Heart doctor episode 13

EPISODE 13 (unedited✖)
[Smart Odeya] .
It was getting to twelve pm and Odeya was in Amanda’s arms, slee-ping and Amanda patting her gently on the back.
“Finally she is asleep.” Amanda breathed out.
She stood up with Odeya still in her arms and Carried her to the be-d. Dropping her, she covered her with the duvet.
“Sleep sound Deya.” Amanda said before turning on the be-dside lamp, then turned off the electric lights and walked out, closing the door.
Sighing, she headed downstairs to switch off the lights.
“I hope he’s fine.. If he was not going to come home he should have called. He didn’t even pick up his calls. That’s really unfair.” she soliloquize as she walked down the staircase and turned towards the kitchen.
“I pray he’s fine at least. I would be happy if Odeya deal with him tomorrow. So annoying and unfair. I had to carry Odeya for so long and sang lullaby’s before she fell asleep. She was really angry.”
She opened the fridge, poured herself a glas-s of water and gulped down.
‘Could it be work? Where could he be and what is he doing…’
She t©uçhed her forehead. “Ahh why I’m I thinking so much. I should go to be-d.” She said and kept back the cu-p, closed the fridge, turned off the lights and headed out. Coming out to the sitting room, she turned off lights, leaving just one light on then headed upstairs.
She opened Odeya’s room door and took a look at her before closing back the door and turned to her room which was opposite Odeya’s.
She dropped on her be-d and sighed.
“I’m so exhausted for no reason and I’m not even feeling sleepy.”
She pu-ll-ed the duvet over b©dy and tried closing her eyes for sleep but no sleep was coming.
She decided to listen to music but an hour later, she pu-ll-ed off the earphones and sat up from the be-d.
She felt reckless and uncomfortable. She seem to be having b©dy bites and she was becoming thirsty and hungry as well.
“What’s wrong with me tonight?” she asked herself.
“Songs had always been my pill to sleep, but I’ve been listening to it for upto an hour now but no sleep was coming. I’m I really OK?”
She shook her head. “No I don’t think I am.”
She got out of the be-d, pu-ll-ed into her sli-ppers and walked out of her room.
She headed downstairs and walked into the kitchen. Turning on the lights, she opened the refrigerator and took out two packs of chocolate biscuits and a jui-ce. Closing the refrigerator, she turned off the lights and went back to the sitting room.
“I will watch movies then.” She said as she sat on a couch. She took the remote control and turned on the TV.
A nollywood movie pla-yed on the TV screen.
Amanda opened the biscuit and jui-ce. She ate as she watched the movie on the TV.
She kept glancing at the time, wishing she would hear a car horn at the gate and Desmond car being driven in and him opening the door and saying to her, ‘I’m sorry dear, I’m late today’
Amanda sl@pped her forehead. “What’s wrong with me. St©p dreaming Amanda, st©p dreaming. He’s your boss! If you think about him one more time, you are dead.” she threatened herself and cut ha-rd on the biscuit.
Gold was cu-mddled in Desmond’s arms as they l@yon the comfy be-d.
“I love you so much sweetie.” Gold said with a satisfied smile.
Desmond k!$$£d her. “I love you more baby.” he said.
“I’m thirsty. I would go get water.” Gold said and got out from the be-d.
She entered the kitchen and smiled triumphantly.
“Just a little sprinkle on the food, I got him to be mine. No time for dulling.. You are mine now Desmond.” she said.
««You must sprinkle this too on a red coloured bowl, add water and use it to wash your face each time you are seeing him and wash your pri-vate p@rt with it each time you know you both are going to have S-x. Dont forget that no eyes must see this substance except yours once it has gotten into your hand. You must be very careful.
What will happen if another’s eyes see it Baba?’
The charm’s power will become neutralised immediately and his eyes would be cleared
I will be very careful Baba. Thank you.»»
Gold recalled her conversation with the spiritualist.
“I will be very careful.” she as-sured herself and moved over to the fridge.
As Desmond waa waiting for Gold’s return.. he suddenly remembered his phone and gr@bb£d his trou-ser which hung on the sofa. He searched the pockets and found it.
He saw his daughter’s missed calls and sighed.
“She shouldn’t be calling. She has her nanny to stay with her. I’m sorry baby, I’m with the love of my life. I will be back soon.” he said.
“Who are you talking to?” Gold asked, emerging in with two glas-ses of water.
Desmond raised his phone. “My daughter was calling. I missed her calls. She must have been worried. But it’s fine.. Her nanny would stay with her. I will apologize to her when I get back.” he said.
“Oh it’s really my fault. I’m sorry. Can I see her today? I really wanna meet her.” she asked.
Desmond dropped his phone on the couch and sat back on the be-d.
“No problem but isn’t that too soon. My daughter is pretty ha-rd .” he said.
Gold smiled. “I don’t care. I wanna meet her.”
Desmond shrugged. “Fine.. If you want.”
“Here, have some water and get a rest. You are going to work to in the morning.” Gold said.
“Thanks baby” he said as he collected the glas-s of water, drank and Gold took the empty glas-s and dropped it on the table with hers.
She joined him on the be-d and they cu-mddled each other.
Gold was in all smiles.
Desmond had no idea what he was doing…
(Next day)
Amanda opened her eyes and when her eyes landed on the clock, she flin-ched in fright.
“6:40am!” she g@sped and jumped up from the couch where she sle-pt on.
She had fallen asleep in the sitting room and the TV was still on.
She quic-kly gr@bb£d the remote and turned it off. She picked the empty biscuits packs and empty jui-ce pack and rushed to the kitchen.
“I woke up so late…. I hope I finish on time.. God, why did I had to watch that movie.. What’s wrong with me.. Odeya mustn’t go late to school or I’m dead” She nagged at herself.
Then she tilted her head. ‘Was I really watching the movies or I was thinking too much?’
“Ahh snap it off Amanda and hurry up.” she told herself.
She was supposed to cook macaroni but she can’t since it’s late.
“Tea and bre-ad is the fastest. I will make that.” She said and gr@bb£d the kettle.
‘Shouldn’t I make tea for Odeya’s dad? What if he doesn’t come back now.’ she thought.
Just then, she heard the zooming in of his car.
Her heart skipped immediately.
One, the excitement that he’s back and two, the fear that she havent prepared odeya for school yet.
“What I’m I going to do?” she asked herself.
“Ahh Oga. Welcome oh.. Shey you sleep for office? I wait wait for gate i tire but you no come back.” I.K said.
Desmond ignored him and walked to the door porch, he opened the door and entered.
No one was in the sitting room.
“Odeya should be out now, dressed for school..” he said.
He headed upstairs and opening his daughter’s door, he met her still slee-ping.
“Still slee-ping? Where’s her nanny?”
“How do I explain that I woke up late? How do I? What do I do?” Amanda pondered.
“Why I’m I so scared to see him. Why are my hands shaking and why I’m I feeling bu-tterflies in my stomach.”
Desmond walked in and went to his daughter. He rolled off the duvet and ca-ressed her hair.
“I’m sorry darling that I didn’t come home last night. I’m here now. Wake up.” he said.
“Wake up Dearie.”
Odeya gently opened her eyes and saw her dad staring at her.
“Dad… I was worried.” she said.
Desmond took her hand and k!$$£d it. “I’m sorry dearie. Work was much so I sle-pt off at the office.” he lied.
“And what about my calls?” she asked.
“I’m sorry dearie that I missed your calls. I wasn’t with my phone at that moment.” he lied.
Amanda got to Odeya’s door and leaned her ear to it.
“Dad I know I’m five but I know when someone is lying. You just lied dad. It’s written on your face. So better tell me the truth.” Odeya said.
Desmond breathed out. “I’m sorry daughter. Actually I sle-pt-”
The door opened and Amanda walked in, interrupting the cat about to be let out of the bag.
“Good morning sir. I’m sorry that I woke up late today to prepare Odeya for school.” she said and walked to Odeya. “Deya, come and take your bathe.”
“I’m not until he tells me where he was last night. He is lying.” Odeya said then narrowed her eyes at Amanda. “And I recall saying I ain’t going to that school anymore.”
“You are not what?” Desmond asked.
Odeya glared at him.
“Come on Deya… I will be right there with you. I promise to shut anyone who tries to make jest of you.” Amanda said
“Really?” Odeya asked.
Amanda nodded with an as-suring smile.
“Fine then.” Deya said and spre-ad her hands. “Carry me.”
Amanda smiled and carried her. While she was doing so, her arm brushed with Desmond’s… She felt a s-en-sation run throu-gh her which almost made her drop Odeya.
“Are you OK nanny?” Odeya asked.
“Yes I am.” Amanda said and hurried into Odeya’s bathroom.
Desmond exhaled.
“She’s just like her mom. Too smart and s-en-sitive. I’m sorry Odeya. I’m gonna get you another mom. I hope you like her when you see her.” With that, he stood up and walked out.
Amanda doesn’t want to believe it but she was so sure that his slee-ping outside had to do with a lady.
Odeya was right, he lied to her.
Was he going to tell a five years old girl that he sle-pt with a woman or how is he even going to tell it to her?
Amanda scoffed.
Her heart ache and she was filled with jealousy.
It’s obvious that she likes her boss.
She finished bathing Odeya and dressed her up.
“Why did you wake up late?” Odeya asked her as she was putting on her socks and shoes.
“I was wondering why you haven’t asked. I couldn’t get a sleep so I stayed in the sitting room watching movies until I sle-pt off.” Amanda said.
“Why couldn’t you get a sleep?” Odeya asked.
“Huh… I think because the weather was h0t.” Amanda lied.
How can she tell her that it’s because she was worried about her dad. And she was worried because she likes him. No way.
“Tch.. Now you lie to me too. There was light, and there was AC. Why’s everyone lying today. I wonder how many lies would be told in school today. Just thinking about it makes me sick to the bone.” Odeya said.
Amanda sighed and stood up since she was done putting on her shoes.
“Let’s go downstairs. Your breakfast was supposed to be macaroni but since I woke up really late, I had to make tea. I’m sorry about that” Amanda said.
“Ugh… Don’t stay up late worrying about my dad again.” Odeya said.
Amanda’s jaw dropped. “Wh what are you t..talking about?”
Odeya chuckled. “I’m smart.”
“No I wasn’t thinking.. I mean, I wasn’t worried about your dad.” Amanda said.
“Well I’m telling you not to.. I’m gonna make my dad and my mom come back together. I won’t let him d@t£ anyone. My mom and dad are gonna be back together, again.” Odeya said.
Amanda inhaled.