Heart doctor episode 5

Written by, Rejoice Jeremiah. C
[The Plan]
Amanda woke up about an hour later and headed to the kitchen to make lunch.. First she have to prepare soup and semovita, then pancake.
About that pancake. Amanda doesn’t think she was going to make it. She doesn’t un-derstand anything.
She got to the kitchen and began setting the recipe for the melon soup.
With all the things she saw in the refrigerator and cu-pboards, she knew that the soup was going to be ‘ofe akworo aka te – A rich soup’
As she l@yout the recipe and ingredients, she remembered her mother’s funny words.
«You have to be veery careful. You must be a very good employee. You must make him see how good you are at cleaning, cooking and taking care of his daughter. He have to see you as a wife material»
Amanda shook her head and chuckled.
“Mama won’t kill me. Why will her thought even go that side? This is really unbelievable.”
About thirty minutes into the cooking, she felt a pres£nce behind her as she was stirring the soup with a soup spoon.
She turned and saw it was I.K, his hands folded as he stared at the as-sets in front of him.
I.K had woken up few minutes ago, recalling the sweet dream he was having where he was k!ss!ngAmanda and gr-abbing her bu-tt like his life depended on it. He had quic-kly wore his shi-t and raced into the main building and perceiving the aroma of a soup on fire, he had ti-ptoed to the kitchen and had been leaning on the door frame for about three minutes, staring at the amazing works God did on the lady in from of him.
‘If he doesn’t get this girl, God punish him.’ He had swore as he li-cked hisl-ips. He was expecting her to turn and see him anytime soon and when she did, he grinned at her.
“How long have you been standing there?” she asked.
He uncrossed his arms, left the door and walled fully into the kitchen.
“E never tee – It haven’t been long” he said.
“What are you doing here, you should be at the gate.” Amanda said as she turned back to the pot of steaming soup.
“Shey dey born me, born gate? Abi na gate wey I go die. I say make I come help you.” He said, smiling at her, even though Amanda’s eyes were on the soup she was about to bring down from the cooker.
“There’s no nee-d for that. I’m done with the soup alre-ady. I just nee-d to make semovita.” She said as she turned off the cooker, brou-ght down the pot of soup, took an empty pot and walked to the sink to add a little quantity of water into the pot.
“Chai… I dey hungry before but as I enter, see you… My hunger disappear.” I.K lied trying to find words to start his confession of love to Amanda but his stomach immediately betrayed him.
It grumbled loudly causing Amanda to laugh.
“Your stomach doesn’t want you to lie.” She said.
I.k scratched his head. “I think.”
Amanda left the sink and walked back to the cooker. She turned it on and placed the pot of water on the fire.
“Ehm we-tin you wan make I help you with.. I wan help you do something as I no dey do anything for that gate now.” I. k said.
“Don’t worry.. I don’t nee-d you to do anything.” Amanda said.
“You sure? The plate nko? Make I wash am?” he asked.
“No no, I will wash them.” she said.
“Ah, okay na.” I.K gave up and sat on one of the breakfast stools as he stared at Amanda walk to the cabinets, gr-ab a semovita and walked back to the pot.
She took a turner, opened the semovita bag and as she poured the semovita into the heated water, she began stirring it with the turner.
“Chai… You sabi cook oh.. With the way the soup dey smell ehn. I know say I go bite my f!ngers.” I.K said.
Amanda laughed. “Don’t conclude yet. You haven’t tasted it.” she said.
“I don conclude am alre-ady. As you fine well well, Chai… Even if e no sweet ehn.. E go dey sweet for my mouth.” he said ‘just like the way you go sweet for be-d’ he thought and grinned.
He’s head is scattering.
Chai.. This girl is ma-king him go crazy.
He hvgged himself with many fantasies running throu-gh his head.
Amanda saw him hvg himself and wondered if he’s cold.
“Are you cold?” she asked.
“E worse pas-s cold – it’s worse than cold” he said.
“Malaria?” she asked.
He shook his head.
“No worry, just dey do we-tin you dey do.” he said.
Amanda shrugged and went on with the semovita she is turning.
A red car pu-ll-ed in front of Desmond Okoye’s gate.
“Wow, is this really his house?” Chioma asked Gold as they admired the house from inside the car.
“It should. It’s the address that your brother gave me.”
“Wow.. He’s really wealthy. I had no idea my brother was actually close to his boss. I should have gr@bb£d the opportunity if I knew.” Chioma said.
“Come on babe, you are d@t!ngCollins. He’s handsome and rich.” Gold said.
“But not as handsome and rich as Desmond Okoye. Babe, don’t mess up this opportunity.” Chioma said.
“Of course I won’t. Wow look at the house. I can imagine the interior beauty alre-ady.” Gold said.
“What did Henry say about his relationsh!pstatus sef?” Chioma asked.
“He’s divorced for four years now. His ex wife is a white lady. He has a daughter of five years who he was able to take from his wife three months ago after three years of going to courts and all that. For that three years, I was surprised when he told me he had never had a relationsh!pwith any lady.” Gold said.
“Wow really. I think he was facing heart break and think he don’t nee-d any lady at the moment ” chioma said.
“I don’t care. I’m going to make him mine, with my woman magic. You know we-tin I mean nah!” Gold said.
They laughed and did a high five.
“I know babe, don’t waste time. Start tonight if possible.” Chioma said.
“Of course I’m giving him a call tonight. If he doesn’t want any lady, he go want me by f0rç£.” Gold said and they did another high five.
“That’s it babe. I can’t wait to celebr@te with you soon. Let’s drive to a nearby restaurant. I’m hungry.” Chioma said, started the car and drove off.
“Me too,” Gold said.
Back to Amanda and I.K. Amanda was done ma-king the semovita.
She turned off the cooker and transfered the semovita from the pot to a bowl sized cooler.
“Are you sure you don finish the whole cooking cos I remember say we get cricket for this house.” I.k said.
Amanda took out plates to dish out I.K’s food.
“Which cricket?” Amanda asked pretending she have no idea who he’s talking about.
“The small pikin wey dey this house – The little child in this house..” he said.
“She isn’t a cricket.” Amanda said as she dropped his covered food in front of him. “The timetable says pancake but I don’t un-derstand the instructions I re-ad in google. I will have to Make another thing for her.”
“You for tell Oga make he teach you. Na so other nannies do.” he said.
“Really? I didn’t even think about that one.” Amanda said.
“Make you tell him this night, he fit teach you. You go learn am o, cos na that one she like well well.” he said.” he said.
“Okay. You should go now.” Amanda said.
“Ehn, make I stay small now. Again, I wan tell you something.” he said.
“What’s that?” she asked.
“See ehn..” he paused and scratched his head. “See ehn Amanda, I like you.” he said. “I like you very well. I go want make we dey very closer.”
“You like me, you want us to be closer.. In what way? I don’t get you” Amanda asked.
“Ehmmm I mean make I… no, no worry. Make I just dey go. As I don see say your face don dey change, I no fit talk am again.” he said, stood up, carried the plates of food and walked out.
Amanda chuckled.
“Is it what I’m thinking? He’s sick in the head if it’s what he is trying to say ” She said and walked back to the counter.
She will have to make noodles for Odeya when she comes back.
She dished out her own food and settled on the breakfast bar to eat.
At the office, Desmond was having his lunch when his phone rang.
He picked the phone and saw it was his mom, calling.
He exhaled and picked it up.
“Hello mom, I’m having lunch right now, I would call you back later OK.” he said.
📲”I can’t take that. I know immediately you are done with that lunch of yours, you will get back to working. I want us to talk now.” she said.
“Okay fine. What do you want us to talk about?” he asked, hoping it isn’t about marriage.
📲”It’s about the new nanny. How is she fairing with Odeya?”
“Really mom, is that the reason you called?” he asked.
📲”Yes dear. I want to know how she is coping with Odeya.” she asked.
“I don’t think it’s okay now but she seem to be tolerant. I hope she stays longer, I’m tired of changing nannies.” He said.
📲”Of course she will stay really longer. And ap@rt from that, isn’t she beautiful and well endowed?” She asked.
“What mom? Why would you be asking me that?” He asked, not believing his mom.
📲”I have to ask. You know Odeya like beautiful people.. You should try and check her well enough.. If she isn’t beautiful enough, let me know.” she said.
“Mom, she is okay. I have to drop the call now. Bye.” Desmond said getting irritated.
📲”okay son. Don’t forget to like her too. She’s a nice girl.”
“Bye mom.” he said and dropped the call.
“what’s wrong with my mom.. Why’s she always being so dramatic?” he said with a sigh.
«I have to ask. You know Odeya like beautiful people.. You should try and check her well enough.. If she isn’t beautiful enough, let me know.»
“Tch.. Mom you are really unbelievable.” he said
Then he remembered what Odeya said that morning.
«Dad why are you staring at her as-s?»
Desmond shook his head…
‘Everyone is so dramatic! I wasn’t even staring at her as-s or whatever or did I? Of course not’
He picked the spoon and went on with the fried rice he was eating.
Mrs Monica re-moved the phone from her ear and smiled at the woman sitting in front of her. She is Mrs Chika, Amanda’s mom.
“Oh, he’s so annoying. But we can’t give up.” Mrs Monica said.
“I’m wondering how it can be possible for both of them to fall in love. There are two different worlds now, a boss and the nanny. Only in the movies that such happens dear friend.” Mrs Chika said.
Mrs Monica smiled. “You have no idea. Just be patient enough. When he eats her meals, and finds out how wonderful she is at taking care of his daughter and the house, he will definitely fall in love with her.”
“I still don’t believe it. This kind of plan.” Mrs Chika said.
“I do. You have no idea how much I loved your daughter right from that day she helped me find my lost bag and returned it back to me. The jewelry inside that bag was very precious to me.. I had to look for her for months with her face still stuck in my head. She don’t remember me but I do really well. I said in my heart that I will find her and make her my daughter in law. And when I finally did, I knew it wasn’t going to he easy because of my son. I can’t just pres£nt Amanda to him and say ‘okay son, you are going to marry her’.. I did that up to four times but he chased them out immediately. If I really want Amanda as my daughter in law, this is the only way.”
“By being a maid and a nanny to his daughter.” Mrs Chika asked.
“Yes. It’s going to be successful and you will be awed. Don’t forget to keep this a secret.. This two children mustn’t get to know about this. About the money I promised you, I will s£nd it to your account by tomorrow.” Mrs Monica said.
Mrs Chika exhaled. “Thank you. I did exactly what you told me to do. Though she laughed it off.”
“Don’t worry about it, as far as you told her. It won’t get deleted from her mind. She will think about it.” Mrs Monica said. “I can’t wait to call you in-law.” she smiled at Mrs Chika.
Mrs Chika smiled. “Me too.”
Around to 4 o’clock, Amanda got prepared to go bring Odeya home with Peter.
Peter arrived and she went into the car.
“Good afternoon sir” she greeted Peter.
“Thank you my sister. I can’t remember the last time someone added sir for me. Don’t worry, I go pray for you. You will stay longer here.”
Peter said.
Amanda chuckled.
“I hope that gateman doesn’t disturb you. Before he even open his mouth, dont forget to sl@p him the kind sl@p that will s£nd five stars out of his eyes.” Peter said.
Amanda laughed.
Peter took his face out of the window. I.K was sitting down on the chair, in front of his quarter with a radio to his ear.
“Shey you don blind? You never see say I wan Comot – are you blind? Haven’t you noticed that I’m re-ady to drive out?” Peter asked him.
I.K dropped the radio and stood up from the plastic chair.
“See how you dey talk like say na your papa get the motto.” I.k said as he headed to the gate. “Shey you don blind? You never see say I wan Comot ?” he mimicked Peter in a very funny tone that made Amanda chuckle.
“You don mad – you’ve gone mad.” Peter cursed at I.K as he opened the gate.
“Na you carry all your village people madness come Lagos.” I.k cursed back.
“Time don dey come when oga go fire you.” Peter said.
“Since last year, na the same thing we-t you dey talk everytime. Na you go first me comot here. Peter wey deny Jesus.” I.k said.
“We shall see.” Peter said as he drove out.
“Biko zuzuri gi puo here – plea-se get your stupid self out of here.” I.K cursed.

Peter drove into the road and entered St. Valentina school road.
“Idiot..” Peter was still cursing at I.k
Amanda sighed. “You two shouldn’t be picking at yourselves. It would be more fun if both of you are on good terms.” She said to Peter.
“Leave that idiot. Before this year ends, he will get fired.” Peter said.
“You shouldn’t pray for your colleague to get fired. It’s not a nice prayer. It might backfire.” Amanda said.
“Backfire we-tin? Watch and see then.” Peter said.
They pu-ll-ed into Valentina school and Amanda got down and headed to Odeya’s clas-s.
She could see white children too which means that it isn’t only Amanda that’s an halfcaste in the school but she is sure she will be the most sas-sy among them.
She got to her clas-s and met Odeya arguing with her clas-smate, a boy.
“Don’t think you are so smart because your test points has pas-sed mine just a little! I will beat you during examination. I’m more smarter than you are.” The boy yelled at Odeya who rolled her eyes.
“Get your mouth far off my face, you are throwing spits all over my face.” Odeya said and I wi-de-ned my eyes.
“You are the most annoying girl i’ve ever come across.” The cute dark boy said with so much rage.
Odeya rolled her eyes again. ” if You are so disturbe-d by my intelligence. All you nee-d to do is study more ha-rd but don’t think you are gonna overtake me. I’m too ha-rd even in study ladder.” she said.
“Who do you think you are Odeya?” The boy asked.
Odeya fling her hair and smiled at the boy. “Someone different and smarter than you.” she said.
Amanda clutched her hand on her mouth, astonished as this little kids exchange words.
“That’s enough guys.” A matured voice suddenly said. It was their form teacher.
Amanda had no idea there was a teacher in the clas-s. The teacher stood up and walked over to the kids, taking careful steps with the heels she wore less she falls.
“Odeya, Jeremy. That’s okay.” The teacher said as she stood in between them. That was when she saw Amanda.
“Hello, how can I help you?” she asked Amanda.
“I’m here to take Odeya Okoye” Amanda said and showed her the card that approves her to take Odeya.
The high heels teacher collected it, stared at it for awhile before giving it back to her.
“What about her driver?” she asked.
“I’m here.” Peter said. Amanda turned and saw Peter at the door.
“She will be the one to bring her and take her from onward.” Peter said.
“You always change new people every two weeks. I’m now confused.” The teacher mumbled to Amanda’s hearing.
She handed Amanda back the card. “Alright Odeya, go take your bag and your lunch box and go home. You’ve caused a lot of trouble today.” she said.
“Your heels caused more noise.” Odeya said.
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Bia Odeya, what did they fix in that your mouth eh?🤣🤣🤣🤣
And what I’m I seeing?😯 did Desmon’s mom and Amanda’s mom make such plan?
Gold, Gold.. How many times did I call you. Better run for ya dear life😂😂 Odeya mouth carry venom.