Heart doctor episode 6

Written by, Rejoice Jeremiah. C
EPISODE 6 (unedited)
[Pouring the aggression on her]
They headed back home and throu-gh the short journey, Odeya wasn’t looking happy.
Her face seem to hold a heavy load of anger which made Amanda worried.
She wondered if it’s the word exchange between her and her clas-smate.
‘Of course it has to be’ Amanda thought. Maybe she could try asking her but Amanda want to be very careful with Odeya.. She doesn’t want to be lashed by the little girl’s mouth. Even if she is going to, not around Peter. Maybe when they are alone and she’s certain that only she would hear the mouth lashing.
She decided to ask her about her unhappy face when they got home.
They finally got home as Peter had to horn the car five times before the gate opened.
Immediately the car drove in, Odeya wind down the glas-s and yelled at I.K “you are fired!!”
‘What?’ Amanda g@sped.
“Chineke me e!- Oh My God! Fired keh” Peter said.
“I am fired?? we-tin I do?” I.k said as he closed the gate and rushed towards.
Peter st©pped the car and Amanda c@m£ down, c@m£ over and carried Odeya down from the car.
I.K c@m£ to Odeya’s front. “Little misses, we-tin I do? we-tin I do biko? – what did I do?” he asked.
“Out of the way,” Odeya said to him.
I.K got out of the way with dropped jaw as Odeya headed to the house.
“Me fired! I no wan believe am. I no say Oga no fit fire me.” I.K said.
“You see your life? we-tin I tell you? Who tell you say Oga no fit fire you? Better go and beg her. I would have to horn a million times at the gate before you open it. Today your cu-p has filled up.” Peter jeered at I.K
“You sef close that your dirty mouth. When better people dey talk, you sef go join open mouth.” I.K snapped at Peter.
Amanda cleared her throat. “plea-se you two are grown ups and might even have families now. St©p quarreling and exchanging words like children. I will go and talk to Odeya.. I’m sure she’s unhappy today that’s why. I will plead with her not to tell her dad. And you. I.K, try to be active on your job or else you will loose it and I’m sure you don’t want to.” Amanda said and with that, she headed inside.
Peter cl@pped. “See person that have s-en-se. This girl is a correct home trained lady with ph.D. Na the kind person that suppose to be in this house not people like you. I pray you get fired so next time when you get Job, you won’t toy with it.”
I.K snuffed at him. “Your plans no go work Peter we-t deny Jesus. Your plans no go work.” I.K said and headed towards his quarter.
“Bia, where you dey go? You won’t go and start begging that girl with your knees on the ground? E be like say this work din tire you.” Peter said.
“I trust my Amanda.” I.K said.
“You say we-tin? Your Amanda. Your Amanda?” Peter said. “This man don’t know what he is doing.” he said to himself.
Inside Odeya’s room, Amanda helped Odeya take off her school uniforms, shoes and socks.
“Did you make my pancake?” Odeya asked her.
Amanda shook her head. “I’m sorry, I couldn’t do it. I thought I wouldn’t do it right. But don’t worry I will make you something else. Do you want noodles. I heard it’s your favorite too.” Amanda said.
The glare that Odeya gave Amanda almost frightened the life out of her.
“Make me pancake you lazy Nanny!!” She yelled on t©p of her voice.
Amanda was shocked by Odeya’s outbur-st. Did she just call her Lazy nanny?
How did she become a lazy nanny?
Amanda felt like sl@pping the hell out of the little girl but only God knows what held her from doing so. She clinched her teeth in anger as she stared monsteriously at Odeya while Odeya stared back the same way.
“Tell me, what you gonna do to me huh?” Odeya asked and crossed her arms. “I’m asking you nanny. You can’t do anything you know that. This is my dad’s house and I will say whatever I wanna say to you, get that.”
Amanda shook her head.
“You have no respect for me Odeya. Even though I’m your nanny, show me some respect. You are five, I’m twenty four!” Amanda said.
“My mom would say, age is just a number.. She doesn’t care about age and age respect. So do I. I don’t care how much old you are. Besides, you should be working in an office at your age, not being a nanny.” Odeya threw the bombshell at Amanda who fell down instantly, almost breaking in tears by this girl’s words.
“I don’t care how you do it, just make me pancake.” Odeya said.
Amanda f0rç£d back the tears about to roll down her from her eyes.
“Odeya why are you being so mean to me? Why are you really sas-sy to everyone around you, even in school. You are too pretty to be a sas-sy and rude girl. Can we plea-se be a little nice to me.”
‘When I’m annoyed, I pour the aggression on anyone close to me. I’m always sas-sy so get used to it.’ Amanda said within her.
“If you don’t want to loose your job like that gateman is going to, then do what you are supposed to do.” Odeya said.
“I can’t make that.” Amanda said.
“Make it.”
“I can’t.”
“Then you are leaving.”
“I won’t!”
Amanda stood up. “Because your dad pleaded to me, not to.”
Odeya stood up also from the be-d and stood in Amanda’s front with crossed arms.
“Really? Did you say, plead? Why would my dad plead to you?” she asked.
“Because he’s tired of changing nannies every week.” Amanda said.
“He shouldn’t be tired alre-ady because I’m going to make him regret ever taking me from my mom.” She said.
Amanda raised her brows. ‘What does she mean by that? Her dad took her away from her mom?’
“I’ve not started with him yet. I’m gonna keep giving him ha-rd times until he takes me back to my mom. I hate this place.. I hate this country! I hate that school! I hate every one of you!” Odeya fired and with that she climbe-d on her be-d and covered her whole self with the duvet.
“Go away.” She said to Amanda who stood with dropped jaw, wondering what really happened between her dad and her mom.
“Don’t stay there anymore, leave my room.” Ode ya said un-der the duvet.
Amanda exhaled.
“I will. I will go and make you pancake. I will try to make it perfectly.” she said and with that, she picked up odeya’s uniforms, lunchbox and left the room.
Once she left, Odeya bur-sted into a whimper.
“I want to go back to my mom. I hate everything about this place. It su-cks.” She cried.
‘What could have happened between her mom and dad? Did they get married and got divorced or what exactly’ Amanda wondered as she headed to the laundry room first to drop Odeya’s uniforms and then head to the kitchen to try ma-king her pancake.
“What do I do? She seem so dejected. She is too little for that.” Amanda sighed.
She wished Odeya can tell her about it, but she know the sas-sy girl would only lash at her again. She almost brou-ght tears from her eyes minutes ago.
‘If her mom and dad are having issues, then she wish she can reunite them again but if it’s divorce… Then it would be pretty ha-rd and may never be possible.
Amanda shrugged. “What right do I have to get into the family issue.. I’m just a nanny.” Amanda said as she dropped the clothes inside a washing machine and walked out to kitchen. As she entered the kitchen, she remembered Odeya’s words.
«Besides, you should be working in an office at your age, not being a nanny»
Amanda breathed out and leaned her back on the kitchen counter.
“As little as she is, her words hurt really bad.”
«My mom would say, age is just a number.. She doesn’t care about age and age respect. So do I. I don’t care how much old you are.»
“She must be a replica of her mom, Now I un-derstand. If her dad really took her away from her mom, then it was a nice idea.” she said.
She took out her phone from her trou-ser pocket, turned on her data connection and typed on google. ‘How to make a delicious pancake.’ then cli-cked ‘search.
Answers were brou-ght out for her and she exhaled.
“I will try my best even though I know she’s not going to appreciate it.” she said.
(🕜🕜 About an hour and 30 minutes later)
Amanda was done with the pancake. It look quite alike with the ones pictured on the internet.. She hoped she tried ma-king it right but she knows there wasn’t any nee-d to hope because Odeya would not accept that she tried.
She carried the plate of pancake, jui-ce and water in a tray and headed upstairs to her room.
When she got to the door, she opened it and walked in. Deya was still covered in the duvet and the time was around 6pm.
She must be very hungry.
Amanda dropped the tray of food on t©p of the table in the room and walked to the be-d. She rolled off the duvet from Odeya’s head and realized she was slee-ping.
‘Would it be okay to wake her up?’ Amanda pondered.
‘Of course she must be hungry. I have to.’ She said and with that she tapped her on the shoulder. “Odeya, wake up and eat your pancake.”
“Odeya, wake up and eat something.” Amanda said and Odeya mumbled, “Jeremy, I..like
.. you.”
Amanda raised her brows. She couldn’t believe what she just heard.
‘Is she dreaming? Does it mean she likes that boy even with all the harsh words she said to him? ‘ Amanda wondered.
She was still wondering when Odeya opened her eyes and their eyes jammed.
Amanda smiled nervously. “Oh you are awake now. I prepared the pancake for you.”
Odeya narrowed her eyes. “How long have you been here?” she asked Amanda.
“Uhm.. It haven’t been upto five minutes.” Amanda said.
“Did you hear anything?” Odeya asked.
“What?” Amanda asked. ‘Did she mean that?’ Amanda wondered.
“Sometimes I talk out while dreaming. Did you hear anything?” Odeya asked.
Amanda wondered the answer to give her. She has only a short time to give her answer..
“No I didn’t. You didn’t say it out this time. I didn’t hear anything.” Amanda lied.
Odeya sighed and sat up. “That’s a relief. Where is the pancake.. I’m sure I wouldn’t look at it twice.” She said.
Amanda rushed to the table, carried the tray and c@m£ back. She place it beside Odeya on the be-d.
“Here it is.” she said and opened it.
Odeya twisted her face. “What’s this?”
“A pancake. Have a taste. It taste nice.” Amanda said.
“Excuse me, take this away from me.” Odeya said.
Amanda breathed out. “But I told you that I cant make it, you insisted that I should.”
“Oh yes I did.. And you didn’t make it right. I can’t eat this trash. Take it away.” Odeya said.
“Why not have a bit first?” Amanda said.
“Oh really? Okay then.” Odeya said and cut from the pancake, she put it into her mouth and even though it tasted quite nice, she have an evil plan to unleash.
She acted like someone about to vomit then the next thing, she threw the pancake in her mouth on Amanda’s face.
“Oh my Odeya!” Amanda shouted.
Odeya smiled triumphantly. “Ah that taste horrible. I couldn’t swallow it.” she lied.
Amanda twisted her face in horror as she tried taking off the pancakes on her face.
“That’s your punishment for lying to me.” Odeya said.
“How?” Amanda asked, still taking the pancakes off her face.
“You lied about not hearing anything. You spent long time thinking about the answer to give, that was when I knew you did.” Odeya said
Amanda’s hand got stuck on her face in both astonishment and embarras-sment. She stared at this wonder girl with wi-de eyes.
Odeya took the fork, cut from the pancake and ate.
“It taste quite good. You must be a nice cook but not more than my dad.” she said.
Wow, for the first time, Odeya spoke nicely to her. Amanda forgot about her embarras-sment and smiled at Odeya.
“Thanks for the compliment.” she said.
Odeya rolled her eyes. “I wasn’t complimenting you. Make it more tasty next time.”
Amanda exhaled.
“Go wash your face. Your face look like some trash bin.” Odeya said.
‘My face look like a trash bin? Tch.. Odeya you will never st©p being sas-sy all your life!’
She stood up and headed into Odeya’s bathroom to wash off the pancakes on her face.
Later that night, Amanda had bathe Odeya and dressed her into her pajama.
Then made dinner for the both of them and I.K too.
Odeya was sitting on the floor of the suiting room and doing her home works as Amand went out to hand I.K his dinner.
She got there and I.K dropped the radio he was listening to and stood up from the usual plastic chair he always sit.
“You bring my food?.” he asked.
“Yes.” Amanda said as she handed it to him and turned to leave but he called her back.
“Ehm.. Beautiful Amanda, wait.”
“What is it?” Amanda asked.
“Ehn shey you talk to her?” he asked.
That was when Amanda remembered. She havent!
“Ehn.. See ehn, I don’t lie to you. I haven’t because she got really upset but I will go in now and tell her before oga comes back.” I said.
“A beg do.. Oga go soon come back. Abeg” I.k said.
“I will.” Amanda said and hurried off.
I.k bit hisl-ips as he stared at her behind. “Chai na this kind nyash dey put man for trouble.”
Just then a car horned, startling him.
“I don die.. Oga don come back.” he said as he dropped the tray of food and hurried to the gate with a beating heart.
He opened the gate and the car drove in.
He saluted like a soldier saluting the president. “Oga sir! I salute your return.”
Desmond chuckled at the kind of greeting I.k is giving him this night as he drove to the garage. Once he drove into the garage, he turned off the car, gr@bb£d his briefcase and c@m£ down, locking the car with a remote.
“Oga.. Nothing do you. Welcome sir!” I.k kept his salute from where he stood.
Desmond waved at him and headed into the house.
“Heee, abeg no fire me biko.. I get family for village.” I.k lamented as he fell to the ground.
Inside the house, Amanda was pleading with Odeya not to tell her dad about firing I.k.
“I’m finding it ha-rd to concentrate on my homework with your bug. You are a such a bee.” Odeya said.
“plea-se don’t. I’m begging you on his behalf.”
“I said shut up!” Odeya yelled at Amanda.
Just then the door opened and Desmond walked in.
“What’s happening.. I heard voices?” Desmond asked.
“Nothing sir. Welcome sir.” Amanda said and looked at Odeya.
Desmond looked at his daughter. “What’s wrong Odeya?” he asked.
Amanda begged Odeya with her eyes.
Odeya exhaled and turned to her dad.
“Nothing dad. Welcome. I was asking her for help on my home works but she seem not to know anything.” Odeya said.
Amanda was relieved that she didn’t say the truth but then the lie.. Why would it be such lie..
Why wouldn’t she know how to solve primary 2 works!
“Oh really, that’s okay. I’m coming to help you with it.. I will be back in a jiffy.” Desmond said and headed upstairs.
Odeya glared at Amanda. “For this, you are going to sing fifty different poems tonight. Don’t even think I’m going to blink my eyes until you finish it.”
Amanda g@sped. “What?”
Odeya odeya.. How many times did I call you?
This your mouth is too dangerous.