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He raped me Episode 13 & 14

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(He raped me )😔

Episode 13



🏑 Mrs Clarissa Daniels 🏑

Mrs Daniels was seated on the couch lost in thought..

They were released by Ethan during the day and ever since, she wasn’t in her normal self .

Her daughters ignores her like a plague, they hate her for making them hate their beloved sister, they hate her because they believe she’s evil, they don’t want to associate with her anymore. All they want to is ask Olivia for forgiveness

and Mr Daniels tried so hard to find out what happened but to no avail so he decided to rest the case since no one was ready to open up to him ..

Mrs Clarissa Daniels couldn’t help but cry remembering those times she maltreated her step daughter Olivia .
She never thought the pain she inflicted on the poor girl was horrible till she had the taste of what it feels like .

She feel so ashamed of herself for her acts . She wasn’t like this, she always loved Olivia till she had her children. Maybe that was because she didn’t have a child at that time .

What will she do to gain back her children’s love? Will Olivia ever forgive her?
She kept ruminating on it and sighing loudly .

She just have to give it a try and ask Olivia for forgiveness including her daughters.
She’s done terrible things that she wouldn’t forgive herself..

She now believed that sometimes, you have to learn a lesson in a hard way to realize your mistakes .
That’s what’s happening to her, she would have still been blinded by hatred towards innocent Olivia if not as she tasted a tip of an iceberg …

She has made up her mind, she rather face the shame and apologize than to live with the guilt forever ..

Emily’s POV

” I’m really sorry Em, I had no option as at that time please understand with me ” Neo pleaded while I snorted

” Really? If it was assassins that asked you to bring me that was what could have happened? You could have tricked me to get me killed Neo. I was almost at the verge of loosing my life ” I yelled

” Like wise to me too, I almost lost my life because of you Emily and you still seems not to get it. If it was you, you will do same Em ” he said angrily ruffling his hair .
That’s true anyways, his life was astake and I would do nothing but just that if I was the one ..

I don’t really have to blame him ..

” I’m sorry Neo ”

” It’s fine, I’m happy you are fine now but I don’t know what business you have with Mr Ethan ” he asked narrowing his eyes ..

” Well, shits happened and he’s my sister’s fiance. I’ve learnt my mistakes and everything will be fine soon ” I replied believing Olivia will forgive me when I apologize .
She has a soft heart unlike me. Now, I wish she’d be my role model.
I want to emulate her , this my character isn’t taking me anywhere.

I’m sure if Neo knows I don’t know how to do anything, he won’t even think of proposing..
I need to follow her steps now to have a better home in the future cause not all of us will be lucky to get married to a rich guy ..

Yes! Neo’s family are rich but anything can happen you know.

” And you can’t share with me? ” He asked and I shook my head

” Believe me I will but not now ”

” It’s okay, let’s go for a walk ” …..

(Just stop here if you are below 18😁)

♨️ Olivia ♨️

We both stared at each other without saying a word till our lips interlocked ..

I’m seriously scared considering what happened before ..
Will I go through same pain?

The kissing was becoming fascinating that I wouldn’t wish it stop as he ran his hands through my body ..

We were both enjoying the moment when a smell hit my nose ..
We both broke from the kiss and I began coughing.
Oh my goodness! We totally forgot the pot on fire with nothing inside ..

I quickly turn off the gas and dropped the burnt pot … God!
Smoke filled everywhere in the kitchen …

” Olivia are you okay? ” He asked holding my arm

” Yeah but don’t try this silly thing next time please ” …

” Did you need us Mr Ethan ?” One of the cooks said

” Oh yeah, take care of the kitchen and prepare us something to eat ” he instructed and they nodded …

” Let’s go Angel, we need to continue what we started ” he took me in a bridal style ignoring everybody on our way while I buried my face in his chest ..

” I will never hurt you again for any reason angel, don’t be scared ” he placed me on the bed and I nodded shyly .

He kissed my stomach, ear down to my jaw.

We were both unclad. his hands into my hair while I held his back tightly.

His erection was touching my c**t but he wasn’t penetrating .
I shivered in pleasure as my soft moans fills the room..

I moaned in anxiousness with my mouth and legs wide opened ..

It feels so good..

” Ow.. Ethan” a moan escape my lips as his c**k rubbed the edge of my c**t

My legs wide opened as I brushed my hands into his hair..

I was damn wet which made my desire for his penetration increase in multiple ..

Oww! Heaven!
I love the way his touch made me go crazy..

I held him tightly as I felt him going into me deeply ..

It wasn’t painful like the first time rather I want him, I want more, my desire rised to it’s peak.
He relaxed in my arm and began thrusting in slowly..

” Oh my God, Ethan.” I moaned his name..

” Angel” he kept moving in and out of me as we both moaned simultaneously.

I couldn’t help but moan in ectacy…
The feeling is heaven ..
I don’t want it to stop ever

He brought his lips to mine and we went into a searing kiss .

He brushed his hand into my butts down to my thigh

It feels so good and right his mouth went for my right boobs with his hand fondling the other one …

” Oh heaven ,, so great don’t stop ”

My hands tightened on his back I’m sure he’s going to be wounded.
My legs were wide open

Our moans filled the room
I just wasn’t feeling better , I held him by the waist, at his back, I ran my hands through his hair so I could feel better , the pain isn’t gone totally ..

Lost in the moment, like it’s really sweet in the middle …
Oh God!

I moaned softly as his **** slowly pull out of my c**t before going in again with full force ….
This is love…



Episode 14

♨️ Olivia ♨️

We both collapsed on the bed and he wrapped his hands around me . To say, I really enjoyed the hot love making. It’s actually my first really sex and it’s memorable

” Thank you babes ” Ethan said and kissed my lips with me facing him burying my forehead on his hard chest..

How will it feel after now? We just consummate our relationship, will that make our bond strong like the doctor said?

” You are the most beautiful lady I’ve ever come across angel ” he said dressing the strand of my hair almost in my face …
He won’t seize to make me blush ..

” Thanks ”

” I Love your hair, it’s long and soft ” he said and I chuckled

” I love your lips, it’s so sweet that I wish to kiss every now and then ”

” Ethan ” I called smiling as he stared at me without blinking

” being close to you will be my every day’s wish ” he pecked my forehead

” Holding you in my arms gives me the comfort I felt in a long time ”

” I don’t mind lying here with you by my side forever ”

” You are my light angel ”

” The feeling is getting stronger day by day even when I try to ignore it. I just can’t angel and I developed it when you came into my life ”

” You are like a drug I’m addicted to ”

” Even if what I feel for you isn’t clear, I can see it’s going to be strong ”

” I don’t know but I think you are my weakness ”

” I’ve caused you nothing but pain and I will forever live with the guilt thou I’m sorry ”

” I’m very glad God gave you to me without stressing any of us ”

” I don’t know how this might sound but I think I am falling for you ” …

What??? Did he just say all that? And said he loves me ..
I’m not dreaming am I ?

He stared intently at me as if waiting for me to say something but the truth is that I’m short of words …

I don’t know what to say…
I’m confused about my feelings .
Quite alright, I do miss his absence, I love him being around me, I love it when he makes my heart flush still I can’t really tell if I love him ..

” You shouldn’t bother yourself to reply angel, I love you and I believe with time you will understand how you feel. I only hope it turn out to be positive ” he said taking the shit off him

” Let’s go take our bath, lunch will be ready in a few ”
I nodded my head and he picked me up to the bathroom..



Adriana’s POV

” I told you he will leave you one day but you thought you were smart ” Carley said while I shake my legs in anger and disappointment..

I can’t believe Ethan left me for that stunt. How can he?
I was nothing but his sex toy?

” I thought he will love me ”

” That’s stupid Anna, just forget him and go back to Naylor. The guy loves you Anna and he’s wealthy enough to take care of you” she said and I shot her a glare

” He’s not as wealthy as Ethan please, it’s Ethan I want and I must get him ”

” Really? It won’t end well ”

” You shouldn’t be the one hindering my progress Carley . Just stay out of this if you can’t help me get him. I will do it myself, I have to get Ethan by all means. He’s mine ”

” I pray you wouldn’t regret this Anna, why are you running after the one who doesn’t want you and ignore the one that love you? Don’t come back to me later when it down on you. It might be late ”

” I don’t care. I will get Ethan even if it means taking that Olivia and her stupid baby out of the way ”



♨️ Olivia ♨️

” Dad !” I shouted and hugged him .. I wasn’t expecting him thou

” Baby girl how are you ?”

” I’m fine Dad please sit ” he sat down on the sofa and I sat beside him with my protruding belly, I’m 5months gone and my stomach is visible ..

” What should I get for you Dad, I will let the maid bring it immediatetly ”

” I’m okay how’s Ethan and my baby doing”

” We are fine Dad, he left not long ago ”

” Okay, uhhm, I didn’t come alone Olivia ” he said and I stared at him with a confused look . If he didn’t come alone who did he come with ?

” I don’t understand dad ”

” Look at the door ” I raised my head and saw the greatest shock of my life..
Mum and my sisters? Here? In my house?

” Mum” I called clutching to dad while they came inside uninvited .

She was crying, no! They were crying! What happened to them?

” Olivia ” she called tearfully glancing at Olivia and Emily

” I Know we’ve wronged you so badly, we’ve done terrible things to you in the past and we’ve realized that you were meant to be a great child. I realized my mistakes and we are here to ask for your forgiveness, please forgive us and accept us as your family. I promise to be a good mother to you from this moment. I know it’s hard for you to forgive us but we are sincerely sorry ” she said and blinked rapidly ..
Is my step mum apologizing to me?

” We are sorry Olivia, we really are. Please forgive us . We need you now big sis. I’m ready to do anything to gain your forgiveness ” Emily said ..

I stared at them unable to believe my ears ..

They now realized their mistakes, they now want me…..
How did this happen?
Their apologies looks sincere .
I really wish to forgive them but the pain they made go through keeping flashing in.
Those days I stay indoors and tied up with no food or water

Those days I receive slaps for little mistakes
Those days I have fear of insecurities
The punishment I receive unnecessarily…

Those pains, they kept hunting me each time ..
Can I really forgive them?



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