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July 24, 2021


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He is my mate Episode 5

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As Produced by Rachel Romo

THEME: An Hell Of A Brother




“Uncle Sky! Promise me you’re going to teach me how to play Halo when I grow up?” Josh chirped and let out his little pinky. I cracked a chuckle before intertwining my pinky with his. He giggled and ran towards the door; grabbing a fistful of chocolate coins from the bowl that was on top of the coffee table before heading out.

I’m surely going to miss that little bud and his always hyper self.

I sat on my black swivel chair and raised my feet on my desk. Hey, this is my room –slash– office, I can do whatever I want. I popped two Double Mints in my mouth and placed both my hands at the back of my head; comfortably leaning on the chair. I looked around my room and cringed my nose upon seeing the dirty laundry scattered on the floor. Bags of chips were lying on the bed and on the carpet as well as cans of Heinekens.

My eyes caught sight of a picture frame that was on top of my desk. I placed down my feet and leaned in to look at the picture closely. It was a picture of me and my sister, Sapphire. This photo was taken when I was 10 years old at the local ice cream parlor. My family and I would spend Friday nights eating at Paul’s and it was our long-time tradition. It only stopped after the incident where my parents got killed.

And about a week ago, we attacked their pack when we found out that they captured and killed the sister of one of our pack warriors, Brett. She ran away to follow her mate but she ended up in their territory and thus, killed. This is how our system runs.

Running away or escaping from your pack territory without the Alpha’s permission automatically makes you a Rogue. Rogues are the lowest rank in the caste system in the Lycan World (Although they aren’t really considered part of the class); they are wolves who do not belong to any pack. They go in groups, running from pack to pack in attempts to subjugate them. They weren’t expert with weapons but they were good combat warriors.

But that wasn’t the reason to what pushed Adrian to attack that day. He found out that Alpha Raven has something to do with the death of his parents. His explanation was vague; all I know is that Black Moon’s Alpha is hiding something.

So sudden, three loud knocks were heard on the door. I tilted my head and smelled the scent of the incomer. Dirt. Must be someone who came from the woods. I fixed the grey polo I was wearing and composed my posture.

“Come in,” I mentally cursed remembering the messy state in my room. I quickly picked up the laundry and stuffed them inside my cabinet. Realizing that it was almost impossible to clean up the trashes at this instant, I gathered everything and covered them with my comforter. That should hide it. I gave myself a mental pat on my back and plastered a proud smile.

“Beta Skyler, the Summers are leaving. Little Josh wants to see you before he leaves. He says that you owe him a pack of Trolli,” Mason reported and I dismissed immediately after. That little man. I shook my head; chuckling before opening the mini fridge in my room filled with diabetes-causing foods and grabbed a pack of Trolli gummy worms.

I made my way towards the living hall and the saw a ton of trolleys and duffle bags sitting in a corner. Damon Summers was conversing with Adrian probably talking about golf that only they are interested in. I’m the basketball-fan type of guy. Violet Summers was busy on her phone, talking to someone while the hyper little guy was sitting on the couch; his arms crossed over his chest and his face looking like he is carrying the whole world on his hands.

“Hey, buddy” I called and he directly snapped his head at my direction; his face beaming when he saw the bag of Trolli at my hand. He skipped his way towards me and hugged my legs.

“I knew you wouldn’t leave me with the oldies,” he whispered, cautiously; making sure that the folks wouldn’t hear us. I cracked a chuckle before bending down on one knee so I could level him.

“I heard that young man,” Mrs. Summers chided and went back to talking on her phone. Me and Josh looked at each other before letting out a quiet giggle.

“Don’t worry. I would never bail on you,” I winked and he giggled in return. I handed him the bag of candy and he squealed in joy, opening it in an instant and drowned himself with the sweet-sour taste of worms.

“Come on, Josh, We need to go. The plane’s about to set off,” Violet came in view and held her son’s hand. She shifted her gaze to me and gave me a sweet smile, “Thank you for your very warm accommodation during our stay, Sky. We enjoyed it while it lasted,”

“No problem, Mrs. Summers. I’m glad you enjoyed your stay,” I saluted at her which she laughed at. She leaned in and gave me a hug using her free hand; whispering to my ear, “The next time I see you, mini Skyler’s should be flooding the house,” she cracked a laugh before pulling out from our embrace.

“And please, stop calling me Mrs. Summers. I’m only older you by 5 years. You make it sound like I’m an old woman who has fetish for cats,” she chided while soothing the lilac halter-top dress she was wearing.

“Well, the decision is within my future wife, Ms. Summ— I mean, Violet. Although, I personally want a big family,” I said as a matter of fact. I wasn’t a family guy but I want to have lots of kids. But, I know that, that decision will be up to my mate. Hey, I’m only going to be the baby maker not the baby carrier.

“Oh how, considerate of you,” she squealed and clamped her hands together; delight evident on her face. “…I wish my mate was like that,” she trailed off, snorting at Mr. Summers who was still talking to Adrian.

“Well, I’m sure that Mr. Summers fancies to be the dominant one,” Double meaning. A smirk tugged on my lips as I cocked my head to the side. Her forehead creased in perplexity before she finally understood what I meant.

” Oh, no . You’re wrong. I do most of the work,” she countered and whispered the last words so they wouldn’t hear us. I let out a stomach-aching laugh, a few tears escaped from eyes upon her response. This is why Violet Summers is adored by all— she’s a very straightforward and honest person who slaps the truth at your face even though she knows that it’ll hurt you.

“What’s do you mean by, ‘Do most of the work’ darling?” my laughing session drew Adrian and Mr. Summer’s attention and they came into view; joining in our conversation. I forgot that they were werewolves and that their hearing was sharp. But I still couldn’t contain my laughter.

“Mom, what were you laughing about? Tell me. I want to laugh with you too!” Josh whined while tugging the hem of his mother’s dress; impatiently waiting for her mother to tell him.

“Oh, you boys. It was nothing. Now, we need to get going before the plane leaves us. Shall we go?” Violet gave me a wink before pushing her mate towards the front door. Josh followed them suit and bid each one of us goodbyes. We walked them to the porch; Catching sight two figures not far from us.

“Bye Alice! Bye Sapphire!” Josh waved at them and he hopped into their blue van and drove off. I looked at my sister who was busy talking with Alice. She’s all grown up now. I guess this is the right time to finally talk to her after ten years. I made my way towards them when so sudden, a familiar voice called.

“Skyler, we need to talk,” Adrian’s voice was full of authority but I wasn’t even scared. Not even a bit. I know that this is counted as being disrespectful, considering the fact that he is the Alpha; but he and I both know that there’s no way I’m going to be addressing him as,

‘Alpha’ . Let’s just say, we’re not the typical Alpha-Beta you probably expect; we see and treat each other like brothers. Literally, brothers.

I didn’t question him and trailed behind him towards his office. He sat down on his blue swivel chair and crossed his arms over his chest; wearing his infamous smug look. I sat down on one of the seats settled in front of his desk and grab a fistful of M&M’s from the jar.

“What do you want to talk about?” I asked as I threw a candy on the air and caught it by my mouth. His brow quirked up and gave me a ‘ Duh’ look. I rolled my eyes and settled comfortably on his chair.

“What about her?” I blandly asked. It’s not like I don’t want to talk about my sister, it’s just that, me and Adrian haven’t talked for almost two days since the incident. I was beyond angry at him for nearly killing my sister. I haven’t forgiven him, actually.

“Skyler, you are my best friend. And, Sapphire… she’s my mate. You both play big roles in my life but… I don’t think I can accept her,” his face remained emotionless but his voice held various emotions that I couldn’t decipher what.

“What do you mean you can’t accept her? As much as I care for the both of you… I don’t want to lose two of the most important people in my life. Frankly speaking, I don’t like you for my sister because you’re a jerk. But you and I perfectly know what will happen if you’re going to reject her,” I blew up and stood from my seat; slamming my hands against his cherry-wood table.

“I admire your honesty, Sky. But you and I also both know that you, yourself is an idiot for leaving your seven-year old sister alone,” he retorted and stood up; leveling his stare with mine.

“I have my reasons, Clark,” I said through gritted teeth. A sly smile tug on his lips and somehow, it infuriated me more. Damn it.

“I have my reasons too, Genesis,” he countered as he sat back on his chair, popping few candies into his mouth.

“What reason? That your mate is an omega? Come on, Adrian. Why can’t you just get over with that incident?” I hissed leaning forward; not breaking my gaze with his. Darkness clouded his green orbs and I knew that I clicked a button. His forehead drew together and in an instant, I was on the floor; blood dripping from the side of my mouth. I looked at him and his knuckles were trembling and veins started to appear around his temples and forehead.

“There’s no fucking way I’ll ever forget what happened that night! What happened at that house is what pushed me to become like this. You don’t know a thing, Skyler. You only know the story but you don’t know how it fucking feels!” he hissed, charging towards me. He grabbed the collar of my polo shirt and raised me from the ground.

“So, what now? Are you going to kill me too, huh?” I mocked, a teasing smile tugging on my lips. He became more furious; his fangs now visible and veins were now in sight. At a moment, I thought he was actually going to kill me. But, thank goodness he was aware that a lot of girls will be mourning if ever I die. So instead, he threw me to the other side of the room, my back hitting against the hard concrete wall. Ouch.

He stormed out of the room; breaking the doorknob of the wooden door behind him. I shook my head in disbelief. Oh, the same old ferocious man I’ve always known.


I was walking around the training grounds, examining the newly-trained wolves. Most of them were 12-15 years old. It was at that age where they are engaged in pack training for defense. It was compulsory for the youngsters like them to take part of the training, whether they were a girl or boy. And at the age of 16, they will be given the free will to choose if they want to be a part of the pack army or not.

“Ouch! You idiot why’d you hit my arm? It’s going to leave a bruise tomorrow! I’m telling mom,”

“Don’t be such a crybaby, Hue. We’re here to train to fight. What do you expect? Us hitting each other with squeaky hammers?”



Hall Of Supernaturals



My attention was diverted to the two siblings not a far from me. Hue was glaring at her twin brother, Harry for hitting her on the arm. I can’t help but to chuckle at them. I remember I used to steal Sapphire’s treats from her and she’d cry and I’d have to give it back to her and bribe her not to tell mom I made her cry. Those thoughts pained my heart.

I found myself walking to the woods. In this very forest, Adrian found me and the same location where I kicked him on the shin. That was 10 years ago. I shook my head, chuckling. Walking around the forest made me feel nostalgic all the time. The moment I stepped out of our pack’s territory, I automatically became a rogue. For 3 months, my ten-year old me, wandered around the forest. Travelling from pack to pack, running from rogues and hiding from the hunters. It was the routine of my days until I found my way here.

My eyes caught sight a figure not far from me. With her long hazelnut hair and brown eyes, it made me recognize her, immediately. She was sitting on top of a rock by the waterfalls, playing with the water with her feet. I stared at her intently. She hasn’t changed that much, although she looked more mature now. I was itching to run to her, crushing her with my bear hug that she always loved when we were younger.

Guilt flooded over me remembering the day I left her. I was very young then. I love my sister very much that it was almost impossible for me to leave her. But I had to. I left Sapphire for ten years on her own and I know it’s inappropriate to address myself as a brother when all I did was make my sister wait for a decade.


I slapped him. Hard.

That’s the first thing I did when I saw my brother again after ten freaking years. I was aware that it was wrong for me to do that but it just felt so right. I felt a heavy feeling in my heart being somehow lifted and I felt relief all over me. Was I happy to see him after how many years? Was it the feeling of satisfaction when I slapped him? Or both?

“Sapphire,” his voice was deep and low. I could barely even recognize him with his facial hair and half-shaved hairstyle. He had his left ear pierced with a diamond earring on. He had a body that was in between lean and bulky and I could tell that he has been going to the gym. I felt short standing next to him, he was probably a six footer at this point.

He was downright different from the ten-year old skinny boy with a Justin Bieber hairstyle whom I used to play nerf guns with. Yes, I used to play with a nerf gun when I was 7. I was a bad ass and a troublemaker as a kid.

“Y-you… Where have you been after all these years?! How could you leave me all alone you bastard?!” I finally cracked and started pounding his chest; not caring if I was hurting him.

“H-hey, calm down. Sapphire, listen to me,” he was trying to catch my hand but I didn’t let him. Instead, I punched him on the guts. He let out a groan and fell on the ground, clutching the area where I punched him. The bitch deserves it!

“Calm down? You expect me to calm the fuck down? Skyler, you left me for ten years! Ten fucking years! And that’s not all, you promised me that you were coming back for me and then what happened? You never came! You left a seven year old girl on her own while you went to who knows where, as if you were filming a fucking Dora the Explorer episode!” I collapsed on the ground, covering my eyes that was filled with non-stop tears.

I know I went a little overboard with my words but it was the ugly truth. He was my brother. He was supposed to be there when I needed someone to protect me from the creepy dudes trying to hit on me. He was supposed to be the one to tell me how ugly I am even though he doesn’t really mean it. He was supposed to be the one who’ll pull silly pranks and make jokes on me but, no. He wasn’t even there.

“Sapphire, I’m sorry. I’m really sorry, sis,” I felt strong muscular arms wrap around me. I cried even harder with his gesture. We were the biggest enemies when we were younger but we were very close unlike other brother-sister siblings who feels awkward around each other.

“Why, Sky? I waited for you but you never came. I was so close to thinking that you already forgot about me— that you have a brat of a sister,” I sobbed as I hugged his arm that was hugging me.

“I would never forget you, Sapphire. Especially when you’re that bratty and clumsy,” I glared at him and he chuckled in reply, “I left you not because I wanted to. It was because I needed to. There’s a difference,” he trailed off, soothing the back of my hair.

“Then how did you end up here?” I asked, wiping my tears with the scarf I was wearing. I looked up to him and he was looking at the vast firmament, heaving out a heavy sigh.

“I became a rogue. For 3 months, I wandered around the state trying to solve the puzzle,” he started. My brows knitted with what he said. What, puzzle is he talking about? “… mom and dad’s death was framed, Sapphire. They only let us believe that they died on the fire but, no. Someone killed them,” he trailed off.

I gave him a confused look. Someone killed them? And who on earth would kill such generous and thoughtful people like my parents? Not that I am bragging but my parents were the nicest people I’ve ever known. They cared for the well-being of everyone; human or wolf. The caste system didn’t matter to them, they treat everyone with equal rights.

“Sky, I want to believe you but the council clearly stated that their death was caused by a gas leak. Alpha Raven said so himself. It’s not like they would lie to us, right?”

It was December when that incident happened. We were at the playground playing with the snow while mom and dad were at home preparing for Christmas Eve. The memory was a blur. All I remembered was a huge explosion, shouting, sirens calling, and a huge black smoke appeared on the sky. People were crying as I stared at our house that was on fire. I was holding Sky’s hand, scared. I didn’t understand a thing. Once the fire was put off, Alpha Raven together with some members of the council went inside to get my parent’s remains but they came out with no mom and dad with them. Everything was burnt, turning to ashes.

A few days later, they found a trace of a lighter and my mom’s favorite polka dot apron. The gas stove was left open and dad was trying to light our chimney that time and then it exploded, according to the council.

“What they didn’t tell us was that they found a bite mark on mom’s neck and a gun shot on dad’s chest,” he further elaborated. I gasped, shocked. “And I’m going to find out who killed them and kill them myself,” he said his jaw tightening and fists curl into a ball.

I held his hand, calming him down. Revenge, that’s what he’s seeking for. I shook my head. Vengeance wouldn’t do anything at this point. Yes, our parents were killed but getting even wouldn’t make them proud otherwise. We were raised to treat others with equal rights and justice but revenge wasn’t part of that.

“But then, how did you end up in Dark Monarchy?” I asked, changing the topic.

“I casted away here. I don’t know how exactly. I just found myself in this place, drinking from the lake due to the extreme thirst I was feeling and then this boy appeared out of nowhere and tackled me to the ground. We wrestled and I accidentally kicked him on the shin and well, he cried. His father found us and discovering I was a rogue, he aimed a gun at me but luckily, the boy persuaded his father not to kill me. ‘Don’t dad, I’ll be needing him for my training! He kicked me so I’ll train hard to beat him up in return!’ he said,” he explained.

“We became best friends after that. We were inseparable. But, when Alpha Philipp died when we were 14, Adrian was forced to lead the pack and I was chosen to be his handsome beta,” he chuckled.

“Wait, what?! That heartless man is your bloody best friend? And you’re the beta of this bloody pack?” I exclaimed, more shocked than finding out that my parent’s death was framed. What a bad daughter I am.

“Yup. I pretty much am,” he tilted his head to the side, giving me a cocky smile.

“Skyler, this can’t be! I… you’re a member of the Black Moon pack!” I shouted, standing up on my feet. I paced back and forth, holding the temples of my forehead while my other hand was resting on my hip.

“Not anymore. I became a rogue, remember?” he patted my head, stopping me from pacing. He placed both of his hands in his pockets and gave me a confused look, “Why are you making a fuss about it, anyway?” he asked.

I mentally cursed. I don’t know if I should tell my brother that I am his best friend’s mate. That would make my situation worst. And for a moment, I thought he was going to be my ticket out from this place but, no. He’s the bloody beta of this bloody pack! That would make it twice as hard for me to escape.

“As much as I want to chat with you longer sis, unfortunately, I can’t. Adrian mind linked me a few moments ago that we’ll be having a sudden pack meeting,” he informed and kissed my hair. “…make yourself at home, alright? And don’t go too far from the pack house, it’s dangerous out here,” and with that he turned his heel to walk away.

“Wait,” I grabbed his arm, stopping him from his tracks.

“Yeah?” he tilted his head to the side, waiting for me to say something. I took a deep breath first; gathering enough courage to tell him about me and Adrian.

“I… Uhmmm… Me and your best friend, Adrian… uhhh… we’re mates,” I looked down on the ground, biting my lip. I wasn’t used to this whole mate thing. The word wasn’t foreign to me but now that I found mine, it somehow made me feel awkward.

“What about it?” he asked, his face turning into a frown. Oh! He knows. That’s a relief. Stupid, Sapphire . Of course he would know, he’s his best friend! I cleared my throat before answering.

“Is there some way you can help me escape from this place? He’s kind of treating me… bad,” I trailed off, pouting. I heard him clear his throat before pulling me into a hug.

“I know. And I’m sorry for that. But, please understand that I won’t let you go. Now, that we’ve reunited once again. I can’t bear to leave you again or you leaving me. I know I have been an asshole of a brother. I was stupid and irrational for leaving you alone but I don’t know if I can take us being apart again,” I felt him kiss my hair before wiping my tears, “And one more thing, you’re heat will come in about two to three months. You don’t want to experience the feeling of being tortured-like,” he chuckles and gave me a pat on the head.

I gave him a faint smile before he completely walks away. I have no other choice but to stay even if it’s against my will. Am I making the wrong decision? Or the right one? The thought is driving me mad. I need a warm shower.

I went back inside the pack house and into ‘my room’. Daggers and deadly glares were thrown at me as I walked along the hallway but I just kept my head down, avoiding further gossips. As a promise to myself, I took a warm shower relieving my senses. Stepping out from the shower with only a towel wrapped around my body, my eyes rounded in pure horror seeing my mate standing before me, his arms crossed over his chest.

Oh, boy…





See ya in the next happen.

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