Heart doctor episode 15

[Odeya’s request] .
(Hours later🕐)
Odeya and Amanda were re-ady to go home. Desmond had called, demanding where they went to.
Amanda had told him that she would explain when they are back.
It was 6pm. There had stayed in the hospital all day.
Jeremy had woken up, sle-pt again and woke up again… He had been so excited to see Odeya and guess what? Odeya had been telling him the folktales that Amanda told her.
Even in such condition, Odeya was happy that her wish of being Jeremy’s friend had come true.
“We are going leaving now.” Amanda said to Jimi, his mom and Jeremy.
Odeya wished they won’t but she has to go home.
“Thank you so much for being here with us. Thank you Odeya and Amanda. God bless you.” Mrs Adebayo said.
“Bless you too ma.” Amanda said.
“Thank you for staying with Jeremy. You were a great company to us today.” Jimi said.
“Odeya.” Jeremy called.
“Yes Jeremy.” Odeya answered.
“Thank you.” he said.
Odeya smiled. “Don’t mention. I’ll be here tomorrow to see you. For now, I gotta go.”
‘What, here again tomorrow?’ Amanda breathed in.
“Bye Jeremy. Bye Jeremy’s brother and bye ma’am.” Odeya said, waving at them.
“Bye.” Amanda said and pu-ll-ed Odeya along and they headed out.
Amanda had called Peter and he was on his way alre-ady.
“Are you okay?” Amanda asked Odeya as she notice her face grow pale.
“I’m fine.” Odeya said.
Peter pu-ll-ed into the hospital five minutes later and soon they were heading back home.
Soon, they pu-ll-ed into the house and Amanda saw the car Desmond left to work with parked at home.
‘But why is he back from work so early?’ she wondered and it frightened her.
How would she explain to him about Odeya leaving school to be with a clas-smate in a hospital.
“Why’s my dad back so early.?” Odeya asked.
Amanda inhaled.
“Let’s go.”She said and carried Odeya down.
I.K rushed towards and standing in front of Amanda and Odeya, he shook his head.
“Oga done come back o – Boss is back” he said and scratched his head.
Amanda didn’t answer him but headed towards the house with Odeya in her arm.
“Aren’t I heavy?” Odeya asked.
“No, you don’t seem to be today.” Amanda said.
“Ah maybe cos I spent my day in a hospital.” Odeya said and Amanda placed her index f!nger on Odeya’sl-ips.
“You can’t tell your dad or I might get fired.” she said and re-moved her f!nger.
“What? Don’t be scared. I have him to deal with.” Odeya said.
“Such confident. How can you deal with your dad.” Amanda asked.
“Just watch.” Odeya said.
Amanda opened the door and walked into the sitting room.
She got a bit relieved that Odeya’s dad wasn’t in the sitting room.
“He must be upstairs. Come on, take me to my room, quic-kly.” Odeya said.
“Are you scared Deya?” Amanda asked.
“I don’t think. It wasn’t my intention to be.” Odeya said.
For the first time, Amanda saw fear in Odeya’s eyes.
Maybe she is being scared to tell her dad that she missed school to stay with a male clas-smate in the hospital.
Amanda turned towards upstairs, they had taken only few steps when they heard someone come out from the kitchen to the dinning.
“My dad?” Odeya whispered.
“It should be. I’m sure he had seen us alre-ady.” Amanda said.
“I’m not sure. From the dinning, it’s ha-rd to see who’s at the staircase” Odeya said.
“Honey, is that you??” A female voice said from the dinning and Amanda and Odeya’s eyes instantly met.
“Dinner is set.” the same voice said and Amanda had no idea what c@m£ over her, she saw herself rush down the staircase and soon, she was facing the fair looking lady in a yellow jumpsuit, fake long lashes and face beautified with makeup.l-ips full of red l!pgloss and annoying nose ring.
Odeya was still in her arm but she didn’t care how heavy she was but who the hell the lady standing in front of her wearing the kitchen apron over her yellow jumpsuit is.
“Oh… You are back. Welcome Odeya. you look so so beautiful. I made dinner. Do you wanna change first before eating or you don’t mind eating now?” She said, smiling.
“Who are you and what are you doing here?” Odeya asked. “Put me down nanny.”
Amanda put her down and she walked closer to Gold.
‘Such gut’ Gold scoffed within.
“I’m Gold Benson. Your dad’s girlfriend. I wanted to see you so badly and that’s the reason why I’m here and again, I really wanna be here. You are so beautiful Odeya. I know we would be good friends.” Gold said with smiles.
‘What? Her dad’s girlfriend??’ Amanda felt her heart ache at that.
“My Dad’s girlfriend? Have you realized that you are in the wrong place?” Odeya said.
“Excuse?” Gold said, surprised.
“Get out of this house right now and never go close to my dad from now onwards. If you don’t wanna be in trouble.” Odeya warned.
Gold was shocked. Amanda was happy.
The room was tense.
“What’s happening?” That was Desmond’s voice as he climbe-d down the staircase.
Amanda’s heart skipped at his pres£nce.
Gold rushed to him and took his hand. “Honey, your daughter. She’s being rude to me.” Gold said, pretending to be in tears.
Odeya scoffed and rushed to them and gr@bb£d Gold’s arm… “Get your hand off my dad!”
“Odeya.. st©p that.” Desmond said and re-moved odeya’s little hand from Gold’s arm.
“Come over here Deya.” he pu-ll-ed her to his left.
“Don’t be rude to the lady that your dad’s love. You gotta love her too.”
“Dad you are joking…You and mom are gonna be together again, she can’t be here and I can never like her. Get out of this house lady! You look so annoying and irritating.”
“Odeya! St©p!!” Desmond half yelled.
Amanda g@sped.
She had no idea that he can yell at his daughter.
“Leave us Amanda.” he said to her. Amanda felt her heart being pierced in several places as she walked the staircase.
Why’s she feeling this way.
She don’t like it.
“Dad I hate her and I can’t stand seeing her.” Odeya said and with that, she ran upstairs.
Desmond took Gold’s hands.
“I’m sorry about that. You don’t nee-d to worry.. She’s generally rude.. She’ll get to be relaxed with you in no time.” he said to Gold.
“Really?” Gold asked.
She won’t stand the chance to be insulted by that runt. She just have to bear it for today.
“Yes baby,” Desmond said.
Gold smiled. “Come on then, sit and have your dinner.” she said.
“I have to call Odeya. I’ll be back in a jiffy.” he said.
“I don’t think she would want to eat my good.” Gold said.
“It’s okay. I will be right back.” he said and with that, he went upstairs.
Gold scoffed.
“Wonders shall never end. Look at that little thing. How dare she! Well shall see.”
Amanda was in Odeya’s room, dressing her be-d when Odeya opened the door and entered.
“I’m so annoyed with that. I’m so disappointed as well.” Odeya said.
Amanda exhaled.
“I will help you take off your school wears. You’ve been wearing it all day.” she said and proceeded to do so.
The door opened and Desmond walked in.
“Deya..” he called.
“Don’t call my name if she’s still in this house.” Odeya said.
Amanda faced Odeya’s shoes that she was untying the lace.
She don’t want to look at him. She felt like her heart is going to split into thousands of pieces if she do.
This isn’t supposed to be happening to her. She isn’t supposed to like her boss.
She is stupid… She’s an idiot for falling in love with her boss without knowing why.
No.. It’s not love. She doesn’t want to believe that she is in love with her boss.
She just have to focus on being a nanny to Odeya, get paid for her job and leave soon enough.
“Deya, plea-se listen to me. She isn’t bad. She was dying to meet you. You can’t treat her this way. She loves you so much.” Desmond said.
“What about mom!” Odeya half yelled.
That was when Amanda looked up at Desmond and she could see how his expression changed. She couldn’t un-derstand the expression well enough but it looked like he wasn’t expecting that and again, he didn’t want to hear that name.
But she wasn’t expecting him to look at her. Their eyes met and she quic-kly looked away.
Why did he look at her?
She get it.. He don’t want her to be here while they talk about Odeya’s mom.
“I..I will be back to dress your room and arrange your school uniform for tomorrow’s school.” Amanda said to Odeya and with that, she walked out and closed the door but why couldn’t she leave the door.
“Odeya, can you st©p talking about your mom? I’m here for you and there’s someone who wanna be here for you as well. plea-se.. Come on, let’s go downstairs, you must be hungry.”
“I want my mom and I want you both back together.” Odeya said.
Amanda walked away from the door and went into her room.
“Was it really Divorce?” Amanda asked herself.
It’s so obvious that it is.
‘What do I do about this?’ Amanda wondered.
“Whatever dad! I don’t want her here.. She gotta leave.” Odeya said. “..and about dinner, my nanny would make it for me.” Deya said.
Desmond sighed and stood up.
“I will call your nanny then.” he said and with that, he walked out and got to Amanda’s room.
He knocked and Amanda who was sitting at the edge of her be-d sprang up.
‘Who’s that?’ she wondered.
Is it Odeya?
Amanda walked to the door and opening it, her heart jumped at the sight of Desmond.
Their eyes met again.
“S..sir?” She stammered and faced down.
“Go to Odeya..” Desmond said.
Amanda nodded.
He turned to leave but halted and turned back to Amanda who quic-kly faced down again.
“Are you okay?” he asked her.
“Huh.. Ye yes I am.” Amanda answered.
“I’d like to tell you something later.” he said.
‘Tell me something? What do he want to tell me?’ Amanda wondered.
“Ok okay sir.” she answered.
Desmond turned and left downstairs. Amanda c@m£ out and watched him until he disappeared out of the corridor.
She exhaled and hit her forehead.
“What is wrong with me… What what what… I have to end this.. He has a girlfriend. How can I even like him. He has a girlfriend while Odeya want her mom and him back together.. I don’t even have the slightest chance. He won’t even notice that I have some feeling for him. I’m such an idiot if I don’t end this feeling right away.” she said and walked into Odeya’s room to see her crying.
“What? Why are you crying?” Amanda said and rushed to Odeya.
“What’s wrong.. You don’t have to cry.” Amanda said, hvgging Odeya.
“When I see other kids with their parents, both their mom and dad, I get envious and mad.” Odeya said amidst tears.
Amanda ca-ressed her hair, not knowing what to say.
“Nanny, can you do something for me?” Odeya said.
“What’s that?” Amanda asked.
“Promise that you will do it.” Odeya said.
“What’s that.. Do I have to promise first?” Amanda said.
“Yes,” odeya said.
Amanda exhaled. “Okay then. I promise. What’s it?”
Odeya looked into her eyes. “Can you make my mom and dad get back together?”
Amanda got shocked.
“H..how I’m I supposed to do that?” she asked.
“plea-se do that for me.” Odeya said.