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July 28, 2021


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He said no final Episode

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It was a few days to the new year; the festive season had well kicked off. Daniel had told Amifel that he was going to stop by at her office later that in the day. She was very nervous to see him and here is why.

It had been 2 weeks and counting since she last saw him. Although he checked up on her scantily, she could bet that he was avoiding her and she could not tell why. She was quite worried.

Over the past few months, since they first met, they had grown close and fond of each other and she was starting to expect some sort of proposal from him, and to be honest, it didn’t look like it was forthcoming.

She didn’t realize how fond of him, she had become until the last couple of weeks when things seemed to be turning sour. She prayed for him and tried to keep calm, her friend was also there to help too, as usual.

“Babe, you don’t need to be sad. He must have his reasons for keeping away. Like you said, in the last one year since you have known him, this has not happened before. So just relax, he will come around.”

“You think so?” Amifel sulked as she confided in Grace.

“I know so, or do you think you did anything wrong?”

“None that I can remember right now.”

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“So just relax, for now, maybe he just needs a little space. But I suggest you talk to him if this persists.” Grace advised.

So, you can imagine how nervous meeting with Daniel made her feel. Amifel had had little or nothing to do all day and even if she did, she would definitely have had it postponed.

Some minutes to 2, she got a call from a client who wanted to come over urgently. She fought the urge to postpone the meeting but the man sounded like it was urgent over the phone.

Meanwhile, she had been getting a lot of referrals of late from only God knows where, she didn’t bother to probe it, it was definitely the Lord’s doing and what she had always wanted.

The young man who called earlier got to her place in a short while, he needed her services for his sister’s wedding. They were still analyzing his preferences when Daniel came around.

He sat across Amifel and her client as they talked on and Amifel could barely concentrate as she did a glance, he seemed calm in his casual tees and snickers. It didn’t look like anything was wrong with him.

Her client finally indicated his interest to take leave.

“Hi. Sorry for keeping you waiting.” Amifel apologized as she wiped her sweaty palm on her black skirt.

“It’s fine dear. “He flashed her a smile that meant everything.

He just called her ‘dear’, which might mean that everything is under control, right?

“Are you ready to leave?” He asked as he glanced at his wrist for the time.

“Yes, I was waiting for you.”

“Great. Let us take our leave, then.” He said as he led the way out and assisted her in locking up.

Amifel fought the urge to ask him questions. One of which was, where they were headed. Well, it really didn’t matter, they needed to talk and she could tell that something was on his mind.

As he drove down, she stole glances at him as he steadied his gaze on the road before him.

“How has work been?” He broke the silence.

“Great, orders have been massive.”


“Yeah, I am planning to formally recruit more hands in the coming year to meet the increasing demands.”

“Rehoboth agency is certainly doing some work.”

“Rehoboth agency?”

“Yeah, oh sorry, I must have forgotten to tell you that I hired an advertisement firm for your event managing brand.”

“Are you kidding me?” Amifel screeched. “I should have known! Why didn’t you tell me?”

“I am sorry, I forgot. What is most important is that orders are rolling in, right?”

She sighed, enveloped in gratitude. “Daniel, you have done more than enough already!”

“Is that your way of saying thank you?”

“Thank you, Dan.” She smiled softly, reaching for his hand.

He smiled broadly as he squeezed her hands lightly. “Anytime.”

After a couple of twists and turns, they finally arrived at Li Wuan restaurant,

Sounds familiar?

She remembered it quite vividly.

“I have been here before.” She momentarily forgot her sorrows as she announced excitedly.

As they strolled through their exquisite hallway, the memories of her date with George, a year back at the same restaurant came flooding back.

They settled in on a table that he had reserved prior to their arrival. The restaurant had a lot of beautiful corners, like the one they were seated in, the view from there was beautiful, she had only seen such beauty on tv.

“Beautiful, isn’t it?” Daniel asked as he caught her gushing over the magnificence of the scenery.


“What would you have?” He asked, handing her the menu.

A Chinese man dressed in blue and black approached them to take their orders.

“I would have fried shrimps and cashew nuts.” She announced proudly, she loved the taste of the shrimps but her anxiety about George’s proposal did not allow her to enjoy her meal well enough.

Li Wuan sure had a history with her, she just hoped she would enjoy the meal this time since her mind was a little messed up like the last time she came.

“Okay…” Daniel smiled broadly as he ordered Braised pork balls in gravy.

Their orders arrived in no time and they dug into their meals, as they took turns complimenting the meal.

Amifel ate in silence but her mind was buzzing with questions, did he brought her to Li Wuan just to eat? Won’t he talk about why he had been avoiding her?

She decided to ask him but she didn’t know if it was appropriate while they were eating. As she cleared her throat, he took over before she could gather the courage to speak.

“Amifel, I want to ask you a question?”

“Okay.” She nodded, the rate of her heartbeat increased at that instant.

“There is this lady that I have been seeing for a while…” He started.

What? He was seeing someone! Amifel could not believe her ears.

“I love her and I plan to propose to her soon, do you think she would say yes?” He asked as he steadied his gaze on her.

Really? He brought her to Li Wuan to ask her if a lady he was supposedly seeing would say yes? She suddenly felt hot from inside, she felt like crying too, like the ground should open up and swallow her.

Daniel had been seeing someone? There were no two answers, this is wickedness.

“Amifel…” He called, jolting her back into the reality of the moment.

“Yes, yes. Sorry.”

“Is anything the matter?”

“No, I just felt dizzy all of a sudden.” She answered holding her head while hoping it would wade of the question.

“Sorry, dear. Let me help you get an energy drink.” He suggested as he dragged his seat backward to get up.

“Don’t worry, I think I just need to rest. I should get going.” She answered as she stood up.

“You want to leave, but we only just got here and you are not even done with your meal.”

“Don’t worry, I will pass.”

“At least hold on, let me drop you off! “He offered.

” That might not be necessary. I will see you around.” She concluded as she turned around and headed straight out before the tears that had laced her eyelids poured down fire and brimstone.

Daniel hurriedly picked his cards and car keys and ran after her, she didn’t wait no matter how much he called her. Her tears had betrayed her and she didn’t want him to see it

“Was this because I asked you if you thought she would say yes?” He yelled as soon as they got outside.

At that point, she couldn’t take it in any longer, she was prepared to give him a piece of her heartbroken self as she turned her tear-smeared face back at him but she was not prepared for the sight that confronted her.

Daniel was on one knee holding out a diamond ring and smiling broadly.

“Amifel, I have only known you for less than a year but it seems like I have known you forever.

There is this atmosphere of peace and homeliness that you carry, I am yet to find that with anyone else.

You see, that first meeting with you at the wedding was the answer to my heartfelt prayers.

You are my dream come true and God’s answer of peace to all of my numerous questions to him.

I took a light break from us to help my mind. So, I won’t mistake my fondness of you with God’s approval.

Right now, I am sure like never before that it is you that I want to spend the rest of my life with if you will trust me to be your life-long partner.

That said, Amifel, will you marry me?”

Amifel used to wonder why a lot of ladies cry whenever they are being proposed to but now, she knew better as she allowed the tears to flow down her face unreserved. Flashlights flashed at them as people took pictures and videos of them without asking.

She wanted to scream or better still, faint but she managed to keep her calm as she nodded her head a trillion times in one minute.

“Yes, yes yes!!” She yelled.

Daniel heaved a sigh of relief as he slipped the ring into her finger excitedly as the excited crowd cheered them up.

He stood up as she fell into his arms, releasing the remains of her tank of tears, but this time, they were tears of joy…

Daniel wiped her tears with his handkerchief and kissed her lightly on the forehead before leading her back into the hall.

She had no doubt whatsoever that God had an hand in this, the answer of peace that he gave her was her surety.


As much as Amifel clamored for a small wedding, her mom would not have it. The wedding hall was as big as big, full to the brim with guests, especially the ones that came from her mom.

Rita, her distant cousin served as Amifel’s chief bridesmaid. Grace would have been Amifel’s maid of honor but her protruding belly disqualified her. Howbeit, she was there to support her friend in every way possible.

It was not hard to sight Mrs. Robert with her satellite dish-sized headgear, it was the third time she was changing her attire in one day. Her husband on the other hand couldn’t believe that his princess was finally leaving them, he was more emotional than happy all through the event.

As Amifel danced in with her husband, the guests stood up to acknowledge their presence. Amifel’s joy knew no bound as she danced with all of her might. It didn’t matter to her that her steps weren’t exactly in line with the beat of the song, her husband was filling in well for them with his classic stepping. All that mattered is that God had given her double for all of her shame. Grace stood out in the crowd wiggling her rounded body while hailing her friend and encouraging her to dance all the more.

As the couples got closer to the front, Grace sighted Blessing edged in a corner, she came around with her twin boys, they had the body of a 2-year old and Grace could not help but wonder how she managed to bundle them there without assistance. She had changed a little, her weight appeared to have tripled and she looked robust but the stress and worry on her fresh face could not be hidden.

She went to say hi after the couple had settled in.

Grace could tell that she wasn’t comfortable so she let her be after exchanging a few pleasantries and of course, giving her a bear hug.

Mrs. Balogun was also around, she and Mrs. Robert literally made the wedding plans, Amifel just followed their orders.

Her daughter, Grace Akinwale was also around with her husband. She had just put to bed but still made it a point of duty to come and celebrate with Amifel. Her beautiful baby girl was a sight to behold.

Oracle was the MC of the event and he didn’t fail to recount the role he played in matchmaking the cute couples.

As the Pastor called for the cutting of the cake, Amifel stole a glance at her handsome husband who had been grinning excitedly all day and she couldn’t help but smile.

Daniel on the other hand could swear that he was more excited than Amifel, he felt like he had just won a jackpot, he obviously did.

“I love you.” He whispered as they did their first couple’s dance.

“I love you too.” She blushed, the fireworks that were on display made them look like two fairies in Disney land.

Of a truth, those who put their trust in the Lord shall never be put to shame. Our waiting time is not a time to worry and fret, it is a time of thanksgiving and one to be recklessly dependent on our loving father, bearing in mind that God is never late, he always shows up right on time, every time!

A whole new life awaited Mr. and Mrs. Isutoyan and they were excited to be on the journey together with God backing them up as always.


Dedicated to all the Amifels on this part of our world, who are waiting on God for one thing or the other. God loves you, and he has great plans for you!

He won’t be late! He will show up at the right time!❤

I love you too!❤❤




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