paper on the table and coughed into it, I saw thick blood fall into the paper and soak it..
My brows twitch in surprise and more blood fell when she coughed more.. She suddenly stopped coughing, she took in a deep breath, folded the soaked paper and threw it into a nearby waste basket, wiping off a tiny tear. I realised the waste basket contained more bloody tissues..
I gave her frail body another look.. Taking in a huge gulp of saliva.
She was really sick, it’s obvious she wouldn’t last much if not properly treated and she could fall off at anytime if not with any support, at the point I saw the two walking sticks beside her chair.
“No!” She answered plainly, drawing my attention back to her.
“It doesn’t look familiar to you?” I asked and she shook her head negatively. “Not even a bit?” I pestered.
“You can leave if you have nothing else to say” she said, her face expressionless.
“Just a minute, please” I quickly reached into my pocket and drew out the Luvi, I left it on top the paper that had the drawing so she could have a better view of it.
“What about this, ma’am?” I asked but she was quiet, only studying the necklace.
“Surely you should recognize this. It’s yours, right?” I asked and she gave me a look, once more the formal expression was there; The unreadable one.
“No,” she replied “Never seen this before” she said, pushing it away with her frail palm..
“What? But it’s yours,” I picked the necklace up and left it on the table again. “You gave this to Melvin on his sixth birthday and-
“Melvin?” She repeated sluggishly.
“Yes, he’s your son” I said and she gave me a look. “He’s in a curse and only the Luvi can save us. We need the key which you possess before we can have access to the Luvi holder and break ourselves free from the curse!” I explained..
I didn’t plan to let it out this way but in this case, I just had to make use of the opportunity.
She was quiet..
“Melvin?” She repeated under her breath and glanced back at the necklace and when she looked up, she began coughing again, this time a more ferocious one that brought out lots of thick dark blood..
She threw the huge chunk of soiled tissue into the waste basket and wiped the tears that fell from her eyes, obviously from the pain she went through from that extraordinary cough.
Someone immediately rushed out from the house.
“Are you okay, Ma’am?” The young lady asked, holding her..
She shook her head negatively. “I need to go to the hospital” she said.
“Okay ma’am, I’ll tell Jonas to get the car ready!” She said and dashed back into the house.
Melvin’s mother grabbed her walking stick and was trying to stand up.
“Ma’am?” I called her.
“I know nothing of what you’re saying, I’m sick and unable to talk more so, please leave now” she said, giving me a sudden cold look even with the warm words.
“But ma’am this necklace-
“I know nothing about it!” She snapped, pushing the necklace off angrily. “Get out of my building this minute!”
She flared up and I knew she must’ve sacrificed so much pain to shout that much..
“, ma’am.. You can’t just tell me to leave. Melvin and I-
“Jonas,” She said to the guy that had just walked out, interrupting me.
“Take me to the hospital but first throw this lady out of my building!”


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