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He raped me Episode 1 & 2

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( he raped me ) 😔

Episode 1



♨️ Olivia ♨️

” Olivia bring my shoe ”

” Where is this stupid Olivia, bring my hair pin ”

” Olivia, where is my dress?”

” Olivia, my phone ”

” Olivia are you dump?”

My sisters kept yelling and insulting me at the same time while I ran around like a mad lady going to meet their needs …

Well, I’m used to their insults . It’s nothing new to me

I brought Emily’s phone handing it to her. Instead of her to collect it, she gave me a thunderous slap ..

” Can’t you see I’m late? And you are just bringing my phone” she snapped staring disgustingly at me
I held my hurting cheeks trying hard not to cry running off to bring Sophia’s dress, shoe and hair pin else I will receive another slap ..

” I guess the slap Emily gave you is not enough ” she said slapping me again, this time twice

” I wonder why Dad is still keeping you in this house, dirty thing” she added while i stared at her unable to retaliate..

How can I do that when their mother and even Dad will back them up and beat me together.
I’m afraid of getting tied up in my own father’s house, get flogged, bruised and denied food too.

” Are you still standing here? Get out of my sight ” she yelled
I ran out of her room down the stairs to the only place I can cry my eyes out, the only place I find solace which is my room but I guess fate is playing a hard game with me ..

I met with my step mom on the way, fear gripped me .

I hate seeing her, she’s worst than her daughters .
I hastily took another route so she won’t be able to see me .

” Hey where did you think you are going ?” She said.. I stayed in my place visibly shaking not knowing what to say that will put me in trouble..

” Uhhmm ..I ….I..” I trailed off

” Cat cut your tongue?” She asked smirking ..

She came closer to me dragging me by the hair ..

” Ouch… Mummy please. Ah, ouch I’m sorry , ow ” I kept wincing in pain as my tears flows down freely…
This is what I go through everyday in my life ..

” the room looks unkept Olivia, you haven’t washed my clothes and that of my daughters why are you so lazy uh” she said still dragging me roughly..
Everyone knows how it hurts to be held by the hair let alone dragging you with it ..

” I’m sorry, please mummy I will get it done now ” I cried. The pain was becoming unbearable and I don’t think there’s nothing to be done about it

” Just 30minutes to be done with the chores else no food for three days ” she pushed me to the floor and walked pass me ..

I sat there crying.. what have I done to deserve this from my family?

I’m sorry my bad! Time for introduction!

I’m Olivia Daniels, first child of both my Dad and Mom.

My mum died while bringing me to this world and Dad has to marry another woman to take care of me as a child. That’s what brought my step mum Clarissa into the picture..

Dad has never for once liked me, he believes I was the one that killed his wife ..
It wasn’t my fault she died during my birth was it? I took it as fate . That’s what it has for me .

I grew up with no love but became a maid in my father’s house at the age of 5 for the foods I eat and the house I stayed .
Meaning the foods and the roof under my head isn’t free…. I work for it I even turned into a maid for my kid sisters .
I’m a 21 years old college drop out

My story is more of that Cinderella, with a wicked step mom. The only difference is that I don’t think I will ever find my prince charming..
Who will love a girl like me with no class?

Well, that’s all for now …

I quickly rushed to the washing machine and dumped the clothes from the laundry inside before anyone sees me ..
If I’m seen, I will be dead immediately.


” Mum, Dad, we want Olivia to follow us to the party ” Emily pouted like the last child she is while I choked on my spit..
Yeah! I’m standing beside them while they eat, I can’t eat untill they are done and mine is in the kitchen not the dinning table.. that’s the rule.

But, why will she want me to follow them to the party? I don’t even know how it looks like..

Sophia is 20 and Emily is 18

” Yes dad please ” Sophia added

” That’s a no , why did you want a classless girl like her to follow you ?” Dad asked irritatingly..
Even if I was the one that killed my mom, can’t I be forgiven?
It breaks me to see the only family I have sees me as nothing but a common maid..

” Well, we need someone to send, to hold our bags and more ” Emily said ..

I can’t believe they want me to follow them so I can be their slave..

” Yes , we won’t let her get dressed. She’s going this way ” Sophia said.

What? I look more of an abandon child with this old dress I’m wearing..
I don’t even have dresses but can’t they allow me to wear something better?

” Alright hunny, she can go with you after all she’s your maid ” he said to them while they jumped up in joy ..

” Thank you Dad and you go get my bag, we are getting late ” Emily ordered .
I quickly fasten my steps to get to her room as quick as possible

” Hey come back ” Sophia said .
I sighed and began walking back to them ..
Not that I have any option

” Go into my room also and bring my makeup kit, I don’t want my makeup to get smuggled ” she said while I nodded running off to get back in time


This place looks so beautiful ! I’m sure the person hosting the party is very wealthy..
I looked around admringly , you can’t blame me, I have never been to this type of place before and what embarrasses me more is my dress .
Everyone in was dressed ellegantly ….
Some turned to give me a second look as I trailed behind my sisters holding their bags and phones

The hall was very busy with loud music booming. Ah! I think I will go dead from here.
Ladies dressed skimpily and the guys looks all hot ..

They sat down living me standing as the attendant came to them..

” Champaign will do ” they both said..

” And you ma’am, what will you like to take?” He asked referring to me ..
My eyes met with my sisters who glared at me daringly

” Uhh.. nothing ” I muttered dryly. He nodded and left

” Good thing you didn’t make any order Olivia ” Sophia said smirking

” I could have poured it all over your body” Emily seconded. I only stared at them without uttering a word..

Did you think I never thought if running away? Well, yes I did think of that many times but didn’t I have anywhere else to go?

” Hello pretties can we have a dance with you?” Two hot looking guys came asking my sisters.
They didn’t even notice me ..

Sophia and Emily glanced at each other and nodded ..

” Yeah, I want to dance and get drunk ” Sophia said standing up with Emily

” Good baby let’s go” they stretched out their hands and in no time they were out of sight..

Wait! Did they just left only me here? Maybe it will be better .

I took one of their seat and sat comfortably waiting till they are done before we go home ..

It’s getting late and they haven’t returned, I’m seriously tired if sitting down here like hell. I want to get out of here .

The scent of the alcohol is getting into me. It makes me wanna puke …

I stood up finding my way to the restroom..

Thank goodness! I met the bartender earlier and he told me where to locate the restroom . I’m deeply pressed ..

I entered into the restroom avoiding everyone’s gaze .


I stood frozen in my spot immediately I let the door opened

The sight in front of me isn’t worth beholding..

A guy and a lady making out in the restroom? Oh my God!

” I’m really sorry, very sorry ” I said apologetically making my way out as they turned to me…

” Not so fast dirty thing ” the guy said standing up from the lady’s body ..
He looks so intimidating which frightened me ..
I went for the door handle as he walks towards me ..

” Get the door closed ” he shouted and immediately I couldn’t open the door again, wait! Did he just used magic or what?
Oh my goodness! What have I gotten myself into ?

My breathe hitched as he came closer to me.. my heart jumping out if my chest. I’m sure he could hear me breathing heavily with the closeness between us ..

He shifted me roughly from the door and pinned me to the wall..

” Get out Adrianna ” he said to the lady who went for the door immediately and what? It got opened..
I think I’m dreaming.
I tried getting out of his grip so I could go with that lady but I couldn’t..

My fear increased ! I became frightened..

” I…I.. I’m.s..sorry ..p. please .let..me go ” I stuttered.. The fear was eating me up..

” Not until I complete what you interrupted babydoll ” he smirked .
Before I could understand what was happening we were both on the floor in a swift..
He was on top of me pinning me to the floor ..

He roughly grabbed my hair kissing me roughly..

No! This isn’t happening…..

” P.. please don’t do this to ..”
He gave me a slap before I could finish my sentence..

” Shut the fuck up bitch , dare talk again and I will kill you here ” he threatened tearing my dress ….

No! This isn’t what I planned to happen with me ….

Noo! Let this be a dream please



Episode 2

♨️ Olivia ♨️

Noo! This isn’t happening please…

” P…please ”

” I told you to shut up didn’t I? Or did you want me to seal your lips? ” He asked while I shook my head in fear

” Then be a good girl and keep quiet till I’m done ”
He resumed tearing my dress again. I tried kicking him off but his muscles weigh me down.
The only thing I could do at that moment was to cry, this is how I will loose my pride… The pride I protected for 21 years … Why am I a victim of circumstances?

He roughly grabbed one of my legs throwing it to the other side opening it widely …

The worst happened when he removed his shots and began thrusting into me in the worst way you can ever imagine ..

My cries filled the room still, no one came to my aid ….

I lost my virginity to a stranger, he raped me … The man I barely know…

🎗️ Sophia 🎗️

We came back after the dance but.. we couldn’t find Olivia..

” Where the hell did she go ?” I asked

” What sort of question is that? Isn’t you and I that just arrived here ?” Emily asked back ..

Wait! Hope it’s not what I’m thinking?

” Could it be that she followed a guy home?” I said . Emily started laughing leaving me confused

” Who will take a girl so dirty like her home? Is the guy blind?” She said still laughing..

” Anyways, where she is is non of my business. We need to go home, I’m very tired. I believe she will find her way home and when she does, we can ask her where she went to ” she picked up her bag heading to the car ..

As much as I hate her, she’s still my sister right? And we brought her here unwillingly..
Her safety matters to me so very much..
If something happens to her, who will be doing the chores? Me or Emily?
Maybe Emily because I don’t know how one is being done..

” Can we go already? ” She asked standing beside the car
I opened the door and entered as we drove off.

Till she meets me at home. I will cut off her head ..

But what if my guess was right? Duh! That’s her business..


” Why did you left without her huh? ” Dad asked angrily.
I wonder why he’s so concerned about her today ..

” We couldn’t find her , what did you expect us to do? Stay there?” Emily asked rudely

” Are you talking to me?” Dad flared coming towards her but mum was quick enough to stop him ..

” Calm down Daniels, she will come home” she assured

” When? It’s almost an hour since they arrived and no sign of her ” he said
Mum stared at him doubtfully..

Like I am, I’m as confused as she is right now. Dad wouldn’t even care if she dies but the change of attitude? Hia!

” Is this really you Daniels?” When did you start caring about her ?” Mum asked glaring at him..

He was about replying when we sighted Olivia coming in looking so tattered..
What happened to her?

” Olivia ” dad called running to her

” What happened to you?” He asked again . She’s crying really?

” What did you think happened to her? She must have went whoring around ” mum interrupted

Olivia fell to the floor but dad caught her in time before her head could hit the ground..

” Shut up Clarissa, I didn’t ask you that ” dad said …

This is really a sweet drama to behold.
Just in few hours dad changed towards Olivia..

I can see the mixture of pain and surprise in her eyes

” Talk to us Olivia, what happened?”

” I….I…I.. ” she stammered fearfully her eyes puffy and red .

♨️ Olivia ♨️

The pain was unbearable, I was badly injured in my private part ..

I manageably walked home after the guy left me in pain at the party ..
It was dark but I couldn’t care less, nothing worst can happen to me than it is again .

And Dad? Why is he so concerned? Is it his tool to hear from me and beat me up again?

Can I trust them and tell them what happened to me?
What if I become their object of mockery. This can ridicule me ..

I should just keep it to myself after all no one cares about me ….

” Olivia ?” Dad called again with his hand supporting my head.
I shut my eyes tight taking in the pain …

” You should go freshen up and rest while I prepare a hot tea for you, it will make you feel better ”
Dad? Volunteer to make a tea for me? This is a dream..
I stared at him with a shock expression while he smiled in return…

” Daniels?” Mum called surprised. Even my sisters are surprised..
They ought to ….
It’s all new ..

” Stay out of this ” he snapped at her helping me up to my room ..

For the very first time in my life I feel loved..
This is how it feels to have a fatherly love..
Still I can’t trust him, not him and not anyone….

If he never hated me, I wouldn’t have gone to the party because his children said so before getting raped …

Tears welled up my eyes remembering the horrible moment..

I don’t think I will ever be my normal self again ..
Hell! When have I ever been normal ?

” Just sit while I prepare a bath for you okay ” he said leaving me on the bed..

I couldn’t stay but stare, the good thing is that he didn’t force me to say anything..

He came out of the bathroom after a while..

” Go take a bath Olivia I will be back with the tea ” he smiled at me leaving the room ..

In this part, if it’s a dream I don’t want to wake up …

I shook my head entering into the bathroom …

I entered the bathtub and allow the water to flow through my hair .. .
The water cooled my head, maybe it will wash my pains away …..


I felt something cold hit my body as I shot my eyes opened …
What? It was ice goodness!

” Will you wake up? Fool?” My step mom yelled

I stood up immediately with the fear of being hit again …

I wonder when she and her daughters will ever love me ..

” G.. good morning mum ” I greeted..

” Did you know I hate it when you call me mum? I’m not your mother, she’s dead ” she snapped..

Did she have to remind me I don’t have a mum?
I just can’t stop calling her that, even if she doesn’t like me, she was the one who raised me up … That’s a fact …

” I’m sorry ” I muttered dryly

” Now get your filthy self out of this room to the kitchen, make everywhere clean and prepare breakfast for us ” she instructed pushing me out of the room while I sighed

I have been sick lately, I guess I will go for check up in the hospital when I’m done with my chores..

I feel so weak, my back hurts so badly and my sleep is not enough for me anymore..
I can sleep all day and still be tired .
I even throw up sometimes gosh!

The aspirin I’m taking isn’t helping so the check up it is..
At least the money Dad gave me yesterday for my up keep will be enough for it …

And yes, he’s been good to me. The holy spirit spoke into him ..

though I won’t still give him my full trust till I see he’s changed.
I can’t risk my life if being hurt again by him ..

He’s turned a loving father since the past month after the horrible incident…
My step mom wouldn’t dare maltreat me when he’s around including my sisters ..I’m yet to ask him of his sudden change towards me which I will do.

Getting to work I took the broom setting to clean..
I want to quickly finish all this before my face becomes blurry again like it’s been doing for the past three days…




♠️ Ethan ♠️

” Are you mad? This is what you have been doing in my hospital all this while?”

” Infact you are fired ” I yelled angrily to the doctor who look so frightened..

” I’m sorry sir , I’m deeply sorry, it won’t repeat itself again ” he pleaded

” This should be the last time I am saying this doctor ” I snapped

” Ah! Thank you sir ”

” Leave ” I commanded while he went away quickly..

” And what the hell are you staring at? Am I shooting a movie here? ” I snapped at the nurses who went back to their businesses immediately..

Nonsense! Did they think it’s easy to build a hospital?
And they will now be messing it anyhow, they even turned it into something I can’t decipher ..

” Hey you! Take me to doctor Zach ” I said to one of the nurses…

Well, I’m Ethan Edmund. CEO of Ethan and Co, I’m equally the owner of this hospital Ethan Medical Records and lastly I own a charity home too. You can say I’m stinking rich and I have a bad temper ..
A handsome dude everyone falls for .

I can take rasp decision and no one dare say anything about it .
25years of age, and my parents are there…
I don’t leave with them, I mean what will I do with them when I’m rich enough to take care of myself..
I can even feed the whole Philippines and my money will not shake.

People say I’m a sport brat but t I don’t care, I was born rich ….
My word is law .. and I think I’m a flirt ..
I fuck any bitch I see especially those desperate sluts wishing for a night with me .

” Here sir ” he said when we got to there.

” You can go” I entered into the office without knocking..
This is my hospital right? And I have rights to do anything I want ..

I think he’s busy with someone, a lady ..

” Oh sir you are here, welcome sir ” doctor Zach said

” Why the fuck did you not tell me about the hospital’s breakdown ” I yelled…
Oops! The lady flinched..
I didn’t come for her though …
But did I look intimidating?

” Uhhmm, I’m sorry sir, I thought we could handle it ” he replied plainly

” Handle it you say”

” Miss Olivia, you might excuse us please. I will put a call to doctor Britten, he will give you the test results” he said to the lady who nodded and stood up..

Our eyes met and ……

” You ?” I blurted.
Her eyes widened and she began shaking in fear..
Before I could say anything word, she was out of sight. She ran away….

Oh my goodness!

” Wait ” …. I tried running after her but no, she’s a fast runner.
I lost her ….

The same lady, I took advantage of her at the party?
I know I might be like a monster but I didn’t know what happened that day..
I wasn’t in my right senses, I think I was drunk

Guilt! I felt guilty…

” Is there a problem sir? ” The doctor asked ..

” Uhmm, not at all but what is she doing here ?”

” She came for a test sir ”

” Is she sick?”

” I don’t think sir, she came for a check up”

” Did you discover anything wrong with her ? ”

” I haven’t seen the results, there are with doctor Britten ”

” Okay , see you later ” I said and dashed out of his office…
I need to find out more about her .

” Did any lady come here?” I asked as I badged into his office..

” Yes sir, miss Olivia. She came to get her result and she left immediatetly” he answered…

” Is there a problem sir ”

” Not at all, she’s a Friend. I thought I will meet her here” I lied..

” Okay sir, she left ”

” Is she sick?why did she come for a check up ?” I asked.
He hesitated before he answered me..
Maybe he’s afraid of loosing his job .

I’m not all nice, but I’m concerned about that lady .. my conscience won’t let me

” She’s fine sir but…”

“But what?” I asked anxiously

” She’s pregnant ”
The word ‘ pregnant ‘ niggled at me ..

Pregnant? H.. how? Does that mean she’s.. no ! I can’t believe that..

” Doctor, how old is the pregnancy ?” I asked blankly
He narrowed his eyes at me confusedly…
I know is against their profession to reveal a patient’s problem to someone but I just need to clear my doubt..

” But sir..”

” Did you want to get fired ?”

” No sir ”

” Then answer the damn question ”

” She’s 4weeks in sir ”

4weeks? Oh my God! If it’s 4weeks then she’s pregnant with my baby…

What? My baby?



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