Healer – episode 3



Kendra stared shocked at the man who had just come out of the car. Was the beating she received from her husband still having effect on her or did she just hit the car of the same guy from the wedding. She couldn’t even remember his name but as if yesterday, before Connor sl@pped his name off her memory, she could still recall his name and last name.She looked around her for any sign of her husband or a car waiting somewhere with him inside, watching. When there was none, she looked from the broken headlight to the guy who stood before her. When your mother tells you to be nice to everyone, this is the reason why,she thought. She always avoided these kinds of problems with people but his she bec@m£ this careless, she was still at a loss. She tried to find the right words to say to him and he was just staring at her, probably waiting for her to say something first and she knew that as the culprit you are meant to explain yourself.
“Oh my God.”

She started, hoping that was a good start, considering the fact that they didn’t meet on a very good note and she was the one who caused it.
“I’m really sorry. I didn’t know how I totally forgot to look behind me first. I was on call…I’m really sorry.”
She was still asking herself what kind of a lame excuse is that, when he looked up. He had been staring at his broken lights since she was blabbing all that ru-bbish even she knew it made no s-en-se at all….

Alex looked up. What kind of a lame excuse is that?
He asked himself. When she had stepped out of that car, he had looked shocked at her as if he didn’t expect to see her. And he had br@ced himself for any more harsh words because he knew it was her fault. But the lady that had given him a time bomb yesterday was the same one putting on a puppy face and apologizing to him with excuses of picking call He laughed within him and turned his face down to pretend as if he was studying the broken break light but he was actually laughing. This God is wonderful, he thought. Who would have thought that rude lady here could apologize. He was also answering a call in his car but he didn’t hit hers!
He looked up at her. Those eyes were shielded with dark sunglas-ses. But he could still see her beauty.
He said. “I didn’t know you had it in you.”
He said and she paused and looked at him.
“Excuse me?”
She said.
“I mean the apology. I didn’t know you had it in you. You know I was also answering a call when you hit me.”
“I just said I’m sorry. What do you want me to do to make it up to you? I can pay for the damages.”
Very good, he thought. He knew she would say that as a lady who had it all. Rude. He said to himself. He stepped closer to her, he wanted to know if she’s married.
“Why? From your husband’s money?”
He said to her. Pay back time. He saw her inhale in anger as if to digest the weight of his insult.
“I beg your pardon, mister.” Who the hell does this lady think she is?! He thought.

He corrected. She nodded.
“I don’t know why you have to be rude,Alex. I just apologized. I can take care of the damages.”
No he won’t let this one slide like this. He nee-ded her name and number regardless if the fact that she was married.
She didn’t look married. She looked like a single lady of maybe twenty one if he was right.
“Why dont you drop your number and I’ll call you and tell you how much its worth after I must have thought about it.”

At first she stared at him. Then she laughed.
“Oh, plea-se Alex. I know that trick and its not working.”
Another b!ow. But he smiled. “Okay, then. Well, you can put in a million into my acct and we are settled.”
“One million? For ordinary headlight?”
“Ordinary? If it were ordinary I won’t be standing here with you. I’ll just brush off the issue and ride on. I have an appointment so be quic-k about it. You seem like the kind of lady who can afford more.”
He said looking at her up and down. she inhaled and exhaled. He stepped in front of her almost at k!ss!nglevel and stared her de-ep in the eyes. Her perfume was lovely and the smell on her hair too.
He saw her swallow ha-rd . He didn’t even know why he was still trying to get this lady’s attention when he knew that she was married. He saw the difficult she had in ma-king a move so he shrugged. He knew this was a childish pl@ybut somehow he enjoyed getting her angry if that was the only way he could get her attention. She didn’t strike him as the kind of lady who would have too many friends.
He shrugged.
“Or better still give me your number.”

Kendra couldn’t believe the effect this guy had on her. When he stepped closer, she inhaled de-eply as if she was trying to memorize the smell of his cologne. And he looked down at herl-ips, she looked down at his. When he asked of her number, she could believe him.
A million naira or her number. If she transfered that kind of amount to him, her husband might find out. And something in her….the devil’s voice said give him the number. And she requested for his phone which he gave to her, and she typed her number and returned it to him. She didn’t even wait for his reply and she walked back to her car and with a backward glance she for in and drove off…

To be continued

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