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He said no Episode 1 & 2

Written by Sodamade Olamide Tolulope.
Episode 1
The ceiling fan rolled while ma-king funny sounds. The white fluorescent bulb at the center of the room was switched on and the distant [email protected] sound of the generating set could be heard at the background. Amifel la-id che-st down on her be-d with her legs in the air, she was relaxing after a long day at work. She was almost zooming off when she heard a knock on her door.
“Who is it?” she asked.
“It’s me, “Her dad said with his hoarse voice.
“Daddy, plea-se come in sir,” she said sitting up in an instant. He [email protected]£ in and sat on her be-d, a few distance from her,
“So, have you made up your mind now?” he asked,
“Not yet, sir, I’m still praying about it, ”
“Is it that God is taking too long to answer or you are negotiating with him?”
“I only wanted to be sure about my convictions,” she said looking away,
“Okay, just do it really quic-k or we’ll help you out,” he concluded standing up to his feet to leave the room.
Amifel heaved a de-ep sigh as she la-id back on her be-d, her heart was troubled. Everything was seemingly going fine until George [email protected]£ into the picture,
George was a professional computer analyst doing considerably well in his field, he was born in Nigeria but he grew up in the U.S. He perfectly fitted the description of the regular tall, dark and handsome young man in his early 30s, he was every girl’s dream man and a member of the beard gang with well-chiseled abs and broad shoulders.
Amifel was a fair-skinned lady in her late 20s, she was tall, slim, and had the right amount of flesh in the right places. Her long hairs and dimples were her major point of attraction. She was an event organizer and a successful one at that who lived with her parents.
She had been believing God for a life [email protected] and her dad had match-made her with his rich friend’s son who just [email protected]£ back from the U.S. Her mum had alre-ady gone to seek prayers concerning their union and said they were a perfect match. She felt so too at first and was grateful that a man had finally come her way after years of waiting.
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She saw George as an automatic answer to her prayers but then she started feeling funny after their first meeting. She ignored it and decided to enjoy the moment, they seemed to be getting along well until he proposed. She could remember the disappointed look on his face when she told him she wasn’t re-ady.
She decided to do what she had been scared to do all along, and that was to seek God’s face concerning him. Her fears were confirmed when God told her not to go ahead with the relationsh!pand she wasn’t happy about it. Her parents won’t be either and she didn’t even know how she would tell them, especially now that both families were alre-ady ma-king wedding plans. George was everything she had ever prayed for in a man but she didn’t just get why God wasn’t giving her a go-ahead.
“Amifel, I alre-ady told my friend, Mummy Grace that we would be going to pick your asoebi together,” Mrs. Robert, her mum said smiling sheepishly while they were ma-king dinner.
“What asoebi?” Amifel asked looking puzzled,
“Ahn Ahn, for your wedding of course!”
Amifel breathed de-eply before re-leasing the bombshell, “Mum, I and George can’t get married!”
“Is that meant to be a joke, because as I’m looking at you like this, you are alre-ady married,”
“No mummy, it’s not a joke.
“I don’t think you know what you are saying, you want to throw away your golden chance of getting married to a rich and fine young man. What has come over you, do you know how old you are now? 28 Amifel! 28! And you are here saying nons-en-se. Wait, is there another man in the picture?
“Not yet mum,”
“Not yet! Just tell me you don’t want to get married, do you know how many years we have waited and prayed for this, I even went to pray about you both and they said you would make a great family. What is your problem ehn!”
“I want to get married too mummy, but I prayed about it and God said No,”
“You prayed about what, why is it that you are the only one that is hearing no, I and your dad have prayed about it, we even got a confirmation from a renowned prophet that you both are a great match. Why am I even wasting my time explaining? You are getting married to him whether you like it or not!” Mrs. Robert yelled, stamping her feet as she angrily left the kitchen.
She wasn’t re-ady to face her dad’s impending wrath but she didn’t want to risk disobeying God either. Moreover, she isn’t getting any younger, what should she do?
Episode 2
Amifel finished quite early for the day, for all of the activities she had to merge together and cover in less than 24 hours, including meeting prospective clients and booking some ushering services and hall decorations. She decided to go over to her friend’s place to chill off a bit before heading home. Thankfully their place wasn’t too far from where she was coming from.
Blessing and Grace were her close friends, Blessing was about her age while Grace was 2 years younger. They had been friends since her university days and they stayed together in a moderately furnished single-room self-contained [email protected] on the outSk-irt of the city. Grace was a dark version of her, beautiful and rounded, she worked in a bank while Blessing, the fairest of them all, was a baker. She would have been staying with her friends but for her parent’s insistence.
She was glad to have met them both at home as they entertained her with Blessing’s freshly baked cake, jui-ce, and lots of gists.
“What’s wrong Amifel? you have been unusually quiet,” Blessing asked bringing their gist session to an abrupt end, they had been so engrossed in their gist that they didn’t notice her rather moody demeanor. For some time, Amifel just looked on blankly,
“Talk to us Ami, a problem shared is half-solved, ” Grace added, moving closer to Amifel where she sat at the edge of their be-d.
“I don’t know, I just feel a little tired, ”
“Tired? Of what?” Grace asked, sounding concerned.
” George.”
“George? What about him? Did he break up?” Blessing asked taking her seat opposite Grace.
“Urgh, I wish, ” Amifel shrugged.
“St©p talking in parables now, tell us exactly what the matter is, ”
“George proposed, ”
“Oh my God, awwwn… So sweet…” They chattered, “Wait oh, where is your ring? And why are you sad about it?” Blessing interrupted.
“I told him I wasn’t re-ady, ”
“I and George can’t get married, ”
“Why!” They chorused again, sounding shocked.
“God said so, ”
“Ahn Ahn, and are you sure about this?” Grace asked,
“Yes, I’m sure. I didn’t tell anyone because I wanted to be sure. I just told my mum yesternight too, ”
“Did she take it well?” Grace probe-d,
“Trust my mum now, she changed it for me, ”
“You can’t blame mummy, she is eager to see you get married. What of daddy?” Grace continued,
“I don’t think he knows yet, he was not around yesterday but I can bet that mummy would tell him even before she serves him dinner tonight,” Amifel said sounding disturbe-d.
“The funny thing is my parents claim to have prayed about it and even gotten God’s approval but I am getting the direct opposite.”
“I un-derstand your parents, mine would have done worse if I were in your shoes, they only want the best for you, ” Grace comforted,
“I know, I want to get married too and I like him but I feel something is wrong somewhere, I know something is wrong,”
“Amifel, Amifel, Amifel! Should I talk?” Blessing who had kept quiet all the while interrupted while waiting for a go-ahead and when she got a nod from Amifel, she continued,
“I don’t think you are re-ady to settle dowñ. You just said it yourself that your parents have prayed about it and gotten God’s approval, I did not say you are not hearing well oh, but even the Bible says we should test all spirits, you are 28! And you are here smelling what is wrong. I mean what could be wrong with such a fine, rich and [email protected] boy? He is even born again oh! plea-se think about it well oh because if I were you, I would not even think twice, apply wisdom, my friend!” She reeled out,
Amifel looked down, holding her head in her hands, more confused than ever. Her head felt h0t and woozy.
“Blessing, what are you saying? That she should ignore God’s witness in her spirit and follow someone else’s convictions?” Grace said, coming to her rescue by charging at Blessing,
“Noo, I did not say that. I am only saying she should use the wisdom of God to address this matter, husband is scarce outside oh!” Blessing said with a note of finality before standing up.
” God’s wisdom is in his leading,” Grace replied,
“Ah! Okay oh, if it was this easy, all of us would have gotten married by now, ” Blessing concluded before leaving the room.
Grace sighed, as she put her arms around Amifel, “Ami, I know how you feel and I know how much you love George but I’m very sure that God has a reason for asking you not to get married to George, that, I am very sure of. You remember, God’s thoughts towards us are the thoughts of good and not of evil to give us an expected end. God loves you Amifel, and he has your best interest at heart.” Amifel was in tears by the time Grace was done.
“Ami, can we pray?” Amifel nodded as they held hands.
Blessing [email protected]£ back inside after a while and met Grace and Amifel in a lighter mood. They had st©pped talking about George and had moved to other things. She joined in the conversation and avoided talking about George until Amifel was re-ady to take her leave.
“I am sorry about how I spoke to you the other time Amifel, just think well before ma-king any decision, ” Blessing apologized.
“Naa, it’s fine. I un-derstand I know you are just looking out for me. God is my wisdom, I know I’ll get throu-gh this, ”
” Amen!” They chorused
“Lest I forget, there is an upcoming event slated for next month’s end, and we need wedding cakes, ” Amifel said standing up to adjust her clothes.
“Oshey! That’s my girl! s£nd the exact [email protected]£ and specifications, ” Blessing said happily.
Amifel left their place feeling lighter than she [email protected]£, she muttered a word of prayer for lesser drama at home and wisdom to handle the situation at hand…
She was in a cab when her phone rang, she hurriedly fished out her phone from her bag and on seeing the caller ID, her heart skipped a beat… George!
To be continued

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