Heart doctor episode 18

@Author RiRi Libr@ry 📚
Gold was in her boutique shop when she made a call to Desmond and told him about spending the weekend with him in appreciation for the money he gave her.
Desmond mentioned his daughter but Gold as-sured him that she can take care of that.
“She’s only a sweet little beauty, I will take care of that. Don’t worry about it.” she said.
“Alright then, I will pick you up by 8 tonight.” he said.
Gold smiled. “I will be waiting. I love you honey.”
“I love you more.” Desmond said and the call ended.
She smiled triumphantly. “I control him like a television and I ride him like a car. Being wise is the greatest thing on earth.”
One of her employee walked to her office.
“Ma, a customer is insisting on you being the one to attend to her.” she said.
“Oh.. That’s okay, take me to her.” Gold said, stood up and they headed out.
It was time to go bring Odeya back from school.. Today was early since it was Friday.
As Amanda was dressing up, Peter and I.K were outside, discussing.
“Chelsea come disappoint me last night… E remain small I for cry.” Peter said.
“Eh.. I no say Man united go beat them…See ehn, make we leave soccer matter for now. shey you no see that girl wey oga carry come back yesterday and still carry comot for morning?” I.k said.
“Eh I see am.. we-tin happen?” Peter asked.
“Which kind question be that one kwanu. She you no get better question like. Shay na him girlfriend ani we-tin.” I.k said.
“That one no be my cu-p of tea. I no wan put eyes for matter wey no concern me. Month don dey end. I no want anything wey go make oga hold my salary.” Peter said.
I.k snorted at him. “See him. You too dey fear. For three years wey I don dey work for Oga, I never see him bring woman for house. Na only seven months you don work for oga so you no go know na.” I.k said.
Peter c@m£ closer. “you dey serious? You mean say this na the first he bring woman come home?”
“I tell you. we-tin you think” I.k said.
“I no know..” Peter said and saw Amanda come out. “..Amanda don come.”
I.k’s head spin at the sight of Amanda. He wondered how he’s going to get this figure 8 walking towards them.
He can’t help his urge for her anymore. He has to get her whatever it maybe. Even if it means giving her all this salary for this month.
He wished he was the oga, Amanda would have been servicing him every night.
Just look at the way she walks. The h!ps and the bo-ob s nee-ds to be held in his hands.
He began fantasizing Amanda and him fore pla-ying.
“Why you dey look Amanda dey smile like he-goat.” Peter asked him shooting him back to reality.
“Ehn..?” I.k said.
“What is ehn…” Peter eyed him.
“Goodafternoon Oga peter and Oga I.k. How una dey?” Amanda asked as she got to them.
“Oh.. you so you decided to speak pidgin today. Okay oo. I dey fine.” Peter said.
“I no sure say I fine.” I.k said as his eyes str!pped Amanda n-ked.
Amanda who had nothing in mind quic-kly went over and t©uçhed his n£¢k. I.k shivered with urge.
“You are fine.. But try sleep small.” Amanda said.
“I no know say you be doctor.” Peter said to Amanda causing her to smile.
“It’s what I want to be.” Amanda said.
‘Oh… E go sweet pas-s if you be my be-d doctor.’ I.k said within.
“Let’s go.” Amanda said. She entered the car and Peter did.
I.k opened the gate and peter drove out. I.K closed back the gate and t©uçhed his head.
“That girl!! she dey scatter my head.” he said.
His ‘Nokia t©uçh’ began ringing and he hissed when he saw the caller, Ada. His wife.
“This girl! Why you dey call me.”
He picked it up.
“Eh. Ada na we-tin.. Why you dey call, dey never pay me, abi you no see say month never end?”
📲”I know… But Blessing dey sick.. The sickness too strong.. I don give am different kind of medicines but e no do. They tell me say make I take am go hospital and na hospital we dey now. Doctor say I go bring fifteen thousand for her treatment.” his wife tearful voice said.
“Blessing dey hospital? Fifteen thousand?… I no get shishi – nothing for my account now o.. we-tin I go do.. Eh.. I go talk to my oga, make him give me fifteen thousand from my salary. I go s£nd you tomorrow morning, you hear. Tell them to treat her.” I.k said.
📲okay.. I go do that now. Bye bye.” Ada said.
“Eh.. I go call you later.” I.k said and dropped the call.
“Ahh which kind wahala (problem) be this one now.” I.k sighed and entered his quarter.
Chioma was in her room with her thoughts on Gold’s catch on Desmond so fast.
“How could that be… Someone who Henry said hadn’t d@t£d for three years. How can Gold win his love so fast in just few days?” she wondered.
“I know Gold is good at winning men but this one seem really odd. I want to accept that it’s her luck but still, I doubt it. I still find myself doubting it.”
“I nee-d to talk with Henry.”
They pu-ll-ed into Odeya’s school and Amanda headed to Odeya’s clas-s to pick her up.
On getting there, she saw Odeya and her clas-smates together, pla-ying jigsaw.
“Oh my.. Odeya is so good on this..” they said after odeya fixed everything perfectly.
Amanda smiled and at that moment, Odeya saw her. Odeya smiled and waved at her and Amanda couldn’t believe it.
Odeya is changing so fast towards her.
“I gotta go now friends. See you next week Monday.” Odeya said to her clas-smates as she picked her bag and lunch box and ran to Amanda.
🚻Bye Odeya..🚻 They all said.
Amanda took Ode ya’s lunch box and held her hand as they headed back to the car.
“Looks like school was fun today.” Amanda said.
“A little but there’s someone missing it.” Odeya said.
Amanda un-derstood so she smiled.. “You are going to tell him everything that happened today in school, won’t you?”
“I will.” Odeya said.
They entered the car and drove off..
“Uhm.. Can we st©p by a flower boutique and candy shop too?, I want to get him some flowers and some chocolate.” Odeya said.
Amanda smiled.
“Mr Peter you heard that.” Amanda said.
Then Amanda remembered. “You have to buy that with money. Are you with any money?”
“Nope.. I’m sure Mr Peter do. I will get it from my dad tonight and give him back. One thousand- five hundred is enough.” Odeya said.
Peter raised his brows. “What? I.. Don’t have.”
“It’s fine. I will give you N2,000.” Odeya said.
Amanda chuckled.
Peter sighed. “Okay okay..”
After they got the flowers and Chocolate and was now heading to the hospital, Odeya took out her phone and began checking her face in the phone’s screen.
Amanda chuckled.
‘Is this girl really five years old? She doubt that.’
Peter was busy praying that his one thousand – five hundred returns to him today..
He had wanted to use that money to stake a bet.
Now he can’t do that again but it would be nice if it returns back to him, he would use it to stake tomorrow.
“You look beautiful.” Amanda said to Odeya who was still checking out her face.
“I know that” Odeya said. “My mom never st©pped telling me that. She said that I’m so beautiful that every man would wanna have me as his wife. She made sure that I am the prettiest girl in clas-s.”
‘Really? Was that what a mother was alre-ady telling her five years old daughter? Many reasons why her dad fought and took her away from her mother.’
“I miss my mom and can’t wait to see her again.” she said and gave Amanda the eyes like – you- have -to -help -me.
Amanda cleared her throat. “Do you want a sh0t?” she asked and took Odeya’s phone.
“Nope. I’d like to take it with Jeremy.” Odeya said.
Vanessa Jackson dialed another country code number and put a call.
The call was picked at the second ring.
“Upd@t£ me on every information about the man in that picture. Where he lives, his house, his daily activities, who he’s with and about his daughter. Do your job well. You will receive an alert now.”
📲” You got nothing to worry about.” The de-ep baritone voice said.
“Good.” Vanessa said and dropped the call.
She dropped the phone on the be-d, picked the wine beside her and Zi-pped then gave a lopsided smile.
“I will get my daughter back Desmond” she said.