Heart doctor episode 4

Written by, Rejoice Jeremiah. C
[Getting married]
“No, no sir, I’m sorry, I was a bit upset. I don’t mean what I said.” Amanda apologized.
Desmond left the door and walked over to fridge.
“Go on with what you were doing.” he said as he opened the fridge and gr@bb£d a bottle of chilled water.
Amanda turned and kept the cornflakes away.. And went on to make another one.
“Now you un-derstand what my mom told you. She’s a sas-sy little girl. plea-se tolerate her.” he said and with that, he walked out.
Amanda scoffed. ‘Did he say tolerate her? That little spoilt br@t!’
“One more thing..” His voice startled her.
He c@m£ back to the door. Amanda was glad enough that she didn’t say that out.
“Stay longer, I’m tired of changing nannies every week.” he said and finally walked out.
Amanda breathed out. “It’s not going to be easy.”
She made another cornflakes and also Desmond tea, placed them on a tray and walked out with them.
Getting to the dinning, she dropped Deya’s cornflakes and Desmond’s tea.
Odeya tried twisting her face but Desmond cut in. “Don’t try twisting your face Deya. Eat up and go to school.”
Deya rolled her eyes, “This looks better tho.” she said and began eating.
“I will go fix your lunch box,” Amanda said and headed back to the kitchen.
Desmond had no idea why he glanced at her as she headed to the kitchen.
“Dad why are you staring at her as-s?” Odeya asked.
Desmond looked at his daughter and was speechless on what to say.
Wait, did he really look at her as-s. Of course not. Why should he?
He didn’t look at her as-s.
“Come on, dad.. I saw your eyes.” Odeya said.
“I didn’t, come on, eat up or you’ll be late for school.”
“You should drink up too or you will be late for work.” Deya said.
They both chuckled.
Desmond wouldn’t blame his daughter. She is just like her mother.
Vanessa was this sas-sy, carefree lady. She was short tempered and had no reason to apologize no matter what she did.
He loved her still. He loved her because she was beautiful and ha-rd working.
He fell de-eply for her despite her bad characters.
He thought she will never cheat on him.. It wasn’t just a cheat, she asked for a divorce and got married to someone else.
For three years, he fought ha-rd to get Odeya from her.
Vanessa won him many times because her parents are lawyers but he didn’t give up. He kept fighting until he finally got Odeya from her after three years.
She got all this sas-sy character from Vanessa, her mother.
Desmond exhaled and drank up his tea.
Deya g@sped at the way her dad drank up all the tea in the cu-p. “Woah dad, wasn’t that h0t?”
Desmond smiled at her. “No, not at all.”
Just then, Amanda c@m£ out with Deya’s lunch box.
Desmond stood up. “I’m heading upstairs. I think her driver is here. See you at night Deya.” He said and k!$$£d her cheek.
“See you dad.” Deya said. Desmond headed upstairs.
Odeya turned to Amanda. “Clean this things off and take me to school.” she said.
Amanda breathed out. “Can you be a little nice to me huh. I’m far older than you with nineteen years difference.” she said.
“So? Your age can’t st©p me from saying whatever I wanna say to you.. I’m even being a little nice to you because I kinda like you.”
“What? you like me?” Amanda asked, surprised.
Odeya rolled her eyes. “Don’t think otherwise, I mean you are manageable. Hurry up. I don’t wanna be late for school. I have Math as first clas-s, I don’t wanna miss it.” she said.
Amanda exhaled. ‘Me, manageable. Wonders shall never end.’
She packed up the dishes and walked back to the kitchen, quic-kly washed them and c@m£ back to meet a man in green shi-t and khaki shorts.
“Such dressing. I feel like throwing up.” Deya said to Amanda’s hearing.
“Good morning,” Amanda greeted him.
Peter smiled. “Thank you my sister. Are you the new nanny?” he asked.
“Yes I am.” Amanda answered.
“Chai.. Welcome.” Peter said, feeling pity for her.
“Thank you.” Amanda thanked. “Let’s go Odeya.” She said to deya, who got down from the chair.
Amanda picked her bag and they headed out.
“I’m the driver.” he said.
They got to the car and entered. Peter Drove to the gate.
I.K st©p up from where he sat and walked to the gate. He opened the gate and waved.
“St©p that your wave before e give person bad luck this morning.” Peter fired at him.
“Thun-der wey don dey charge since one week scatter that your mouth wey u use talk that nons-en-se.” I.K caused at Peter.
“My friend get away from the gate before I use this car end your alre-ady dead life.” Peter said.
I.k moved away from the gate.
“Na your life you go end.. Abeg comot from here.” I.k said.
Peter drove out and entered the road.
“Do you always argue every day?” Odeya asked.
“You see that idiot eh. Oga suppose sack am. .” Peter said.
“Speak good English.” Odeya said.
“I say Oga should fire him.” He said.
“It would be better if he fire the both of you. I will interview the new driver and gate man. It would be better if both of you go back to school.” Odeya said causing a crack out of Amanda’sl-ips.
She wasn’t expecting that. She was sure the driver wasn’t either cos his face from the rear view mirror looked like feces.
“You this small pikin. we-tin dey worry you self?”
“St©p talking and drive. Take your job seriously.” Odeya said and took out her headset from her bag, she set it on her head and pla-yed music.
“She goes to school with headset?” Amanda said, totally amazed.
“You never see anything. This girl go draw all your blood and svçkit fiiifiii-” Peter said to Amanda.
Odeya un-derstood so she pu-ll-ed off the headset and shouted “IM NOT A VAMPIRE!!”

At St.Valentina school, Peter pu-ll-ed into the standard nursery and primary school.
Odeya took off her headset and dropped inside her bag.
Amanda went down, c@m£ over, opened the door and carried Amanda down.
“Your school is really beautiful.” she told Odeya.
“The kids and teachers ain’t a bit pretty.” she said.
“I will take her to her clas-s. I will be back.” Amanda told Peter.
They headed to Odeya’s clas-s with Odeya leading. Immediately they got there and walked in, her clas-smates shouted.
🚻Miss Sas-sy is here!🚻
Amanda g@sped. ‘Does it mean even in school, Odeya is being sas-sy.’ Amanda wondered.
She turned to me. “Get going now. You have things to do at home.”
‘Is she her boss or what?’ Amanda gritted her teeth. She hoped the pupil didn’t hear Odeya talk like that to her.
“Bye then,” Amanda said and handed her lunch box to her.
Odeya walked to her seat and her seat mate shifted far away.
Amanda chuckled and walked away. “Her seatmate is even scared of her.”
At the office, Desmond walked in to his office with Henry, his secretary.
“What do you think about what I told you sir?” he asked.
“That’s a nice idea.” Desmond said and sat down on one of the couch in the office suite.
Henry sat opposite him.
“Friends mode.” Desmond said and Henry smiled.
“So can I ask something?” Henry asked.
“What’s that?” Desmond said.
“Uhmmm.. About your relationsh!pstatus. Don’t you think you nee-d a lady.. It’s been three years now.” Henry said.
“I don’t nee-d a lady in my life, not right now Henry. Can you st©p bothering me with that? You are acting like my mother.” Desmond said.
Henry got out his tablet and scrolled throu-gh it then stretched it to me. “Check that.” he said.
“What?” Desmond asked and collected it. It’s a picture of a fair skinned lady. She’s quite beautiful and S-xily dressed.
“Why are you showing me this?” Desmond asked.
“Her name is Gold. She’s my sister’s best friend. She’s beautiful, h0t, S-xy and got all the nice characters that you nee-d. Come on just try her and see.” Henry said.
Desmond handed him back his iPad. “Thank you. But I’m not some man looking for a wife.”
Henry sighed. “You are complicated friend. You should forget about the past and get married. I’m sure your second marriage won’t end like your first. You cant stay single. Try d@t!ngfriend.” Henry adviced.
Desmond exhaled. “Work mode.”
“No, wait.. I have one more thing to say, plea-se” Henry pleaded.
“Don’t bother.”
“No, it’s important.”
“What? What?”
He got out a card and stretched it to Desmond. “Here’s her numbers. Give her a call if you change your mind. I told her a little about you. She was excited. She will make a good girlfriend.” Henry said.
Desmond hesitated before taking the card. He glanced at it then dropped it on the table.
“plea-se think de-ep about it but don’t think too long. She’s a really good girl.” Henry said.
“It’s okay. Work mode.” Desmond said.
Henry sprang up from the couch.
“I will leave to my office now sir, I will bring you some files to sign in three hours.” Henry said and with that, he walked out of the Director’s office.
Desmond exhaled.
He picked the card and looked at it again.
Amanda finished cleaning the house around twelve pm.
She was so exhausted and felt like fainting.
She managed to take her bathe, changed into a free house dress and fell on her be-d.
She wanted to sleep but remembered that she haven’t talked with her mom.
She gr@bb£d her phone and made a call to her. Her mother picked up at the third ring.
“Hello mama.” Amanda spoke first.
📲”How are you my daughter? I have been expecting your call.” Mama said.
“I’m fine mom. I’m fine. Here’s really nice. My boss is nice too but the problem is his daughter. She’s a thorn on the n£¢k. She’s really sas-sy and rude but im going to be fine tolerating her. I can’t blame her. She’s oyibo.” Amanda said.
📲”Really.. Children of nowadays are all sas-sy and arrogant. Are you sure you are fine there?” Mama asked.
“Yes mama. I’m fine. Right now, I’m the only one in the house, my boss and his daughter are out. I feel quite lonely but it’s great. I’m going to catch some sleep, then wake up soon to make lunch.” Amanda said.
📲”ehn, can I know a little about your boss?” Mama asked.
“Mamaa, what do you want to know?” Amanda laughed.
“Well he’s handsome and very rich. I think he had a problem with his wife cos I don’t want to believe he had his daughter out of wedlock. Though there are no pictures of any lady in the house. He’s nice. That’s all I can tell.”
📲”Ehn, so he live with no lady. So you are the only matured lady in the house?”
“Yes mama,, any problem?”
📲”There is.. Be have to be veery careful. You must be a very good employee. You must make him see how good you are at cleaning, cooking and taking care of his daughter. He have to see you as a wife material.”
“Hia.. Mama what are you talking about?” Amanda asked, not getting where her mother was heading to.
📲”Don’t you want to get married ehn? Is it when you get to forty? See your mates are all married. It’s good that the stupid Ekene is a thing of the past now. Get married and give me grandchildren or do you want me to die without carrying my grandchildren like your father?”
“Mama st©p this.. You are spoiling my mood. See I want to sleep. Take your drugs as prescribe-d. I will s£nd you some money soon. Bye.” I said.
📲”If you dare cut this call ehn, I will show you that I’m the one that gave birth to you.” Mama threatened.
Amanda sighed. “Mamaaa, I’ve been cleaning the house, I’m so tired, I want to sleeeep.” I said almost in tears.
📲”Oya sleep. I hope you cleaned the house very well? This is the time for you to show off all that I thought you from childhood. Don’t put me to shame Chimamanda.”
“Mama, why are you talking like this… You are talking like I’m some newly married wife. I’m just a nanny here.” Amanda said.
📲”Eh.. You know how much I want you to get married.. Not just to any stupid boys but someone who would be able to take care of you.”
“Mama, I will get married. Don’t worry OK. I will call you later. Bye.” Amanda said.
📲”Bye my daughter.”
Amanda ended the call and exhaled.
“Mama and marriage.”
She sighed and closed her eyes for some sleep.
It seem everyone in this story is just funny😂
But wait, are you guys thinking what I’m thinking . who be this Gold?🙄🙄