Heart doctor episode 19 (finale)

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EPISODE 19 (finale.
[Odeya] .
They walked into the room Jeremy had been transfered to and Odeya smiled when she saw Jeremy on the be-d.
“You c@m£ today again.” Jimi said to Amanda who smiled.
“We wanted to know how he is fairing.” she said.
“Thanks for coming. My mom went to get something. She’d be here soon.” Jimi said. “What’s that in the bag that Odeya is holding?” he asked.
“You’ll find out.” Amanda said.
“Hi Jeremy. How are you doing?” Odeya asked Jeremy who nodded.
“I..I’m fine. Thank you.”
Odeya glanced at the bah in her hand then opened it and took out a bouquet of flower with a note on it which was written ‘Get Well Soon, Jeremy.’
“Flower?” Jimi was stunned.
“Here,” Odeya said and dropped it beside Jeremy then took out the pack of chocolate candy.
“Here.. It’s my favorite chocolate candy.” she said.
Jeremy stretched his hand and collected it. “Thank you Deya. It’s my favorite too. Thanks for getting it for me.” he said.
Odeya smiled. “Really. It’s your favorite as well?”
Jeremy nodded.
“Wow.. Chocolate too? I’ve never seen such kid like Odeya before.
“She’s unbelievable.” Amanda said.
Desmond’s phone rang and seeing it was his mom, he sighed and picked it up.
“Mom.” he spoke first.
📱Son, how are you? You ba-rely call your mother.” Lady Monica’s voice half yelled.
‘When all you do is talk about marriage. It gives me creep.’
“Mom, im sorry about that. I’m really very busy lately.”
📱”Quit being busy all the time and just get married.”
📱Im coming to see my granddaughter tomorrow.” she said.
“What? Tomorrow. Mom.”
‘You can’t mom. Gold is spending the weekend in my house.’
📱Why? Can’t I come to my son’s house again.. Don’t worry, I’m just coming to stay with Odeya for few hours but it seem like there’s something you are hiding and don’t want me to see?.” Mrs Monica said.
“What? How can you conclude such thing alre-ady? You can come if you want.” Desmond said.
📱Do it have to do with the lady in the house?”
“What..what are you talking about mom?”
📱Nothing. See you tomorrow. Tell Odeya’s nanny to make a family meal. I will be arriving before 12pm.”
“Okay okay. Bye.” Desmond said.
The call ended and he sighed.
“Why tomorrow of all day.. What do I tell Gold. My mom can’t see her tomorrow. She’d announce a wedding the next day if she do.”
A knock c@m£ followed by the opening of the door. His secretary walked in.
“Director. You called for me.” Henry said.
“Yeah… I nee-d this do¢v-ments to be taken to the HR. Bring it back to me in two hours.” Desmond said, pas-sing a do¢v-ment to Henry who collected it with both hands.
“Okay. Anything else?” Henry asked.
“No no.” Desmond said.
Henry nodded and headed towards the door but Desmond’s st©pped him.
“Wait Henry. I nee-d to ask you something.”
Henry turned and walked back. “What’s that director?”
“Sit.” Desmond said.
Henry sat down, facing him.
“About Gold. My mom is suddenly visiting tomorrow and Gold is coming for the weekend in my house. What do you think would happen if my mom sees her?” Desmond asked.
“Friend mode right?” Henry asked.
“Yeah, whatever. Just go on.” Desmond said.
“It’ll be nice. Your mom is going to celebr@te it…it’s something she has so longed for.” Henry said.
“I’m afraid she’d announce a wedding the next day. My mom is unbelievable, you know that.” Desmond said.
Henry laughed.
Lady Monica smiled after her call with her son.
“I know I nee-d to see my granddaughter but it’s more important that I see how close his relationsh!pwith Amanda is…”
“Oh I nee-d to call Mrs Chika and tell her about this.” she smiled and dialed Amanda mom’s number.
It rang and got picked up.
📱Ah hello Lady Monica.” Mrs Chika’s voice rang excitedly on the phone.
Lady Monica smiled. “Mrs Chika. How are you doing. I have something to tell you.”
📱What’s that?” Mrs Chika asked.
“I’m going to visit my son tomorrow. I want to go and see how close they might have become. You know this boss and maid stuff..”
📱but it’s too early to even think of that, it haven’t even been up to a week.” Mrs Chika said.
“Time has nothing to do with this.. Things can happen when you least expect. Besides when I told him about my visit tomorrow, he kind of stammered like there’s something he’s afraid to let me see. He’s never acted that way before. Why suddenly. Isn’t it obvious that something might be going on between them both. I’m so overjoyed.” Lady Monica said, smiling excitedly.
📱Really? Ah I see… But we can’t be sure about it.” Mrs Chika said.
“Don’t you worry. I will get to see everything by tomorrow. I will call you later Mrs Chika.”
📱Alright. Have a nice day. Bye.”
The call dropped and Lady Monica hvgged her self.
“It’s obvious. He’s afraid I’d find out that he’s being sweet on his daughter’s nanny but he have no idea that it’s the best thing in the world. And ohh.. She look so beautiful. My grandson would look like a greek god. So handsome….ahhhh I’m seeing the pictures alre-ady…”
A knock c@m£ on the door.
“Who’s that?” She asked.
“Bridget ma.” the maid answered.
“Come in.” Lady Monica said.
The door opened and Bridget walked in with a glas-s of fruits jui-ce.
“Ma…your drink.” Bridget said and offered the glas-s to her.
Lady Monica took it with smiles and took a sip.
“Ah it taste awesome, perfect.” she said.
Bridget smiled since the credit goes to her.
“Have more ma.” she said.
“Of course… But I’m sure my daughter in law’s would have tasted much better.” Lady Monica said.
Bridget raised her brows. “Daughter in law ma?”
Lady Monica smiled at her.. “In that soap opera, Alberto fell in love with his maid and she got pregnant for him and they ended up married to each other, wasn’t it? It was such a wonderful movie.”
“Yes ma…but it’s just movie. I’m afraid, does things rarely happen in reality. They only happen all the time in movies ma.” Bridget said.
Lady Monica glared at her. “Will you shut up and leave my sight this minute before I loose my temper?”
Bridget bowed and hurried out, wondering why her madam got mad at what she said.
“Jeremy, we are leaving now.. I will come by tomorrow to see you. Take care of yourself.” Odeya said.
“You don’t have to come tomorrow Deya. I’m fine.” Jeremy said.
“See you tomorrow.” Deya said and slide her hand into Amanda’s.
“Jeremy, we are leaving now. Bye.” Amanda said.
“Bye..Aunt. Bye Deya.”
“Thanks for staying with him today too..” Jimi said to both Odeya and Amanda as they headed out of the hospital.
“It’s okay.” Amanda said.
“We will come by tomorrow.” Deya said.
Amanda looked at her.. ‘Is she turning to some guardian Angel’
Jimi smiled at Odeya. “No, you don’t have to. He’ll certainly resume school soon.”
Odeya nodded.
“Alright then. Bye Jimi.” Amanda said.
“Bye too. bye odeya. Bye.” Jimi said.
Amanda and Odeya got to the car and entered.
The car pu-ll-ed into the house and Amanda carried Odeya down.
Peter wanted to remind Odeya about asking her dad the money but he couldn’t so he gave Amanda a sign to help him out.
Amanda nodded and carried Odeya towards the door porch. They entered and just as they were about heading upstairs, they heard Desmond’s car drive in.
Amanda made to continue but Odeya st©pped her.
“Wait a while. I nee-d to collect NGN2,000 from him.” Deya said.
“Okay.” Amanda said and brou-ght Deya down.
They waited for Desmond to walk in.
The door soon opened and both Amanda and Odeya was shocked to see the lady walk in first then Desmond did.
“Dad what is this?” Odeya asked enraged and disgusted.
“Deya I..” Desmond was about talking but Gold cut him short.
“That’s okay honey. Let me do this..” she said and walked to Odeya was a smug smile on her face. She got to her and bent down to odeya’s face and gave a lopsided smile.
“What do you think this is?” Gold whispered in a very low tone. “..If you love yourself, stay calm and don’t make me loose my temper.. You won’t find me funny at all kid. I use cans on spoilt kids like you.”
Odeya twisted her face in horror.
“Dad did you hear that!?”
“What’s that?” Desmond asked.
Gold turned to Desmond and smiled sweetly at him. “I’m just telling her to be nice to me and I’ll be grateful. I’ll head upstairs to drop my bag.”
“Alright baby. I’m coming..” Desmond said to her.
Gold smiled and walking pas-s Amanda, she st©pped for a moment, gave Amanda a sm-irk smile before climbing the stairs.
“I can’t believe you dad!” Deya said.
“I’m your father Odeya! Listen to me and accept whatever I do. You can’t tell me what to do Odeya.. This is my house. The fast you accept her, the better.” Desmond said and headed upstairs.
“I miss my mom..” Odeya said as tears ran down her eyes.
Amanda squ-atted in front of her and hvgged her.
“It’s okay.. Don’t cry. ”
“I want to go back to my mom.”
“He picked up a lady and together they drove to his house. The lady is the one in the picture. I will get information about her. It’s obvious they are d@t!ng. I would find out more about it.
I s£nt the house address of both the lady and your ex husband.” The de-ep baritone voice said into the phone..
He was in a car parked a little distance from the wall of Desmond’s house.
“Good job Rock.. I nee-d more information. I think I’m gonna be visiting Nigeria sooner than I planned.” Vanessa’s voice said on the phone.
Okay oo season 1 end here.
It seem a lot of trouble is going to surface in season 2😊
Will Amanda be able to do anything?
And about Desmond’s mom coming and Gold threatening Odeya… Hmm
A lot of things are going to happen in season 2☺☺
Let’s go for it.
gr-ab your popcorn and anticipate for season 2 but don’t forget SEASON 2

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