Heart doctor episode 3

Written by, Rejoice Jeremiah. C
[Make another cornflakes]
Desmond had gone upstairs, had his shower and c@m£ downstairs and had been re-ading for an hour now and yet, the nanny hadn’t come downstairs.
He got worried.
He know his daughter can be dramatic sometimes.
When he went upstairs an hour ago, he overheard the nanny singing poems.
Does it mean she is still singing that till now?
He had to go and check.
He dropped the book titled ‘Managing Your Business’, dropped his glas-ses, stood up from the chair and headed upstairs.
He got to the room and wasn’t hearing any sound.
He opened the door and Amanda was sitting on the chair with her head on the be-d and Odeya’s legs on her head.
He walked in and closed the door.
He walked over and re-moved Odeya’s legs from Amanda’s head and covered Odeya with the duvet. Then he tapped Amanda on the shoulder. That woke Amanda up and she raised her head immediately and started singing, thinking it was Odeya.
Mary has a little lamb, little lamb, little lamb…
Mary has a little lamb, it follows her to school…
Mary has… 🎼
“You should go to be-d.” Desmond said and Amanda blinked her eyes and sighed.
“I’m sorry sir, I thought it was Odeya.” she said.
“What did she tell you to do? Sing her poems till she goes to sleep?” Desmond asked.
“Yes sir but it was really nothing. It was fun doing that.” she said and got up from the chair.
“Okay.” he said, turned and walked out of the room.
Amanda sighed and t©uçhed her head which was hitting ha-rd .
She had to sing for hours. This little girl!
Argh, no wonder the four nannies all flew.
“I was trying to do revenge but the revenge was thrown back to me in thousands.” she sighed and walled out, closing the door behind her.
Her stomach grumbled and she ru-bbe-d her empty stomach.
“Ah, I’m so hungry.” she mumbled and headed downstairs.
Reaching downstairs, she saw her boss with glas-ses on, re-ading a book at the dinning.
It was then she saw that the dinning table had been cleared.
‘Why did he have to…’ she checked the clock and saw it was half past ten.
She walked past and headed to the door she guess would be the kitchen. Getting there, she was amazed by the spacious and well furnished and well equipped kitchen.
She saw covered plates on the breakfast bar and opening them, she realized it’s hers.
“Who’s this man?” she mumbled.
Why did he have to serve her food. She doesn’t feel comfortable by this.
But then she shrugged.
It’s certainly for only today. She picked a fork and settled down on a stool to eat.
(Later that night🕜)
Amanda had taken her shower, changed into her slee-ping wears and was about to sleep when her phone rang.
She picked it from the be-dside table and sighed when she saw the caller, Ekene.
She dropped the phone and rolled the duvet over her b©dy but then the phone began ringing again. She gr@bb£d it and was about switching it off when she remembered she had set alarm with it.
And she can’t switch it to silence it either.
She knows there won’t be any nee-d blocking the line because he will still call her with another line.
She just have to pick up and make him st©p calling her for tonight.
The call st©pped but the next second, the phone began ringing again.
She picked the call and placed it on her right ear.
📲”My love.. Why are you ignoring my calls, why not listen to me kwanu.”
“Ekene, what did I do to you. leave me alone. I have told you it’s over between us. You have all the freedom now to chase all the girls in this city. I can’t d@t£ you anymore. You hurt me too much Ekene. Just leave me alone!”
📲”I can’t leave you Amanda. I’m very sorry about that day. She s£dûç£d me. You won’t un-derstand how big her bo-ob s and as-s were, but note, they weren’t better than yours. Yours is the best.”
Amanda sighed. “Ekene plea-se don’t call me again. I nee-d to sleep. St©p troubling my life. Just go on with your life and let me be for Christ Sake.” She said.
📲”I swear Amanda, I can’t leave you. You are my b©dy and my soul. You are the best girlfriend that I’ve heard. I don’t want to loose you. plea-se come back to me. I will make it up to you. I know you can’t leave me, you don’t have that heart. I know you can’t do without me Amanda. By the way, I c@m£ to your house this evening but mama said you are not at home. Where are you, are you back? I will come in the morning to see you. I will take you out. Do you want to go to shoprite?”
She scoffed. “Ekene what do you take me for huh? Did u say i can’t do without you? Seriously, what do you think you are. You must be sick to think that. I’m perfectly fine without you, get that. And don’t bother looking for me, you won’t ever see me again.” She said.
📲”Wait, what do you mean by I won’t ever see you again? Where did you go, outside country?”
Amanda remembered what she would have done and she sighed.
“You know what, I made a mistake by picking up this call this night. I know what to do.” she said and dropped the call.
She immediately switched the phone to airplane mode.
“He won’t just leave me alone. It’s over between us. Why can’t he just get lost.” She sighed and dropped the phone back.
She pu-ll-ed the duvet over herself and tried her best not to think about that day.
If she do, she’ll end up soaking the pillow.
She would just close her eyes and sleep but the thought was coming so she gr@bb£d her earphone and phone, connected the earphone to her phone, de-ep the earphone in her ears and turned on songs.
Songs that won’t make her think about that day.
Desmond l@ydown to sleep when his phone rang, he picked it from the be-dside table and saw it was his mom calling.
“By this time? What’s mom still doing awake?” he asked and picked it up.
“Hello mom.” he said.
📲” Hello son, how are you doing?”
“I’m fine mom. What are you still doing awake?” he asked.
📲”oh, I’m watching my favourite TV show. It’s going to be over soon tho, then I will go to be-d.” she said.
He smiled. “Okay mom, but you are getting old mom.. You should be going to be-d early.”
📲”Shh mechie onu gi – shut up your mouth. Who told you I’m getting old. I’m still very young.” she said.
He chuckled. “Mom, you will never accept old age.”
📲”Eh.. I have to be young to be able to carry my grandchildren for hours without getting tired. Remember I said ‘Grandchildren! I’m not talking about my granddaughter alone.” She said.
Now Desmond had un-derstood why she was calling.
“Mom.. It’s late. I have to leave early to the office in the morning. Goodnight mom,” He said and didn’t wait for her to say anything before cutting the call.
He kept back the phone, pu-ll-ed the duvet over his b©dy and closed his eyes for sleep.
(Next Day⛅)
Amanda woke up by 5:30am by the help of the alarm. She turned it off and after washing her face and brushing her teeth in the bathroom, she headed to the kitchen, but first, she st©pped by at Odeya’s door and opened it.
She was slee-ping, with the duvet covered well on her b©dy.
Amanda closed the door and headed down the staircase.
She turned on the lights and headed to the kitchen.
She got to the kitchen and turned on the kitchen lights and re-ad the kitchen timetable.
She re-ad it last night. She can still remember what she is supposed to make this morning but she just have to re-ad it again to be sure.
Cornflakes for Odeya.
Only tea for her dad.
Fried eggs and fried plantains for Odeya’s lunch at school.
Lunch, Soup.
Pancake for Odeya when she returns from school.
“Pancakes? How is that prepared? Oh I said I was going to search about that.” Amanda said.
Dinner. Tea and bre-ad.
And she has to give that gateman foods too.
She left the timetable and walked over to the dinning to start preparing.
“There isn’t much to prepare in the morning. They eat only light foods.” She said and left the kitchen back to upstairs. She walked into Odeya’s room and opened her wardrobe to check if her school uniform is ironed. She found it ironed.
Odeya was still slee-ping.
Amanda dropped back the uniform and walked downstairs. She decided to clean up and wait for 6 O’clock to wake Odeya up.
When it clocked six, she went upstairs to call Odeya up.
“Wake up Odeya. You have to go to school.” she said.
“I know, you don’t have to remind me. Just go.” Odeya mumbled, wishing she will just go. She still want to sleep for hours.
“So wake up then and get up. You have to prepare for school.” Amanda said.
Odeya sighed and pu-ll-ed the duvet to her head.
“Tch.” Amanda sneered and dragged the duvet off her head.
“Wake up Deya or you will be late for school.” she said into Deya ears.
Odeya opened her eyes and looked at Amanda.
“Did you sing up to 100 poems last night, don’t even think of lying to me.” she said.
Amanda wasn’t expecting that question. She had no idea what to say. She knows she can’t lie to the sas-sy girl.
“Fine, I didn’t but I tried, I got to 37.” I said.
“And you call that tried? Do you really want to be fired?” she said.
‘What? What do this little girl think she is?’ Amanda thought.
“Of course not.” She said.
“So what should we do about it?” Odeya asked.
“Uh.. Good question Odeya. What if we do it this way. I’ll continue tonight intil I get to 100.” Amanda said.
“Well, nice idea.” Odeya said.
Amanda smiled. “Let’s go prepare for school then.” Amanda said.
Odeya sat up and got out of her be-d.

Amanda prepared Odeya for school and carried her downstairs by Odeya’s order.
She sat her on the seat and walked to the kitchen to make her cornflakes.
She used the water she had boiled to make Odeya cornflakes. She put another water for her boss tea.
She c@m£ back, pres£nting the alre-ady made cornflakes to Odeya.
“Here’s your breakfast.” Amanda said.
Odeya picked the spoon and took a spoon and twisted her face.
“Why’s it too watery and there’s no enough milk. Are you being economic or something. This is trash. Make another cornflakes!” She said.
“What? I added enough milk and the water is only a little.” Amanda said, not getting how rude this girl is.
“Just make another one. You are fired if you make me go late to school.” Odeya said.
Amanda sighed and collected the cornflakes. “Should I really make another cornflakes?” Amanda asked, wishing she will just take it.
“No way!” Odeya said.
“It’s fine. I will.” Amanda said and stood up to walk back to the kitchen but Desmond’s voice st©pped her.
“What’s wrong?” he asked emerging down the stairs.
“Dad,” Odeya called.
“How are you princess?”
“I’m fine dad.”
Amanda turned and greeted. “Good morning sir.”
“Yes, what’s wrong?” Desmond asked.
“Odeya sa-” Amanda was about answering but Deya cut her short.
“I told her to make another cornflakes. She didn’t make it right.”
“Really? Let me have a look.” Desmond said.
Amanda was about taking a step when she saw the murder eyes Deya gave her.
She halted. “Sir, I will just go and make another one.” she said.
“Wait,” Desmond said and walked over.
Deya gritted her teeth.
Desmond got to where Amanda stood with the plate of cornflakes in her hand.
As he collected it the plate, his hand brushed on Amanda’s and Amanda felt some stupid feeling run throu-gh her.
She exhaled.
Desmond checked the cornflakes and turned to his daughter.
“It’s just the way you always like it Deya.” He said.
“I suddenly don’t want it this way this morning. I want something different.” Deya said.
Desmond exhaled and dropped the plate in front of Deya. “Come on, just eat it. It’s perfect.” he said.
Deya shook her head.
“But I want you to eat it.” Desmond said, knowing that she is only trying to suffer her nanny.
“Fine Dad, if you really want me to eat this. Just listen to what I’m about to tell you.” Deya said and gave Amanda a sm-irk glance. “Dad, last night, my nanny to-”
Amanda interrupted by rushing over and gr-abbing the plate. “It’s okay sir. I’m not worried at all. I would make another cornflakes. It would be the way she want it this time.” She turned to Deya, “Deya.. Don’t worry about this one, I’m going to make it to your taste this time. I’ll be back.” she said and hurried away.
Deya smiled triumphantly.
“Deya, you are being too mean to your nanny.” Desmond said.
“Dad, keep calm.. You don’t un-derstand. It’s p@rt of my revenge.” Deya said.
“Your revenge? What are you revenging on?” Desmond asked.
“Don’t worry dad. It’s between the both of us.’ Deya said with a smile.
Amanda got to the kitchen and dropped the plate angrily on the counter that some of the cornflakes splashed.
She clenched her fist. “That little sas-sy girl! I feel like beating her so much!”
“Do you really want to do that?” Desmond’s voice made her flin-ch.
She turned and saw him standing by the door.
“Sir..” she mumbled.
‘Did he hear what I said?’ She asked herself.
This Odeya nee-ds to be given Yoru-ba pepper to eat. I think it will st©p her from talking for months.😂😂😂